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  • Title: Daughters of Eden
  • Author: Charlotte Bingham
  • ISBN: 9780553815917
  • Page: 492
  • Format: Paperback

  • DAUGHTERS OF EDEN focuses on the lives and fortunes of four very different young women at the outbreak of the Second World War Marjorie, left at a boarding school by her emigrating mother plain Poppy, pushed into marriage with a mean spirited aristocrat Kate, despised by her father, but determined to prove herself and man mad Lily, who turns out to be the bravest of thDAUGHTERS OF EDEN focuses on the lives and fortunes of four very different young women at the outbreak of the Second World War Marjorie, left at a boarding school by her emigrating mother plain Poppy, pushed into marriage with a mean spirited aristocrat Kate, despised by her father, but determined to prove herself and man mad Lily, who turns out to be the bravest of them all.That all of them are chosen to work undercover for the espionage unit at a beautiful stately home is a surprise, not least to them At Eden Park they not only meet each other, but become involved with three unusual young men Eugene, the seemingly feckless Irishman Robert, Kate s brother and dashing Scott, a master of disguise, and the undisputed favourite of the unit While there is hardly time for romance before each is sent out into the field, there is just enough for passionate new relationships to form Only Jack Ward, the mysterious spymaster, manages to remain aloof as he guides their destinies The fact that they will look back on this time as having made them feel exquisitely alive than ever before is not something they will know until much later.
    Charlotte Bingham
    The Honourable Charlotte Mary Th r se Bingham was born on 29 June 1942 in Haywards Heath, Sussex, England, UK Her father, John Bingham, the 7th Baron Clanmorris, wrote detective stories and was a secret member of MI5 Her mother, Madeleine Bingham, n e Madeleine Mary Ebel, was a playwright Charlotte first attended a school in London, but from the age of seven to 16, she went to the Priory of Our Lady s Good Counsel school in Haywards Heath After she left school, she went to stay in Paris with some French aristocrats with the intention of learning French She had written since she was 10 years old and her first piece of work was a thriller called Death s Ticket She wrote her humorous autobiography, called Coronet Among the Weeds, when she was 19, and not long before her twentieth birthday a literary agent discovered her celebrating at the Ritz He was a friend of her parents and he took off the finished manuscript of her autobiography In 1963, this was published by Heinemanns and was a best seller.In 1966, Charlotte Bingham s first novel, called Lucinda, was published This was later adapted into a TV screenplay In 1972, Coronet Among the Grass, her second autobiography, was published This talked about the first ten years of her marriage to fellow writer Terence Brady They couple, who have two children, later adapted Coronet Among the Grass and Coronet Among the Weeds, into the TV sitcom No, Honestly She and her husband, Terence Brady, wrote three early episodes of Upstairs, Downstairs together, Board Wages, I Dies from Love and Out of the Everywhere They later wrote an accompanying book called Rose s Story They also wrote the episodes of Take Three Girls featuring Victoria Liza Goddard In the 1970s Brady and Bingham wrote episodes for the TV series Play for Today, Three Comedies of Marriage, Yes, Honestly and Robin s Nest During the 1980s and 1990s they continued to write for the occasional TV series, and in 1993 adapted Jilly Cooper s novel Riders for the small screen Since the 1980s she has become a romance novelist In 1996 she won the Romantic Novel of the Year Award from the Romantic Novelists Association.


    Jess Van Dyne-Evans
    This was a really good romp through four girls lives in pre-war Britain - like a Rosamunde Pilcher, or a good early Maeve Binchy.Quick read, nicely done.

    This book started out promising. I found Poppy's story very intriguing. However, I found the subsequent characters were less interesting. As the story progressed, I became detached and found myself losing interest and not following the story. I finished the book, but didn't get much out of it.

    I had a difficult time deciding on a rating score for this novel. The introduction of characters was sloppy, making it difficult to keep each person clear, sometimes leavīng physical details ūntil well after my picture of an individual had been formed. The story centers on some young women in Great Britain în the days leading up to WWII through Christmas 1940 or 41. The content appeals to me, but the lack of clarity lowered my score.

    Several young women are selected, in the early 1940s, to work in Eden House, for undercover espionate as war is declared in the UK. Exciting, fast paced, presumably accurate in many respects albeit fiction. I didn't find any of the characters particularly sympathetic, but perhaps that's because too many are followed. Still, quite a page-turner - tense, giving insights into undercover life during World War II.

    A lovely read. This book tells the story of 4 young women at the start of WWII in England who all get brought to Eden Park to work in a clandestine unit. Each of them has interesting experiences and meets others like themselves and each undergoes a transformation from the girl she was before. I like Bingham's writing and will read more of her booksis was the first of hers I've read.

    This story follows several people at the start of WII in England. They are recruited to work for a secret agency. I am interested in this time period and I found the book to be an interesting portrayal of recruiting, training and utilizing people from different backgrounds as "secret agents". Good story line, I'd like to see a sequel.

    I enjoyed this book until the end when it seemed to literally lose the plot! There seemed to be suggestions of more sinister goings on which were never explained. It almost was as though a chapter was missing!!!

    Puja Narula
    A World War book which changes the way people, especially women, lived their lives in Europe and Britain in particular. It brings together four young women from different backgrounds who succeed despite all odds, who are liberated just as their country stands at the brink of a war. Liked the book!

    The storyline was good, a well constructed spy novel set at the beginning of the Second World War. Potentially interesting characters. Unfortunately completely spoilt by the cliched relationships and the cheesy, cheesy writing and dialogue.

    Starts before ww2, and, brings together a group of people who would not otherwise have met,the storyline, is very good and the description brings out the sense of the time involved, I listened to this on audio book, and so enjoyed it, I've already borrowed the follow up from the lbrary

    A little sudsy, but well done.

    Caroline Button
    I love fiction based on this era and found this a compelling story, where I was absorbed in each storyline as it weaved its way to the conclusion.

    Enjoyed this might try some more

    Melanie Raye
    loved it!

    Nicole K
    Apparently, Daughters of Eden is a trilogy. Unfortunately, the first of its trilogy could not motivate me to hunt for the following two books; unusual since I am quite a war fiction buff.

    I love war-era books and this one has to be my second favourite. The book is beautifully written, with some characters you can really sink your teeth into. Brilliant.

    This book took place in pre-WWII and during the war in England.It was about 4 females who ended up working at Eden Park--doing secret gov't work for Britain.

    Shonna Froebel
    Good read, lots of action.WWII spy stuff

    Mooi boek, heeft me tot het einde kunnen boeien.Verhaal over 3 vrouwen en 3 mannen aan het begin van de 2e wereld oorlog en hoe zij hun steentje bijdragen in de verdediging van Engeland.

    • [PDF] Download Ç Daughters of Eden | by ↠ Charlotte Bingham
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