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  • Title: A Searching Heart
  • Author: Janette Oke
  • ISBN: 9780764221392
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback

  • Shattered by loss, can Virginia Sampson find faith that God replaces what has been taken away A Prairie Legacy book 2.
    Janette Oke
    Janette Oke writes with a profound simplicity of what she knows best real life, honest love, and lasting values With over 23 million in sales, her historical novels portray the lives of early North American settlers from many walks of life and geographical settings She also writes engaging children s stories and inspiring gift books that warm the heart.Janette was born during the depression years to a Canadian prairie farmer and his wife, and she remembers her childhood as full of love and laughter and family love After graduating from Mountain View Bible College in Canada where she met her husband, Edward, they pastored churches in Canada and the U.S and they raised their family of four children, including twin boys, in both countries Edward eventually became president of Mountain View Bible College and recently established a coalition of colleges that became Rocky Mountain Bible College.During her earliest years, Janette sensed the desire to write Though she yearned to be a published novelist, she devoted herself to being a wife and mother because, she says, there is no higher honor that is my number one priority She began serious writing when her children were entering their teens.Her first novel, a prairie love story titled Love Comes Softly, was published by Bethany House in 1979 This book was followed by than 75 others She reaches both religious and general markets, telling stories that transcend time and place Her readers of all ages and walks of life can identify with the everyday events and emotions of her characters Janette believes everyone goes through tough times the key is to be prepared with a strong faith as the foundation from which decisions are made and difficult experiences are faced That perspective is subtly woven throughout her novels.After Love Comes Softly was published, Oke found her readers asking for That book led to a series of eight others in her Love Comes Softly series She has written multiple fiction series, including The Canadian West, Seasons of the Heart and Women of the West Her most recent releases include a beautiful children s picture book, I WonderDid Jesus Have a Pet Lamb and The Song of Acadia series, co written with T Davis Bunn.Janette Oke s warm writing style has won the hearts of millions of readers She has received numerous awards, including the Gold Medallion Award, The Christy Award of Excellence, the 1992 President s Award for her significant contribution to the category of Christian fiction from the Evangelical Christian Publishers Association, and in 1999 the Life Impact Award from the Christian Booksellers Association International Beloved worldwide, her books have been translated into fourteen languages.In recent years, Janette and her siblings lovingly restored their parents prairie farm home, and it now serves as a gift shop and museum of prairie life Please see below for a special invitation to the Oke Writing Museum and The Steeves Historical House She and her husband live nearby in Alberta, Canada, where they are active in their local church Visits from their families, including their grandchildren, are their delight janetteoke ME2 Sites d


    More great historical fiction from Janette Oke. Can't wait to see where the story arc goes from here!

    Mike and I read this book togrther. The thing about Oke as an author is that she writes about everyday occurances. There are not huge climactic happenings in her books. This particular one is the continuing saga of Virginia Simpson and how she comes to terms with entering into adulthood. Many of the inner conflicts she faces are realistic. I enjoyed reading the book.My only complaint is that Oke does not truly capture (at least in my case) the feelings of a single adult facing the possibility of [...]

    Confusing 1st I thought that she was going to be w Jamison then I was really sure she was going to be with Pastor Black then of course Jonathan.

    Virginia now getting ready to graduate is faced with the worries of going away to college. She and Jamison have continued their relationship and write while he is away at school but perhaps college is changing him. Clara who becomes ill with pregnancy presents a strain at home that delays Virginia's decision to go to college. When Mr. Adamson dies a new elderly neighbour moves in and after a while her grandson Jonathan comes into the picture and Virginia's life. Jenny still a friend has gone off [...]

    This is the second book in Janette Oke's Prairie Legacy series and it was just as sweet and wholesome as the first. It continues the story of Virginia through her remaining high-school year and graduation. In this book her plans for the future are disrupted by unexpected events and she must come to terms with her current situation. This book has a touch more romance than the previous one and the author keeps the reader guessing as to which boy Virginia will finally end up with. I am looking forw [...]

    Virginia Simpson longs for adventure . . . and she gets it. With her friends off at college, she longs to go to college, too. But some events in her life seem to tell her otherwise. With her sister having a baby, she decides to wait a while. And then, when her sweetheart, Jamison, visits from college and some sad news comes about another friend, things seem to be all gone awry. But God knows what’s best for her, and there is something wonderful around the corner.Join Virginia on her journey. Y [...]

    Delightful I love how Janette weaves together into this book Damaris, from one of her earlier books :). As Virginia says so wonderfully in this book'as we Trust God with our eternal souls, so we can trust HIM with our daily lives. God knows Best!!

    Book 2 of A Prairie Legacy. Shattered by loss, can Virginia Sampson find faith that God replaces what has been taken away?

    quick read. The character Virginia resonates (with me) well, though I found myself almost envious of her faith. She's very much like her grandfather in that regard.

