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  • Title: The Big Questions: Philosophy
  • Author: Simon Blackburn
  • ISBN: 9781849160001
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Hardcover

  • The Big Questions series is designed to let renowned experts confront the 20 most fundamental and frequently asked questions of a major branch of science or philosophy Each 3000 word essay simply and concisely examines a question that has eternally perplexed enquiring minds, and provides answers from history s great thinkers This ambitious project is a unique distillatioThe Big Questions series is designed to let renowned experts confront the 20 most fundamental and frequently asked questions of a major branch of science or philosophy Each 3000 word essay simply and concisely examines a question that has eternally perplexed enquiring minds, and provides answers from history s great thinkers This ambitious project is a unique distillation of humanity s best ideas In Big Questions Philosophy, bestselling author Simon Blackburn addresses 20 essential questions.
    Simon Blackburn
    Simon Blackburn is Bertrand Russell Professor of Philosophy in the University of Cambridge.

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    Al Bità
    For me, philosophy is one of the great pleasures for the inquiring mind. Take any subject, and there is bound to be a thinker somewhere who has expostulated upon it. This book is one of a series put out by Quercus under the general title 'The Big Questions'. It's intent, apparently, is to make some of the major issues of various subjects (Physics, Mathematics, and the Universe, for example, are separate books in the series) more accessible to the general public. From this perspective Blackburn d [...]

    Heath Lowrance
    Compared to Blackburn's other work, this one feels a bit pieced-together, but I guess that's to be expected when you consider that he's trying to cover a lot of ground in a very slim volume. Regardless, it's a pretty solid introduction to the central questions of philosophy, presented in such a way that even a relatively dim lay-person like myself can follow the thread. If its central purpose is to leave the reader with much to think about after finishing, it succeeds.

    Grant P
    A little too intro level for my tastes. The topics are a little short handed (as would be for a book styled this way) which left me wanting to delve into some of the minutia in a more careful way than presented here. Good for an introduction for those without a more sophisticated philosophy background. Not good for the already philosophically well read.

    Kristof Verbeke
    Good introduction to relevant questions. I must admit my views align rather well with those of mr. blackburn. Sadly does not go crazy in dept, however, it does not need to as it rather launches you into thinking yourself about those questions.

    Jason Guillemette
    This is the first book I have read on the subject of philosophy. And I loved it!! The questions we all face. The problems we all want solved and the condition of the human mind and nature. All within philosophy’s realm. Brief view on the subjects covered in this book.Is there life after death? In short; No there isn’t. Same as there wasn’t life before life. Do you remember what it was like 4 years before you were born? Life simply stops and there is nothing. No consciousness, no feelings t [...]

    Steffi Greeff
    Simon Blackburn really struggles to bring his thoughts together in a balanced manner. He has a strong tendency to interpret the world or philosophies in extremes. I have read and studied 3 of his books (Philisophy, Think and Truth) and found this trend througout all of them. To me, it feels like he is unable to successfully interpret the world around him, as well as inner realities. It felt like reading the work of a highly intelligent 10 year old who still clings to a black or white view of lif [...]

    Mark Maguire
    This was a challenging and yet worthwhile read. I genuinely feel inspired to re-examine commmonly held assumptions surrounding the social order and the concept on self. The book is divided into idependent chapters which cover areas ranging from "The Ghost in the Machine"; the Pirsoner's Dilemma, and consciousness after death. Each chapter is balanced and considered, and is written in a light-hearted but intelligent manner which aids both understanding, and inspires confidence to read further int [...]

    Allthough this book seems to be a good philosophy beggining, covering all the main philosophical questions, I find the way of explaining of the writer way too quick to really understand the subject. It just gives you a first impression on the question, then even before you have a moment to think about it, the "story" continues, leaving most of your questions unanswered. I wanted to read this book to have a general culture on philosophy and have some basics, and this book failed: I read the editi [...]

    Bendick Ong
    Must say I bought the book cos it is compact and sturdy with a strap for keeping it so like a moleskin notebook. "This will be THE book I will bring along with me wherever I go to fill up all the gaps between appointments and commuting!" Or so I thought. But of course I finished everything up in one afternoon (not that it's easy though- Blackburn's always has depth) and now it is sitting comfortably on the shelf.This book is for the intelligent layman who wants to know more about the essential q [...]

    Bill Lalonde
    An extremely good book, as long as one remembers that it is about "the big questions" rather than "the big answers." That is, it is a fine introduction to sophisticated thought on a variety of philosophical issues, with arrows pointing in suggested directions for the answers, but those wishing for fully argued end points will need to look further (such as in the resources listed in the back of the book).

    Iris AE
    This is a very good introduction into about 15 of the major philosophical topics. Well written and easy to understand, and even for people who did philosophy earlier on it is a brush-up of what they used to know and adds some more knowledge. A perfect book to get back into philosophy or start with it.

    Philosophy tries to answer the big questions about the nature of life, the universe and everything. It is about structured thought, reducing assumptions to a minimum and then building on what we can really know about our brains, thoughts, free will, etc.The book is interesting, but it can get a bit heavy going and I did find myself muttering 'forty-two' and putting it aside a few times.

    Alireza Behzadnia
    Very simplified but at the same time enriched with useful material. a very good book, i would recommend it to who ever is interested in philosophy. Simon Blackburn is one of the best writers, he keeps the reader focus and doesnt try to confuse his readers by injecting loads of information at once into their brain.

    Stephen Francis
    A great introduction to some of the most difficult to answer questions we face as a civilization. The author manages each question in incredible detail and context, despite the relative shortness of each chapter. This book does, however, require a somewhat patient reader in order to fully understand and absorb the concepts on offer.

    A very interesting overview of some of the most important questions in Philosophy. Blackburn writes cogently in a way that is accessible to both the enthusiastic novice and the more well read students of philosophy.

    What do we really know? Not much, it turns out. Maybe we should come to a reconciliation of this.

    Excellent book. Brings together all the deliberations of great philosophers such as Hume, Kant through twenty big questions that haunt humankind.

    Crisp introduction into the various disciplines of philosophy. Elucidated some of the questions I had been posing to myself since I was a kid.

    Sambo Ponhkun

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