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  • Title: Pride Mates
  • Author: Jennifer Ashley
  • ISBN: 9781428508033
  • Page: 360
  • Format: ebook

  • Defense attorney Kim Fraser has to venture into the dark and dangerous Shiftertown to get answers for a client accused of murder, but the secrets she learns from the enticing lips of Liam Morrissey might just get her killed if the lion shifter doesn t claim her for his mate.
    Jennifer Ashley
    NY Times Bestselling author Jennifer Ashley writes historical, contemporary, and paranormal romance, historical mysteries, and urban fantasy as Jennifer Ashley, Allyson James, and Ashley Gardner Jennifer s novels have won RWA s RITA and RT Reviewer s Choice awards, have been translated into many different languages, and earned starred reviews from Booklist and Publisher s Weekly More about her books at jenniferashley, allysonjames, and gardnermysteries.


    Kat Kennedy
    It's important to remember, before you recommend a beloved book to me, that I am a salacious hellspawn deposited onto this earth for the express purpose of destroying all that you love and violating that which you hold most dear. Pride Mates is a strange concoction of 3 parts instaloving alpha male, 2 parts nonsensical female MC and half a part of shaky world-building. Put them all together and they just kind of distill into a boring muckwater that you neither want to drink - or pour out into th [...]

    UniquelyMoi ~ BlithelyBookish
    Where can I find an "I LOVE LIAM" bumper sticker?Pride Mates was a great start to a new series! The introduction into the Shiftertown world and hierarchy was interesting and never boring, which is no small feat for the first book in a series. The way the characters were developed and introduced into the story made me feel like I was meeting new friends, and not reading a who’s who of the Shifter world. I loved Liam! I loved him so much that I want an I LOVE LIAM bumper sticker. He was such an [...]

    This was a re-read for me, and I am happy to report that my tastes haven't changed too much! I still thoroughly enjoyed Jennifer Ashley's shifters, especially their all consuming love they develop for their mates! This seems to be the biggest factor I am missing in the current reads todayYou knowat love that is possessive, and forever?? I love that in my romance books, and the way the hero will love his heroine through everything. Some may say this isn't realistic; but the fact is that I read to [...]

    3.5 Lovin' Liam Stars"A girl walks into a barNo. A human girl walks into a Shifter bar."Pride Mates is my first read by Jennifer Ashley. I strive to read a variety of genres and authors. Although my preference seems to be a modern romance (with a hint of dark), I occasionally dabble in the paranormal sector of the book world. Pride Mates was quite an intriguing read.Jennifer Ashley has created a world where Shifters (animals that can shift into humans and visa versa) are forced to wear a collar [...]

    *Originally Read 12/5/10*After accidentally leaving a book I was reading at work I was restlessly prowling my shelves when I came upon this. I'd heard some pretty good things about the book and I enjoyed some of this author's other books, so I figured I'd finally give it a go. I enjoyed it for the most part, but it unfortunately didn't thrill me as much as it did some of my friends.The premise of the book was one of the most interesting parts for me. I really liked the society the author describ [...]

    Before you get discouraged by my two star rating I just want to say that I will be reading the next installment when it comes out. There were just enough unique ideas that the author came up with that I want to continue reading. This series has a good premise but it's literally oozing with the cheesy trappings of the paranormal romance genre.District Attorney Kim Fraser has a Shifter murder case dumped in her lap. The Shifter had a human girlfriend who got killed and he's blamed for it even thou [...]

    Laura the Highland Hussy
    I loved this book! Kim is a defense attorney who drew the short straw and is defending a Shifter named Brian. Kim goes to Liam, the second in command of Shiftertown, TX and holds her own on a virile, hot Shifter male. They are all Collared, but what if someone wanted his off? what would happen? Liam claims Kim as his mate, and she wants him, but not all this mating business. Too bad her heart has other ideas. She falls in love with him and they take down Fergus, the clan leader and all around as [...]

    Elise ✘ a.k.a Ryder's Pet ✘
    This book's not my thing. Well, it should've been, but the way the story was written it is not. First, there's insta-love, second, there's this thing that I find shifters powerful (like: they are more than humans: stronger, faster, more possessive, more animalistic) and the way the shifters were written in this book made me think there weret exactly weak, but definitely not powerful, at least not in my mind. Being collared and all made them less.als? Less themselves? “He looked like a man who' [...]

