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  • Title: Please, Daddy, No
  • Author: Stuart Howarth
  • ISBN: 9780007236398
  • Page: 393
  • Format: Paperback

  • Stuart just wanted his father to love him, but he was made to believe he was too naughty to be loved Finally David Howarth was sent to prison for abusing Stuart s young sisters Nobody knew the truth about Stuart s abuse until one fateful day when his father tried it again and Stuart fought back in the only way he knew how Stuart Howarth spent the first 30 years of his lStuart just wanted his father to love him, but he was made to believe he was too naughty to be loved Finally David Howarth was sent to prison for abusing Stuart s young sisters Nobody knew the truth about Stuart s abuse until one fateful day when his father tried it again and Stuart fought back in the only way he knew how Stuart Howarth spent the first 30 years of his life in mental and physical hell After years of emotional torment and despair, at the age of 32 Stuart felt an overwhelming urge to see his father who he now knows was actually his stepfather , then living in Wales Seeking reconciliation, Stuart was only to be met by the same old abusive man The rage, pain and confusion boiled over in Stuart and he fought back, killing his stepfather When Stuart s story came to light in the courtroom, it was so terrible that he received the minimum possible sentence for his crime and only served 13 months in Strangeways prison in Manchester But while in prison, the cruel system compounded the crimes of his evil abuser, and he suffered at the hands of the prison guards What happened to him during those months led to him suing the Home Office and Strangeways on his release and winning his case This is the story of a sweet natured boy who grew into a brave young man and refused to allow himself to be a victim any longer.
    Stuart Howarth
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    Once I picked this book up I couldn't put it down. This is a true story. When I read this book I just wanted to give Stuart a cuddle and tell him he was a good boy, and I just wanted to hurt his father for the abuse that he was giving to those children. He didn't deserve to be a father in anyway, shape or form. This book is about the child abuse that Stuart and his sisters went through at the hand of their stepdad and the life that Stuart lead in prison after killing his stepdad. All he wanted w [...]

    Pleas Daddy NoThis was a wonderful book but very disturbing. It breaks my heart that young children have to be victims of anybodies abuse let alone somebody they look to as a father figure. How terribly sad for all of these children. I am so happy this young man who suffered greatly was able to straighten out his life and learn some happiness. God bless the people who stood by his side and help him think better of himself. Such a sad story

    Stuart is a very brave man to write about his experiences at the hand of a child abuser and at the hands of the British prison system. Very admirable that despite his start in life and all the problems he has faced with depression and PTSD that he has still managed to maintain a job and eventually a healthy relationship with someone who loves him.

    Rebecca McNutt
    This shocking book tells a story that could have been prevented, and Stuart's writing is filled with brutal honesty and a surprising amount of deep understanding.

    My dad knew Stuart Howarth when he was a teenager and so that fact made this more even more shocking and real for me.

    One of the more superior true life memoirs documenting a truly horrific childhood. I cannot rate this book highly enough. I felt the authors pain and torment at the hands of his abusive stepfather, and unlike many other childhood memoirs, this struggle did not end when the abuse ceased. Howarth describes his transition into adulthood, and the associated struggles in maintaining safe, secure relationships with others around him. This book is evidence of how years of abuse as a child can create de [...]

    Eva Leger
    I think Stuart Howarth did a pretty good job here. I have to assume he's not a writer by trade and the fact that I stayed interested in his writing won me over. It's hard for me sometimes to read when someone has a different manner of speaking. Howarth's phrases like 'naughty boy' and 'are you me father?' threw me off and I don't like them. I would say them differently, as would everyone I know, and while I'm normally very tolerant and actually intrigued by different things like this, it bothers [...]

    Such an amazing book. Flawless, easy-flowing writing made it a quick book to read. It was heartbreaking from the first page to the last. His childhood years horrified me, and his time in prison angered me. I recommend this book to anyone who is capable of keeping their emotions in check, for this book will really take you on a roller-coaster ride.

    A moving story of how a child's abuse can turn nasty when they grow up.

    Harrowing reading and pretty disturbing. An easy read though, done in a few hours.

    Donna Chadwick
    Author: Stuart HowarthTitle: Please, Daddy, No: A Boy BetrayedGenre: Biography, Child Abuse, Tragic Life Stories, Sexual Abuse, Families and Parents, Health & Family and Lifestyle, Social and Health Issues, Nonfiction, True Crime, Autobiography, Memoir,I was given this book.To my sister, Shirley Anne Howarth, 1st February 1965 - 8th February 1991 aged 26 years, I miss you, 'Shirl the whirl', and today I know that you escaped away to peace and freedom. I watch you dance in the summer meadows, [...]

