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  • Title: Bitch: A New Beginning
  • Author: Deja King
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 267
  • Format: Paperback

  • Precious Cummings is back but this time her own daughter is causing mayhem Aaliyah Mills Carter was born into street royalty Her mother, Precious, hustled her way from a project chick to a hood legend Then she has two fathers, Xavier Mills, who is a rap superstar turned industry mogul and Nico Carter who heads up a lucrative drug empire with his partner Genesis FinallyPrecious Cummings is back but this time her own daughter is causing mayhem Aaliyah Mills Carter was born into street royalty Her mother, Precious, hustled her way from a project chick to a hood legend Then she has two fathers, Xavier Mills, who is a rap superstar turned industry mogul and Nico Carter who heads up a lucrative drug empire with his partner Genesis Finally, she has a grandfather Quentin, who spoils her the way he was never able to do for his daughter Precious You would think being anointed the Princess would be enough for Aaliyah but it s not she wants Instead of simply relishing in the luxury she was born into, Aaliyah schemes and manipulates, determined to carve out her own lane She brings her best friends Amir and Justina along for the ride Does Aaliyah have the same street savvy as her mother to lead them to the top or will it end in disaster There is only one Precious Cummings but has her daughter Aaliyah been groomed to take over the reign or will her mother have to step in and save her from herself Find out in Bitch A New Beginning.
    Deja King
    Writes as Deja King, Joy King, and Joy Deja King.


    'MAMA’S BABY…DADDY’S MAYBE…’4****Aaliyah Mills Carter is royalty in any visible eye. Her parental lineage was structured through the grit and grime, but through struggle…volatile, manipulative but street savvy has she been blessed to have been born with the very best of everything. Aaliyah’s mother is the renowned Precious Cummings, a woman that has risen from the pits of hell. Precious established that the word BITCH is a lifestyle…she has re-classified the negative word and epi [...]

    This book is all over the place. It keeps taking me back and forth and really not making much sense.

    Donisha Murdock
    this book was boring as hell. very disapointed! it took waaaay to long to get my attention. i usually read a book within 2 or 3 days. it took me about 2 weeks to finish this!

    I had to give this book 5 stars, it really held my interest. I had no idea of the twist that this book took, can't wait for the next installment BOSS BITCH!

    the worst one yet. impossible to even tell who is speaking, the editing is so poor.

    Ok I loved all of the other book in the series. I waited so patiently for this come out I even yelled at the guy at the local urban book store because he wouldn't answer the phone so I could reserve a copy ahead of time. I actually like ms. Kings' writing style it definitely will keep you turning the pages. Unfortunately this book seemed like it was rushed. As if the effort to put out something for the fans made her lose the idea of a real story. Now, I understand this was about Precious' daught [...]

    Lesa Divine
    Aaliyah and Amir are now all growing up. Aaliyah mom tries her best to keep Aaliyah from following her foot steps and Amir's dad tries his best, but they both are pulled into the world they parents tried to keep them from.As this book starts off where part 5 left the readers and us wondering WHAT HAPPEN. Well you will have to read it to find out as secrets comes out about some characters as lust and love is revealed also. Nice read can't wait for Boss Bitch to see what else Deja King has up her [...]

    The book was ok for the most part. There are little things that bother me about books and it was no different here. There was one part where a character was wearing jeans, but a few lines later its mentioned that she has on a short dress, with no mention of a day changing or later in the day, or anything like that. That was one of the most unrealistic "scenes." Like I said, its the little things. The book is definitely interesting and if you like loads of drama, then you'll enjoy this book becau [...]

    Loved it loved loved it Deja King as done it again for me definitely. In this book Aaliyah precious's daughter is all grown up and is just as u can imagine definetly her mother's child. With 2 dads Nico and Xavier plus her grandfather Quinten you know Aaliyah don't want for nothing. But just like her mother she getting in some very sticky situations hopefully she'll be able to get out of this 1. I personally think Maya all over this the bitch Lmao looking forward too Bitch 7 Deja

    I was arguing with the man at the book stand for this book I'm actually glad I spent my last 15 on this book deja did it again.I got a lot of my friends in this series I cannot wait till the next one. Comes out I wish u the best of luck déjà . U literally have me out my seat I told ur homegirl who helps u with the books ima sit @ ur doorstep Till the. Next comes out lol

    Tammi Duffie
    Love th I s book.This was a very good book just like the others from the series. I just knew Justina was gone like and say that Aaliyall killed Sway and tried to kill her all because she felt betrayed by her best friend. I hope she gets a heart and tell the truth so her best friend doesn't rot in jail for something that she didn't do.

    this is an awesome read. I loved every bit of this story. it was major bad ass. my first apt I had no television so all I did was read. man I ran through the bitch series like a boy does sneakers playing basketball. I could not get enough and I was hooked. if I couldn't find her next one I would be going through withdrawls and I would be pissed like I lost my best friend.

    jennifer martin
    I started this book yesterday and as you can tell i have finished it already I love the attitude between mother and daughter in this book and wish the daughter would listen to her mother a little more. You guys already know i suck at reviews. But as usualy Deja knocked it out the box I can't wait for Boss Bitch to come out

    Marissa Elera
    It's bad, but you knew that going in. They spent more time on the hilariously tacky cover than on hiring a proofreader. But its escapisim, which is sometimes really nice.I will say out of all the books in this series, this is the that gets closest to having some semblance of depth to the storyline.

    Anna Johnson
    It's sad how three best friends lives was turned upside down because of jealousy. I say that because Justina was jealous when she found out her boyfriend, Amir, was in love with Aaliyah. She decided to get revenge by being with Sway. I just hate how the book ended. I hotta get part 7!

    Laura Perry
    This was a good book. I don't wanna go into details because some people might not readed it yet. I wanted to continue to read when i got to the end. Cant wait until the next series .

    This one was ok more focus on precious daughter not as good but quick read

    Danelle Mahoney
    loved it mad at the ending. cant wait for the next one. yay

    This was good but it was all over the place. I couldn't tell who was talking sometimes. But I'm moving onto the next one.

    I loved the whole series and I cant wait to read this one!

    Maebelle Richardson
    This book took me a few days to finish the rest of the series was very good but this one was kinda slow to me

    Kisha Ward
    Well, It started off kind of slow but once I realize the book was viewed from Aaliyah point of view and not Precious it got alot better. But on pens and needles waiting on Boss Bitch.

    I've been slipping on Mrs. King, but let me say you have now gained a new fan off this series

    An ok read. Expected more from this book.

    Andrea Washington
    I'm waiting to read Boss Bitch gotta get my hands on that

    Diamond Jones
    I enjoyed reading parts.1-5 of this series. This book was good, but seem to move slow. Once drama started hitting Aaliyah's life the book ended.

    the series just keeps getting better and at the end they keep you guessing. for the simple face that Aaliyah is turning out just like her mother is amazing.

    It wasn't what I expected. It was a good read. It lets you know what happened with all the characters. It was at a face pace and all the kids are now 17 and 18. Cant wait to read boos bitch.

    Liza barbour
    this book was okay but wasn't what I expected. but I will read the next book.

    It was good .

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