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  • Title: The Black House
  • Author: Patricia Highsmith
  • ISBN: 9780393326314
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

  • Horrific tragedy becomes disturbingly ordinary in The Black House, a masterful collection of short stories, written during a particularly dark time in Patricia Highsmith s life As readers will discover, the work eerily evokes the warm familiarities of suburban life the manicured lawns, the white picket fences, and the local pubs, each providing the backbone for her chillHorrific tragedy becomes disturbingly ordinary in The Black House, a masterful collection of short stories, written during a particularly dark time in Patricia Highsmith s life As readers will discover, the work eerily evokes the warm familiarities of suburban life the manicured lawns, the white picket fences, and the local pubs, each providing the backbone for her chilling portraits Seemingly small indiscretions and infidelities along with love affairs and murder consume the characters that commit them Cycles of destructive jealousy overwhelm the cheating protagonists of Blow It and When In Rome, and the title story explores small town male camaraderie and the destructive secret it masks This enthralling collection of eleven stories presents Highsmith at her finest melancholy, suspenseful, and sizzling with a powerful awareness of human emotion.
    Patricia Highsmith
    Patricia Highsmith was an American novelist who is known mainly for her psychological crime thrillers which have led to than two dozen film adaptations over the years She lived with her grandmother, mother and later step father her mother divorced her natural father six months before Patsy was born and married Stanley Highsmith in Fort Worth before moving with her parents to New York in 1927 but returned to live with her grandmother for a year in 1933 Returning to her parents in New York, she attended public schools in New York City and later graduated from Barnard College in 1942 Shortly after graduation her short story The Heroine was published in the Harper s Bazaar magazine and it was selected as one of the 22 best stories that appeared in American magazines in 1945 and it won the O Henry award for short stories in 1946 She continued to write short stories, many of them comic book stories, and regularly earned herself a weekly 55 pay check During this period of her life she lived variously in New York and Mexico.Her first suspense novel Strangers on a Train published in 1950 was an immediate success with public and critics alike The novel has been adapted for the screen three times, most notably by Alfred Hitchcock in 1951 In 1955 her anti hero Tom Ripley appeared in the splendid The Talented Mr Ripley , a book that was awarded the Grand Prix de Litterature Policiere as the best foreign mystery novel translated into French in 1957 This book, too, has been the subject of a number of film versions Ripley appeared again in Ripley Under Ground in 1970, in Ripley s Game in 1974, The boy who Followed Ripley in 1980 and in Ripley Under Water in 1991.Along with her acclaimed series about Ripley, she wrote 22 novels and eight short story collections plus many other short stories, often macabre, satirical or tinged with black humour She also wrote one novel, non mystery, under the name Claire Morgan, plus a work of non fiction Plotting and Writing Suspense Fiction and a co written book of children s verse, Miranda the Panda Is on the Veranda.She latterly lived in England and France and was popular in England than in her native United States Her novel Deep Water , 1957, was called by the Sunday Times one of the most brilliant analyses of psychosis in America and Julian Symons once wrote of her Miss Highsmith is the writer who fuses character and plot most successfully the most important crime novelist at present in practice In addition, Michael Dirda observed Europeans honoured her as a psychological novelist, part of an existentialist tradition represented by her own favorite writers, in particular Dostoevsky, Conrad, Kafka, Gide, and Camus She died of leukemia in Locarno, Switzerland on 4 February 1995 and her last novel, Small g a Summer Idyll , was published posthumously a month later.Gerry WolstenholmeJuly 2010


    in keeping with how creepy patricia highsmith is, i could've sworn i'd already written a review of this book, and yet i can find nothing now to indicate that i had. well, i'll copy this into a word file, and if it disappears again, i'll imagine highsmith'll have sent her slugs to expunge my words, because even dead, i think highsmith is capable of doing such a creepy thing. i think it is true that while she was living, through her writing, she constantly held up a mirror to the face of humanity [...]

    Ubik 2.0
    Il talento di Miss HighsmithDa una data lontana possedevo questo libro, recante il prezzo sull’ultima di copertina ancora espresso in Lire (L.8.500) visibile attraverso il cellophane trasparente che rivestiva da talmente tanto tempo il volumetto che quasi mi dispiaceva sconfezionarlo! Quando pochi giorni fa mi sono deciso ad aprirlo ho provato delusione perché ignoravo che fosse una collection di racconti e ritengo il formato-racconto poco adatto al giallo/poliziesco che necessita (ma forse [...]

