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  • Title: Heart and Soul
  • Author: Evangeline Anderson
  • ISBN: 9781607375326
  • Page: 348
  • Format: ebook

  • Genre LGBT 80 s ContemporaryPrevious Book FireworksSeries Note Heart and Soul is a continuation of the adventures of Detectives Valenti and O Brian Their story began with The Assignment, followed by I ll Be Hot for Christmas and then Fireworks.The Boys are BackIt s been two years since tall, dark, and stoic Detective Valenti, and his partner, blond, intense O BrianGenre LGBT 80 s ContemporaryPrevious Book FireworksSeries Note Heart and Soul is a continuation of the adventures of Detectives Valenti and O Brian Their story began with The Assignment, followed by I ll Be Hot for Christmas and then Fireworks.The Boys are BackIt s been two years since tall, dark, and stoic Detective Valenti, and his partner, blond, intense O Brian came to terms with their true feelings for each other Going undercover at the RamJack, the most notorious gay resort in the country, tested their friendship to the limit and forged a new love between them that has grown immeasurably since.But now O Brian has accepted a new, dangerous undercover assignment where Valenti cannot follow Working for James Talbert, the man who is single handedly responsible for illegal pornography than anyone else in the country, is bad enough But the porn kingpin is also suspected of making gay snuff films and his last five stars have ended up six feet under.Valenti begs his partner not to go, but O Brian is determined to take the assignment and then fails to check in at the appointed time Fearing the worst, Valenti goes undercover to rescue his partner, only to find himself caught in Talbert s sadistic web Now he and O Brian will be forced to act out a madman s darkest desires on film and hope they both survive The ordeal will test their love and force them to bare themselves to each other in a way they never have before, both Heart and Soul.Publisher s Note This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable Dubious consent, male male sexual practices, violence, voyeurism.
    Evangeline Anderson
    Evangeline Anderson is a registered MRI tech who would rather be writing And yes, she is nerdy enough to have a bumper sticker that says I d rather be writing Honk if you see her She is thirty something and lives in Florida with a husband, a son, and two cats She had been writing erotic fiction for her own gratification for a number of years before it occurred to her to try and get paid for it To her delight, she found that it was actually possible to get money for having a dirty mind and she has been writing paranormal and Sci fi erotica steadily ever since.


    Well….what to say? This book was headed for a 2 star rating throughout more than half of it, then came redemption and it bumped up to three.Heart and Soul is the fourth story in The Assignment series. Where as the first story, The Assignment, was quite good (major emphasis on the sex but there was a story line and lots of angst, which I luuurve) the subsequent shorts (I'll Be Hot for Christmas and Fireworks) were rather meagre. With no real plot and nothing happening to push the story (or Nick [...]

    Valenti and O'brian's appearance in this spicy short is a fan treat. O'brien says yes to an assignment that could put his life in danger. He goes in alone and Valenti is upset when he doesn't hear from O'brianone night. There are some cringe inducing moments between Valenti and O'brian while at the mercy of the porn kingpin.The feeling is there. You get the play by play that these two love each other and, now, they aren't afraid who knows it. The raw awarness has been soaked up by them being tog [...]

    SHOW ME SOME LOVE!!!What can I say I love these two, Nicky and O'Brian never disappoint. I just love the way they love each other its just so sweet, hot and carnal. These two light my fire and casue cumbustion whenever I read them.So Nick and O'Brian are best friends turned lovers we met them in the The Assignment. Two years has passed since then and they are more in love. So we know in the first book they got together because they went undercover as a gay couple and they both realized that what [...]

    We once again visit Valenti & O'Brian. It is about 2 years and 2 months after The Assignment. The two men are still partners on the police force and still hiding their relationship. This time there is a case of a man making gay porn snuff films and O'Brian goes undercover to try to get evidence, but since Valenti can't go in as back up O'Brian agrees to check in everyday. When he doesn't check in one day Valenti knows something is wrong and goes in after him.This story is disturbing early on [...]