    I cried in the beginning byt smiled in the end. Even though this book is fictions its a great story showing how God shuts one door and opens another!

    Jesseca Wheaton
    I'm really enjoying this series! Now unto the next book. . .

    I saw too much of myself when younger in this one.but it is better than the first in the series (imo)& best still when read after the Love Comes Softly series. A definite re-read.

    One of the better Oke novels. God isn't pasted into her books, as God is in much Christian fiction. Oke's is an appealing, organic Christianity.

    Phyllis C
    Seemed more like a "children's" book, not for me.

    Another charming, simple story of a small-town girl and her family. Wholesome and sweet. I've enjoyed the next chapter in Virginia's life. Ready for graduation, Viriginia can't wait to get to college and be with Jamison. An excited aunt-to-be and still desperately hoping for some sign of change in her friend Jenny, Virginia's about to find that life does not always go to plan.Clara becomes mysteriously ill while expecting her first child, Rodney moves on to college life, Jamison struggles with i [...]

    Lydia Dyslin
    A Searching Heart is the second book in the Prairie Legacy series by Janette Oke. This book was okay. I didn't like it nearly as much as the first one in the series, though. Now that Virginia is older, she feels a lot like all of Janette Oke's other heroines, and this book feels a lot like Janette Oke's other books. They all have (pretty much) the same setting, they all go at the same pace. So, although it was an okay book, it bored me a little bit. I did appreciate the motor accident with Jenny [...]

    Tiffany Weister
    I am thoroughly enjoying learning more of Virginia's story as I read very much realistic events unfolding as she, in this book, moves on to adulthood. Curious to see what her future holds for her as Virginia continues to grow emotionally and spiritually throughout life's many adventures.

    Terrific! Shed tears a few times with this one. I thoroughly enjoy spending time with the characters. I am always encouraged in my walk with the Lord as I read Mrs. Oke’s stories about her characters who face many of the same issues.t and faith in His plans.

    A good story, but for some reason, I didn't enjoy it as much as the first one. Still, I'm looking forward to the next book in the series!

    Interesting and hope filled.

    I thought this would be a good book for a teenage reader - slow through the first half or more.

    It was OK. Kinda cheesy. I feel that it was a little too simple about faith.

    Excellent. A continuation of "the Tender Years".

    While I liked this book okay I didn't think it was amazing literature. It is filled with a lot of faith and religion. I love all the references to praying for people, situations, and for greater faith. One thing to note about these books is they are no action filled, suspenseful, fast-paced novels. They are basically a story about a person's life. As long as I remember that they aren't going to read like a fast-paced YA novel, I can completely enjoy them.Virginia does go through a number of grow [...]

    love this book! if you love any of Janette okes books you'll love this one too!

    A Searching Heart is a gentle, thoughtful novel that perfectly captures the feelings of a young woman stuck between the situation of childhood and the wide-open world of adulthood—when she’s already crossed the threshold of womanhood in both mind and body. As usual, Janette Oke masterfully portrays the feminine heart in all of it’s depth and nuance. I was sucked in by Virginia’s story because I understood it. I recognized her longing for action and independence while being tied down to s [...]

    A Searching Heart by Janette Oke is the continuation of Virginia's story--growing up with her family, her faith, and her small town values. As she pushes towards adulthood, she has to face all the uncertainties of life. Jobs? Marriage? Future? College? Her faith is sorely tested. The book had some very sad parts! I wanted to tell the characters not to break up their beautiful relationships and friendships that had grown over the years. Of course, fictional characters never listen. =( The story i [...]

    I had read the first book of the series (The Tender Years) so I bought this one as well, I could not wait for it to come. And when it finally did I ripped open the packaging and read the whole book that day! I was hoping Janette One would continue to write about Virginia's best friend Jenny and she did, I was really hoping Jenny would have become a Christian, but I was so glad to read that because of the ---- her father decided to follow Jesus.Then there was Jamison. I had a feeling that would h [...]

    Virginia is growing up, graduating from high school, planning for college, and planning a life with her boyfriend, Jamison. This one was a little better than the first, maybe because it was a little more mature-sounding. Oke's books basically recount everyday people and how they cope with life, and as such, they are calming and peaceful to listen to or read. Her characters have a deep faith that grounds them and although it's discussed often, it doesn't seem too "in your face". This second book [...]

    Any young adult / teenager struggling with his/her "first love" should read this one. The only drawback to the book that I struggled with was my attempt to place a definite time-period to the storyline. The main character in this Oke novel is Virginia Simpson. In Chapter 8, one of Virginia's younger brothers, Danny, had a summer job with a local farmer, and Danny's days were spent driving a team of horses, first planting and then haying. Yet, telephones, cars, and elevators were mentioned throug [...]

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