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  • Title: Cyclops
  • Author: Ranko Marinković
  • ISBN: 9780300168846
  • Page: 457
  • Format: ebook

  • In his semiautobiographical novel, Cyclops, Croatian writer Ranko Marinkovi recounts the adventures of young theater critic Melkior Tresi , an archetypal antihero who decides to starve himself to avoid fighting in the front lines of World War II As he wanders the streets of Zagreb in a near hallucinatory state of paranoia and malnourishment, Melkior encounters a colorfulIn his semiautobiographical novel, Cyclops, Croatian writer Ranko Marinkovi recounts the adventures of young theater critic Melkior Tresi , an archetypal antihero who decides to starve himself to avoid fighting in the front lines of World War II As he wanders the streets of Zagreb in a near hallucinatory state of paranoia and malnourishment, Melkior encounters a colorful circus of characters fortune tellers, shamans, actors, prostitutes, bohemians, and caf intellectuals all living in a fragile dream of a society about to be changed forever.A seminal work of postwar Eastern European literature, Cyclops reveals a little known perspective on World War II from within the former Yugoslavia, one that has never before been available to an English speaking audience Vlada Stojiljkovi s able translation, improved by Ellen Elias Bursa s insightful editing, preserves the striking brilliance of this riotously funny and densely allusive text Along Melkior s journey Cyclops satirizes both the delusions of the righteous military officials who feed the national bloodlust as well as the wayward intellectuals who believe themselves to be above the unpleasant realities of international conflict Through Stojiljkovi s clear eyed translation, Melkior s peregrinations reveal how history happens and how the individual consciousness is swept up in the tide of political events, and this is accomplished in a mode that will resonate with readers of Charles Simic, Aleksandr Hemon, and Kundera.
    Ranko Marinković
    Ranko Marinkovi 22 February 1913 28 January 2001 was a Croatian novelist and dramatist.Born in Komi a on the island of Vis then a part of Austria Hungary , Marinkovi s childhood was marked by World War I He later earned a degree in philosophy from the University of Zagreb In the 1930s, he began to make his name in Zagreb literary circles with his plays and stories.His career was interrupted briefly during World War II When his native island was occupied by fascist Italy, he was arrested in Split and interned on the Italian mainland After the capitulation of Italy, Marinkovi went to Bari, and then to the El Shatt refugee camp where he made contacts with Tito s Partisans After the war, he spent time working in the theatre.His best known works are Glorija 1955 , a play in which he criticised the Catholic Church, and Kiklop 1965 , a semi autobiographical novel in which he described the gloomy atmosphere among Zagreb intellectuals before the Axis invasion of Yugoslavia Kiklop later was adapted into a 1982 movie directed by Antun Vrdoljak.In the last years of his life Marinkovi embraced the political views of Franjo Tu man, and became a member of the Croatian Democratic Union.He died in Zagreb.


    The historical tomorrow: and when men discovered the divine power of matter, it came to reign over them, confusing their minds, blighting their lives and then swallowing itself and turning into a Force which destroyed all laws and there is now not a single consciousness left that could proclaim it stupid in the name of Hegel.Ranko Marinkovic's Cyclops is likely my favorite novel of the year. It is a Ulysses of Zagreb in 1940 with the howl of War in the air. A theatre critic fears for the future [...]

    Ena Hasečić
    Radnja ovog romana smještena je pred sam dolazak II Svjetskog rata na ove prostore, a u središtu je egzistencijalna drama Melkiora Tresića, zagrebačkog književnika i književnog kritičara. Kako bi izbjegao vojsku on se osuđuje na izgladnjivanje i lutanje po zagrebačkim ulicama i kavanama. Tu uglavnom razmišlja o svojoj sudbini, svjedoči dolasku rata i vodi intelektualne diskusije sa Maestrom, Ugom i Don Fernandom. Ipak, dobiva poziv za vojsku, a ubrzo nakon toga dospijeva u ludnicu.Fab [...]