    RATING: 3 Sexy Liam Hearts!! :)Pride Mates is an entertaining, fast-paced shifter story with all the elements that make up a "good" PNR read present – an engaging plot, likeable characters, and a steamy, sizzling romance. Liam is the ultimate Irish alpha male, and his protective urges and attraction for Kim are sexy as all get out. Simply loved him! Kim is a strong, take-no-shit from anyone, fierce heroine, and her personality is a refreshing change from the usual doormat heroines. We also hav [...]

    Literary Ames Against GR Censorship
    "No Shifters Allowed!" - That's exactly what fascinated me in this book, this racist mentality both in law and society in general. Legally shifters aren't able to get high paid jobs or buy luxury items. Proprietors are allowed to ban shifters from their premises and racism against them is tolerated because they're "animals". They're an oppressed people forced to wear collars that suppress their more aggressive animal personality traits and when they think about or are about to act out violence, [...]

    Sophia Triad
    Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Kim and a big bad shifter called Liam - only the girl was a strong minded lawyer and the shifter was not really that bad.And he used to have a castle in Ireland but now he lived in a very small, poor home somewhere in US and loved drinking Guinness. Oh yes, and he had never been kissed, but when finally Kim kissed him, he did not become prince or frog - he just loved her more. And there were fae, not nice fae who used magic to make shifters suffer [...]

    Beanbag Love
    I've had this on my Kindle so long I nearly forgot about it. Years! But I finally cracked it this weekend and I'm kicking myself for not getting on board earlier.First an admission. I love shifters. I'm more a shifter girl than a vampire girl. Vampires -- usually -- are dead. That kind of bothers me. Oh, I can get over it for Bones, Spade, Vlad and Mencheres, but mostly ew. That said, not every shifter story is good. I've read a lot of stinkers, which has made me leery of starting anything new [...]

    OMG OMG OMG!!! I have been looking for a paranormal series to get into and I finally found it! I have had this book forever and have been ignoring it, what an idiot i was! This is my first shifter book as well, so I didn't know what to expect. What I got was a non-stop, heart racing, lots of hot steam sex and OMG swooning, I love these two story!Let's start with Liam.LiamG.Liam! I love this guy, he is a true leader, strong (mentally and physically), compassionate, fair, loyal. And of course he i [...]

    I am a little disappointed in this book. I can't decide whether it is because this author's style didn't translate well from historical to PNR, or if it is just not a great story. The world building is interesting, anytime humans think they can control anyone or any species usually ends up in disaster. I will expect that from future stories, but the set up is good here. However, I did not like the characters. I The heroine is a little too whiney for me and maybe a little too naive considering sh [...]

    I thought this book was absolutely wonderful!! I am a huge Shifter fan, but this book was more than just Shifters. It was a wonderful story about love and family! I loved the characters, their strength and their vulnerability. This book made me cry and laugh right out loud, I can officially say I am in love with a big Fae-Cat named Liam!! LOL :) But I truly can't believe I have to wait over 7 months for Sean's story (which sounds phenomenal btw!)

    Laurie Garrison
    I simply loved this book. It has everything that I enjoy in a good paranormal romance. Let me give you a small list; some violence,(lets just say this book is not for the faint of heart in some parts), some humor, a mystery, excitement, sizzling hot sex, and a shape shifting world unlike I have never read before. Here is a small list of things I liked; Liam and Kim have the right amount of sizzle, each is stubborn at times, then they are totally working together in their romance. So you don’t [...]

    3.5 Cute, relaxing read.It's everything you would expect from a paranormal, shifter romance. There's that cute background story, the girl and the guy, not a very complex world, there are problems and, of course, at the end everything is ok.The interesting part though was the plot twist, that was unexpected. And I always like to be surprised! :D

    3.5 stars

    Mandi Schreiner
    Twenty years ago, shifters came out to the public and since then, they have been portrayed as wild, reckless creatures that have limited rights and are discriminated against by many humans. If they don’t want to face immediate death, they must were a fae-made collar, one that expands when they shift so it is always on them. This collar supposedly keeps the shifters from acting violent, giving them severe pain if they cross that line.Kim Fraser is an attorney who has been handed a shifter murde [...]

