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  • Title: Sister of My Heart
  • Author: Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
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  • Page: 398
  • Format: Kindle Edition

  • From the award winning author of Mistress of Spices, the bestselling novel about the extraordinary bond between two women, and the family secrets and romantic jealousies that threaten to tear them apart.Anju is the daughter of an upper caste Calcutta family of distinction Her cousin Sudha is the daughter of the black sheep of that same family Sudha is startlingly beautifFrom the award winning author of Mistress of Spices, the bestselling novel about the extraordinary bond between two women, and the family secrets and romantic jealousies that threaten to tear them apart.Anju is the daughter of an upper caste Calcutta family of distinction Her cousin Sudha is the daughter of the black sheep of that same family Sudha is startlingly beautiful Anju is not Despite those differences, since the day on which the two girls were born, the same day their fathers died mysteriously and violently Sudha and Anju have been sisters of the heart Bonded in ways even their mothers cannot comprehend, the two girls grow into womanhood as if their fates as well as their hearts were merged.But, when Sudha learns a dark family secret, that connection is shattered For the first time in their lives, the girls know what it is to feel suspicion and distrust Urged into arranged marriages, Sudha and Anju s lives take opposite turns Sudha becomes the dutiful daughter in law of a rigid small town household Anju goes to America with her new husband and learns to live her own life of secrets When tragedy strikes each of them, however, they discover that despite distance and marriage, they have only each other to turn to Set in the two worlds of San Francisco and India, this exceptionally moving novel tells a story at once familiar and exotic, seducing readers from the first page with the lush prose we have come to expect from Divakaruni Sister of My Heart is a novel destined to become as widely beloved as it is acclaimed.From the Trade Paperback edition.
    Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni
    Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni is an award winning author and poet Her themes include the Indian experience, contemporary America, women, immigration, history, myth, and the joys and challenges of living in a multicultural world Her work is widely known, as she has been published in over 50 magazines, including the Atlantic Monthly and The New Yorker, and her writing has been included in over 50 anthologies Her works have been translated into 29 languages, including Dutch, Hebrew, Hindi and Japanese Divakaruni also writes for children and young adults.Her novels One Amazing Thing, Oleander Girl, Sister of My Heart and Palace of Illusions are currently in the process of being made into movies chitradivakaruni books Her newest novel is Before We Visit the Goddess about 3 generations of women grandmother, mother and daughter who each examine the question what does it mean to be a successful woman Simon Schuster.She was born in India and lived there until 1976, at which point she left Calcutta and came to the United States She continued her education in the field of English by receiving a Master s degree from Wright State University in Dayton, Ohio, and a Ph.D from the University of California, Berkeley.To earn money for her education, she held many odd jobs, including babysitting, selling merchandise in an Indian boutique, slicing bread in a bakery, and washing instruments in a science lab At Berkeley, she lived in the International House and worked in the dining hall She briefly lived in Illinois and Ohio, but has spent much of her life in Northern California, which she often writes about She now lives in Texas, which has found its way into her upcoming book, Before We Visit the Goddess.Chitra currently teaches in the nationally ranked Creative Writing program at the Univ of Houston She serves on the Advisory board of Maitri in the San Francisco Bay Area and Daya in Houston Both these are organizations that help South Asian or South Asian American women who find themselves in abusive or domestic violence situations She is also closely involved with Pratham, an organization that helps educate children especially those living in urban slums in India.She has judged several prestigious awards, such as the National Book Award and the PEN Faulkner Award.Two of her books, The Mistress of Spices and Sister of My Heart, have been made into movies by filmmakers Gurinder Chadha and Paul Berges an English film and Suhasini Mani Ratnam a Tamil TV serial respectively Her novels One Amazing Thing and Palace of Illusions have currently been optioned for movies Her book Arranged Marriage has been made into a play and performed in the U.S and upcoming, May in Canada River of Light, an opera about an Indian woman in a bi cultural marriage, for which she wrote the libretto, has been performed in Texas and California She lives in Houston with her husband Murthy She has two sons, Anand and Abhay whose names she has used in her children s novels.Chitra loves to connect with readers on her Facebook author page, facebook chitradivakaruni, and on Twitter, cdivakaruni.For information about her books, please visit chitradivakaruni , where you can also sign up for her newsletter.


