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  • Title: Zombie, Ohio
  • Author: Scott Kenemore
  • ISBN: 9781616082062
  • Page: 346
  • Format: Paperback

  • When rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak, he is reborn as a highly intelligent yet somewhat amnesiac member of the living dead With society crumbling around him and violence escalating into daily life, Peter quickly learns that being a zombie isn t all fun and brains Humans unsympathetic, generally, to his nWhen rural Ohio college professor Peter Mellor dies in an automobile accident during a zombie outbreak, he is reborn as a highly intelligent yet somewhat amnesiac member of the living dead With society crumbling around him and violence escalating into daily life, Peter quickly learns that being a zombie isn t all fun and brains Humans unsympathetic, generally, to his new proclivities try to kill him at nearly every opportunity His old friends are loath to associate with him And he finds himself inconveniently addicted to the gooey stuff inside of people s heads As if all this weren t bad enough, Peter soon learns that his automobile accident was no accident at all Faced with the harrowing mystery of his death, Peter resolves to use his strange zombie afterlife to solve his own murder Skillfully combining the genres of horror, humor, and film noir, Zombie, Ohio weaves an enthralling and innovative tale that any fan of the current zombie craze is sure to relish Followers of detective and horror fiction alike will find something to love about Zombie, Ohio a tale of murder, mystery, and the walking dead.
    Scott Kenemore
    Scott Kene lives in Chicago He attended Kenyon College and Columbia University He is the drummer for the pop punk band The Blissters.


    An interesting take on the traditional zombie. No, really. It is sort of the zombie equivalent of "The Universe Doesn't Give a Fuck About You," a treatise on getting off your butt and living your best type-A life. Because even zombies can achieve greatness, right?Professor Peter Mellor comes to consciousness after an apparent car crash. Strangely, he can barely remember anything, not even his name, but he slowly starts putting pieces together as he takes in his surroundings. Checking for a walle [...]

    Dayna Ingram
    I was going to read BREATHERS but then an all-black turkey sat atop this book, gobbling at me, and I thought, holy frak a wild turkey in a bookstore somebody shoot it! But I named it Bob instead, and we lived happily ever after.But seriously folks. I grant that the middle section of this novel can feel, at times, like you're watching Tom Hanks talk to a volleyball for an hour and a half, but Peter Mellor is so much more FUN than Tom Hanks. I loved the pacing and progression of this story; at fir [...]

    I don't read zombie genres. In fact, I can only remember two books related to zombies that I had read. This one came to me by accident, when I saw the advertisement and the reviews were quite positive. So I decided to give it a go.And BOY, was I mesmerized!!I enjoy reading this story, a tale coming from the zombie rather than the humans. Of course, the zombie, Professor of Philosophy Peter Mellor, isn't like any other zombies. He can still talk and think, although yes, he eats brains. I find his [...]

    Kimberley doruyter
    don't think i've ever read a duller zombie book then this:(

    I am very surprised at the rave reviews, I was really looking forward to this but it did not live up to the hype. First the pros: I really liked the story being told from the POV of the zombie, it was a fresh take. The setting in an Ohio college town was also unique, as so many of these stories take place in or near a major city. The car wreck and amnesia all worked. I enjoyed the first 50 pages and then it all went down hill. This really would have been great as a short story.The cons are too m [...]

    Our protagonist and narator, Peter Mellor, lifts this book above the average level of zombie gore-fest. Our story begins with him awakening by the side of a highway after an accident, unlcear as to how it happened due to partial amnesia. This sets us up for a voyage of discovery as Peter recovers his identity, realizes that his accient occurred at the height of a zombie apocalypse, and that he did not survive the crash. It's a few pages more before he discovers the tastiness of brains.What follo [...]

    Shells Walter
    Peter Mellor wakes up disorientated with a car crashed nearby. He is unsure what has happened to that car. Was he in a car accident? He also doesn't remember who he is. Getting up slowly, he grabs his hat and places it on his head, which is now half-gone.He runs across some people who recognize him and give Peter some semblance of his memory back. When he comes in contact with an old friend named Sam, he starts to realize something is not right. Zombies are all over the place and maybe he assume [...]

    What a weird, funny book. Danny Campbell is the narrator, and he was splendid at being a zombie. The novel itself is an easy, light read, from the zombie's point of view. There was not much of a mystery in it, like the blurbs say. The black turkey was my favorite character of all, for all his eccentricities. All in all, a good novel. 3 stars.

    Nicole (( lost in the book's world ))

    Russell Holbrook
    Here it is, the novel that popped my zombie fiction cherry. I don't know why it took me so long to read a zombie novel but I'm glad that this was my first. As our book club selection for April, this was a wonderful way to get spring started.This is an atypical zombie story with an unusual approach to the genre. While working within the zombie framework, the book tackles some deep subjects while never becoming heavy handed or preachy. I really enjoyed the tone and I found myself busting out in fi [...]

    Nope. There are too many other books worth reading to waste time on this crap.It started out kind of cute and fun, but it quickly stopped being cute or fun. Just lame.But it has "Zombie" in the title. Right my already low expectations weren't low enough for this one!

    Bad, dumb, at times preachy. The humor is all "Dad Humor" Stay away.

    There are numerous first person accounts of the inevitable zombie apocalypse everything from World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War to Day by Day Armageddon: there are remarkably fewer books, like Zombie, Ohio, were the narrator is a zombie. I was initially turned off by the idea of a zombie protagonist arguing if the he is cognizant enough to think than he isn’t really a zombie. The positive reviews on both and convinced me to give this short book a try. While the concept could have [...]

