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  • Title: Natural Magic
  • Author: Doreen Valiente
  • ISBN: 9780919345805
  • Page: 342
  • Format: Paperback

  • Did you know that the thickness of the layers in a locally grown onion will indicate the severity of the coming winter Magic is all around us, in stones, flowers, stars, the dawn wind, and the sunset cloud All we need is the ability to see it, understand it, and apply it Magic works because of nature s laws, not in spite of them, and Valiente shows how to practice the aDid you know that the thickness of the layers in a locally grown onion will indicate the severity of the coming winter Magic is all around us, in stones, flowers, stars, the dawn wind, and the sunset cloud All we need is the ability to see it, understand it, and apply it Magic works because of nature s laws, not in spite of them, and Valiente shows how to practice the age old white magic which has been familiar to the Wise Ones for centuries.
    Doreen Valiente
    Doreen Edith Dominy Valiente was an influential English Wiccan who was involved in a number of different early traditions, including Gardnerian Wicca, Cochrane s Craft and the Coven of Atho Responsible for writing much of the early Gardnerian religious liturgy, in later years she also helped to play a big part in bringing the Neopagan religion of Wicca to wider public attention through the publication of a string of books on the subject.Having been born in south London, she first became involved in the Craft after being initiated into the Gardnerian tradition in 1953 in a ceremony performed by Gerald Gardner Subsequently becoming the High Priestess of his Bricket Wood coven, she helped him to produce many important scriptural texts for Wicca, such as The Witches Rune and the Charge of the Goddess , which were incorporated into the early Gardnerian Book of Shadows Splitting off to form her own coven in 1957, she went on to work with Robert Cochrane in his coven, the Clan of Tubal Cain, till the mid 1960s when she began working as a solitary practitioner Throughout the 1970s and 1980s she penned a number of books on the subject of Wicca which she always called witchcraft including An ABC of Witchcraft 1973 and Witchcraft for Tomorrow 1978 , as well as being an early proponent of self initiation into the Craft.Having had a significant influence in the history of Wicca, she has been referred to as the mother of modern Witchcraft and is today is widely revered in the Wiccan and wider Neopagan community.


    Steve Cran
    People make magic out to be something that is really is not. Magic is unnatural, magic is bad , magic is and magic is that. All these supposition are wrong. Magic is natural and it occurs on a regular basis. Magic can be used for both good or bad of course with attendant consequences. Magic is something most of us do every day quite unconsciously. It is focusing the mind on a desired out come or goal and directing our mental energy towards that goal. Magic is also non denominational and does not [...]

    Gabriel Vidrine
    Another good book by Doreen Valiente. Lots of lovely little nuggets of folklore, natural magic (hence the title), and poems. I've always liked her writing style, and she explains things in a very simple manner. This book was not heavy into actual spells (thank goodness) like other magic books. Instead, she introduced areas and put them into a different perspective on how to use them in magic. There were no long, silly lists of correspondences, just little bits of lore and "Here's something to th [...]

    Alexia Moon
    This book is just fantastic. Not only is she my favourite author but she was also an amazing Witch. This book is essential to all those who wish to practice Natural Magick. Of course it has a bit of Wiccan influence but with a careful reading it can be adapted to several types of practices. Definitely recommend it!

    When I read the title I expected a book filled with correspondences, rules and rituals on how to celebrate the sabbaths. I am glad I read it anyway, because I found a collection of folklore, complete with poems. This was a very entertaining read. Valiente's choice of words is short and simple, which I really liked.

    Abraxas Abrasaxtes
    A classic and an essential to any Wiccan Library. I don't want to rub it in but I actually found a first edition hard copy at a used book store in San Francisco a few years ago for FIVE DOLLARS!! Gods did I jump for joy on that one! This book is semi-dated as it was written back in the mid-seventies but it has some great info in it. Valiente (if you don't already know) was the original author of the legendary poem "The Charge of the Goddess" copied and pasted and reprinted in almost all Wiccan r [...]

    A well-written and intriguing look at the subject of magic in life.Upon reading the first chapter of the book I was completely captivated, and really appreciated the authors style. I like the emphasis that magic is a product of the mind and will of man. It is not some occult secret-power, but something that everyone has and make use of. Brilliant!

    Lisa James
    Doreen wrote of the magic in the world all around us. It's not limited to crystals or in herbs, but in the air, the water, fire, numbers, colors, etc. She was a pioneer in bringing magic to a new generation of witches worldwide.

    One of my favorite books ever. I could not believe how muc I learned just from this one book. Would highly recommend to anyone the least bit interested in knowing more about overall well being.

    Max Hale
    A very special person Doreen. This book explains the magick in everything around us. It is a great read.

    I've already been a witch since I was small thanks to the place I'm from and having a mother who is a child of the hippie generation, so a lot - but not all - of the knowledge in this book was not really new to me. However, it serves as a wonderful primer for beginners and those looking to get a general understanding of the magical correspondences of numbers, colours and herbs etc, as well as country wisdom and the origin of well-known sayings and so forth which are commonly made use of in witch [...]

    I liked this book. It is a very useful primer and gives you the gist of what needs to be understood about modern magic/wicca/paganism. The writing style is simple to understand, the concepts fully explained.

    Gabriel Clarke
    Amiable compendium of folk beliefs. I'm beginning to sense that a full appreciation of Doreen Valiente requires a bit more of a personal connection.

    Not my favourite book in the subject but it's a cute book that goes over the basics of natural witchcraft pretty well.

    This book is really cute and basic. It goes over candles, herbs, colors and other basics. It's a good place to start if you are starting to practice and haven't chosen a specific path.

    Jio Butler
    Concise, practical, brilliantly worded, spanning many topics. One of my favourite books on the subject and no- doubt my favourite author!

    Dawn Wilkins
    very good

    From the bibliographies of Scott Cunningham's Magical Herbalism (1983) and Wicca (2004), and Ellen Dugan's Garden Witchery (2003).

    rooss Just
    I find it interesting that nature has its magic, good book.

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