    Saleh MoonWalker
    Onvan : Sister of My Heart - Nevisande : Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni - ISBN : 038548951X - ISBN13 : 9780385489515 - Dar 322 Safhe - Saal e Chap : 1997

    Reading this novel is like letting your heart be the passenger of the wildest roller coaster. And, for me, roller coaster is frustrating.So, yes, I was frustrated reading this beautiful novel.It is full of secrets, revealed one by one within the chapters. When the secret was out, I felt like leaving the book on the table. It was too hard to keep up with.But, I couldn't.So, I kept on reading until the last page. It was just too beautiful to leave behind.The characters, Anju and Sudha, are the roo [...]

    I have very few books that I have rated 5 stars. A 5 is reserved for the best of the best for me. Books that I look forward to carving out time to read, books that I think about when I'm not reading them. My review won't do this fine little book justice. The writing was amazing, the story was engaging, the characters were real, there was emotion - joy, sadness, heartbreak, wonder, hatred, AND there is a sequel. Maybe this is why I rate it so highly? I can't wait to curl up with these characters [...]

    Diane S ☔
    3.5 The first thing I noticed when reading this novel was how the prose was so descriptive, flowery almost, it just flowed so easily. Two young girls, raised as sisters, always together, as closer as two can be when their lives are derailed as secret is revealed. This secret will pull the girls apart and send them on different paths.There are many more secrets to come and each one revealed changes the course of a life. I am not sure how I felt about these girls, I don't think I fully liked eithe [...]

    While this isn’t as mystical as Mistress of Spices, it’s as enchantingly and compellingly told. Two cousins in Calcutta are born prematurely into a household of women on the same day as their fathers die. Their lives are woven together like gold and silver threads, providing strength and contrast to each other as they grow together — and apart — through years, cultures, and arranged marriages. There are secrets, dramas, and. of allcret dramas! I loved the complicated relationship between [...]

    Dedication: For those who told me storiesand those to whomI tell them now<,my grandfather, Nibaran Chandra Ghoshmy mother, Tatini Banerjeeandmy three men, Murthy, Anand and AbhayAcknowledgementsOpening quote:It is only the story that saves our progenyfrom blundering like blind beggars into thespikes of the cactus fenceChinua Achebe 'Anthills of the Savannah'Opening: BOOK ONETHE PRINCESS IN THE PALACE OF SNAKESOneSUDHAThey say in the old tales that the first night after a child is born, the Bi [...]

    Ajay Pradhan
    This is a late review. The book was published eleven years ago in 1999 by Doubleday. Yet, I hadn’t heard of the author until this month, even though I have seen the movie “Mistress of Spices”, based on her novel by the same title. After reading the book, I read a number of reviews of the novel. I wanted to see what other readers, critics and reviewers thought of the novel, especially the author’s style. Most reviews I read gave positive review of the novel and extolled the author’s gif [...]

    Pankaj Giri
    Finally I finished this gem of a novel today. But as I trod the final steps of this illuminating journey, I felt a pang of sadness. But then a thought struck me. You can read it again, stupid! I came to know about Chitra Banerjee Divakurani ma'am in a group. I went through her books and found 'Sister of My Heart' tugging at my hungry mind. I relented. As I plunged into the novel, within the first few pages I knew—this was going to be a wonderful read.Before I knew it, I found myself immersed [...]

    This is the story of two cousins, Anju and Sudha, who grow up together as sisters in Calcutta, and the secrets, loves and life events that threaten to come between them. It is about the differing lives chosen by (or perhaps, more accurately, chosen for) these girls as they turn into women. It is about how they manage the potentially heart-breaking situations life throws at them. There were plenty of twists in the story - some more surprising than others. Told by the two girls in alternating chap [...]