    With the first page we know there is something “different” about Peter Mellor. Peter is a zombie. He wakes up not knowing who he is or where he is. It seems that he has been in a fatal car accident, hence the zombification. His memory of anything before the wreck is spotty at best. Title of the rock song on the radio? No idea. The year? Clueless. The Simpsons? Yes, and he specifically remembers Chief Wiggum. This is what makes Peter special. He is a zombie, but he can remember some events, f [...]

    Maybe I am being unreasonable in my star rating and review of this book, but I am female and prone to illogical leaps of fancy. I really did enjoy this book and will read the rest of this series. yet I can not give more than 3 stars here's why-1 star for lack of noir that I was promised on the book jacket. I am a huge fan of noir and very picky on my zombie books. Being promised noir in a zombie book was one of the biggest reasons I picked up this series to read. Sadly a search from cover to cov [...]

    Taylor Horton
    The zombie apocalypse has started and now anyone who dies with their brain still intact becomes a zombie. The main character, Peter Mellor, wakes up as a zombie minutes after crashing his car into a tree. He doesn’t know he’s a zombie at first and thinks that he’s only suffering from memory loss since he can’t even recall his own name. He finds his wallet and learns his mane is Peter then grabs a knit hat out of his car for the cold even though, surprisingly, he can’t feel anything. He [...]

    I'm not usually into zombie media, or horror in general. Thankfully, this book wasn't scary. The plot line was interesting and I was curious to see a zombie apocalypse from the perspective of a zombie. But, I was sadly disappointed in this book. Despite the plot, the clunky and awkward dialogue made this a long, boring book to read. Kenemore used traditional zombie lore to create his world; this would have been fine if he didn't insist on reiterating all the "rules" about zombies: Your have to d [...]

    It took a while to gain any steam, honestly. Like every other review, the idea of a first person zombie narrative (that is, from the zombie) is so great, but I think part of my problem was that this particular voice annoyed me? It seemed overly try-hard to be edgy and funny and just sort of came off as a weirdly misdirected attempt at YA lit. The narrator, Peter, didn't seem to be to be at all reliable as a middle aged professor. Like, I get the amnesia thing, but I don't know that I'm sold on t [...]

    If you are a fan of zombies and humor read Zombie, Ohio!*****Spoilers Below***************************************************************Yes, still Spoilers below*********Yeah, yeah, I hear you now. She gave another zombie book a good rating. Shocker I know. But it was good! Really good! You like Peter. You don't like Peter. You like Peter. Inbetween is zombies, relationships and question of who killed him. Many laughs were had and several times I cornered family members and read them my favori [...]

    Honestly, I'm not sure what I think of this book. The premise is fantastic - I love the idea of a zombie book told in first-person POV by a zombie. I didn't really connect with any of the characters, including Peter, but I think that might have been the author's intention, given that a zombie wouldn't have the emotional connections that a live human would. There were humorous sections within the book and there were sections that dragged on. Even though it was a fairly short book, it took me seve [...]

    Everyone knows that real zombies move slow, don't think, and they certainly don't talk or have a sense of humor or a conscience. If you have an expectation that all zombies should be that way all of the time, you best not read this book. Zombie, Ohio, is told from the perspective of the Zombie, who is funny, smart ands. I laughed out-loud many times and cringed at others. Don't let my laughter throw you off, as there are plenty moments of gore along with the laughs and I found myself missing thi [...]

    Rebecca Enke
    I really like the story of this book, but the author's style of writing and the plot of this book left me disappointed. For starters, I don't like that this is written in first person. I like that it is from the point a view of a zombie because that is interesting and different, but the execution of this idea was not satisfying for me.Another thing that really irritated me about this book was there was so much blathering to get a point across. The author tries to give a deeper understanding by d [...]

    Amanda Osborne
    LOVED LOVED LOVED this book. I read the last in the trilogy first; Zombie, Indiana and enjoyed it so much I had to pick up the other two. This was a hilarious and sometimes horrifying read and what I think I enjoyed most is no matter if Peter, the main character (and zombie) was trying to recapture his lost humanity or just enjoying tearing someone's skull open, he never lost the wit and humor that characterized this entire novel. A very enjoyable read and not so gory that non-horror fans wouldn [...]

    As with most good zombie stories, the zombies in Zombie, Ohio are really just an exciting backdrop for familiar human conflicts. This novel encompasses love story, murder mystery and comic relief rolled into one.The premise of the book, that the protagonist is himself a zombie, is fairly unique and it is executed well throughout. The story moves at a steady pace. If you're looking for fast-paced action, this is not it (the zombies spend a LOT of time walking through the countryside), but neither [...]

    Douglas Castagna
    Another Zombie novel. Well, yes, but not your typical one. Peter Mellor, recently dead, killed via a car accident, gets up and feels fine, that is until he discovers he died in that accident and is now a member of the undead. He is self aware. He can talk, walk and well, eat brains. Like Warm Bodies, he knows what he is and wants more, unlike Warm Bodies, he runs the full gamut of emotions and is at times both horrible and one might say, heroic. A definite breath of fresh air in the genre.

    While it starts off pretty good with the zombie who doesn't know he's a zombie, the story severely bogs down in the third act when the zombie goes back to his old college. The mystery of his death could have been easily solved earlier and it takes entirely too long to resolve issues at the college.

    Really liked this one - my son even read it and loved it. It helps that I'm from Ohio and recognized so much in the setting. Liked the viewpoint of the zombie as the main character. Highly recommended!

    Not usually one for stories of this type, but it looked different. I was not disappointed. It is told from the perspective of a zombie, one who is more cerebral (hehe) than most.Entertaining, interesting, well-written.

    Kenya (ReviewsMayVary)
    If I'm remembering correctly, this was one of my favorite Zombie stories.

    Preston Pfeiffer
    If you like books about zombies you will love this book there is a plot twist in the middle and. It's full of surprises and it is a good book

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