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Why you should have a web-site

There are many reasons why your business should have a web-site. We have listed just a few for you to think about.

Your customers expect one


Your competitors have one

  Lots of businesses and employees now have internet access. Their first call for information about a service is very often no longer to the phone book but the internet, don't miss out on this chance.     An increasing number of businesses have a website and compete for customers over the Internet. Not taking advantage of this growing media is comparable to deciding not to enter your business in the yellow pages.

Your market is bigger with more potential customers


You're always Open for Business

  The internet is used internationally so you can reach many more potential customers not just locally but anywhere in the world. And it does not require any more effort or costs more to expand in this way.     Websites are available to your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. So no matter where in the world they are they can find out about your services, submit questions or even purchase goods online.

Your customers expect support


Give them what they want (the right information)

  You can include commonly asked questions pages or help pages on your site, cutting down on repetitive after or pre-sales enquiries without loosing quality of service.     Offer information in a convenient way, whenever your customers want it . Even if they don't use your service that time they are more likely to return to a good website to do business next time.

It can save you money


Get feedback about your customers

  Advertising online can be very low cost especially compared to other media like radio and television. And updating information online is quicker and cheaper than reprinting advertising material and price lists.     And while giving your customers what they want you can find out more about them any extra effort. Statistics about visitors to your site are automatically logged and give you valuable information.

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