    Elizabeth (Alaska)
    I picked this up at the library book sale last year. I had heard good things about it and for 50 cents, why not? Well, let me just say it was worth all of that 50 cents, but not a penny more. The prose is good enough - at least it didn't bore me to tears and having me throw it against the wall. I found the characterizations thin and there was not one I cared very much about. Of the two main characters, one is a Little Miss Perfect, the other is Miss Spoiled Brat. The story is just OK, but much o [...]

    A very engaging story of the bonds that unite two Indian girls through childhood, marriage and motherhood. Secrets and misunderstandings keep things interesting and the author does a great job of evoking the setting at the start.A very pleasant read.

    Shreya Vaid
    Out of all the books that trickle down the Fictional area from Indian writers, Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni always strikes out, thanks to her writing a mix of Indian and western stories, combining together to form magic. This weekend I picked Sister of My Heart to soothe my soul and my, it was magical! Two sisters, born out of family calamities, sharing a unique bond by beating distance, bad relatives, and society.Sister of My Heart revolves around Anju and Sudha, born in the same household in Cal [...]

    سلمى Selma Mohaimeed
    أحبُّ الأدبَ الهندي ،وجاءت "شقيقة قلبي" توثقُ أواصرَ هذا الحب أكثر وأكثر . أفتتنُ بالأساطيرِ والخرافاتِ و"شقيقة قلبي" ملائ بأغربها وأحلاها. " شقيقة قلبي " هي النسخة الهندية من "زهرة الثلج والمروحة السرية" تقول باختصار *إن الحب يبني العلاقات كالدم تمامًا* حبٌ ، سدهى وأنجو الأختي [...]

    Just a beautifully well-written story about love in all its variations, forgiveness, and female survival and resilience in modern-day India. Anju and Sudha are born on the same day in the same house, and although they are distant cousins, they feel like twins and kindred spirits. Their love for each other is very special indeed, each repeatedly putting the needs of the other before her own. They grow up with dreams of what the future holds – Anju assumes they will go to college together, and S [...]

    I'm not a great reader of chick-lit and without the exotic setting and key issues in the book, I doubt I would have picked this upwhich would have been a shame. I really loved the drama, romance and passion this book offered. It seems to be about a house full of fractious women all crazy about family position and reputation.I thought I'd throw it across the room. Nope, it was great.go figure.

    Jaspreet Kaur | jas_thebookthief
    4.5 starsBecause i wanted to know a little bit more about Anju and sudha. Such a powerful story of love, sacrifices, relationships, being strong.

    Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni and I go way back. She helps out as an on-stage interviewer for a great Houston-based reading series, Inprint. I was there when she was torn to shreds by Orhan Pamuk. I witnessed her redemption when her interview with friend, Amy Tan went more smoothly. Chitra is always smiling and approachable. She teaches creative writing at the University of Houston. I’ve heard her on the local NPR station. In short, she feels accessible to me.Inprint flies in big name authors fro [...]

    Ye'Vell Hopkins
    It started off slow but by chapter 17 I was fully immersed in the story of Anju and Sudha. It turned out to be a really great story, with many twists and turns as well as an unexpected surprise near the end. This book is a glaring reminder that it doesn't matter what race or religion you are, our stories of disillusionment, love, pain, discontent, longing and finally resolution are often the same.

    Beautiful story of two cousins battling opposing forces while bonded by tragedy and torn apart by secrecy. The girls, born in a time where individuality is stiffled by strict cultural tradition and social norms dictate much of one's being. American ideas of indpendence and education have creeped into conversations and linger as possiblity. Anju is in constant opposition of tradition. She longs for America and a college education. Sudha, born with exquisite beauty, her future remains unsure as sh [...]

    This book would make a great movie on the Lifetime network (and as I refuse to watch the Lifetime network, that's not saying much). However, Divakaruni has a beautiful writing style. Her color and sound imagery are fantastic and the descriptions are beautiful. I always imagine India to be overstimulating to the senses and this book kind of fits that expectation. The first half is tightly organized and the everything seems tied together with excellent character and plot development. In the second [...]