    I really enjoyed the first installment of Shifters Unbound. I liked the characters, found them engaging, honest and loyal. Liamwhat a shifterThe story moved at a good pace and I was able to understand the world Ms. Ashley developed without all the extra explanations. It kept my attention and was an easy read.Oh and there is wonderful lovin, raw, and sensual sex scenes which I think were done very well.I am looking forward the next book in the series. I hope it's Sean's story.Highly recommend thi [...]

    I love Liam!! Ahora entiendo el amor de Neus por este cambiante sinlibrosnosoynadaJennifer Ashley ya me enamoro con el clan MacKenzie y con el clan Morrissey parece que voy por el mismo camino. He disfrutado mucho con este libro, la historia de los cambiantes y la relación entre Liam y Kim, una protagonista bocazas y con un par, muy alejada de las moñas que abundan por ahí (que, como veis, no son santo de mi devoción). Le doy un 4,5.

    Megan Riverina Romantics/Meggerfly
    Pride Mates (Shifters Unbound #1) by Jennifer Ashley Jennifer Ashley introduces us to a new and unique view of Shapeshifters in Pride Mates, the first book in her Shifters Unbound series.This bool takes us to Austin TX where Kim Fraser is a DA assigned to defend her client, a shifter, in a murder case. Shifters had made their presence known to the world and 20 years ago they were given collars to control their animal instincts and keep them in line. The collars, made by a 1/2 Fae and half human, [...]

    Laura (Kyahgirl)
    3.5/5; 4 stars; B+Maybe its because I had low expectations based upon the prequel I read but I enjoyed this book more than I thought I would. The world building was interesting. The story was a bit thin but I liked the shape shifter characters and Kim enough to make up for it. Will definitely read the next one in the series.

    Wow, I love Jennifer Ashley's writing. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it has a great storyline and hot alpha males, that are guaranteed to make your toes curl ;) What more can you ask for?

    Pride Mates4 StarsSynopsis:Scorned and feared, shifters are believed to be animals in human form and are kept on the fringes of society. Assigned to defend a shifter on murder charges, up and coming defense lawyer, Kim Fraser, is in over her head and seeks the help of shifter leader, Liam Morrissey. Liam’s charm and wit cannot conceal the undercurrents of power that characterize him and Kim will need his strength and protection both to unravel the mystery and for her very survival.Review:An in [...]

    **3.5 stars**This was more deep than I thought it would be. It dealt with discrimination, instincts vs. reason, love of family and sacrifice for the good of all. Throw in a heroine who was smart and brave without being TSTL and you have us a winner.In this world, Shifters came out 20 years ago and they are treated like second class citizens. They must wear a Collar to control their violent tendencies and they live in ghetto-like communities, are not allowed high paying jobs or even technology li [...]

    This is the typical paranormal romance involving smart human girl falling for sexy dangerous shifter. It was well written, not over-descriptive and a decent fluffy read if you want to gloss over a few things. Another plus point were the side characters of Glory, Dylan, Connor and Sean. Kim, honey you are meant to be smart but you decide to stand in a room full of hostile shifters and mouth off to the Alpha which could get your lover and his family killed? You were thinking 'Liam just shut her th [...]

    Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    I struggled to get through this book for some reason, but I can't quite put my finger on why. It had lots of elements I love: paranormal shifters, good world building, matesbut there was just something missing for me. I will probably give the second book in the series a try though, provided I can get it cheap. Hopefully I will connect with it better as it seems I'm in the minority in not really liking this one.

    D.B. Reynolds
    If you love Shifter stories, and I certainly do, you will love these books. Super sexy alpha male shifters, plus the occasional alpha female shifter, too, and lots of alpha humans to join with them. Ashley has created a fascinating Shifter society, blended it into the human world---or not, which the human government would prefer---and written wonderful stories. And best of all there are 5 novels and 6 novellas all lined up to read already, with the 6th novel due out next year.

    Sun Goddess Moon Witch
    Ughis book was SO bad! I struggled to get through this book like a stranded woman dropped off in the Sahara dessert. The main characters Liam (Irish protagonist and Fae big cat shifter) and Kim (heroine and law attorney) fell head over heels into insta-love land even though Kim has a boyfriend. I had issues with Kim's character because the author would bounce back and forth between portraying Kim as headstrong and independent but then would put her into situations that made her seem pretty stupi [...]

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