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  • Title: The Black Mountain
  • Author: Rex Stout Max Allan Collins
  • ISBN: 9780553272918
  • Page: 493
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • Vowing to avenge the murder of his dear friend, Marko Vukcic, Nero Wolfe, along with his faithful partner, Archie Goodwin, journey to the hazardous mountains of Montenegro.
    Rex Stout Max Allan Collins
    Rex Todhunter Stout December 1, 1886 October 27, 1975 was an American crime writer, best known as the creator of the larger than life fictional detective Nero Wolfe, described by reviewer Will Cuppy as that Falstaff of detectives Wolfe s assistant Archie Goodwin recorded the cases of the detective genius from 1934 Fer de Lance to 1975 A Family Affair.The Nero Wolfe corpus was nominated Best Mystery Series of the Century at Bouchercon 2000, the world s largest mystery convention, and Rex Stout was nominated Best Mystery Writer of the Century.


    An essential for all Nero Wolfe fans. Wolfe's best friend the restauranteur Marko Vukic is murdered, and Wolfe must leave not only his brownstone but the U.S.A. itself in order to catch the killer. He and Archie journey to Montenegro, Wolfe and Marko's native land, and it's a treat to see Wolfe hiking in the mountains with a knife taped to his leg. Also, this mystery presents an interesting formal problem. Not "whodunit"--we know the identity of the murderer--but a "how-do-it": how to get the "w [...]

    This book has the most tragic beginning among all the stories in the series. One of the closest Wolfe's friends is killed and the police is completely baffled in the murder investigation. The famous New York detective makes exactly the same progress in his own investigation as the police: none. He gets more and more frustrated and finally makes the unthinkable: not only he leaves his brown house, he also leaves US and goes to Montenegro (The Black Mountain) as the only clue he found leads him to [...]

    Ho una passione per Nero Wolfe e Archie Goodwin, sono riuscita a rintracciare tutti i titoli (me ne mancano solo 3), perlopiù in vecchissime edizioni del giallo mondadori. E' talmente riposante: in genere non ci sono quasi mai situazioni di suspence, tranne la risoluzione finale nello studio di NW; AG fa la vita dello scapolone brillante; le trame sono perfette e quasi mai ripetitive. Solo alcuni volumi sono tirati via, ma sospetto che la traduzione e l'editing degli anni '50-'60 abbiano le lor [...]

    Jill Hutchinson
    This is the most atypical of all the Nero Wolfe books as Wolfe not only leaves the house for an extended period of time but crosses the ocean in search of revenge. His best friend from boyhood, Marko Vukic is gunned down in assassination style and Wolfe goes to Montenegro, the land of his and Marko's birth to hunt down the killers. He also discovers that his adopted daughter, Carla has been murdered as well. With Archie in tow, they hike the mountains of the rough and lawless country to search f [...]

    The most exciting adventure Nero and Archie have ever had!I listened to this story again March 30 and 31st of 2016. Nero goes home to the place he was born and Archie pretends to be his son to catch a killer and bring him back to NY and justice.

    This is Rex Stout's clean-up novel. Having created a fully formed world for Nero Wolfe from the very first novel, Stout was left with something of a paradox. Every story that strayed beyond the walls of the W. 35th St Brownstone was a satisfying glimpse into the mysterious paradoxes of Wolfe. Over time Wolfe began to accrete a history. Most of these began innocently, his affinity for a particular restaurant evolved into a lifelong friendship with the restauranteur Marko Vukcic, which then added [...]

    All I can say is Wow! Considering the fact that this book was written in 1954, it seems very prescient. Rex Stout did a very good job portraying/describing the conditions of the people of Montenegro, which was, during the 1950's, part of Yugoslavia. Considering the fact that they believed there was always hope, if not for Montenegrins of that time, but for their children, is how Mr Stout "saw the future." I took the time to read up on Montenegro and it did reach full independence in 2006. They w [...]

    Kudos to Rex Stout for grappling with the Poirot Problem: What do you do when your series detective, to whom you whimsically gave an exotic foreign background, becomes so popular that fans demand to know about his past? Agatha Christie created Ariadne Oliver to vent. Stout tops her by killing off Nero Wolfe's oldest friend, forcing the sedentary sleuth not just out of his house but onto a plane to Montenegro.This has to be the oddest book in the Wolfe/Goodwin series. Nero Wolfe, the legendary co [...]