    4.5* Featuring Detectives Valenti and O'Brian from The Assignment the first and my favourite of the series, this shortish follow up has our intrepid trouble magnets caught up in a snuff porn operation which puts their lives and love on the line. Sexy, satisfying read you've got to love these guys. Another fave couple and highly enjoyable.

    Serena Yates
    Another very nice instalment in this series.I liked the initial tension of the current case Sean and Nick are working on combined with their developing relationship. There are a few things they need to come to terms with as a result of their newest predicament (those two just can't seem to stay out of trouble). The result left me hoping for more stories.

    Sophia Triad
    The story takes place about two years after "the assignment". Valenti and O' Brian are still deeply in love with each other and still hiding their relationship in the closet. Let's not forget it is still early 80s. During a new assignment they both end up at the mercy of a gay porn kingpin. The traumatic experience Valenti had was a bit too much for me. A bit too disturbing. I don't think good sex and love words were enough at the end of the story to correct the situation and the trauma.Anyhow, [...]

    I found the sexual violence gratuitous.

    Oh, the things those two go through :((

    I so missed these guys. Detective Sean O'Brian and his partner Nick Valenti, who got real close and personal in "The Assignment" have been lovers for two years after their fateful time at the RamJack club posing as a gay couple to expose a drug ring. Now Nick is devastated when his partner takes off on a special assignment on his own, infiltrating the household of a dangerous gay porn producer whose latest movies turned out rather violent and disturbing - with the depicted models having vanished [...]

    Nuevamente cierro un ciclo con esta pequeña saga de relatos homoeróticos, la cual nos presentan a los detectives Valenti y O'Brian y cómo fue que comenzó su relación amorosa desde el descubrimiento de los sentimientos que sentían el uno por el otro en “La misión” hasta el punto en que deciden irse a vivir juntos después de que casi se pierden el uno al otro en este último tomo que no pierde esa parte de erótico pero que también como lector te hace sufrir un poco por las circunstan [...]

    Charmaine Stephens
    This 4th book in the"Assignment"series I would definitely say is the roughest out of the bunch! Some stuff that goes down in"Heart & Soul"is a bit hardcore BDSM play. It gave it more of an edge with suspense and felt like it raised the stakes and upped the ante.I like how it feels like O'Brian has excepted himself and his sexuality more than ever. After everything him and Valenti have been through together. Its refreshing to see them finally find a happy place. And desperate times, calls for [...]

    Stacey Jo
    So this is the 4th installment in the Assignment Series that takes place two years after The Assignment and is by far the darkest and most disturbing of the four. O'Brian has taken a solo assignment into the underbelly of the porn world to stop the source of gay snuff films. He won't back out of it even though Valenti begs him not to do it. When O'Brian doesn't check in during his appointed check in time, Valenti knows something is seriously wrong so he goes undercover and goes in to save his lo [...]

    I loved that the author did another book with O'Brien and Valenti, but darn it. I wanted it to be much, much longer! These guys are so great together and reading them is fun, sexy and heartfelt.Here Sean goes undercover as a pool boy at a mansion where the owner is reputed to make illegal gay porno and snuff films. Obviously Nick doesn't want him to go because there's only one position and Sean has to go by himself. My only complaint is that this scenario is too similar to what happened in book [...]

    The boys from The Assignment are back.O'Brian and Valenti have return in the fourth installment, Heart and Soul. Now the orginal was one of the first m/m romance stories I read and to this day it is one of my favorite. As much as it hurts me to say it I was a little disappointed with Heart and Soul. The story line is too similar to the orignal and lacks its sense of humor. I was glad to see the characters(Like old friends), but I wanted a more diverse storyline. That said I still enjoyed reading [...]

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    Another short read following Sean and Nicky's dramas and inner dilemmas and more importantly their problem solving and solutions, always involving HOT sex!" Heart and soul, O'Brian agreed. Us against them. That's the way it's always gonna be." - Sean2.5 I do like Sean and Nicky stars

    Well wasn't that just a brutal little short. Is it bad that I loved it anyways?!? Poor boys.

