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  • Title: M or F?
  • Author: Lisa Papademetriou Chris Tebbetts Christopher Tebbetts
  • ISBN: 9781595140913
  • Page: 199
  • Format: Paperback

  • When Frannie is desperate to get the attention of her crush, her fabulous and gay best friend Marcus suggests that Frannie chat with him online Too bad Frannie s terrified She won t type a word without Marcus s help.In the chat room, Marcus and Jeffrey hit it off But the Marcus writes, the he s convinced that Jeffrey is falling for him, not Frannie.Whose romWhen Frannie is desperate to get the attention of her crush, her fabulous and gay best friend Marcus suggests that Frannie chat with him online Too bad Frannie s terrified She won t type a word without Marcus s help.In the chat room, Marcus and Jeffrey hit it off But the Marcus writes, the he s convinced that Jeffrey is falling for him, not Frannie.Whose romance is this anyway Read this heartwarming comedy of errors to find out.
    Lisa Papademetriou Chris Tebbetts Christopher Tebbetts
    Bestselling author Lisa Papademetriou is the author of the Confectionately Yours series, Middle School Big, Fat Liar and Homeroom Diaries both with James Patterson , and many other novels for middle grade and young adult readers Her books have appeared on the Bank Street Best Books of the Year list, the NYPL Books for the Teen Age, and the Texas Lone Star Reading List, among others A former editor, Lisa has worked for , HarperCollins, and DisneyPress, and holds an MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts HarperCollins will publish her next novel, A Tale of Highly Unusual Magic , in October 2015.


    It was a bit of a long road for me to get this book. ^^'' The first time I saw it I was dying to read it because it just drew me in. Alas, I was broke and my dad refused to buy it, as we were only there to buy a gift for someone. The next time I went back I had money but it wasn't there. I found myself immersed in another book and simply put it in the back of my mind. A few weeks later I went back to said bookstore with money but was pleasantly suprised when I was looking for a different book wh [...]

    Arielle Walker
    I read this a long time ago, but I remember it as being very funny, very sweet and with some nice little plot twists to keep things interesting.

    Izzy Ringer
    M or F is about two best best best friends. One film loving gay boy and the other an opinionated shy chick who gets all her clothes in a funky thrift shop. These two amazingly compatible teenagers are cheering for eachother to find 'the one'. Frannie (the girl) thinks she's found Mr. Right. Marcus knows she found Mr. Right, but winds up believing that maybe Frannies Mr. Right was actually his Mr. Right. While reading this book I made a text-to-text connection between M or F and the book Boy Meet [...]

    Delaney Breen
    To be honest, I wasn't positive I was going to like this book, but once I started reading it I felt like I was being sucked into a black hole. That's how much I liked the book. I couldn't put it down! It's so relatable, humorous, full of drama, andep. The main characters are teenagers in high school, but I would recommend this book to anyone because it captures the emotions people go through when finding someone the likeeven if it's more than friendship. This book is definitely one of my all tim [...]

    M of F tells the story of Frannie and Marcus, she straight, he gay, who are best friends in high school. A modern reworking of Cyrano de Bergerac, the story was just too predictable for my tastes. The book alternates between Marcus's voice and Frannie's with Ms. Papademetriou writing for Frannie and her friend, Christopher Tebbets writing the Marcus chapters. Big problem there is that Mr. Tebbets' chapters are so much stronger and more interesting. I wanted to just skip over Frannie entirely and [...]

    Amber Voigtlander
    Personal ReviewI think it was a good book because it was about two friends thinking Frannie's crush, Jeffery, was gay. Also the reason I thought it was because it taught that you should not judge someone if they're gay or not.PlotThe book was about how Frannie likes Jeffrey, and Marcus tries to help her on the school website in a private group chat. After a while, they start to hit it off, and Frannie helped Jeffery with the school program. They start to like each other even more than online. Th [...]