    David Monroe
    The mystery is secondary. Archie is secondary. In this adventure, Nero Wolfe is moved (literally) to action by the deaths of his childhood friend (most recently the owner of the only restaurant Wolfe left his brownstone for) and his estranged adopted daughter. This is not an overly emotional Wolfe. He doesn't rage. He doesn't cry. Stout knew his character well. Just throwing some lines in showing Wolfe spending 18 hours at One Police Plaza going over notes and research, moves the secondary chara [...]

    This is a rare opportunity to observe Nero Wolfe out of his element. Nero's closest friend (Marko) and owner of Rusterman's, his favorite restaurant is murdered. Wolfe & Archie fly to Yugoslavia in search of the killer. YESNero leaves his Brownstone to solve a murder. Unheard of but it at long last it has happened. This is a first for Nero with Archie by his side of course. I listened to this (and I've read the book) on CD masterfully narrated/performed by Michael Prichard. If you haven't li [...]

    The least typical book in the entire 40something-year Nero Wolfe series. Wolfe's oldest friend, who is also a covert money man for a Montenegro independence group in Tito-era Yugoslavia, is murdered, which compels Wolfe to not only leave the office, but covertly head back to his native soil to bring the murderer to the States for justice. It's a good read with nice character interplay, but definitely shouldn't be the first Wolfe book you read. A one-off change-of-pace story only works the way it [...]

    Brenda Clough
    This is a fun Nero Wolfe book, not your standard New York sleuthfest. I most adore the Wolfe books where they get into personal stuff, and here we are! Back in Wolfe's native country, in what we must now call the former Yugoslavia. This book was written before much political reshuffling, of course. And there is a crime to solve, naturally. But the idea of Archie posing as Wolfe's son is endlessly fun and has generated vast theorizing in the fan community.

    Rex Stout is possibly the best mystery writer ever, and again, the mysteries themselves are barely passable. But the characters of Nero Wolfe and Archie Goodwin are fantastic. They are the best tune out for the weekend books I have ever had my hands on. And I have tuned out for many weekends. Read at least three. If you don't want to go on from there, well fine, be that way.

    Monica Willyard
    An entry in this long running series with a very different flavor. Nothing could induce this detective to leave home except the death of his oldest and dearest friend. I suspect the author had a great deal of fun writing this particular book. I particularly enjoyed the word play in the role reversals, though I think this is something only a long time series reader would notice.

    Moses Operandi
    I love a good Nero Wolfe mystery, and this certainly fits the bill.

    Mark Lisac
    A satisfactory tale. Very satisfactory, as Nero Wolfe might say.Old relationships are broken after the murder of Wolfe's best friend, Marko Vukcic. But Wolfe's essential relationship to integrity remains intact even as he searches for the killer. The one-seventh of a ton detective not only leaves his brownstone mansion but ventures into the wild hills of Montenegro, returning to his birthplace. The mind boggles at the description of him climbing mountains and navigating narrow cliffside ledges b [...]

    I had never read a Nero Wolf mystery, just watched or listened to them. Although hard to picture Wolf roughing it, the mystery was fun. I had missed the fact he was from Montenegro, so that part of his background was intriguing. The mystery of a violent partisan war mixed with the murder of a restauranteur in New York was very clever, it worked well.The integrity, sense of justice, of legality, of propriety that are part of Wolf's character, receive a development and revealing that are illuminat [...]

    Luis Larrea
    This is an atypical Nero Wolfe novel; atypical because is much more an adventure novel that a crime one.There is a crime since the beginning of the story, true; but the solution of the crime does not imply the use of the genius of Nero Wolfe nor a final surprise; instead of that, we have much more action than in other novels. Nero Wolfe is using his ability anyway; but he is using it mainly to manipulate different people, not in order to solving the puzzle. However, this novel is interesting bec [...]

    This is an unusual Nero Wolfe story, and an enjoyable one; Wolfe and Archie travel to Yugoslavia during the Cold War to find the killer of a good friend of Wolfe, the chef Marko Vukcic. The story works well despite being to a significant extent bereft of e.g. the classic Archie/Wolfe-Cramer/Stebbins conflicts (as much of the story takes place outside New York, most of the standard supporting cast play a smaller role in this story than is usually the case).I believe one should familiarize oneself [...]