    A romantic, coming-of-age, family saga in Calcutta, India. Two girls growing up in the same household, bonded so strongly even at birth that they grow up sharing inner hearts, as the title says "sister of my heart". The girls are both fatherless as their fathers passed away in the same sad and mysterious accident right before the girls were born. The girls are raised by the "3 mothers" and eventually marry, which is complex in itself.One of the things that I really liked about this book is the p [...]

    I loved every minute of reading this book. I don't know why I didn't give it 5 stars? The language of the book lulled me deep into the story, which is of two girl children raised in the same family in Calcutta in current times. The book primarily explores the cataclysmic changes in the social mores of the upper class as it meets with modern times, but through the tender telling of the stories of these two young women and their love for each other. The language is that of a fable; the detail is r [...]

    Lubi Lafdewali
    After "Arranged Marriage" I picked this book to read. I was mesmerized by Chitra's ability to take me to a city I've never been to, where I could smell and taste and visualize and understand everything Bengali a culture I've barely known personally. Chitra's ladies in the book: Sudha & Anju are women that we will never forget. The strength of their relationship is awe-inspiring and it makes a loner like me want a sibling or a best friend of that calibre! I have recently come into the possess [...]

    Mary Jo Malo
    Divakaruni's poetic portrayal of people and place (sorry for all the assonance) truly never disappoints. If you appreciate literary novels about cultures and traditions different than your own, this one transcends while taking you deeper into your own heart, learning the joyful and terrifying twists and turns which make all women sisters of the heart. I've already begun the sequel!

    Pratibha Suku
    Though the story-line is good but the ending is rather sudden or I thought it is. I was bit disappointed that my hunch was not challenged. But all in all it was a goodread and gives you much fodder to think about. The main highlights were the plights of widow, the struggle of a single women, the superstitious beliefs, role of matriarch, the issue of female feticide. I find the author did justice to all the issues without dramatizing anything. I had watched a Pakistani drama Mera Naseeb(enpedia/w [...]

    Joyce Reynolds-Ward
    An enchanting and complex story. Just when I thought I knew where it was going changed.

    "Hanya kisahlah yang bisa menghindarkan keturunan kita dari membuat kesalahan besar seperti pengemis-pengemis buta yang menabrak duri-duri pagar kaktus."(Chinua Achebe, from Anthills of The Savannah)Usai menyelesaikan sebuah buku dari India lagi. Dan ternyata ceritanya sangat indah, tidak mengharu biru seperti film2 india kebanyakan. Aku merasakan ketangguhan hati seorang wanita di sini.Novel karangan Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni ini dituturkan dari 2 sudut pandang tokoh utamanya, yaitu Anjali (An [...]

    Two cousins – born on the same day, if not under the same sign – grow up together with their widowed mothers and aunt. Sister of My Heart traces their story from childhood through marriage, and the first half of the book is a lovely testament to the power of love and the sacrifices people make for the ones they love.The relationship at the center of Sister of my Heart never falters – sure, Anju and Sudha fight occasionally, but there’s never any question that they will be there for each [...]

    I started reading this book at 9 in the night and finished it by 6 in the morning. When I started reading this I thought that it would be another Bengali writer who has moved from Calcutta to India or his parents moved much earlier and they are still seeking roots. But this turned out to be a surprise. The best part of it was that 90% of the novel is set in India and it actually takes you through the growing up phase of two girls who were like sisters and how their lives intertwined no matter ho [...]

    Barbara Nutting
    OMG was that good!! It gives "beautifully written" a whole new meaning! I particularly liked it because I spent many years selling new homes to young Indian couples in Naperville, IL. I learned from them that even in the late 20th century successful young men still return home to fulfill the tradition of the arranged marriage. Some seemed to have found love with one another, but some didn't!! Thus, I felt a great infinity with these characters - more like non-fiction. Another observance - that f [...]

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