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  • Title: In and Out of Step
  • Author: Christine M. Knight
  • ISBN: 9780987434838
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback

  • Think about the woman you re becoming Leonie said, trying to prevent Cassie s flight from home and the problems there You could find yourself out of the frying pan and into the fire Her past denied and dance championship dreams discarded, Cassie Sleight leaves home In the seemingly idyllic coastal town of Keimera, she starts a career on the English staff of the locaThink about the woman you re becoming Leonie said, trying to prevent Cassie s flight from home and the problems there You could find yourself out of the frying pan and into the fire Her past denied and dance championship dreams discarded, Cassie Sleight leaves home In the seemingly idyllic coastal town of Keimera, she starts a career on the English staff of the local high school Exposure to Mark Talbut, a man struggling to be modern yet threatened by power shifts in the workplace and in society, causes Cassie to assess her reactions as a teacher and a woman As she does so, the secrets of her past surface Will that past continue to choreograph Cassie s present steps What sort of woman does she become In and Out of Step looks at how the world a person lives in shapes that person for good and for bad It is a story about friendship and family, belonging, alienation, sexual harassment, and change The title alludes to the way Cassie Sleight uses dance as a way to interpret life and process her reactions to it.
    Christine M. Knight
    Christine M. Knight Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the In and Out of Step book, this is one of the most wanted Christine M. Knight author readers around the world.


    I've returned to upgrade this review. The impact of the story lingers like the aftertaste of an award-winning wine (of which I've been lucky to sample a few). Another reason I upgraded this review is that I gave 'Across the Nightingale Floor' 3 stars, and this novel is much richer than it (hence the upgrade). Also, I think my initial 3 star rating was influenced by the fact that it was a woman's story - yes, I was a bit embarassed! This novel was an out-of-character read for me. My girlfriend as [...]

    A story for teachers, students, dancers, actors, husbands, wives, men, women and everyone in between. In and Out of Step is a triumph perfectly portraying beauty, ugliness, heroism, friendship, decision making, power struggles, sex and disaster.As an avid fantasy reader I found the first quarter to be a bit tough. Instead of dark wizards, sorcerers, dungeons and dragons, I found myself confronted with an evil far greater than Voldermort or Sauron. Humanity.This book details the events of Cassie' [...]

    Freya Mason
    This is a richly layered story filled with characters who emerge as real people. As in life, there weren't any quick fixes to the issues these people faced, especially in matters of the heart. The twists and turns in the storytelling, as people tried to work out their lives, kept me hooked as a reader. I really liked the way the plot and subplots provided different perspectives on the novel's themes and concerns. The evolving love story, the family matters, the workplace issues, the dilemma of t [...]

    This book is amazing. I couldn't put it down, I got sucked right into Cassie's life. This is a well written book, I would recommend it to everyone.

    May Campbell
    I so enjoyed reading 'In and Out of Step'. First, as a reader, you not only develop a rapport with the characters, you believe in them. They lift off the page and exist in real time. Second, you develop strong feelings for them and care about what happens to them. You also feel a full range of emotions as you share their life journeys. The coastal Australian landscape is one that many readers will recognise. Overseas readers will get a genuine taste of the Australian scene. I particularly liked [...]

    Samantha Peters
    NOTE: I upgraded the star rating from 4 to 5 stars on 6 October after having read other books.This is an original and compelling story for sure! The title is brilliant and works well on so many levels for the various characters' lives. The world of Keimera emerges strongly as a real place with very real people living there. I was impressed by the weaving of plot and subplots to form this crafted narrative. I really like the way this world reflects the complexity of everyday people's lives rather [...]

    'In and Out of Step' possesses all the ingredients of a great Australian novel. It was a compelling read. The characters stepped off the page and became real for me. The writing style pulled me into the story so I was there in my imagination. I haven't loved a novel like this one for a long time. In some ways the writing style and layering of perspectives reminds me of Austen because the point of view shifts from inner thought to dialogue to situational arena, and embedded messages underpinning [...]

    Faye Stephens
    As my father says, "A bloody good read!" I'd add: honest, insightful, clever, very moving (a range of emotions) and witty. Update: 14 October '11Having given Marchetta's 'Jellicoe Road' 4 stars, I needed to upgrade this novel. It is superior - depth and breadth of themes and characterisation. Really beautiful writing.It has imprinted on my memory in a way that novels haven't for a while.