    Valentina Markasović
    Napokon.Najbolji hrvatski roman svih vremena, my ass. Teške droge, eto što je. Dobro, pretjerujem, nije tako loše - očito, s obzirom na 4 zvjezdice - ali svejedno je bilo naporno za čitanje te sam u nekoliko navrata razmatrala mogućnosti samoubojstva. :)

    Ivana de Bona
    I simply could not get into this book.

    Monica Carter
    Reflected in the pale glass window, among the shoes on display, was Melkior's thin, unprepossessing silhouette, a poorly built city dweller. The slanting image reflected in the shop window triggered a crafty sneer inside Melkior, and the word mobilization suddenly found itself in autumn mud churned by a squelching olive drab monotony of dejected strangers on some endless trek; there was the bluster of angry sergeants, the tired voice of sodden boots, and the mysterious word "aide-de-camp." Here [...]

    Ne znam kada sam se zadnji put toliko namučila da pročitam neku knjiguumjetnička vrijednost Kiklopa je nepobitna, ali nije mi bio lagan za pročitati. Marinković ostvaruje svoje talente u ovom romanu, obogaćuje riječi značenjem, stvara svijet obojen ironijom, cinizmom, promišljanjem koje je beskompromisno, naglo, upornoTragikomedija prerasta često i u nešto sasvim mračno, poraz ljudskog duha i roda. Glavni lik pokušava naći neki smisao i ne uspijeva ili uspijeva tragično. Djelo je [...]

    lyell bark
    i had a lot to say about this book when i finished it 3 weeks ago but then i didn't log onto this site and forgot what i was going to type because i'm fat stupid and short of breath. sort of reminded my of celine i guess, but also other stuff. anyway if you're interested in european modernism then "czech" this out. haha, he's really a croat tho.

    Martin Malík
    "Válku není vidět". Okolo Kyklopa som chodil roky. Kedysi dávno som ho začal čítať, no odložil som ju, lebo úvod nečítajte ak nemáte čas a náladu na hranie sa so slovami. Ten úvod je však predzvesťou toho čo príde. Opulentná hostina jazyka s ostrou príchuťou rakije na jeho š pičke Protivojnový román. Švejk skrížený z Alexanderplatzom. Úryvky z novín, absurdné státie na rohoch kaviarní a na spoplatnenej váhe invalida.Magický, všemocný ATMA.Náš Pán, ktor [...]

    Ljudi svih zemalja, dehumanizirajte se!


    Mark Van Aken Williams
    Cyclops was originally published in Croatia. It takes place in Zagreb and could easily be compared to Ulysses, the Odyssey, and even Hamlet. Marinković captures the essence of the crowds, the shysters, and seedy neighborhoods. He dissects Zagreb on the eve of war with the same precision as Joseph Heller’s Catch 22. It is anti-war in sentiment— and was a prelude to similar books like Slaughter House Five, written in the 1960s with WWII as the setting.

    Second time I read Kiklop. An absolutely amazing book. Takes a lot of Shakespeare knowledge to fully appreciate it, though. But it is, nevertheless, a charming and not too aggressively erudite read, which is more than one can say about Krleža's novels, for example.

    Maja Shinigami
    Ne moš'.

    Kristina Saric
    This is possibly the most extraordinary work of literature ever written.

    Mateja Kelemenić
    "Živjeti - to je izazov."

    bilješke tijekom čitanja jer mi se neda na papir pisati10.02j koji kurac??? ide ulicom, vidi svećenika don Kuzona, prisjeća se nekog lopova (Cviker) prica s starcem kojo se boji rata aka "fuck u rat i nacisti on je samo vozač", frend Ugo radi show na ulici (he is cool, probs on drugs) i prvi put se ide vagati??? važno za kasnije 16.02.- Melkior oso u birtiju DIJADEM i tam se našao sa svojim Squad- tam je neki Fred glumac koji misli da je neki hot shit but really hes just shit- guzi se oko [...]

