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  • Title: Let's Count Goats!
  • Author: Mem Fox Jan Thomas
  • ISBN: 9781442405981
  • Page: 482
  • Format: Hardcover

  • I can see the airport goats and I can see their cases.But can you count the pilot goats with goggles on their faces This hilarious count to ten book features goats of all shapes, sizes, hobbies, and professions and each spread gives readers a delightful opportunity to count the funny four legged creatures Acclaimed author Mem Fox s renowned humor and infectious rhyme mergI can see the airport goats and I can see their cases.But can you count the pilot goats with goggles on their faces This hilarious count to ten book features goats of all shapes, sizes, hobbies, and professions and each spread gives readers a delightful opportunity to count the funny four legged creatures Acclaimed author Mem Fox s renowned humor and infectious rhyme merge with celebrated illustrator Jan Thomas s bold and brilliant illustrations to make this an instant goat by numbers classic.
    Mem Fox Jan Thomas
    Mem Fox was born in Australia, grew up in Africa, studied drama in England, and returned to Adelaide, Australia in 1970, where she has lived with her husband, Malcolm, and daughter Chlo , happily ever after.Mem Fox is Australia s most highly regarded picture book author Her first book, Possum Magic, is the best selling children s book ever in Australia, with sales of over three million And in the USA Time for Bed and Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge have each sold over a million copies Time for Bed is on Oprah s list of the twenty best children s books of all time Mem has written thirty picture books for children and five non fiction books for adults, including the best selling Reading Magic, aimed at parents of very young children.Mem Fox was an Associate Professor in Literacy Studies at Flinders University in Adelaide, Australia, where she taught teachers for twenty four years until her early retirement in 1996 She has received many civic awards, honours and accolades in Australia, including two honorary doctorates She has visited the United States over one hundred times, mostly in her role as a literacy expert although she is also a well known author in America She is an influential international consultant in literacy, but she pretends to sit around writing full time.Winner of the Dromkeen Medal 1990.


    Eva Leger
    And here we have the exact same thing that happens all over childrens (and adults literature). I have a hard time believing that all of ratings and reviews I've seen on-line for this book are honest. I'm more inclined to think they're going off of the one name "Mem Fox". (And nooooo, I'm not calling you a liar so unless you're feeling like you weren't all that honest in your review - don't touch it.) This is nothing if not mediocre. I mean, seriously. What is special here? Is there any one thing [...]

    Danica Midlil
    This should be awesome. Mem Fox and Jan Thomas in one book?!? The awesomeness should be brighter than the sun! Somehow, it's not. Not really sure why either I think I'll have to ruminate on the mystery. Sometime later:Okay, I figured out why this doesn't work. Jan Thomas's wonderful humor comes from the interaction between the outlandish character AND the subdued or worried or fearful one. This book ONLY has the crazy goats bouncing off walls. It lacks that interaction of something trying to tam [...]

    Sarah Mayor Cox
    Mem Fox is back with one of her best texts yet. Let’s Count Goats! Yes why not – can’t think of anything more I’d like to do. This humourous story appeals to young children’s sense of the absurd:Here we see a mountain goat frisking in the sun.And here we see a city goat going for a run.The illustrations do what all good illustrations do in a picture book worth its salt – they add extra information and/or a subplot to the story. Jan Thomas has done just that with her very stylised goa [...]

    Today's favorite. The kids loved counting and shouting out the different numbers of goats. I think some of them just liked giving me the wrong numbers so I'd recount it aloud with them. But it was silly and well-written, with the familiar bright and simple illustrations. The kids were almost ignoring the rest of the writing in the book and immediately started counting once I flipped the page.

    Weird book but I always love the illustrations of Jan Thomas!

    Counting goats - fun and funny. Young PB.

    Clara Dowling
    One of the more fun children's "counting" books!

    The humour in the illustrations was perfectly geared to my young grandchildren ages 2-4. Goats that eat everything in sight, including tables, sandcastles and even airplanes, was hilarious to the children. I would definitely borrow this book again from the library.

    Mara Loventhal
    Title : Lets Count Goats!Author: Mem Foxllustrator : Jan Thomas Genre: Counting BookTheme(s): Counting, Goats, Rhyming StoryOpening line/sentence : Here we see a mountain goat frisking in the sun. And here we see a city goat going for a run.Brief Book Summary: This book is a rhyming count from one to ten book. It allows children to count the ten different goats while keeping them engaged by getting to see what each goat is doing. All of the goats are doing different hobbies, having different job [...]

    Dakota Nightingale
    Let's Count Goats is a very creative way to introduce counting. I borrowed it from a daycare library, where I work, and have read it almost every day for a week, yet it never seems to get old. It is an original book with cute goats to help children learn.

    Kate Chazin
    Who would have guessed that there are SO MANY different kinds of goats? This adorable, rhyming children’s book walks the reader through a wide variety of goats—airport goats, pilot goats, show-off goats, summer goats, little goats, fireman goats, and more. Different numbers of goats are featured on each page—though math skills aren’t explicit in the text, the title “Let’s count goats!” makes the objective of the book abundantly clear. The goats are there to be counted! This is the [...]

    A manic and very funny counting book that will have readers laughing at the antics of the goats that they are trying to count. Can you count the single seaside goat? How about the goats buzzing by in airplanes? How about the loud trumpet goats? Or the ones in the snow? The talents of Mem Fox and Jan Thomas are delightfully displayed here in one of the top counting books of the year.Some counting books suffer from trying to maintain counting on each and every page. Part of the success of this boo [...]