    Candido P
    M or F? follows Fannie the quirky hopeless romantic, who has fallen for (the oh so hottest vegetarian activist) Jeffrey, but is too shy to express her feelings towards him. So Marcus the film junkie, aka her gay best friend decides to help make Jeffrey notice her. Though things don’t go as plan when Marcus secretly starts developing feelings for Jeffrey.Last night I finished reading M or F? when I should have been doing my 4 page paper(I regret nothing). I was halfway through the book and I ne [...]

    This is a rather enjoyable adaptation of Cyrano de Bergerac. Girl likes Boy. Girl sees Boy in the high school chat room as he's trying to recruit volunteers for a service project. Girl gets nervous and has Gay Best Friend do the typing in the chat room for her. Comedy and High School Drama ensue from there. There are some fun twists here and there leading up to the final resolution.Admittedly, I was a bit hesitant about picking up the book at first because it has two authors who alternate chapte [...]

    Alex Murphy
    Given the size of the book, figured I'd probably spend some time over two days (or maybe three if I read slowly) going through this.I spent a couple of hours ripping through it and finished it the day I started. A little slow to initially start up, it really started to pick up some steam as we came to know (and love) Marcus and Frannie, the two protagonists (and best friends). With only one area where it slowed down, the book was what I'd call a rip-roaring good time, despite my hesitancy to eve [...]

    The thing about this book is that the summary can be really misleading.I mean, the summary isn't very.rate, that might not be the best word to use. It's true that the book makes you laugh, and it is fast paced, so I would definitly recommend this book to anyone who wants to laugh and, be a little surprised.So here's MY summary of M orF?:Frannie is a somewhat shy, fashionista, who follows her own trends.She falls for Jeffrey, a gorgeous, sensitive, and politically aware Sophmore, but she's way to [...]

    Cara Marie
    This was a pretty entertaining romantic comedy sort of book - Hera had told me to read it, but I only just got round to it. Light-hearted YA gay lit. I enjoyed the friendship between brain twins Frannie and Marcus and how they both fell for the same guy - and nice that neither of them actually ended up with him. They were pretty snarky characters. I liked best things like - Frannie line-dancing! Marcus's job at the ice cream parlour! But mostly line-dancing! It was plenty amusing, and if maybe e [...]

    ↬ Sarah ↫
    Ok the best thing about this book is like oh yea i can predict the unexpected twist but thEN ITS THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT YOU THOUGHT AND YOUR MIND LIKE EXPLODES! But overall this book was incredible and I loved it. The plot was unique, the characters were real, the imagery was vivid. The romance was beautiful, the story was phenomenal, i could not have been more pleased with this book. It's a must read, definitely go check it out <3

    Caitlín (Ink Mage)
    This book was really funny! I was literally laughing or giggling aloud in every chapter. It took me about a day to read, mostly because I wanted to see what over-the-top event would happen next. I did think the who-was-gay-and-who-was-not thing was a little unbelievable, but it made for a fun story so who cares. It was kind of like Cyrano de Bergerac crossed with a Shakespearean mix-up!

    It was a cute, fun read. I enjoyed getting to see both Frannie and Marcus' view points. They were both great characters with a wonderful friendship. The book wasn't super special but it was great and all of the characters were great!3.5/5

    I LOVED this book. there were so many unexpected twists and i found myself blushing at the funny embarrassing parts. I also loved the ending. I would read this over and over again, and someday i'll get it myself from the bookstore.

    Wow, I happened upon this book at a local booksale and was pretty skeptical at first. "Ah," I thought, reading the summary. "some story about a girl and her ~sassy, gay friend~ fuuun" But I kept picking it back up, flipping through it, rereading the summary. Something about it just caught my attention. Then I noticed there were two authors, and one of them was male. I think that was the tipping point that landed it in my "to buy" pile.I couldn't get the book off my mind, and the moment I left th [...]