    Što se obećava? Sreća. Što je sreća? Nitko ne zna što je, svi je žele.Knjiga ima odličnu filozofsku podlogu (mnogo materijala za zaustaviti čitanje i promilsiti), ali je neopisivo dosadna za čitati, posebno dijalozi između kolega iz redakcije i Melkiroa. A tek kraj Toliko riječi i rečenica te toliko vremena utrošeno za bijedan kraj. Još jedna razočaravajuća lektira.

    proklet bio kolko mi je trebalo da ga procitam

    When I was in 1st grade of high school, the older ones were saying to me that this book is so tough to read, and I always thought "Oh my, what's waiting for me?!"#$ Then came my turn to read this book. Honestly,I totally enjoyed since the first page. I used to read so many books about the life during the WW2 in some big cities like Paris, London, etc. but finally I found the first book which place and rime of action were situated in my hometown. I was able to feel all that melancholy and ZOO-pol [...]

    The Book : An Online Review at The New Republic
    THIS CLASSIC OF MODERN European literature, which appeared in Croatia in 1965, has just been published in English for the first time. The novel opens with the narrator describing a familiar scene as a math equation. Standing in a public building, Melkior observes two neon signs, one for “Ladies” and one for “Gents”, glowing above intersecting staircases.Read more

    Jeste ovo vrhunska književnost, ali nekako mi nije leglo. Jeste sjajan prikaz predosećanja svetskog rata i psihičkog raspada i jeste da obiluje čovekomrzačkim cinizmom, stilski do krajnosti uglačanim e, biće da je u tom cinizmu i večitom poricanju stvar, slabo ih varim u ovim godinama. Plus sveprisutno gnušanje prema telesnom.Ali ako izuzmemo to lično predubeđenje, da, knjiga je odlična, za svaku preporuku: to jest ako, recimo, volite Bernharda i Krležu, ovo je tako negde na sredokr [...]

    Definitely going to reread this in the future

    Poprilično sam sigurna da ću za nekoliko godina (možda desetljeća), kada ponovno pročitam ovu knjigu, dati joj 5/5 zvjezdica. Do onda

    Joey Anderson
    I highly recommend this overlooked novel of the eve and beginning of WWII in Zegreb, Croatia. The main character, Melkior, an everyman (and namesake of the oldest Magi) of sorts sees the war as if it is far away and in a distant land as do many of the characters of the novel. However, the thrust of Hitler’s military Germany is not far away as we discover in characters’ reading of newspapers about the London bombings in 1941. Like another novel based on The Odyssey (Ulysses), the situation an [...]

    This is supposed to be one of the most important Croatian modernist novels, and I can see why. It is so multi-layered and interwined that it is really a polyphonous cacophony of voices. Characters are very qoutable and psychology behind them is explored to the deapths. All characters are somewhat grotesque and degenerated, in one way or the other. At some point, you begin to question the sanity of the main character, but you are not really sure is he insane or are everyone around him insane, so [...]

    Mirta Ćorić
    Očito sam ponovno nešto propustila. Žali Bože vremena

    2.5 stars

    "Živjeti - to je izazov." Kažu najbolji hrvatski roman svih vremena. Naporan za čitanje zbog svoje složenosti, igre riječima, simbolike,

    Brilliant!A friend who teaches literature in Croatia recommended this book to me. It is in the spirit of Gogol or Pynchon or Nabokov in the absurdist approach to story telling. It is a biting critique on humanity and religion, progress and war. Highly recommended.

    Since Ulysses every country has its comparative modern epic - its tale of Lonerhero wandering the streets of CountryCapital/CulturalCapital musing galactic penned with sylisticlinguistic mindfuckery. Kiklop (Cyclops) is Croatia's. I'm a dirty sucker for this kind of thing.Marinkovic's Melkior - more Dedalus than Bloom - traipses around wartime (WW2) Zagreb hanging with the art crowd, falls in and out of lust with a manipulative hussy, does very little actual work, maintains a destructive relatio [...]

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