    I love them so much.They are best couples in universe.And Even ıf I want more reading them I sad because THe series is finish.

    Danielle Thomas
    Love these guys. Hot novella.

    I loved the first book in this series, but as the series went on I was more disappointed. Don't get me wrong, the sex scenes are great. It's the parts in between that are just contrived. There is no organic flow between the characterizations and what the characters actually do. Two tough detective, who've been friends since their academy days, who've seen each other through the best and the worst of their lives, including divorces and nearly being killed, find themselves falling in love with eac [...]

    Secretly Reading
    HEART AND SOUL is a great conclusion to the series but even a newcomer could pick this erotic novella up and enjoy it.Cops Valenti and O'Brian have been lovers for two years when O'Brian agrees to take a dangerous undercover assignment without Valenti. When O'Brian fails to check in with Valenti, he knows something is wrong and goes to rescue O'Brian. Now an evil snuff porn director is holding both O'Brian and Valenti, and their relationship and lives are at risk.I've really enjoyed this erotic [...]

    Sean decides to go on an undercover case without Nick, which Nick is not happy about. Of course, everything does not go according to plan. Nick could tell something was not right. I feel like this story was similar to The Assignment. It was a short story, but more substantial than I'll Be Hot for Christmas and Fireworks. If this is the last one, I would have loved more of an ending.

    Despite having all the right elements, Heart and Soul is my least favorite EA book to date. Mostly it is due to the fact that it read more like a shortened version of the first book in the series, The Assignment, rather than a sequel. Also, O'Brian was kind of aselfish prick. Some of the writing was almost word for word from the previous short, Fireworks. I do love a good Fuck-or-Die and overall the author did deliver what was promised. Ms Anderson is also very good at keeping the plot simple en [...]

    Deanna Against Censorship
    The middle of the story was similar to the first story except the quys have been in relationship for awhile. The last third made the story. Seeing them come together (no pun intended - well maybe) with such love and acceptance was warm and sexy. I also seeing more interaction with their Captain as they still try to keep their personal lives out of the police department. I would love to read a fully developed novel written about these two characters.

    I have no idea why I kept on reading all the books of this series when I clearly didn't love the first one. The author must be doing something right because though the silly and yaoish plots, I can still recall something good about it. This series has a good mix of PWP, angst and manly men which makes it er, readable. No, I still have no idea why I read it. Or why I even re-read it form time to time. Someone should enlighten me.

    Ah, this poor m/m romantic suspense got a bit caught in my expectations for it (sequel to The Assignment!) and my discomfort with parts of the story itself. Don’t get me wrong – it was a decent read and definitely worth reading if you enjoyed the previous book (and subsequent shorts) – but I had trouble reading around all the plot holes. *sigh*

    While Heart and Soul could be read as a stand-alone book, so much of the history from the first book, The Assignment, on Valenti and O'Brian's relations is needed to fully appreciate this sequel. This is a short book, it weighed in at 89 pages on my iPad, but I didn't feel that the story was rushed or lacking. It's a fast paced read and I would recommend it to anyone who's already read The Assignment. You'll like it.

    sk B
    So, like many others have been saying the plot line of this book is basically a rewrite of the 1st book. It doesn't mean this book isn't entertaining but at near $5 for very very few pages and nothing really new it was way over priced.The writing is good, and the adult scenes are hot, the characters are still really lovable too which is what makes the disappointment worse. So much potential that wasn't met :(

    La autora se copia a sí misma con esta historia, solo que cambia los roles de los personajes. La trama (calcada del primer libro de la serie) en esta ocasión es tonta, los diálogos son infantiles, las situaciones hieren bastante la sensibilidad (estuve a punto de dejar el libro a medias en más de una ocasión)Lo redime un poco el final, aunque no lo suficiente como para darle dos estrellas.

    • Best Read [Evangeline Anderson] ↠ Heart and Soul || [Psychology Book] PDF ☆
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