    In the book M or F, there are two best friends who are in high school, who both end up crushing on the same guy. One is Frannie, a girl who’s parents have quite a bit of money, and Marcus, a boy who’s family is little haphazard. Frannie crushes on a guy is her high school. The boy who wants to save the planet and is vegetarian. Of course, Marcus ends up crushing on him. This all started because Frannie couldn’t talk to her crush on her own, so she got Marcus to do it for her. I loved the w [...]

    Mel Geronazzo
    A bit of a strange book, I must say, but it was surprisingly realistic and I felt slight twinges of nostalgia for old high school shenanigans.I would have rated it higher except I don't feel like to ME it's a 4 star book, as there were some nit-picks I had with it and I probably won't re-read it anytime in the foreseeable future.I am quite happy I finally picked this up after it being on my shelf for over a year, the ending felt a bit forced and it employed quite a few minor irritating high scho [...]

    I received an ARC of this book in exchange for my unbiased opinion.Frannie and Marcus have been best friends since they met on the first day of high school. When Frannie confesses to Marcus that she has a huge crush on Jeffrey, one of the boys at their school, Marcus encourages Frannie to go for it. Frannie is unsure what to say, so Marcus helps her chat with Jeffrey online. Eventually, Marcus starts chatting to Jeffrey as Frannie without her knowing, and he begins to wonder if Jeffrey is actual [...]

    Katie Meyer-Reed
    89%Spoilers AheadSurprisingly funny and original. Made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions. Gotta admit, it was really nice to read about a friendship between a straight girl and a gay boy that didn't fit the GBF mold. He wasn't her sidekick/stylist/pet. They were friends, and their friendship was mutually supportive and healthy (for the most part). I liked that Jock Glenn ended up being gay and Intellectual/Social Justice Dude Jeffrey was straight. The romance aspects were sweet and it was [...]

    M or F? Is mainly about a girl named Frannie who likes this guy named Marcus. Marcus Is a gay and Frannie went to talk to him one day and she was well surprised. M or F? is really fun and enjoyable read very recommended to teens in high school.

    Haleigh Lee
    this book was so amazing i loved every bit of it.

    I wanted to read this book for a very long time and I was not disappointed.

    I didn’t hate it, I just wish I read it when I was much younger. I would have enjoyed it much more.

    Actual rating: 2.5

    Raine Radke
    LOOL that ending.

    When I was looking for books read for this month, I originally thought that M or F? was about gender identity. So when I read the book's summary I was pleasantly surprised to find that that wasn't the case at all (not that I have anything against books that deal with transgender issues; I still have yet to read any) and decided to give it a go, since it sounded pretty interesting. Boy, am I glad that I gave this a go because I really, really, really enjoyed this book. Like, a lot.M or F? is the [...]

    M or F? is an amazingly funny book which involves mixups, laugh-out-loud humor, and the main question, who likes who? Marcus and Frannie are best friends, but could they have a fallout over one guy?I really loved the aspect of this book. I was hooked once I read the blurb at the back, and I was waiting for the answer to the whole dilemma. Through several mixups and a HUGE mistake with an interesting twist, this book was hilariously well-written. The characters were so realistic, with the ups and [...]

    It's hard for me to really pin down how I feel about this book. I definitely enjoyed it as a fun, light read, but I might like the idea more than the execution. There are lessons to learn from the mistakes the characters make and the things they get right, all while being entertaining along the way.The author spends a lot of time building up how much Frannie likes her crush and mentioning but not showing much of how Marcus is also developing feelings for him. There are brief online chats between [...]

    In M or F? by Lisa Papademetrio and Chris Tebbetts, Frannie lets her best friend Marcus in on her deepest secret She has a crush on Jeffrey Osborne. When Frannie refuses to approach him in school, Marcus suggests that she use the school's online chat room to talk to him. Frannie agrees, but is too scared to do any of the talking herself, so she asks Marcus to help her. Frannie and Jeffrey quickly become friends, and even talk outside of the school's online chat room. Everything is going well unt [...]

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