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  • Title: Petra: City of Stone
  • Author: T.L. Higley Tracy L. Higley
  • ISBN: 9781433668562
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

  • , the wondrous ancient city carved from the mountains of modern Jordan, is at the height of its glory in this gripping historical novel by T L Higley A young widow, Cassia, and her son, Alexander, have arrived there seeking protection with her late husband s estranged family But when Cassia discovers the man she married was heir to the throne, the power hungry Queen Ha, the wondrous ancient city carved from the mountains of modern Jordan, is at the height of its glory in this gripping historical novel by T L Higley A young widow, Cassia, and her son, Alexander, have arrived there seeking protection with her late husband s estranged family But when Cassia discovers the man she married was heir to the throne, the power hungry Queen Hagiru plots to murder Alexander so that her own child will someday rule The queen, priestess of the sun god, Dushrat, calls on demonic powers in her quest, but Cassia is prepared for the fierce spiritual battle to save her son, joining a Roman named Julian and his community of believers in the Jewish Messiah Together they seek a mighty movement of God far stronger than any dark heart or city made of stone.Endorsement It is impossible to read a T L Higley novel and not be transported is filled with all the intrigue, drama, and flavors of the ancient world that Higley is so well known for With heart pounding action and characters that carve their way into your heart, is an adventurist s read, and an escapist s dream Who needs Indiana Jones Tosca Lee, author of Demon A Memoir and Havah The Story of Eve Set in early second century AD, this historical Christian novel provides great tie ins to Scripture and early church history Malik was a real disciple of Paul, and martyred by Trajan Christians in the arena The characters are complex and believable The good versus evil conflict in this book is especially powerful Cassia against Hagiru reflects the bigger struggle in the spiritual realm between Jesus and the demons behind the false gods of Readers will come away with renewed appreciation for the courage of Christians in the face of uncertainty and persecution Christian Library Journal
    T.L. Higley Tracy L. Higley
    also published under the name Tracy L HigleyT.L Higley holds a degree in English Literature and has written three previous novels and than fifty drama productions for church ministry She is especially passionate about breaking down emotional and philosophical barriers that people have put up between themselves and Christ.


    Havebooks Willread
    Early Christians suffering persecution under the Roman empire--this theme always draws me in as I think it's good to consider what I would do if persecuted for my faith.In this story, Cassia learns what love is and Julian learns what forgiveness and leadership are all about. The book is not as good as Rivers's "Mark of the Lion" triology, but it was still very enjoyable.I especially enjoyed the pictures of the believers meeting together. I think too often in 2015 believers come together more out [...]

    This book is set in Petra of 106 AD. The city was magnificent, an important trading center back then ruled by the Nabatean kings. At the same time, the Roman empire was expanding to its greatest territorial extent under Emperor Trajan. Death of the last Nabatean king Rabbel II led to annexation of Petra into Roman Empire. Christianity as a religion was still in formative phase and followers were persecuted by the Roman Empire. TL Higley has written an engaging piece of historical fiction combini [...]

    T.L.Higley has done it again! She has picked a period and place in time that few people dare to tackle and she has brought history to life through a fascinating story. She has created characters that I love, a setting that I want to learn more about and a story that I didn't want to end. This time the setting is Petra, the city of stone, the time is about 170 AD and Rome is spreading their empire to absorb more and more places. Next on the list Petra. Enter Cassia and her son Alexander who head [...]

    I have always been fascinated by Petra and was anxious to see how the author would treat it. It was easy to see that she spent time there for the physical details were extraordinary. I felt like I was living in the city with the hero, Cassia. In this story Cassia arrives in Petra in the early 100AD's with her son looking for her dead husband's family. There she discovers that there was more to her husband than he told her, that his family is under the influence of evil. She also discovers the Ch [...]

    Petra was such a fascinating read! I loved the setting in the city of stone, and the characters were wonderfully developed! A happy ending seemed impossible at times, and yet it happened - a wonderful reminder of God's great power! I loved the picture of certain victory in Jesus' name.Cassia and Julian are both running from their pasts when they come to Petra. Their lives, and the lives of many others, are intertwined as the plotting of a wicked queen seeks to destroy both Cassia's son and Julia [...]