    Zuzu Burford
    I thoughly enjoyed the journey. A truly wonderful book.

    Any Length
    I won this book in a give away. Thank you to and Christine M. Knight. Although an interesting book I found the style of the book hard to make friends with. At times I felt that an opening had been created and left undealt with or put off for a paragraph of "fill in" before taken up again. I also got the impression that the author wanted to deal with every human problem and emotion in relation to the role of women in the 1980's, especially the women's struggles to move out of the role of the "w [...]

    Jocelyn Smithers
    'In and Out of Step' belongs to the not-to-formula genre of women's fiction. As such, the journey and the backdrop are important as are the influences that have shaped the central character and influence her over the course of the novel. The story opens with the reader in Cassie Sleight's car, looking outward at the landscape as Cassie observes it. She emerges as a shy, naive, and idealistic young woman scarred by an undisclosed darkness in her past. Life and the events leading up to the start o [...]

    Jane Smart
    I totally enjoyed 'In and Out of Step' and was hooked from the opening paragraph in Chapter 1. In fact, I read into the early hours of two consecutive mornings to finish it and in my breaks at work on Friday and Saturday. 'In and Out of Step' is a story about love as well as the dualities of women's roles in the modern world presented to the reader from different character viewpoints. It is not a romance novel.A rich picture of Australian life and the concerns of the time form the backdrop to wh [...]

    In and Out of Step follows the life of a first year female school teacher, Cassie. As the cover states, the book revolves around the question "Will Cassie's past continue to choreograph her present?" Cassie deals a rocky past that causes her to carry baggage around. This book dealt with a lot of serious topics, such as abortion, death of a baby, rape, abusive relationships, and natural disasters so much so that it didn't go into too much depth on the issues that were presented. A major part of t [...]

    Kate Murdoch
    I loved the time I spent this past week with the characters and world of 'In and Out of Step'. It is a layered story that meshes plot and subplots so that I could consider linked themes and character values from differing perspectives. It captures the Australian landscape in a distinctly visual way and portrayed the ongoing worry about drought and bushfire that I grew up with and which overseas readers may not have.While I really enjoyed Cassie's evolving love story and coming to terms with her [...]

    Sarah Beth
    This is a Good Reads First Reads Giveaway review.'In and Out of Step' is quality women's fiction and not chick-lit. It is an intriguing journey and a really good read set against a backdrop of a coastal Australian town during a time of changing values and attitudes in the late 1980s. Major women's concerns such as love versus lust, sexual harassment, non-consensual sex, abortion, and rape are explored through a collage of interlinked character experiences fitted beautifully into Cassie's world a [...]

    I won this book as part of the GoodReads First-Reads contest. Taking place in Australia in the 1980s, the story's main character is Cassie who has recently moved to Maddison House as a lodger to start a new life away from her family and friends. She is a teacher who runs into numerous problems with her male colleagues and some mis-behaving students. The novel follows her journey in making new friends, dealing with issues such as domestic violence and her past colliding with her present plus her [...]

    I read this novel after 'Life Song' and 'Song Bird' - two other novels by Knight. 'In and Out of Step' was a fascinating and moving read, especially so because it introduces Cassie Sleight and Mavis Mills (Mavis is the major character in the other two novels) and the world they live in.'In and Out of Step' centres around twotrulyintriguing mysteries. 1. What happened to Cassie Sleight when she was sixteen that changed her as a person and shaped her life's course? Related to this, can she rise ab [...]

    Firstly I would like to thank the author for this copy of In and Out of Step, which I won through First Reads.I would really like to give this book 3.5 stars and up until about half way through the book, I would have given it 4 stars. It has believable characters and an interesting storyline. I like the fact that it is set in a coastal Australian town and it definitely has an Australian feel to the story.The reason it ended up with 3 stars instead of 4 (or 3.5 if it were possible) is that from t [...]

    Every once and a while you come across a gem of a book. Something that represents more than a story. 'In and Out of Step' is such a book.Although the novel has a dark hard edge to it at times, this is a wonderful coming-of-age story for Cassie Sleight (central character) and Mavis Mills (significant secondary character).'In and Out of Step' traces the impact of role models from their most impressionable years on Cassie and Mavis. Cassie rejects the lifestyles and relationships of her parents and [...]

