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Web Hosting & Domain Names

Though we currently do not host ourselves we will be happy to arrange or assist/advise you in setting up a suitable hosting deal for your project, though we can not take in any way take responsibility for third party services.

designWeb hosting - what does it mean?

Web sites have to reside somewhere suitable - they need space on a webserver (just like the files on your home computer need space on a hard disk, CD or other storage device) These servers have software installed that allows them to serve your files to the Internet.

Think of the Internet as a restaurant:

  • The customer is the user, who sits in front of their computer and surfs the Internet.
  • The waiter is your webserver software, it listens to your order (requests) and takes the dishes (web pages) from the kitchen and serves them to the customer.
  • The kitchen is your hosting provider, it's where all the ingredience for your meal (website) come together into a dish (webpage) that can be served to the customer.

Web hosting is the name given to the provision of space on a webserver.

Web hosting deals come in a great variety of packages varying in file space, traffic allowance, usable technology and connectivity and also price. The most expensive is not necessarily the most suitable for your needs or even the most reliable. We're happy to offer advice to help you choosing the right service for you.

Domain Names - what does it mean?

Computers are good at working with numbers, on the other hand humans generally find words much easier to remember than numbers. This is why on the Internet domain names are used for addresses instead of their electronic counterpart (IP numbers).

A domain name is an address. (i.e. www.websighted.co.uk is the domain name for this website and is set up to point at the webserver You can have multiple domain names pointing to the same server and/or website, though you will need to ensure the webserver is set up to handle them.

Domain names (just like public IP addresses) have to be unique, which is why they need to be registered with authoritative organisations. Depending on the domain name and the organisation that has authority over it you will be able to register your domain name for a certain length of time before it will need to be renewed. (i.e. registrations of .co.uk domain names last for 2 years, while .com domain names can be purchased for 1 year) prices will vary depending on the domain name and the registrar.

WebSighted Ltd can arrange the registration of any free name (one not owned and registered by another) of your choice on your behalf or assist/advise you in how to do this yourself.

If you require any service not mentioned, please contact us for further information.

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