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  • Title: The Best Kind of Different: Our Family's Journey with Asperger's Syndrome
  • Author: Shonda Schilling Curt Schilling
  • ISBN: 9780061986833
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Hardcover

  • In The Best Kind of Different, Shonda Schilling, the wife of Major League Baseball All Star, former Boston Red Sox, and World Series championship pitcher Curt Schilling, shares the story of their son s Asperger s Syndrome, how it changed their lives, and what other parents can learn about this increasingly common diagnosis Candid and compelling, The Best Kind of DifferentIn The Best Kind of Different, Shonda Schilling, the wife of Major League Baseball All Star, former Boston Red Sox, and World Series championship pitcher Curt Schilling, shares the story of their son s Asperger s Syndrome, how it changed their lives, and what other parents can learn about this increasingly common diagnosis Candid and compelling, The Best Kind of Different traces their family s struggle with Asperger s, following Curt and Shonda as they come to understand their son s differences and in the process relearn everything they thought they knew about parenting.
    Shonda Schilling Curt Schilling
    Shonda Schilling Curt Schilling Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Best Kind of Different: Our Family's Journey with Asperger's Syndrome book, this is one of the most wanted Shonda Schilling Curt Schilling author readers around the world.


    Kevin Fanning
    If you're a parent with a kid recently diagnosed with Asperger's, this is probably a great place to start. The story she tells about trying to wrap your head around why your kid is different, and then getting the diagnose, and struggling with what it means, is front and center here, and it really closely mirrored ours in places. The sort of primary takeaways and coping mechanisms she lists in Chapter 10 or so are great. This is very much a book about her family's journey, so it does go into deta [...]

    The story of the Shilling family and how their lives changed when their 7-year-old son was diagnosed with Asperger's. I was hoping for more insight and understanding, but I found myself constantly annoyed by the way the story was told. Too many details about baseball (Curt Shilling was a very successful pitcher) and way too much "I'm a martyr" stuff from Mrs. Shillings -- things like how she didn't even hire a nanny until she had four kids and how hard being a single mom was while her husband wa [...]

    This was an okay book. I gave it three stars because the author was sincere and gave a good look at their personal story. Also, I loved the introduction given by the father. However, not being a sports fan at all and being a homeschooling mother, I found it really hard to relate to their whole lifestyle. I have read several other books about children on the Autism spectrum and generally they focus on the child with some motherly perspective thrown in. Shonda does speak about Grant quit a bit and [...]

    I didn't realize the Schillings have a child with Asperger's until I saw them being interviewed several months ago. Their candor during the interview piqued my interest, and it was clear this book was going to reveal all their parenting and spousal warts. While Curt was endearing himself to Red Sox Nation as #38, starting pitcher, and integral member of two World Series Championship teams, Shonda was at home coping with their brood, whose issues include ADHD, an eating disorder, and Asperger's. [...]

    Well as a mother of an asperger's child- this book really hit home. My son has been diagnosed for awhile now but I still didn't realy get why he acts the way he does. Reading another mother describe her child and it be so similar to mine really woke me up. I didn't understand that a lot of the things he does are because of the asperger's. I'm glad I read it and will be reading more on the subject. oh and I will stop yelling now!

    Spider the Doof Warrior
    Grant seems like a great kid.I liked this book. Me and the Schillings probably different politically, but this is OK. They learned to adapt to their Apergian son. They agonized a bit, as many folks who have a child who is SO DIFFERENT would, but seemed to slowly learn and that different isn' tbad. That there is hope. That Asperger's isn't a dark, dank dreary tunnel. It's not easy, but it can be worked with and understood and your family can come out of that tunnel a lot stronger and wiser.

    Derralyn Monahan
    If you're a sports fan and know who the Boston Red Sox are than you'll know who Curt Schilling is especially but this book puts several things that I've got interest in. It puts my favorite professional baseball team the Boston Red Sox, autism, and a very special professional baseball pitcher's live all in 1 book! As someone who has autism myself this is an amazing book, especially with knowing that a professional baseball player most like does have autism but never knew that he did!! I would hi [...]

    I picked up this “diagnosis memoir,” as I tend to think of them, on a whim from the library and am glad I did. The writer is refreshingly open about her experiences becoming a wife and mom while her husband is involved in a demanding baseball career and shares candidly about the ups and downs of parenting a child with Asperger’s Syndrome both before and after the diagnosis.We hear a lot about the grieving process that parents can go through upon receiving the news that their child has a di [...]