    Maxine Crane
    I read this novel after 'Life Song'. It is not a prequel to 'Life Song' but is set in the township of Keimera and uses characters from 'Life Song'. I guess you could say the author flipped her main characters in book 1 and 2 - Cassie Sleight is the central character in 'In and Out of Step' and Mavis Mills is a secondary character.This novel is a meaty one and is one of the few novels to accurately position the reader to feel what sexual harassment and workplace harassment is like. You get angry [...]

    Conrad Andersen
    I received this book in a giveaway off . The book was based in the 1980's and had many views that the time period would. Overall, the book managed to keep me reading until the end, which is impressive as it was obviously a book for girls and I am a guy who normally doesn't read this kind of thing. The writing was well-paced and well-written consistantly throughout the book. This book is a book that I would definately recomend to a feminine audience. As a male, I thought that it contained a lot o [...]

    A fascinating study of the way childhood role models significantly shape the choices young women make with both positive and negative effects. I shared this novel with my mother who had actually lived the years of chauvinism in the workplace form the 1960s to 1990s. Her reaction to the men was quite different from mine. She felt Knight portrayed the culture of chauvinism accurately and was impressed by the way Knight positioned readers to feel what life in such a culture as like. I've rated this [...]

    The cover on the back of this doesn't do justice to the book. The description said will Cassies pat choreograph her present? This doesn't really tell us about the book and it isn't that exciting making u want to read it. this book is a whole lot better than the back cover description really says. I like how Christine told the story and incorporated the relationship between the men and the woman. My favorite line in this book was when Christine said that Cassie needed to figure out the dance step [...]

    Erica Black
    After reading:A great, intricately woven story where absolutely everything in the plot matters. Read the opening poem carefully as that tells you the intent behind how this novel is constructed. The author uses contrasting views (subplots) on her themes to explore the novel's concerns. Importantly, 'In and Out of Step' is about the connections between people in workplace, social, and personal spheres and how they shape Cassie as a person. Overall, I found the novel to be a highly satisfyng and r [...]

    A significant work of contemporary fiction that was very easy to read. I really enjoyed it. I loved Cassie's story and her evolution. The use of dance was very clever and artfully done. I disagree with reviewers who say there weren't enough positive male characters. There were many such men (George, Gary, Selton, Van der Huffen, Michael, Coachman), but they were a product of their times. I don't believe you can write about that time without accurately portraying the attitudes of men and even wom [...]

    I received this book as a freebie from .As I live on the south coast of NSW, I was looking forward to reading a book set in an area I'm familiar with. I found the storyline of domestic violence for Mavis was the most believable. For the main character, Cassie, I didn't really feel like the writing helped me to understand her. The relationship between the middle-aged couple Minna & George was one that could have been explored more as they sought to adjust to the changes of getting older and d [...]

    Raye H
    A sophisticated narrative for good readers. Perceptive, powerful, and topical. It will push buttons for some readers, and they will react negatively. I found it interesting how the author positioned the reader to share central character's experiences. It is very much about the world the protagonist lives in as much as about the central character. It looks at the ramifications of people's actions. Defintiely not chick lit. It is women's fiction and gritty at times. This novel is not for readers w [...]

    Marg Eden
    A slice of real life drama. It was fascinating how the author used Cassie Selight (the central character) to navigate the world of the late 1980s in terms of major issues: gender power and poliitics and the wider theme of relationships. This novel does not sugar-coat life. It is honest. I disagree with readers who say issues were not adequately explored. Issues were deftly examined and perceptively linked. Knight didn't need to use a sledge hammer to reveal the issues. Readers have to be percept [...]

    A thought provoking and interesting read. I felt a range of emotions as I read and was hooked once into the story. I think that is the mark of a good writer. Only a few writers manage to make me feel and believe in the characters. I did with this author.This novel rates as literature and not cheap fiction. It goes counter to the lust sold in many contemporary stories in this decade and challenges it.

    What a great story. Cassie story is very inspirational. It reminds you of how things have changed over the years and how far we have come in society. It reminds you of how powerful woman had to be back then to be empowering and stand their ground. Things have changed since the 80's but that makes the story all the more interesting. I can not wait for the next book to come out. This is definitely a book that I will pass on to my friends.

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