    The genre of this book is a picture book, and is intended for children who are (N)birth to age five. This book is all about counting goats. It helps with learning to count from one to ten. The words in this book are also rhyming. "Let's Count Goats" allows you to interact with your child or students as well. It gives you the rhyme and then you have to count the number of goats on the page yourself. The pictures cover the whole page and are bright and colorful. The goats are all doing silly thing [...]

    Sarah BT
    This is a fun counting book! The author encourages to reader to count the goats on the various pages. The goats are engaged in a variety of activities, like flying airplanes and throwing snowballs. This is a bit more complex than your typical counting book because the author never gives a clue as to how many goats are supposed to be counted or mentions any numbers. There are also parts where readers are supposed to find specific goats in specific activities. But it's fun to count the goats on ea [...]

    This combination of Mem Fox's delightful rhymes and Jan Thomas's hilarious illustrations makes for one awfully fun book. It's sort of a counting book, but the book itself never tells you how many goats are in the picture - it's completely up to the reader(s) to supply the answer, which sets it apart from most counting books out there. Honestly, I don't know why I enjoyed this book so much maybe I was just in the right mood when I read it. But Mem Fox's text really is amusing. And Jan Thomas's il [...]

    Liem Nguyen
    Fox, Mem. Let’s Count Goats! This is a nice book that show pictures of goats in all sort of way. We see goat running, drinking, eating, flying and other whacky funny poses.Illustration is very simple with clear dark line. The goats in the book hardly look like goats. I recommend this book for story time and where you give the children opportunities to interact. The book does not identify how many goats are in the picture, but rather ask the reader how many goats are in the picture. I recommend [...]

    Jessica Brown
    Too long for SR&R, but it was also 150+ people so it's difficult to say whether it would work in a smaller setting. It seems as though it would be okay for smaller/other storytimes, but then again I assumed it would be conducive to counting (given the title) and it really isn't. Plus, the rhymes are on not on the same two-page spread which makes it difficult to recognize them as easily as they should be for young kids. This is an absurdly detailed review for a really simple picture book. heh [...]

    There really are not enough books about goats, most kids can't even figure out what sound a goat makes, so I think that we are long overdue a good goat book. And as my coworkers know, I love Jan Thomas (of What will Fat Cat Sit on fame) so naturally I enjoyed this book. I think my favorite part was the duck who looked skeptical about the goat's antics. While I did enjoy the book, there was a little bit of disconect between the illustrations and the words, it seemed almost as if the goats were re [...]

    Molly Robbins
    I love this book! There are so many things you could teach using this book that are so entertaining. On each page, there is something different that the goat is doing, and it is having the reader count how many goats are in this picture. This book would be perfect for either a child who is struggling with reading OR a child who struggles with math, because this gives them something fun to work with. It also is a rhyming book so you could incorporate teaching that in there too.

    With so many children's books starring chickens, cows, and rabbits, the kidlit world desperately needs a good goat book. Mem Fox delivers this silly counting book about goats living their exciting goat lives flying airplanes, visiting the seashore, playing trumpets, and throwing snowballs. I liked that the counting book design is subtle, with the number of goats increasing every few pages.

    Sometimes I find Mem Fox a little wordy, and I think that while this book is not one of her worst offenses, it is on it's way to being wordy. There isn't really a payoff to the book either. The payoff is the illustrations, which are bright and hilarious as Jan Thomas specializes in. Otherwise, this book is a solid "meh."

    Melissa Gregory
    This is great book to introduce to young, beginning readers. It uses bright, bold colors that stand out and attract every age. It also does a great job of inroducing new words that students are alwys excited to hear. while doing this it involves counting. Throughout the book, the goats are doing many different things that normal kids would do, so it is easy for them to relate.

    I am studying pcture books in rhyme and this counting book intrigued me.On hardly any of the pages does the author use number words.I wonder if this was a collaboration between the author,illustrator, and publisher beforehand.I doubt if a first time picture book author would be able to sell this same manuscript.But, it is cute.

    Fun with counting goats! Filled with wonderful rhymes that engage the children by pausing to count the goats. Plus, it’s full of words we don’t always use in everyday speech like ‘frisking’, ‘terrified’ or ‘careering’.Early Literacy Skills:Narrative SkillsPhonological AwarenessPrint AwarenessPrint MotivationVocabulary

    Not often do you come across a counting book that doesn't have any numbers. Not a bad book for a preschooler to read with a grown-up. I could see it leaning well towards a group read-aloud because it simply asks how many goats are on the page. Children would be inclined to answer. However, if I were a preschooler, I would get bored with it.

    Mary Conroy
    This is a very cute book, great for kindergarten aged students! The poem is very cute and the pictures are hilarious. Kids will have a great time counting the goats they see on each page. The numbers only go up to about 15, so this may be more helpful in the beginning of the year.

    With a rhythm and theme similar to "Where Is the Green Sheep," Mem Fox presents goats in various situations and asks the reader to count them. The bright illustrations give this a more humorous feel than "Where Is the Green Sheep" and will definitely give you a smile.

    This is a cute book about counting goats. The illustrations are great and the book is great for helping kids learn to count. This book would be great for a math and reading lesson for Kindergarten students. Reviews:Publishers weekly (Oct 2012)School library Journal (2012?)

    I like Mem Fox, and I adore Jan Thomas. That being said, this book was a bit of a letdown. The illustrations were very colorful, but almost too busy, and I couldn't really connect with the storyline of different types of goats. I expected more from this author illustrator pairing. Bummer.

    Great combination of Mem Fox's verse and Jan Thomas' bright, bold colorful illustrations. Fox and Thomas produce a collaboration that captures a buoyant humor and offers a terrific opportunity for a shared read-aloud or independent counting outside of the set formula: 1, 2, 3, 4

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