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  • Title: Blow the House Down
  • Author: Robert B. Baer
  • ISBN: 9781400098361
  • Page: 357
  • Format: Paperback

  • Former CIA operative Robert Baer pushes fiction to the absolute limit in this riveting and unnervingly plausible alternative history of 9 11.Veteran CIA officer Max Waller has long been obsessed with the abduction and murder of his Agency mentor Though years of digging yield the name of a suspect an Iranian math genius turned terrorist the trail seems too cold to justifyFormer CIA operative Robert Baer pushes fiction to the absolute limit in this riveting and unnervingly plausible alternative history of 9 11.Veteran CIA officer Max Waller has long been obsessed with the abduction and murder of his Agency mentor Though years of digging yield the name of a suspect an Iranian math genius turned terrorist the trail seems too cold to justify further effort Then Max turns up a photograph of the man standing alongside Osama bin Laden and a mysterious westerner whose face has been cut out, feeding Max s suspicion When the first official to whom Max shows the photo winds up dead, the out of favor agent suddenly finds himself the target of dark forces within the intelligence community who are desperate to muzzle him.Eluding a global surveillance net, Max in the summer of 2001 begins tracking the spore of a complex conspiracy, meeting clandestinely with suicide bombers and Arab royalty and ultimately realizing the Iranian he d sought for a decades old crime is actually at the nexus of a terrifying plot.Showing off dazzling tradecraft and an array of richly textured backdrops, and filled with real names and events, Blow the House Down deftly balances fact and possibility to become the first great thriller to spring from the war on terrorism.Also available as a Random House AudioBook and an eBookFrom the Hardcover edition.
    Robert B. Baer
    ROBERT B BAER is one of the most accomplished agents in CIA history, and a winner of the Career Intelligence Medal He is the author of four New York Times bestsellers, including See No Evil the basis for the acclaimed film Syriana, which earned George Clooney an Oscar for his portrayal of Baer He is considered one of the world s foremost authorities on the Middle East and frequently appears on all major news outlets Baer writes regularly for Time and has contributed to Vanity Fair, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post He is the current national security affairs analyst for CNN.


    I'm sticking this under 'memoir' even though it's ostensibly fiction, because having heard Baer speak (he lives about 40 miles from here) and read two of his nonfiction books, it's clear this book is only a slight fictional branching from his own experience. I don't know that he believes 9/11 was really precipitated for these reasons - but I bet that he thinks there's a strong possibility it did.Baer's background as a CIA operative infuses his story with details that ring true because they are t [...]

    Similar to Steve Coll, Robert Baer is one of my favorite authors and authorities on international affairs (for reasons separate from Coll.)Blow the House Down is Baer's attempt at explaining what actually caused two planes to fly into the WTC. I think on NPR's Fresh Air, with Terry Gross, Baer said that this book represents the closest he can get to explaining the cause of 9/11 without running afowl of national security issues. Hence, why this book is fiction.Regardless, this piece of fiction is [...]

    James Bruno
    I launched into "Blow the House Down" with eagerness, expecting a fast-paced thriller replete with juicy insider intel tradecraft as a kicker. Instead I found myself thrown into a muddled, badly plotted story overpopulated with characters and appearing as though it had been slapped together in a hurry.Furthermore, I found the protagonist a repulsive and aimless character who sleeps with an old friend's young daughter, a girl he'd considered almost a niece. Otherwise, there is no real love intere [...]

    Jim Crocker
    This read was fascinating. The author, of course, is the real deal. Baer has been out there, gone behind the curtain and peaked beneath the circus tent. He's seen the rabbits, Lennie. Now this book is a rather complex read. It's espionage, after all. What, you expect it to be simple? There's lots of names and places and the writing gets a bit dense in spots. I didn't need to make a chart, but I was thinking about it.However, what you get here is the run-up to 9/11, along with the familiar charac [...]

    Maybe best to not listen to this book. For someone unfamiliar with this genre there were too many names, locations, and double-crossings to keep in mind. The book finished and I’m completely confused about what happened. A disappointment after spending so many hours listening to the story.

    Manuel P. Revuelta
    An amazing read and a more likely explanation of what happened on 9/11 rather than the official story. A real treat for lovers of spy novels.

    A good story with interesting characters, just not executed that well. I found the writing to be sporadic and disjointed - at times difficult to understand what was going on in the story.

    3.5 starsThis book is most entertaining for its spy "tradecraft" bits, which are great fun (the pigeon gun was my favorite) and possibly these are true to life, considering that the author is former CIA. The dry wit is appealing, too, and the voice, the prose-- all of that worked well for me and made it a page-turner.Viewing it entirely as a fiction, it doesn't hold together all that well as a plotted book. Initially, the protagonist is searching for a mystery person, a redhaired terrorist who p [...]

    Former CIA operative Robert Bayer's first novel tells the story of what could have happened behind the scenes of 9/11 and what might have happened if officials listened to Max Waller.Waller had been a CIA operative for ages. He still has a vivid recollection of 1984 when Bill Buckley, the CIA chief of Beirut, Lebanon, was kidnapped and decapitated.On June 21, 2001, Max is given a comfortable job at Langley, keeping track of other long time agents who are approaching retirement.Max is bothered by [...]

    Will Byrnes
    Baer may have a story to tell that is non-fiction, but the CIA will not clear the things he has to say. So he decided to sidestep the secrecy requirement and present his tale as fiction. It is all done with a nod and a wink. So take what he proffers as fiction as gospel. This is a very slickly written spy novel (some are convinced that he had it ghosted) in which the protagonist (Baer’s stand-in) comes afoul of some dark forces when trying to pursue a lead in the years-ago disappearance of a c [...]