    Петър Стойков
    Наскоро научих, че има такъв литературен стил - булевардни романчета, които разказват просълзяващи истории за деца, израснали в ужасяващи условия, чиито родители ги бият, изнасилват, държат гладни и т.н.Врътката е, че нито една от тия истории не е по истински случай - и читате [...]

    Chloe Elizabeth
    This is a heartbreaking story of the Author. This wasn't a book I would normally pick up, but when I say it. literally called to me. I couldn't put it down, I my self was abused as a child, but not to the extant that poor Stuart and his sisters had face. Reading this book brought all kind of emotions back that I thought I bburied long again, but it proves that you will always be affected and the trauma "never goes away". This book is a huge eye opener of who bad child abuse can be and the affect [...]

    Jennifer Reynolds
    Another unbelievably disgusting truthful account of something that should never ever happen to anyone. Abuse survivors are so brave in letting their story be known and making others feel they are not alone in the world. It's so sad that so many authorities could have seen this little boy and his heartbreak and stepped in but never did. It may be something he apologized for but I feel he had every right to have murdered the stepfather and walked away without any charge Stuart I am so glad you hav [...]

    I'm not even sure what the correct way to go about reviewing a book like this is. I'm always hopeful and fascinated about justice being served and the way the author (they are the main character of their story) reflects on their character at a certain point in time. I personally generally find the psychological aspect to be the most interesting part of the story and how they feel about something tends to determine the speed at which the story is driven forward.These books always tend to have an [...]

    This book hurts in the best way.When I began to read it, I thought I won't be able to finish it. I think anyone who have ever suffered from abuse, will easily relate. However, as a one who never suffered, who always was ignorant, who always thought that a good chat will solve the problem, this book has changed me in the hard way.Please, if you thought this book is too much for you, just carry on.

    Patricia Kowalczyk
    Difficult subject to readAlthough all childhood abuse is hard to read as a subject but sexually abuse is even more disturbing. And the abuse he received in prison, totally unacceptable. People continue to need understanding and protection so children know what is right and wrong.

    Janet May
    Unbelievable Story of the Human Spirit to Survive!This Man's story is unimaginably horrific , but shows just how strong the Human spirit truly is when given the opportunity of Love, kindness, patience, understanding and peace! God Bless him and everyone who is there to help people who have survived similar situations.

    Wow. You have to really be ready to read Stuart's story; it's not for the faint of heart. His story is powerful. It's important that people like him continue to share their story to continue to raise awareness of child abuse.

    Wesley Pelegrini
    Very interesting the first part, but gross. The rest was just boring.

    Great book but so depressing.

    ruth sanders
    Crimes against childrenThis was a very interesting andsad book revealing the worst section of society and the sorry way most are treated

    Horrifying story of the torture of a child My heart breaks got he author and his family No child should have to live that way

    Patricia Oliver
    Can't rememberCan't remember the details of this book, I read it early 2016. Unable to provide a personal opinion or assessment

    Lise Dubuc
    really good book

    This was a very hard book to read. Constantly making me angry, although I heard similar stories from the media before. It was exhausting, beyond sad especially because it's hard to escape the feeling that such things are still going on in different parts of the World. I even doubted the authenticity of the story during reading because it seems so similar to other abuse victim stories. But violence against children has no finesse it will always be similar in its monstrous results. I am just prou [...]

    Horrific true story about a young boy who just wants to be loved by his father who inflicts brutal violence and sexual abuse on him from an early age.As Stuart gets older he realises that his father has also abused his sisters including one who was wheelchair bound.Stuart struggles to cope as he becomes an adult and one night confronts his past with tragic consequences for the family. This man was not only let down by his evil parent and the social services system,he was let down by the justice [...]

    ♥ C.A.Anna ♥
    This was heart warming, and I cried most of the way while reading this book. It was soooooo sad to see how he looked up to his step dad so much and how he wished that other men could have been his father. I really hated having to read about his life in prision. That really hurt. To see what they were doing to him even though they knew! Once i read that they got a judge closer to home on these things to take care of the case i was happy that his story got to many people, and very deeply. I was to [...]

    Amanda Farmer
    Interesting story. Author does a good job of sharing how mixed up abused children are as adults. He's really messed up and can't get it together. The system fails too as he never seems to get that counseling he is promised and desperately needing until he lands in prison. I don't understand the prison system and how society expects to rehabilitate anyone when the guards and those in charge treat the prisoners like scum and think it is fun to humiliate them.There are numerous grammatical errors i [...]

    Intense!Heart wrenching story. I'm glad I found it, as a survivor of child sex abuse myself, I was able to identify incredibly well with Stuart. I didn't suffer to the same extremes though, and for that, I'm very thankful. It was incredibly eye opening, the depth and detail he went into, sparing no humility. Thank you for telling your story from start to finish. You left no stone unturned.

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