    Sara Habein
    Finally, a break from the constant murderin’. Oh sure, people still die, but The Black House features fewer sudden blows to the head. Most of the time, the characters act with good intentions, only to have their situation spin out of control. Unlike some of her other short story collections, The Black House is likely the one that’s most appealing to a wider audience — entirely compelling and complex, in an easy bite-size form.(Full review can be found at Glorified Love Letters)

    One moderately entertaining story, a couple mediocre ones, the rest just plain bad. Really disappointing since I enjoyed her collection Eleven so much.

    Maria João Fernandes
    "A Casa Negra" reúne um conjunto de contos que deixam muito a desejar, tendo em conta a autora e todo o seu trabalho. Como já li quase todos os romances e contos da Patricia Highsmith, foi com alguma dificuldade que aceitei estas histórias como suas. Por um lado, alguns contos parecem rascunhos inacabados e pouco trabalhados. Por outro lado, temos histórias que dão ares de serem uma preparação para um dos seus romances, com finais repentinos, como se Highsmith tive-se decidido que não va [...]

    Devoured this book in one day. My favourite stories, which I still think about every once in a while, were "Not One of Us," "The Terrors of Basket-Weaving," and "Old Folks at Home." Mostly I appreciated how alien such a social circle as the one in the first story is to me, identified with the creepy feeling of knowing something you didn't think you knew in the second, and got to feel self-righteous about not having kids in the last. I hadn't read any Highsmith before (just seen the Hitchcock mov [...]

    I agree with the reviewer who uses these stories to demonstrate that Highsmith was a misanthrope. Highsmith's Tremor of Forgery is one of my favorite books so I’m hard-pressed to say why this collection missed the mark with me. It could be the third person that makes the story walls so thin. There’s something empty about them. They are decidedly creepy and mean. The characters are soulless rather than motivated by passion or profit. I prefer the obsession of Price of Salt to these tales that [...]

    Fernando Delfim
    "A esquizofrenia, tinha ouvido dizer, era um saco sem fundo onde cabia toda a espécia de perturbações que não eram diagnosticadas."

    Sophie Carsenat
    So crisply bleak, I want to neatly and stylishly slit my wrists. You certainly don't read PH for sympathetic characters.

    Es un gran libro, de una autora que ve el terror en situaciones cotidianas, que nos hace pensar en la gran posibilidad que tenemos de encontrarnos frente a frente con estos emocionantes momentos.Su estilo de escritura es ameno, con una velocidad perfecta a la hora de desarrollar la historia,te atrapa con las problemáticas tan descabelladas que viven unos personajes, construidos de forma muy simple, pero que ayudan a darle más importancia a sus vivencias.un libro recomendado para ver la aburrid [...]

    I've never read anyone as disturbing as her except for Stephen King

    Javier Jiménez
    El último contacto que tuve con Patricia Highsmith fue Crímenes Bestiales, el cual también es un libro de cuentos. Sin embargo, la diferencia entre esa lectura y esta es considerable. En estos relatos no hay un tema en común, sin embargo la constante es el estilo lleno de minuciosidad y misterio que crean un ambiente de suspenso que no percibí en ninguno de los cuentos de Crímenes Bestiales.En algunos de los cuentos tenía mucha ansiedad por saber qué era lo que pasaría en la siguiente p [...]

    One of my favorite collections of short stories, easily the best I've read in the past year--and that's saying a lot considering I also just read a collection of Angela Carter stories (and she may well be the one of my favorite long reigning queens of the short story).The key to enjoying a Highsmith story is to have a sense of humor at all moments, because she will not be serious when another writer will be serious, and she will be humorless when another writer would attempt humor--in part, I th [...]

    It's probably natural, when approaching a short story collection, to have a different attitude than you might have toward a novel. With each story you enter, you're not sure of what you'll get next. That's certainly true of 'The Black House'.Here, Highsmith covers a lot of territory in the scope of story settings, which alone is admirable. A reader expecting ground similar to the Ripley novels or 'The Price of Salt' is in for thwarted expectations, though vague echoes of those works appear inter [...]

    Checked this out from the library based on one of her stories in the Sedaris collection Children Playing in Front of a Statue of Hercules. Unfortunately, this collection seems to have been from later in her career and the humour I found in "Where the Door is Always Open and the Welcome Mat is Out" seemed to have been replaced by a more macabre outlook. Lots of death and murder/manslaughter; the main characters seemed to live in a world much bleaker than what I'm used to in my fiction. It was an [...]

