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  • Title: 不器用なサイレント [Bukiyou na Silent]
  • Author: Hinako Takanaga
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 288
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • Amazing ePub, 不器用なサイレント [Bukiyou na Silent] By Hinako Takanaga This is very good and becomes the main topic to read, the readers are very takjup and always take inspiration from the contents of the book 不器用なサイレント [Bukiyou na Silent], essay by Hinako Takanaga. Is now on our website and you can download it by register what are you waiting for? Please read and make a refission for you
    Hinako Takanaga
    Takanaga Hinako is a popular yaoi manga ka She has also provided illustrations for several yaoi light novels by other authors, including The Guilty by Katsura Izumi Her first manga story, Goukaku kigan, Prayers for a passing grade , was published by Hanamaru Comics in 1997 it was later reworked as the first chapter of Challengers Most of her works have been translated into English and German chiefly by Tokyopop imprints She was a guest at YaoiCon 2007, invited by Jun , the US publishers of her popular series Little Butterfly.When not making Boys Love manga, she spends her time collecting Wallace Gromit merchandise and playing Final Fantasy Takanaga sensei doesn t like beer and people who are ignorant She comments that her biggest influence on her art and writing style was KOUGA Yun, a famous shoujo artist whose works she read as a teenager.


    An expressionless guy has to struggle to keep the boy he likes by his side.When I mention the word 'expressionless' it's because it's important, not only a source of anguish and funny episodes, but also a distinct characteristic of this story that makes this different from the rest, and consequently, not easy to forget.The second book is boring, it starts good, and I love Satoru's parents (I love the fact the mother is an expressionless person, too, it seems hereditary LOL) but after the first c [...]

    Volume 6's finally released and I want to re-read the whole series because it's been two years since the last volume.I forgot how quickly they actually fell into bed with each other, but *gasp* it's totally consensual. Yuji was a total cliché, though the old friend who gets jealous and wants to break them up. But it was nice to see that Satoru and Keigo's relationship and their trust in each other was already solid enough to survive his plans. Keigo's outburst of anger should've been displayed [...]

    I read the English translation of this. So cute!

    Sabrina (Soter) Sally
    "Che bisogno hai di cambiare? Per me va benissimo essere l'unico a capire ciò che provi! Così è come se fossi tutto mio, no?"Davvero adorabile, dolce e romantico ;) Essendo poi il primo di una serie sono curiosa di vedere che altro succederà, dato che in un solo volume abbiamo una ragazza intraprendente che scatena la gelosia dei due innamorati, un amico di infanzia che torna e da del filo da torcere alla neo coppia oltre a tutte le varie incomprensioni inevitabile se si è fidanzati con un [...]

    I frikkin' love this manga series. I read all four of the rather quickly, I just couldn't put it down. The characters are really enjoyable and the romance is so ADORABLE! This is by far one of my favorite mangas ever! I am planning on rereading it soon. I would go more into depth about my love for this series, but then all their would be is a bunch of me rambling on about the couples and ever single thing they do in this series. It is just amazing! XD

    Jennifer Lavoie
    This series is really cute. I love Hinako Takanaga's art, but this story is different from others by her because of the characters. Satoru is adorable in his inability to show emotion on his face, but his inward expressions are adorable! And I love how outgoing Tamiya is and his ability to read Satoru's emotions even without having to really see it. The back story of them interacting is really cute, too!

    Jazmin Rodriguez
    This book is absolutely adorable, and I just love the characters in this book with a passion. What i really enjoy about this book is that our uke isn't like most gaga eyed ukes, he has depth and causes a lot of movement in the plot. I also love the seme he's very childish and much like the uke has depth and sets this series apart from many yaoi I absolutely recommend this book it is just adorable and practically cavity inducing~

    Dell Rei
    I want to have a cute relationship like this *cries*

    Anne Freya
    1st read : Dec 20132nd read : Mar 20163rd read : Apr 2017

    Veronica Purcell
    Solid characters, sweet love and well rounded story of the light novel kind. What more can I say other than it's a really good boys' love.

    Questo manga è ADORABILE! Una lettura dolce e romantica perfetta per gli amanti del genere yaoi, "Mi vergogno da morire" (titolo pessimo e un po' no sense rispetto all'originale XD) mi ha fatto fangirleggiare e ridacchiare come una pazza lasciandomi addosso un senso di pace, gioia e miele molto miele tantissimo miele! La storia è molto semplice, forse un po' banalotta e già vista, ritroviamo i due ragazzi protagonisti che si scoprono innamorati e iniziano la loro vita insieme aggiungendo come [...]

    Probably a 2.5 because there were elements I wasn't a big fan of, but there were also some things I did like. I'll probably try volume two and see what I think.

    3.5 stars for me


    Sweet high school male/male manga.

    Judy (Geeky Reading)
    ~3.5-4/5[Also available on my blog.]I was really surprised by this book, particularly by how much I liked it.Now, I don’t read very much yaoi. It’s not that I don’t like it, I just don’t really care one way or another, and I don’t usually go looking for it. I mean, the smut is usually pretty good, but sometimes the art isn’t all that good (it always seems so broad shouldered and squared and overly manly, and I just don’t care for that), and, again, I just don’t go looking for it. [...]

