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  • Title: Christmas with Tucker (Center Point Christian Fiction
  • Author: Greg Kincaid
  • ISBN: 9781602859265
  • Page: 345
  • Format: Hardcover

  • There was never any question that young George McCray would grow up to be a man, but there was a big question about the kind of man he d grow up to be It is the winter of 1962, snow is piling higher by the day, and George is called upon to endure than most men could withstand With the help of his grandparents and Tucker, his beloved Irish setter, George must navigatThere was never any question that young George McCray would grow up to be a man, but there was a big question about the kind of man he d grow up to be It is the winter of 1962, snow is piling higher by the day, and George is called upon to endure than most men could withstand With the help of his grandparents and Tucker, his beloved Irish setter, George must navigate through life s most difficult challenges and find the strength to walk on the road that leads to healing, growing up and finding his true self George s journey is our shared human journey A coming of age story suitable for readers of all ages Christmas with Tucker is a classic Christmas story about a young man s love for his dog, his family and his farm.
    Greg Kincaid
    Greg Kincaid Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Christmas with Tucker (Center Point Christian Fiction book, this is one of the most wanted Greg Kincaid author readers around the world.


    I'm a sucker for heartwarming, Hallmark-esque stories and especially those that take place during Christmastime. Christmas with Tucker fit that bill. Not only that, but I also love coming-of-age stories set during the '60s/'70s, so this book was right up my alley. All in all, I really enjoyed this. Kincaid's writing wasn't anything fantastic, but I thought the story is what shone here. I actually teared up at the end. One of the things I particularly enjoyed was that this story wasn't fluff enti [...]

    Reviewed for THC Reviews"4.5 stars" Christmas with Tucker is billed on the cover as a prequel to A Dog Named Christmas. While most of the events of the book take place long before A Dog Named Christmas, I still consider it to be the second in this untitled series. It begins with George McCray, the father and narrator of A Dog Named Christmas, reminiscing about Christmas 1962 which was a year that changed his life as a young boy. George is again the first-person narrator of this feel-good story a [...]

    This series of Christmas books are excellent. Not your regular super sappy stories that usually come along with the season. The characters are living in the real world with real situations good and bad. Mark Bramhall's narrative is beautifully smooth and the inflection of his voice match's the tone of the book perfectly. Highly recommend.

    When George loses his father, the upcoming Christmas looks grim. He's staying with his grandparents on their dairy farm until Christmas and then he has to leave to go live with his mom in St. Louis. In the meantime, his grandfather has brought home a neighbor's neglected Irish Setter who doesn't even have a name. George wanted a puppy, so he's not thrilled with the dog he names Tucker, at least not at first. But, it doesn't take long for Tucker to win George's wounded heart. When the owner retur [...]

    Erin L
    I downloaded this book to read over lunch. I figured it would fill a few lunch hours and give me a start on some holiday reading. I've never actually made it a point to read holiday books and if a series has a book set over the holidays, I just read it when I come to it, even if it is July. This year I figured I'd try to read holiday books during the holiday season (yesterday just felt like winter).But I digress - I started reading this and couldn't put it down. I read it while I waited for code [...]

    Absolutely wonderful, a boy, his dog and Kansas 1962. A wonderful book, if you can listen to it on audio even better. And definitely read the follow up. Perfect reads for the season, yes I definitely got glassy eyed a few times. But, the spirit of Christmas is unmistakable in these books. The "A Dog Named Christmas" was made into a movie, I've got it on order at my library.My recommendation for the season, one of the better books series I've read this year.

    Another enjoyable read. I liked the relationship that George shared with his grandparents. It was nice looking back at George's childhood and his time growing up on the farm. Tucker was an amazing dog. The love and loyalty that he and George shared was heartwarming. A nice continuation to the book "A Dog Named Christmas". Looking forward to reading the third book.

    Kathy Davie
    A prequel in the McCray Family fictional series about a dairy farming family in Kansas in 1962.Do try to read this story before A Dog Named Christmas—-it'll just be a teeny bit less sad, although Kincaid has written it so that it isn't necessary---the prologue introduces how Tucker comes into the McCrays' neighborhood while the last chapter is a blend as George reminisces. My TakeOh god, I cried and cried. A story that was bittersweet with loss and love. George learns some powerful lessons thi [...]

    In Christmas with Tucker we go back to George McCray’s childhood it’s the year George’s father dies and his mother couldn’t bear to stay in Kansas so she moves to Minnesota but George stays on the farm with his grandparents when the biggest storms in history hits their small town, this is a true coming of age book as George helps out his grandfather and the whole town.After reading Greg Kincaid’s other books to see George as a young boy was nice, George had a tough time of it after his [...]

    Christmas to Tucker is the prequel to A Dog Named Christmas and very strongly continues in the simple, heartwarming, family values kind of vein.The setting is a rural farming community in 1960s Kansas during one of the worst winter snow and ice storms in history. The McCray family is struggling with the holiday season already having recently lost John, son to Bo and Cora and father to George. The McCrays have a large dairy farm to keep running in addition to being the county road maintainers. As [...]

