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  • Title: Leap
  • Author: Jodi Lundgren
  • ISBN: 9781897187852
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback

  • Natalie Ferguson has just turned fifteen, a momentous age that, happily, means that she s officially a grown up But while her mom doesn t seem to have got the memo, Kevin, her best friend Sasha s older brother, has The school year is over, and Natalie is looking forward to a summer of perfecting her technique at dance camp Caught up with the excitement of Kevin s attentNatalie Ferguson has just turned fifteen, a momentous age that, happily, means that she s officially a grown up But while her mom doesn t seem to have got the memo, Kevin, her best friend Sasha s older brother, has The school year is over, and Natalie is looking forward to a summer of perfecting her technique at dance camp Caught up with the excitement of Kevin s attention, their relationship quickly becomes intimate and all consuming Natalie s summer is a mix of amazing highs and dramatic lows She goes from being in love and lust with Kevin to realizing that he is not the guy she thought he was, and she may have lost her friendship with Sasha in the process Then, just when she s ready to turn to her single mom for advice, she learns that her mother is now in love with a woman Losing her virginity, dealing with her new understanding of her mother, and trying to renegotiate her relationships, Natalie clings to her dancing as the only sure thing in a life suddenly full of questions.
    Jodi Lundgren
    Jodi Lundgren is a West coast fiction writer, dancer, and educator.


    Connie N.
    I think I'd rate this 3.5 stars, if I could. I read this to fulfill a challenge task and found it a quick and easy read, but nothing particularly memorable. Natalie is a 15-year-old struggling with growing up in suburbia. Her parents are divorced, and her mother is struggling with her own sexuality. Natalie alternates between seeming older than her years (when she goes to a club and joins a professional dance team) and overly childish (when she whines about her dad moving away). She gets in over [...]

    My first comment is that I really hope the back cover is completely different on the finished copy. At the top it says in huge writing “when life is changing, sometimes you have to take a LEAP of faith in yourself” and there’s a cheesy image to go with the cheesy words. Then the “blurb” tells basically the entire story, ruining any surprises the book may have offered, had I not read the back first. This is like when movie trailers give away the best jokes, it drives me crazy.The book i [...]

    I hate when I start a book and have certain expectations of how the plot will turn out because usually they don't come true. In the case of Leap, it really tainted my opinion of the book when my predictions didn't turn out and I feel really bad writing a negative review about it. I assumed the book would be about one summer when Natalie finally grows up and gains independence, but Jodi Lundgren put a different spin on "growing up" and extended the book into the school year which I wasn't really [...]

    Sited from my website TeenageBookaholic In Leap, Natalie is an aspiring dancer with teenage problems that suck. It's summer and Natalie just turned 15. Her Dad divorced her mother to go be a workaholic and leave her and her younger sister, Paige. Her summer dance classes are about to start up again, but has time weathered some relationships between the dance team? Natalie begins to fall for Sasha's, her best friend, brother, Kevin, and Sasha is protective of her friends getting into a relation [...]

    Book Twirps
    Natalie Ferguson just turned fifteen. Things are going to change, because, according to her, she’s a grown up now. To top things off, Kevin, her best friend Sasha’s brother, is suddenly interested in her and Natalie is thrilled. She jumps into the relationship with full force, but the honeymoon period can only last so long. While some days with Kevin are wild and amazing, others are awful. The biggest issue is she’s lost Sasha and has no one to turn to, not even her divorcee mother, who ha [...]

    Wow. I really liked this character (Natalie) from the first page, and I read it all in practically one sitting because I was so interested, not only in what would happen to her but in what she would say about it. The narrator kind of reminded me of a gentler Canadian Holden Caulfield in tights. I think her voice has a good mix of earnestness, bravado, irony, and fragility--very teen. I love the scenes in dance class, the interactions with dance teachers and peers--quite dramatic at times, someti [...]

    Natalie is a dancer. This forms the core of who she is, but when the events in her life compete for that she has to learn to allow her emotions to come out through her dancing. She misses her father who moved to Ontario and left her, her younger sister and mother back in B.C She falls for an older guy and lets her feelings control her actions. She is moving apart from her best friend, unable to help her with her home situation. Things are complicated, and yet, holding her together, is dance.I pi [...]

    I just never understood the protagonist of this novel. Her character jumped around too much- I never felt that her character was grounded. Same thing with her best friend and the love interest. Honestly, the minor characters of her sister and mom were the most believable in their actions. I also think the novel was trying to do too much in one novel. Best friend issues, boy issues, dance issues, divorced parents issues, mom issues, identity issues so much! Also, the girl in this novel is only su [...]

    Jasmine Hawamdeh
    I loved this book, not only because it is about dancing (which made me pick it up in the first place) but it involved so many issues that in reality a teenager may face. Divorce, secrets, finding your talents and passions, finding out who your real friends are and saying no to a guy. It is all written in a diary like format which makes it actually to my surprise more interesting. Also, it takes place in Victoria, BC so the setting of it makes the story 10 times more interesting. Natalie (the mai [...]

    Okay, so as I expressed to my friends, this book, at the beginning, had a bad writing style. Plus, the character was displayed to be quite stupid. Once I passed about two thirds of a way through it, the writing style seemed to improve and I liked it more. If the same style that was used in the ending of the book was used in the rest of it, I probably would have liked it more than I actually did. And even in the beginning, the situations that came into play were quite randomd sometimes very gross [...]

    I really related to Natalie. I could see why she got attracted to the older guy, even though he was obviously trouble. I also felt for her when her friends and family let her down. She goes through a lot of ups and downs in this one summer. I had to keep turning the page to see how she would deal with the latest challenge. No matter what happens, she keeps right on dancing and pursuing her dreams. An excellent story with an inspiring message about finding your passion.

    I gave it 50 pages, but it felt like this story starts in the wrong place. I'm not interested in Natalie at all because all we get is a string of events happening, and none of them are all that interesting. I wanted to know more about her dancing and more about her relationship with Kevin than I'm given. 50 pages in and I know nothing that the back cover promises the story holds. A little disappointing.

    Tatiana Lammers
    I won the ARC of this book on one of the book blogs.The books is a diary of coming of age summer of a teenage girl.First times drinking, weed smoking, sex, break-ups, as well as dealing with lacking love or attention from divorced parents, learning to accept and re-negotiate the relationships and dealing with a life full of questions, choosing what's right or doing things to please others, and finally taking a leap of faith - that is what this book is about.

    Jodi Lundgren has a gift for creating resonant emotional situations layered with finely crafted physical details. I'm not a dancer (though I did start to take a modern dance class once) and my teenage years were very different, but she made her main character's experiences feel universal. A complex, carefully interwoven novel of trust, betrayal and love.

    Meh. The ending was okt as horrible as the rest of the book. The only characters I liked were some of the super minor ones (ex. dance teacher, sister). So yeah. I don't feel like rating the book haha.

    I was sort of interested for a while. But it took me about two weeks to get halfway through a 200 page YA book night I decided I really didn't care anymore. I had high hopes when I came across it in the YA section and read the cover. Oh well!

    Andrea Trenary
    Alright book, quick read. I really loved it was written in journal form, that's a weakness of mine, that and letter form.Now I'm going to set it free in a little free library.

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    not exactly what i expected, wanted a little more dance involved, but good overall

    Stephanie A.
    Beautiful descriptions of dance, whole lotta stupid everywhere else.

    Amy Mathers

    I loved this book because I can connect with it. As a dancer I understood the struggle to connect and find yourself emotionally through dance. This book, for the dancing part was very inspirational

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