    Scott Drake
    I'm sure Mr. Stout was desperate to get Nero Wolfe and Archie out of the house and write something completely different and he did it acceptably. The problems with that are glaring; not in the least, it was like reading about completely different characters. The murder of Marco was genius in its own device to get the show on the road, as it were. And the preliminary investigation was also crafted with believability. But this mountain of a man hiking and climbing and not having a heart attack is [...]

    Richard Schwindt
    Wolfe is back in his dark and foreboding homeland of of Montenegro. Following the death of a close friend he is forced to undertake a journey for which he is ill prepared. Still, he speaks 7 languages and is accompanied by a particularly fierce and funny Archie Goodwin. As much a spy novel in some ways as a mystery this takes fans out of the New York brownstone and along mountain paths in a communist redoubt. Worthy entry in the series

    Panu Mäkinen
    Mustan vuoren varjossa on täsyin poikkeuksellinen Nero Wolfe -tarina. Nero Wolfe selvittelee lapsuudenystävänsä Marko Vukčićin murhaa ja matkustaa apulaisensa Archie Goodwinin kanssa Montenegroon, jossa heitä odottavat monenlaiset uhat ja vaarat. Juoni muistuttaa paikoin enemmän agenttitarinaa kuin perinteistä salapoliisikertomusta. Ei ehkä parasta Rex Stoutia, mutta kiehtova lisä Nero Wolfe -maailmaan.

    Kerri Jones
    This is the trip fiction I picked for Montenegro and I have to say it was overall a good choice. I learned that Montenegro literally translated means Black Mountain and also quite a bit of it's turbulent history which will be useful when we visit later this year. The actual story is part of a series about the private detective Nero Wolfe, and in this one he goes back to visit his homeland to find the murderer of his best friend.

    Not my favorite Nero Wolfe. He leaves New York and goes traipsing through the mountains in Montenegro. Archie doesn't speak the language, so the whole story is purportedly Nero Wolfe's words from his translating all the conversations for Archie later. So not only, is the story highly improbable, but the narrative also lacks the usual snap.

    A major risk by Stout, with huge changes from all the other Nero Wolfe stories so far, but Stout makes it work well, indeed, even adding new fundamental aspects to Wolfe and Goodwin, successfully.Also, during the height of the McCarthy era, Nero Wolfe mentions McCarthyism, and it takes a sort of stand for free speech. While climbing along a Mountain ledge, he recites the first four amendments to the constitution, which do with various freedoms. It was a brave moment for Rex Stout.

    This is definitely the wrong Nero Wolff book to start with, as it is very atypical of the dozens of others. I only read it to get a bit of background about Montenegro and Yugoslavia, as I am currently visiting Montenegro. I didn't enjoy the extremely verbose and stilted interplay between Nero and Archie, and will stick with Sherlock instead.

    Dakota McCoy
    This was excellent!! It is also a very atypical Nero Wolfe book, so if you are new to the series I would recommend you start at the beginning, get to know the characters, and work your way to this one. By the time you get here you’ll be hungry for this window into Nero’s past!

    A fantastic read! What an adventure and I did not expect this from Nero Wolf! I have not read many in this series but they have all been great mysteries. This one had a lot of excitement and I loved the location!

    Diane Haney
    Stumbled across this old Nero Wolfe mystery. I have always enjoyed Mr. Wolfe and his wise cracking jack of all trades, live in PI, Archie Goodwin, so decided to read it. This story is unique as Mr. Wolfe not only leaves his brownstone, but travels across the globe to Montenegro to solve the murder of his best friend. If not for the historical figures mentioned, this story could be a contemporary story . It is impressive when the plot and characters can carry a story and span time.

    Alexis Neal
    Marko Vukcic is dead. Nero Wolfe is extremely displeased by the murder of his oldest and dearest friend, and is even more displeased when, after weeks of effort, he is unable to locate or identify the murderer. Marko, it seems, was involved in international intrigue in their native Montenegro, and it seems increasingly likely that his murder is connected to his activities there. When Wolfe receives news that his adopted daughter (also a Montenegrin) was killed in nearby Albania, he decides to ta [...]

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