    3,5 redondeadas al alza porque me he divertido mucho con Satoru y Tamiya.Reconozco que es un manga que no tiene un plot "de morir", pero los MC son cuquis y graciosos y por supuesto el dibujo de Hinako Takanaga me encanta (Senpai te echo de menos *snif snif*)

    So, you know those young love stories? Two people admit their feelings for one another and begin a new relationship, but poor communication and insecurity lead to misunderstandings between them? Yeah, this is basically that, in spades. A shy art student is nursing a longtime crush on a baseball star when out of the blue, the baseball star comes up to him and asks him out. What to do! Especially when his under-emotional expressions sometimes give lie to the surprising volume of feelings he's expr [...]

    So I've read a manga series by Hinako Takanaga before when I was in middle school and reading any manga in sight (yes, I had a brief weeaboo phase in the seventh grade but that is behind me now). It was Little Butterfly and it's still one of my favorites. And Bukiyou na Silent is no disappointment. The artwork is beautiful as always. Each character is cute in their own way. Toono is a very enjoyable character to read about and while I did find him repeatedly saying that he had an expressionless [...]

    Stoic, expressionless protagonists can be intriguing…if they’re surrounded by other people who are more emotionally accessible than they. Such is the case with the frozen-faced Tono, who can’t seem to express his inner feelings. In comes the buoyant and exuberant Tamiya, who not only doesn’t mind his stoicism but seems to find it charming.The author/illustrator alleviates Tono’s blankness by showing his feelings expressed as little chibi heads that express his inner turmoil while he st [...]

    (3.5) this was a SubLime PDF. it was certainly better quality than the earlier ones i bought but still not fantastic, and it does affect the reading experience. i haven't bought any brand-new SubLime titles so they may have improved. (PDFs don't have to be awful, i read Sight & Sound in PDF and it's gorgeous.) but i'm seduced by the cost (half of the printed volume) and the instant access. the story itself was cute and quite light - i find Takanaga-sensei's more angsty manga hit and miss but [...]

    Ericka annamarie
    satoru is a shy and quiet boy who hardly ever talks. He is in love with keigo, the ace pitcher of the schools baseball team. much to his surprise keigo has a thing for him too and the two end up dating and falling in love as they learn to understand eachother. This story is a heart warming tale of an unlikely couple but is also relateable. it's a great read for any one who wants to read a cute and happy read. it's also a great read for any one is as ever stood in a room full of people and not be [...]

    Lady Entropy
    I was trolled by my own cousin and given this Yaoi for christmas.I still quite enjoyed it even if Yaoi is something I tend not to overly be fond of (I'm limited to a few guilty pleasures, like Yami no Matsuei and View Finder). It was still cute, although it suffers from Prettyboy Syndrome: this story would work just as well with a boy and a girl (okay, it would be saccharined as hell, true), so really, I wasn't too sold on the "man on man" action, because the "innocent" boy felt too much like a [...]

    Incredibly sweet story about two boys, Satoru and Keigo, who start a relationship and must overcome various obstacles like insecurity, miscommunication and the fact that Satoru is often expressionless and struggles with revealing his feelings. Keigo manages to read Satoru pretty easily, surprising the quiet and shy young man, and strengthening their bond.I really enjoyed this yaoi and would definitely recommend it. It warmed my heart.

    This was a cute story (though it has no ending yet). Satoru and Keigo are adorable, especially Satoru. His difficulty in expressing himself was interesting and entertaining. His mother is hilarious as well. I wasn't as crazy about Kagami and Yu's storyline, but overall this series was cute and fun to read.

    So cute! Shy, awkward and, yes, generally silent Tono. Confident, thoughtful Tamiya. Lots of angst over miscommunication and misguessing what the other wants, and it's somehow not annoying.Also, I can't remember in which book Tono's mom first appears, but she is adorable. If/When they ever come out to her, I'm pretty sure she'd squee in delight while keeping a Tono-like blank face.

    Das Pärchen ist einfach süß. Und die Missverstädnisse waren vertretbar, dadurch das Tono einfach echt nicht kommunizieren kann.

    Awkward Silence, Vol. 1Hinako TakanagaSublime Manga2012In this Manga, a shy boy is surprised when he is asked out by the boy he has been crushing on. Their relationship gets hot and heavy fast, but they need to work on their communication skills. Pretty cute, even though it is filled with common Japanese stereotypes.3 stars.

    Volume 1-4 It was ok. I bought it because it was by hinako takanaga. I like the cuteness of the uke and his mom is so hilarious. I thought that trying to relay no expression on Tono's face but using little chibi's was really good. They other characters weren't bad, but it has not been by most favorite of stories.

    I like that he plays baseball. And I like the art style. And I like that even though it's a usual yaoi and they're intimate together it's not "having sex" it's "making love" and I think that different is really cute and really what I needed. And I love this mangaka. And I just pretty much love everything okay don't judge me.

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