    Megan Blosser
    Change a few names and circumstances, maybe drop the household income just a bit ( ;-) ), move the family to the midwest instead of the northeast, and this is my story. It meant a lot to me to read a book about Asperger's (or HFA or ASD or whatever you prefer to call it) written from a mother's point of view. I've read clinical text after text, and first person memoir after memoir, but this book was the first time I saw MY feelings on the pages. Shonda Schilling isn't the greatest writer ever; t [...]

    J L's Bibliomania
    As the mom of 2 young men with (admittedly mild) Aspergers, I've been running through the genre of memoirs of Aspergers and Autism families. I'm not much of a baseball fan, so I started reading before I realized who it was about.Much of this book parallells our experience. Like the Shillings, we also went through the experience of having a really bright kid that we suspected "something" wasn't quite right, but it took until he hit the wall academically in 2nd grade before we went through the ach [...]

    My friend, Lew Frost heard an interview on the radio with Shonda Shilling, the author of this book and thought of me, so I got the wonderful surprise of receiving an unanticipated book from .Shonda is not much of a writer (she admits that she's hardly read any books herself), but her gift of sharing the most personal and honest parts of her life requires a withholding of judgement. Although I don't have any children with Autism spectrum disorders, I've found the skills they used to help their so [...]

    Heather Price
    This is a rich family with access to plenty of resources for their child with extremely high functioning autism. I thought I'd find more similarities between their experiences and mine but what I found was that mom was really a single mom during Dad's baseball seasons, Grant's autism went undetected and undiagnosed for years (I don't even know how that's possible!) and that they're coming at their special needs situation from a vantage point of "we're rich and we don't want to be seen as differe [...]

    Meredith C
    If you happen to be a baseball fan with a slight interest in Asperger's, then this book is perfect for you. The parts about baseball made my mind wander and the insight into Asperger's was not deep enough to enlighten me beyond what I already knew. I wasn't looking for an informative book on the syndrome since I've worked with children like Grant for a dozen years. I was looking for a parent's point of view, and I appreciated the truth Mrs. Schilling conveys in her own struggles. Her journey how [...]

    This was an interesting memoir of MLB legend Curt Schilling's family journey with Asperger's. His son was diagnosed in early elementary school, and this is the account (written primarily by his wife) of their struggle to learn what was causing his social issues, and how to provide him with the best environment they could. Since Asperger's (or borderline Aspergers) touches my life in a very personal way, it was interesting to read about what another family has gone through. I found their account [...]

    I found it incredible that someone with a son who has autism wouldn't realize this fact for the first seven years of his life. To me it would be obvious. So I read this book with interest - it's really a look into a life completely different from mine. Their family moved and traveled a lot, and their lives revolved around professional baseball. Their wealth granted them access to all kinds of treatments and help, but the spotlight also caused Shonda to be obsessed with being the perfect wife and [...]

    I really enjoyed this personal account of the Schilling family's experience with Asperger's Syndrome. Grant Schilling, son of famous Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling, was diagnosed at the age of seven. This book chronicles the years up to that diagnosis, and about two years after it. It's very honest, and I feel like Shonda Schilling gave us a very intimate account of their lives and emotions as they dealt with Grant's issues, which, for seven terribly difficult years, they had no understanding of [...]

    This book reads as a memoir and while the title suggests that it will address an entire family's reaction to an Asperger's diagnosis that isn't the case. The primary focus is the author's reactions to the diagnosis and subsequent situations. She proceeds to document her struggle from the beginning of the diagnosis to the date of publication. The experiences of the siblings are minimized in supposed favor of the Asperger child. I had hoped to glean a better understanding of the spectrum and learn [...]

    Marge Prohofsky
    I read this book because my 16 year old step-son was recently diagnosed with Asperger's. I wanted to understand and relate to a family similar to my own. I can relate to the struggles of parenting a child that is "different". I could also relate to her problem in explaining to other parents about her son's differences. I'm glad that Shondra was able to have her son diagnosed accurately as a young child. I liked the honest look that she gave her family as they struggled with the confusion of inte [...]

