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  • Title: Dr. Hackenbush Gets a Job: Sexual Harassment and Class Warfare
  • Author: Ginger Mayerson
  • ISBN: 9780982581308
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback

  • Set in 1988, Mabel Hackenbush is between gigs, her baritone ukulele smashed, and her car in the shop, she is bravely temp secretarying her way to a kinder, gentler, not to mention, solvent life until she can get back to work as a jazz standards singer.
    Ginger Mayerson
    Ginger Mayerson lives in Los Angeles, California She s published in the Coe Review, Roux Magazine, The Velvet Mafia, and The Journal of the Image Warehouse Originally trained as a composer, she now writes novels, poetry, essays, reviews, interviews, makes collages, and edits the Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society and publishes books and magazines at the Wapshott Press in her spare time You can find the Hackenbush scene at hackenbush Or you can get the whole story at gingermayerson.


    This quick pleasure reads like a detective novel but without the crime. Dr. Hackenbush is a sarcastic, pessimistic-optimistic, competent, talented 30-something who, at the beginning of the story, loses her ukulele and, as a result, her income. Needing an expensive car repair at the same time, Hackenbush finds herself at a corporate temp agency and is assigned to a difficult law firm to raise enough cash to fix her ukulele and her car.As someone who has been a temp in a big city, someone who has [...]

    Linda Robinson
    So. If I didn't already have a best friend, weirdo musician acquaintances, and if I still smoked and ripped the filters off cigarettes, I'd follow Dr. Hackenbush around like a smitten groupie. Tried early on to figure out what was missing from the story: and it dawned early on, thankfully. Mabel is confident. Self-esteem pours like good scotch in this book. How wonderfully odd! There are gifts in these pages - it's not often I'm fascinated by a fictional character's world enough to look stuff up [...]

    Paul Mcfarland
    I was enthralled by this book. After hitting the bottom of the first page I never looked back. I was pulled into the world of Dr. Hackenbush and her endeavors to deal with life on her own terms. Forced by the untimely death of the transmission of her Karmann-Ghia and the destruction of her baritone ukulele to return to the world of industry, she takes a job with a temporary agency. Complications ensue. In the course of acquiring the funds to repair the damage she encounters many obstacles some h [...]

    I had a bit of difficulty getting into this book, however, by about a third of the way into it, I found myself sucked in. Dr. Hackenbush has taken a temp job to earn the money to pay for car repairs and a new baritone ukulele to replace the one that was smashed up at her latest gig. All the while, just biding her time until she can return to her true love of being a Jazz Singer, full time. The cast of characters were quite interesting and I would have loved to have seen some of the relationships [...]

    Georgiann Hennelly
    Mabel Hackenbush needs a job. Any job .She is between gigs , her car is in the shop and her ukulele was smashed during the last gigSo she is once again doing temp work as a secretary till she can save enough money to replace her ukulele and get back to her real job as a ajazz singer. This is an interesting story about what artist or someone who really needs the job will put up with from an employer. Just to enable them to get back to doing what they really love. Very interesting story line hated [...]

    Tedi Mason
    Full Disclosure - I got this book free from . That being said, I was a little disappointed. It would make a good beach book but it doesn't have much other than that. The characters are gross caricatures and not all that likable - not that characters need to be likable, but in being unlikable I didn't really like them. Hope that made sense. I also hope that there aren't any other Hackenbush stories floating around somewhere.

    enjoyed this fun romp with Dr. Hackenbush through the world of a singer doing temp work. As an artist I could relate to the doing of work outside of what you love to pay the bills, but this character has a way more unusual life than I do. Well written, moves quickly and keeps the reader involved. Really feel like you get to know these people. Fun! Thanks Ginger

    Read this in one dayd while I can't say it was my favorite recent read it was ok (especially for a free win!). Very choppy and takes a bit to piece the story info together before you can really start to enjoy the writing.I passed it along to a friend of mined I have to say she LOVED IT! So each to their own opinion. Give it a shot you might love it too.

    Stephanie Lindsay Hagen
    A delightful, fast-paced romp through money - and the lack of it - and ignorant men who need to be put in their place. And Hackenbush does it with style.Ms. Mayerson's writing is contemporary, offbeat and engaging. I've never listened to jazz but my interest has been sparked. Mable Hackenbush is my new hero!

    This book was OK, but for a book about fairly mundane events (office work and lounge singing), it somehow failed to come across as real, or relatable. The Hackenbush character is pretty blatantly a Mary Sue. It was enjoyable enough, but I don't think I'll be keeping up with the rest of the Hackenbush adventures. Won through First Reads!

    Ginger Mayerson
    I love this book. It was my first book and I had a blast writing it.

    Loved this book. These were the greatest group of characters- and I do mean characters!! I really cared what happened to these people. I would love a sequel. The book just went by to fast.

    Ginger Mayerson

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