    “The Black House” is the literary equivalent to a Doors album. It focuses on the darkness in the souls of everyday people. There are stories like “When In Rome” where an envoy’s wife hires a greasy peeping tom to kidnap her husband, and her plan of course backfires. “The Dream of the Emma C”, a boat of young men fighting over a drowned mermaid. “Not One of Us”, a clique of incestuous busy bodies. “Blow It” tells the story of a player who pits his girlfriends over a vacant h [...]

    These stories are missing something, I can't really put my finger on it.They're.abrupt, maybe? They seem like they each have a gimmick or a twist or a point or a thing, and the rest of the story is just there to get you to that thing/twist/point/gimmick, without any real sense of the story itself mattering. Like she was just rushing to get to the thing she was getting to and the rest is filler or something. Apparently her other writing is better? This is what the library has, and it hasn't inspi [...]

    What a depress-fest. Highsmith really pulls no punches by showing how awful some people can be. "Not One of Us" really bothered me because a group of so-called "friends" just sat back and laughed as a guy's life was destroyed. Highsmith does have an interesting view of life and it's not a good view. She's excellent at showing humanity at its worst. I am looking forward to reading more of her work.

    I really like Highsmith but I just couldn’t get into many of these short stories. As always, Highsmith has interesting takes on human nature and how we relate to each other. However, this collection fell a little flat for me. On an odd note, the library copy I read had all the title pages for the short stories removed. I ended up flipping back to the table of contents but I found the mystery of who removed the title pages and why a bit more interesting than the content here.

    You'd think that with as many stories and characters as were in this volume, there'd be a few that were likable. Sadly, there were just two or three characters that I liked. The rest, I think I'd be dismayed to even invite them out for a cup of coffee. And while I don't necessarily HAVE to like characters to like a book, liking them does make me care more about what happens to them - and in so many of these stories, I just didn't care.

    Instead of a Highsmith novel about a protagonist under the control of subtle psychological forces they can't quite understand, it's a collection of Highsmith short stories about protagonists under the control of subtle psychological forces they can't quite understand. I especially enjoyed "The Terrors of Basket Weaving," which, yes, is exactly about what its title describes. Only Patricia Highsmith could make arts & crafts into something sinister. We miss you, P-High.

    Read this collection back in the 80s. Just about the creepiest set of stories I'd ever read, and this came just a couple of years after King's NIGHT SHIFT. Been meaning to read more Highsmith ever since, and I've yet to do so. Very dark, very frightening stories. Loved this book. Might be one I'd re-read, though I can count on one hand the number of books I've re-read.

    Well-written, nicely paced, good characterisation - and churned out. Some of the plots are weak, some implausible (a couple in their 30s 'adopt' an elderly couple and it all goes tits up, well I never), and given that this is the lady behind Strangers on a Train and The Talented Mr Ripley, we just know she can do better.

    Chris Luedtke
    A great Book of Short Stories that reveal a glimpse of the darkness in the souls of everyday people.Favorite stories in the book were: -Something the Cat Dragged in-Not One of Us-The Terrors of Basket-Weaving-Old Folks at Home-The Kite

    It was decent with a bunch of short stories that she wrote. It started off good, then the stories were blah to not interesting. The second to last one is good and the last one titled 'The Black House' was ok. I thought it would be more to it, but sort of wasn't. A fair read.

    She's a pendulum between insightful dark brilliance or banal pessimism. I've read Tales of natural and unnatural catastrophes previous months to reading this, and liked it much more.I'll keep reading her anyways.

    In this collection, Highsmith strikes me as a cosmopolitan, secular Flannery O'Connor, which is high praise. These bleak but curious stories emphasize the tenuous boundaries that hold together seemingly banal social circles.

    Betty Mc
    Black House!This is a great book,and very good readinglp me at the edge of my seat and one you hate to put down.It took mr a few stories before I understood this was short stories,but I loved them all.

    Pretty goth. I like how in almost every story someone or something dies. There is a humor in it that is so astute and realistic while the goings on are convincing and then something completely unbelievable will happen - I feel like it is probably hard to write this way. It is a good combination.

    its not a 5 because not all the stories were of my enjoying. Every single story is original and follows a very interesting plot twist. not expected, which i enjoy a lot. This stories are organized perfectly, to my understanding. i was very pleased. good read.

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