    Shonda shares what life is like with a son who's "different", which ultimately makes her and her family different in many ways. As a whole, though, it really is more the story of her life, starting when she meets her husband. I loved how genuine she is, how honestly she tells her story. I think this is a great book for anyone to read, whether or not you are struggling to better understand a child, or yourself. (Aren't all we parents trying to answer that question?) As elated as I was to finish t [...]

    I'd give this book 3 1/2 stars, so we'll round up to 4. This is a good book for any parent to read who struggles with a child being different. It is a good reminder that we don't need to worry about what the rest of the world thinks about our child or our parenting, and how we just need to do our best to help our children learn and grow and become the best that they can be. I do not have a child with Asperger's Syndrome, but I still found a couple ideas helpful and the main theme was good for an [...]

    A really down-to-earth and honest account of one mother's struggle with her son's diagnosis. This book is incredibly honest and Shonda Schilling does not shy away from talking about the times when she was at her breaking point and the moments that brought her to tears. There is a lot of important parenting information that can be taken away from this book as well as good, understandable information about autism spectrum disorder and Aspergers. The introduction by Curt Schilling is also well writ [...]

    Kristen Golson
    It was an interesting read. She was very candid about her home life and the stress it put on her. I find it amazing that not one other person saw the signs her son exhibited and recognized. She is also very negative about her husband always being gone. I'm sure it put a lot of stress on her but it's also what she signed up for when she married him! I was glad she saw the positives in her life towards the end of the book and glad she was humble enough to recognize that her marriage needed help. I [...]

    I saw her speak in our town. She was wonderfully funny and honest and came across the same way in this book. Although the main topic of the book is uncovering and helping her son after his Asbergers' diagnosis, it also tells the story of ALL the challenges she (and many women) face. She deals with her own illnesses, questions her parenting skills, addresses being a single parent much of the time due to her husband's baseball career. She doubts herself and blames herself for not helping her child [...]

    This book was not quite what I expected. All of the background information about life prior to Grant's diagnosis was nice, I suppose, but I was starting to feel like this was Shonda's memoirs rather than the story of their family's journey with their son's AS. That said, it was well-written, brutally honest (especially the parts about Shonda's struggle with depression and anxiety), and informative. Having a brother with AS myself, I would definitely recommend this book to someone who has or know [...]

    Shonda is very brave for sharing her family story of imperfection with the public where so many times they expect perfection. No kid is perfect and it's the parents who acknowledge this that make the best parents. You can only help a child when you understand where they are coming from wheter or not you can labe the behavior. Many traits of Asparger's (and lots of other conditions) take so much extra energy and patience from parents it just can't be explained. This book would be good for any par [...]

    This was insightful, supportive, and helpful, and it was funny too--she has a good sense of humor. Since I'm from the Boston area and am a long-time Red Sox fan, I liked when she wrote about Curt's baseball career, especially when the Red Sox won the World Series, and how it connected with what their life was like at home with their son and his difficult behaviors. Baseball was secondary however to the main point of the book. A must-read for parents who have a child or loved one with Asperger's. [...]

    Keith McGowan
    Although not the best written book, I commend the author for being open and honest as 1) the wife of a star baseball pitcher, and 2) the mother of a child with Asperbergers.Both of the roles have challenges. Multi-million dollar contracts might seem to soften the demands placed on her by an absentee husband/father while she tries to figure out why her son is different from other boys, but she deserves credit for describing those challenges.I read this book to gain insight into Asperbergers and w [...]

    This was a great look into another family's journey in determining why their child is different from other children and how they can help. It shows how they deal with the public perception on how a child should be behaving and how they came to accept their differences.I would recommend this to any family who has a child on the autism spectrum, or with any other neurological disorder, ADHD, Sensory Processing or who just has a child that acts out a lot.

    I enjoyed this book very much. It was recommended to me by a friend who has a grandchild with Asperger's. It is a very blunt and honest story of the Shilling family's struggle with coming to terms with their son's Aspergers. There is no cure and it's a life long condition to cope with. Curt Shilling is a retired major league baseball player and was active on the Red Sox team when Grant was diagnosed. Their lives was very 'public.'

    Great book of one more visible family's experience with Aspergers. There is a lot of info pertaining to what is available for families, tactics for maintaining some family equilibrium, retraining behaviour or dealing with symptoms. Also there is much support for trading guilt for constructive analysis, moving forward and not looking for blame. It seems to me that all people have a bit of Aspergers in them, just some are not equipped to deal with it in socially acceptable ways.

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