    Ellen Lantz
    In addition to enjoying the storyline and characters, I also thought the author had a lot of insight about the kinds of struggles we face in life today.

    Charity U
    Good! Love this fiction by Higley - she does great research and this book was very accurate historicallywhich I really appreciated.

    Another great book! I so love this author.

    Cheryl Olson
    In Petra, City in Stone by T.L.Higley, our story starts out with a young man who sees his fiancé and friends brutally murdered right before his eyes. Next we meet a beautiful young woman who has been continually abused by her live in boyfriend. She is a mother and does everything she can to protect her young son from his father’s short temper and over eager fists. They all need an escape hatch from their current situations. Sounds like all the makings of an exciting contemporary novel, right? [...]

    Set in 106 AD, during the rule of the Roman Empire over a large part of the known world at that time, we open this story to find Cassia, mother to Alexander and concubine/slave to Aretas. Abused by Aretas and treated as nothing but a punching bag and a pleasure giver, Cassia, is ready to make her run for it. However Aretas's greed changes all her plans, when he is caught cheating a traveling caravan leader and murdered for that act. Escaping, with just the clothes on their backs and a few coins, [...]

    5 stars goes to this action filled, historical fiction novel about this uniquie city of stone - Petra - and the early day Christians that lived there. This is the first book I've read by Higley, and I'm glad I found this author! She paints a wonderful story and expresses her characters thoughts and feelings very well!I instantly felt drawn to the brave Cassia, who was willing to do whatever it took to protect her son, Alexander. Alexander seemed the picture of innocense, trying to beleive good i [...]

    Amber Stokes
    T. L. Higley knows how to make history real for the reader! Although Petra: City in Stone has a different flavor than the first three books in Higley's "Seven Wonders" series, it is by no means less intriguing! In fact, because the story takes place about 100 years after Jesus' death, after the start of the church, the spiritual aspects of this particular book are even more prominent than in the "Seven Wonders" series.Once again Higley drew me into a different time and place that became almost t [...]

    Mandy J. Hoffman
    MOM'S REVIEW:Higley builds a suspenseful novel, based on history, that brings the New Testament to life. It shares the persecution of Christians in a vivid way and makes one question the strength of his/her own faith. As you follow the believers in their struggles against real principalities and powers of the air, you become more aware of the evils in your world today and how you can fight them through the power of Jesus Christ. I recommend this book to believers and non-believers alike. It woul [...]

    "Petra: City in Stone" is a very well-written, fast-paced Christian historical novel that contains some romance. It's set in 106 AD in Petra, Rome, and Damascus. Both men and women will enjoy it. The author completely immerses the reader in the culture, setting, and time period. I was left feeling like this story really happened. The characters were complex and realistic, and I cared about what happened to them.The suspense was high throughout and was created by the threat of physical danger to [...]

    Linda B
    What a wonderfully rich and descriptive book! Petra is nothing less than enthralling. T. L. Higley’s detailed description of the area of and around Petra was so vivid that I was compelled to Google some photographs. I found that her verbal illustrations were spot-on. The writing is beautiful and the story is interesting. Cassia is a strong character as she faces a new land, new people and danger around every corner. She is not sure who to trust, but she forms strong bonds with the local Christ [...]

    Julia Reffner
    4 1/2 stars. mix of spiritual depth/spiritual warfare, adventure, well-researched historical detail, and a hint of romance. Will be looking for more of Higley. Review to come.

    Excellent book. I love Tracy's writing. This story didn't capture me as thoroughly as "City of the Dead" but I loved the imagery of Petra. She's still one of my favorite bib. fic. writers!

    review coming soon

    Lorraine Montgomery
    Petra is an ancient city carved out of stone, hidden from the world for hundreds of years.  In 106 A.D it was about to be annexed to the mighty Roman Empire.  It was a time of persecution of Christians throughout the Empire and in places, or palaces, where pagan gods were jealously guarded by people of power and influence.  Petra was one such place.  Queen Hagiru, high priestess of Dushara was one such person of power.  Second wife of King Rabbel, Hagiru has produced a son Obadas, heir to t [...]