    This is both a coming-of-age story and a Christmas story set in a Kansas farm town in 1962. George's father had recently died in a farm accident, and George was staying with his grandparents on the family farm while his mother was out in Minnesota looking for a new home. The boy is looking after a neighbor's dog, Tucker, when a huge blizzard comes to Kansas. He faces challenge after challenge on the farm helping his grandparents with the dairy farm during the power outage. He also takes shifts p [...]

    Christmas with Tucker is the story of a 12 yr. old boy, George, who has lost his father in a farming accident. After the death of his father, George's mother and 2 sisters move to Minnesota to be closer to his mother's family. George stays behind to help his grandparents on the farm. This is something he wanted to do.The winter of 1962 brought a terrrible blizzard to Kansas; the worst they have ever seen. During this time, George is called upon to help his grandfather with the dairy farm and run [...]

    This prequel to A DOG NAMED CHRISTMAS is a must read for all dog lovers, and dog rescuers. In this story we learn about George and a life affirming season that he spent with his grandparents and an 'borrowed' dog named, Tucker. This coming of age story takes place in 1962, when George was 13, and his father had just recently been killed in a farming accident. It was also a winter of one of the largest snow storms, followed by an ice storm in Kansas' history. George took on many adult rolls to ke [...]

    In this book, we learn George's story. A Dog Named Christmas focused mostly on Todd, George's son. We know that George is reluctant to let Todd own a dog in the first book and finally, in Christmas with Tucker, we learn the whole story. Christmas with Tucker is a beautiful coming of age story about a boy who lost his father and is staying with his grandparents to heal before moving away with his mother. George learns that life doesn't always follow the rules that we assume it should. He bonds wi [...]

    This is the prequel to A Dog Named Christmas, although it stands alone just fine. I just loved Tucker in this story and he just loved everyone especially twelve-year old George. The story focuses around a dairy farm in the 1960s and one of the worst winters in recorded history. And, of course, the wonders of Christmas

    I really got into the story and loved this Christmas book about a coming of age boy who is grieving for the loss of his father and finds out the meaning of family, friends, community and mostly that life can be good again, even if it is different. I loved the wisdom of his grandparents and wish that every child had people like this in their lives. Some parts were sugar-coated, but you expect that with a heart-warming Christmas book.

    ♥ Sandi ❣
    2 Kleenex book!! Second in a series of 3 books (also known as a prequel to the first book). Kincaid brings you right into the story. The connection you feel with his characters is wonderful. Love, friendship, loss, transformation, misfortune, Christmas and a dog. Great story. Good writing. Meaningful. 4 stars

    Just finished this book and I'm typing through tears. The first part of the book was pretty slow and dare I say it, boring. But the last two chapters were beautiful. I'm going to remember George McCray and his dog Tucker for Christmas's to come.

    I loved this book! It is well written and such a great story and characters. It makes me miss when times were simpler and neighbors looked out and cared for each other. I highly recommend this book to anyone.

    Cute Christmas read. Very Hallmark movie-ish. If you read the Dog Called Christmas, it is the story of the father in that book. Fast, enjoyable read.


    Extremely well written. Sucked me into the story from the beginning. Great characters & enjoyable coming of age story.

    One of the best Christmas stories I've read in a long time. Read both of Greg Kincaids books now, hoping he is working on another Christmas novel.

    Jan Thorne
    I'm just a sucker for a story with a loving dog.

    The name of the book is ‘Christmas with Tucker’ and the author is Greg Kincaid. This book is about a young boy whose name is George, his father passed away when george was very young. After his father passed his mother moved to Minnesota which left George with his grandparents in Kansas. During his time with his grandparent George had a dog named Tucker to keep him busy. George’s dad passed away in a tractor accident. His dad tipped over in the tractor and it pinned him under the tractor i [...]

    As is usually the case, I liked the book much better than the movie. I watched the movie around Christmastime last year and then received the book as a gift. The movie was depressing throughout a lot of it and there was this one part that I was not looking forward to reading and then it turned out that things happened differently in the book! I didn't realize that this was a prequel to A Dog Named Christmas. I saw that movie several years ago and enjoyed it. This was a sweet story about a boy st [...]

    I know this book is pure cheese, but I really enjoyed this sentimental Christmas memory (which isn’t my usual enjoyable read). George is 16 years old and has lost his dad in a farming accident. He is living with his grandparents on the farm and the memories that he isn’t ready to give up. A snowstorm, added farming responsibilities, and a new dog challenge him, but help him grow ultimately. Some of the farming storylines got boring for me, but overall I enjoyed it and the end was so good.

    A nicely written time passer. The character of George has amazing tenacity and persistence. Love between George and Tucker is poignant. Talks about the disappointments of life, and things that you can't do anything about.

    Laura McCann
    This book is everything I like in a book. I enjoy books that are heartwarming and dogs about books and stories that are part of real life. It represents love, family, community and caring for others. Any book that makes me shed a few tears is book worth reading.

    I have such a soft spot for this series.

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