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  • Title: Train Man
  • Author: Andrea Zimmerman Andrea Zimmerman
  • ISBN: 9780805079913
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover

  • There are bridges to cross, tunnels to travel through, and mountains to climb so kids can hop on board before the whistle blows.Told in simple words from a little boy s point of view, this spot on picture book celebrates a child s world of adventure and love of transportation vehicles.
    Andrea Zimmerman Andrea Zimmerman
    Andrea Zimmerman and David Clemesha are married and have created several children s books together, including Digger Man, Fire Engine Man and Trashy Town, an ALA Notable Book Zimmerman was born in Ohio and grew up in New York, Utah and California When she was young, she loved exploring nature, reading comic books, and riding her horse She studied fine arts for children in college, then later went back to school at UCLA and became a dentist Clemesha grew up in England and moved to the United States when he was 16 He always loved playing tennis, drawing and reading He studied English in college and became an elementary school teacher Zimmerman and Clemesha live in San Diego, California, with their three sonscmillan author andrea


    Cute and simple. But my 2-year-old saw the ads for Fire Engine Man and Digger Man on the back and was much more interested in the "firetruck" and "bulldozer."

    This board book has bright pictures and simple words to delight the younger child. This book is all about the responsibilities and "fun" that train engineers have, from driving the train to using the whistle. This board book is great for preschoolers-kindergartners. I would recommend this for any child who loves trains of all kinds.

    Super simple text and clear, bright, and engaging illustrations. This is a great read aloud for story time - especially if you have the preschoolers act it out!

    Miss Sarah
    an older brother tells a younger brother all about what he wants to do on trains when eh gets older and all the places he'll visit. Cute toddler and up.

    Cute pictures, but I can’t get over the sexism in this series.

    Very sweet.

    Cute book, though I do wish it didn't say "Train Man" a little too much gender segregation IMO. I don't consider trains "boy toys." "Conductor" would have been just fine. Plus I'd rather it started off with "I like trains" rather than "I love trains." I also wish it said "When I get big I'd like to be a conductor" instead of "When I get big I'm going to be a train man." Semantics? Those little changes would have made me like the book a whole lot more. Anyway, the illustrations are beautiful for [...]

    Maria Burel
    I liked this story, about a little boy whose dream is to become a “train man”. The primary color illustrations are a nice complement, and the sentiment at the end about sharing his love of trains with his baby brother is sweet. However, the teacher in me wishes that just once the authors would have used the word “conductor” instead of “train man.” It’s a simple way to introduce vocabulary and wouldn’t have changed the context of the story. Just my personal 2 cents. There are also [...]

    I chose this book for our PreK-2nd graders knowing they often study modes of transportation, but my true reason is that my husband is a train man too. Though he doesn't like all trains like Andrea Zimmerman's train man, he has his favorites, SD70MAC to be exact.Fun little book in which a young boy imagines he is an engineer, conductor, and every other job on a train, any type of train! He even brings his little brother who is too small to say "CHOO-CHOO". I know our little kids will enjoy this b [...]

    5 stars for being the perfect book at the perfect time. My son has been talking non-stop about growing up to become a train conductor and yelling "all aboard!", driving his family through tunnels and over bridges so how perfect is it that we found this book at the library today? An extra star for being one of the few books I've seen that portrays a positive relationship with a younger sibling.

    Paul Davidson
    Great for kids who love everything train. I liked the simple colorful illustrations and the story is short. Good interactions points saying "All Aboard" and "Choo Choo". For those worried about vocabulary development - just use the word "engineer"/"conductor" instead of train man. The lack of a developing story relegates it to nice to read only a few times category.

    We used this story as the finale to our library story time about trains. It was nice to have two readers, one to read all the left-hand pages and one to read all the right-hand pages. We had two copies of the book, one for each performer. This makes it easier for the children in our large group to see the pages. Two voices helps keep the story moving and adds to the fun.

    Great Books
    In a colorful picture book about one of every child's favorite topics, a little boy imagines what it would be like to be a real Train Man. His journeys take him from the station, across bridges, through tunnels, up mountains and back home again to his own room where he shares his love of trains with his baby brother.Reviewed by Reviewer 19.

    I like how this little boy imagines himself doing ALL THE JOBS: engineer, conductor, ticket agent, mechanic, yardmaster, squirrel feeder

    The text was a bit blah (and gender-biased), but the illustrations were bright and colorful, and rather fun.

    Nice pictures. Story is boring and the same as the others. Just exchange the words "Digger Man" for "Train Man."

    Edward Sullivan
    Every little boy's dream.

    Class 305
    This is my son's new favorite book. he loves trains.

    Katie Casey
    Fun and colorful illustrations. Cute story line about a little boy who wants to be a train man and teach his baby brother to be one too!One of Micah's new favorites!

    A strong choice for transportation obsessed kids. Non-fiction content with simple narrative. See also review for Fire Engine Man and Digger Man by the same author.

    A generic train story that 2 and 3 years olds will still read since it's all about trains.

    Sharon Lawler
    Imagine your wooden train set became the real deal, and you were the engineer! Nice choice for preschool story time, with acrylic illustrations that pop.

    Nothing too exciting. My son enjoyed it because it involved trains, but the illustration was average and the story didn't hold my interest.

    Burbank Library Children's Department
    A new storytime favorite! A little boy explains how he will be a train man when he grows up in this adorable picture book!

    Katie Fitzgerald
    Read at drop-in story time on 1/25/13: storytimesecrets/

    positive sibling relationship example.


    Perfect for those little boys who love trains!

    2.5* art2.5* story

    cute, short book for very young train fanciers

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