    This book offers the unique perpective of a former CIA operative on the Middle East, 9/11, and terrorism in general. While working for CIA's Directorate of Operations, Bob Baer spent 20 years in places like Beirut, Lebanon; Dushanbe, Tajikistan; and Salah al-Din in Kurdish northern Iraq.George Clooney's character in the film Syriana, Bob Barnes, is loosely based on Robert Baer.Having previously written two non-fiction books, See No Evil: The True Story of a Ground Soldier in the CIA's War on Ter [...]

    As a procedural espionage thriller, it starts out well. Baer brings his knowledge about the intelligence community. He also brings in an interesting twist on history/recent events by interjecting real people into the story. The main character also is a little bit more developed/flawed than the typical Jack Bauer one dimensional hero.But this definetly is not the best spy novel I have read. It is often slow and for much of it nothing happens. There were a few scenes with some tension. This would [...]

    George Ilsley
    As a thriller, this book is a cut above the fantasies that are usually thrown into the "pot-boiler" market. This author offers much which is credible, and the reader is constantly left wondering .I'm usually disappointed with books marketed as thrillers; this one was much more engaging. Contains many echos of events which I vaguely remember (for example, the names of hostages in Lebanon). With any book written by "ex-CIA" one has to wonder how much is true, how much is disinformation, how much i [...]

    Interesting story line about how 9/11 may have happened. Certainly won't help if you are already a government cynic. I do not like his style. Seems there is a lack of cohesiveness. Read a couple of chapters, then all of a sudden, VOILA! So that's where he was going with this. Also, Baer relies on his readership to have a strong background in current political and world events which is refreshing in some ways yet at the same time interferes with the flow of the book since I spent a lot of time tr [...]

    Jo Anne Knight
    I wish every American would read this book. While the fictionalized events are thrilling, the facts behind the fiction, are mind-boggling and terrifying! This is an important book which may prompt me to read Mr. Baer's non-fiction, but I may not be able to stomach the contents without some removal from reality as provided by the fiction.I learned from this book that we need to put Mr. Baer in a position of authority in the CIA, or better still, as a special consultant to the President.I'm waitin [...]

    Blow the House Down is a novel of Middle East intrigue, the CIA, and a plot ending with 9/11. What is fascinating about this spy thriller is that Robert Baer is the real deal. In addition to being the author, he was also a Middle East CIA operative. He throws familiar, notorious and political names around to the point where you start wondering if this is a novel based on fact. As a side note, the lead character, played by George Clooney, in the movie Syriana, was loosely based on Baer.

    Ben Rand
    I like Baer's non-fiction work. This is interesting an interesting read, and I'm sure more realistic than a lot of "spy" books out there, but Baer needs some work before he arrives as an author on the fiction side of things. The dialog is pretty jumpy, characters not very developed. A lot of them are real people involved in the lead-up to 9/11 but some of the arcs tying them so neatly together were a bit much, IMO.

    Of all the thrillers i've read, from Flynn, Clancy, Child, et. al I loved this book the best. The pacing is awesome, the characters are interesting and distinct, and there is a great feeling of reality. I appreciated that it didn't spend time with dialogue just to explain something to the reader - it all read naturally. This kept the level of suspense perfect from start to finish.

    Picked this up because I really could not find anything else that caught my eye. I was very surprised on how much I really liked this book. Robert Baer a former CIA case officer assigned to the Middle East. He did a nice job of twisting actual people in the world of espionage, business, and politics in to the world of fiction.

    A really interesting fictitious account of the events immediately preceding the attacks of September 11th. Baer uses all the real names of known Terrorists, Politicians, and Law Enforcement officials that crop up in the Official 9-11 report so it feels more like a biography than a work of fiction.

    Laurie Stoll
    I gave this book 3 stars because it is written well but the content is really not what I normally read. This is about the CIA, spying, etc more along the story line of what my husband would read more than me.

    The writing was quite good though the story was perhaps, too complex. The whole conspiracy theory around 9-11 is a bit much, but because the writing was so good it was easy to stay engaged in the story

    Obviously a prime-time current-issue best-selling novel, this story lacks characters that deserve any of my sympathy and follows a dizzying plot that revealed the arrogance of powerful Americans. Mostly a waste of my time to read it.

    The author's background makes this well-written, face-paced book far more chilling than those written by writers who come from the life outside intelligence agencies. Definitely one for the conspiracy theorists.

    Great spy thriller written by an ex-CIA operative. Very believable events leading up to 9/11. However, you have to pay attention to keep some of the people straight. He follows up at the end with some facts that he used in the novel.

    Caloway Gavin
    I remember having breakfast with Bob at the Cairo Marriott and talking Mid East politics, must have been 1994 and he gave me his journalist biz card. This book is interesting the way it weaves threads of truth throughout the work of fiction.

    good story. baer should stick to non-fiction. more non-fiction, please, mr baer, thanks. i like to listen to you when you're being interviewed, too. you're a neat guy.

    This book had it's interesting plot points, but it was only okay. The ending kinda sucked too. It probably would have been better if I was more into espionage novels and current events.

    I always love a good CIA thriller. Not as good as Jason Bourne but no other books really are.

    An interesting mystery/thriller from a former insider. I wouldn't give his views too much actual credence, but it does make for a fascinating and exciting story.

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