    April Kelcy
    A sound understanding of spiritual warfare specifically from a Christian perspective is probably going to be essential for most people to grasp the content of this book. There are risks associated with just going for the "adventure" in the storytelling aspect, and this is especially so since the depths of evil are quite clearly on display -- perhaps a bit too clearly so. The descriptions and some of the history of Petra, Jordan may well be of particular interest to those who have heard it mentio [...]

    Shirley Allard
    Excellent, enjoyed reading what it could have been like to live in that century.

    Julian, a privileged son of Rome, fled his home and family when he failed to stop a new wave of persecution against Christians, costing him his betrothed and leaving his confidence in his faith and calling deeply shaken. Cassia abandoned the security of her home in Damascus following the death of her young son Alexander’s brutish father. Desperate to provide for her son, she makes her way to Petra, the great trading city cut out of stone, seeking Alexander’s estranged grandparents and the ho [...]

    Nora St Laurent
    I’m thankful for the review copy of a book that grabbed my heart & never let got! I’m a Tracy Higley Fan. I love how this author takes me on adventures that are fascinating and I learn a thing or two!The notes section at the back of the book; she has a picture of The Treasury made famous in the movie Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, the authors says, I”t’s a marvelous site, and so is the entire rock-carved City of Petra.” You can go to this author’s website where you can escap [...]

    I'm the type of person that has a really, really hard time putting a good novel down once it draws me in. I tend to devour them, often in one sitting. Alas, my current busy household doesn't allow for extended reading time like that. Instead, I stayed up way, way too late two nights in a row reading Petra: City of Stone, the newest novel by T.L. Higley. I'm so glad B&H Publishing sent it to me for review, because I might have missed it if they hadn't.Petra is the first in a new series set in [...]

    Kate (Too Read or Not Too Read)
    I have always loved Petra, like most, I was introduced to it in Indian Jones. Since then, I've looked up what I could and have just been amazed at this city in the stone. On Tracy's web site, I was able to scroll through her adventures in Petra and then as I read through the book, each place just popped off of the page. She took the details of this ancient city and brought it back to life.We view the life of Petra through the eyes of Cassia. She is a woman who has had a very hard life. When we m [...]

    Great characters and good history involvement.

    I've been a big fan of Higley's historical fiction for a while, so I was very excited to hear abut her newest release. Palace of Darkness was previously released in 2010, titled Petra, and has been re-published with a new cover. Since I had not yet had the chance to read this novel, I was excited to read another Higley novel!This wonderful historical novel is about Cassia, and ultimately her journey of going above and beyond to protect her son's life, which was at risk. This story is such an int [...]

    The year is 106 AD. Julian is a Roman citizen running from the persecution which has taken the lives of some dear fellow Christians. Cassia is a young mother seeking a new start with her beloved son. T.L. Higley presents us with another masterpiece of historical fiction, using her descriptive style and unique gift to make this ancient city come alive for us. You'll ride along with a caravan, climb Petra's sandstone steps, scout out the Nabataean palace and ache or cheer with our characters throu [...]

    Julie G
    In the First Century, life is difficult.Because of his public condemnation of Emperor Trajan's 'entertainments,' Julian's friends and betrothed are rounded up and sentenced to face the lions. Knowing that he cannot be silent and fearing that the emperor will eventually seek to harm his family, Julian flees Rome to a place Trajan's power does not, yet, reach: Petra.In Damascus, Cassia sleeps poorly; her hopes to escape Aretas, dashed. In the early morning hours, two traders, cheated by Aretas and [...]

    Lisa Marie
    In full honesty, I'll tell you that I generally don't go looking for Christian fiction novels. A lot of times I've found this genre to be rather fluffy and not very gripping. Usually I find the implimenting of Christianity to be intrusive and not-really-important to the story - quite a turn off really. Maybe I just haven't been reading the right stories, but that has been my experience. When I was given this book to review, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. It sounded terrific from the cover - [...]

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