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  • Title: Ruthless Russian, Lost Innocence
  • Author: Chantelle Shaw
  • ISBN: 9780373129201
  • Page: 416
  • Format: Paperback

  • After witnessing her father break her mother s heart with his numerous affairs, Ella Stafford had vowed never to fall in love A gifted violinist who plays with an orchestra, she is devoted to her music and not interested in dating any man especially enigmatic Russian oligarch Vadim Aleksandrov Disturbingly sexy Vadim has a reputation as a playboy, but Ella is known asAfter witnessing her father break her mother s heart with his numerous affairs, Ella Stafford had vowed never to fall in love A gifted violinist who plays with an orchestra, she is devoted to her music and not interested in dating any man especially enigmatic Russian oligarch Vadim Aleksandrov Disturbingly sexy Vadim has a reputation as a playboy, but Ella is known as the Ice Princess and turns down all his invitations to dinner until he kisses her and she begins to melt Vadim is haunted by the ghosts of his past He wants Ella than he has ever desired any woman, but he is sure that passion is all they can ever share until he discovers that his beautiful mistress is expecting his baby
    Chantelle Shaw
    I grew up without a TV, let alone DVD s, computer games etc that my kids spend so much time engrossed in, but I learned to read at an early age and from then on I was always entertained so much so that my friends used to hide their books when I visited them because all I wanted to do was read When I was a teenager I discovered Mills Boon romances in my local library, and so began a lifelong love affair I still remember that feeling of anticipation when I settled down with a pile of books all bearing the famous rose logo knowing that I would be drawn into a world of love, passion and emotional intensity that I have never found in any other books I enjoy reading a wide range of books, especially historical novels, and I am a big fan of Agatha Christie, mainly I think because her characters seem so real, but I love romances and unashamedly admit that I only want to read books with a guaranteed happy ending Reading is my joy and pleasure and I don t want to cry buckets at the end of a book or have my sleep disturbed by its gruesome content.For me, the characters in Harlequin Mills Boon romances are the key I love reading and writing about strong, alpha heroes and feisty, independent heroines who find that they can t fight the blazing attraction between them.When I married my own tall, dark, but sadly not wealthy hero, we moved out of London to the Kent coast and started a family that grew and grew I adore my six children, and when they were small I loved being a stay at home mum, but there can be days, as I m sure many of you know, when you feel isolated and dare I say it bored of conversing with three year olds Harlequin Mills Boon romances were my life line and my sanity and I read them whenever I had a spare five minutes in the bath, pacing the floor at three am with colicky baby on one shoulder and a book in the other hand My imagination soared and I decided to try and write a book myself My first attempt was typed up on a manual type writer with the full stop key and the letter p missing Luckily my hero and heroine were not called Paul and Poppy, but it still meant going over my manuscript with a pen to fill in the gaps That first book was duly rejected as were my next two I suppose I was disheartened and by now I had four small children and very little spare time, so although I continued to read romances, I gave up writing It wasn t until my youngest son started school that I tried writing again I was struggling to come to terms with the death of my darling mum Gabrielle and writing became my therapy Mum had always nagged me to get on and write a book and had an unshakeable belief that I would one day be published I m so glad that she was proved right and my biggest regret is that she isn t here to share my success with me.I wrote two books which were both rejected by HMB, but I was given some advice on my writing from the editorial team that encouraged me to try again Third time lucky certainly applied to me the day I received the call was exactly four years after Mum had died It was one of the most exciting moments of my life but instead of chatting to the editor about contracts I had to dash off and pick my sick daughter up from school Reality is never far away in my house I have now had nine books published At the Sheikh s Bidding was released in September 08 My next book, Argentinian Playboy, Unexpected Love Child will be out in the UK in July 09, and The Greek Billionaire s Innocent Princess in the UK in August 09 I have just had my twelfth book accepted and am already busy on my thirteenth Now that my children are growing up I am able to write every day between 9 am and 3 pm, but often I become so involved with my characters that I sneak off to write again in the evening I feel I must be one of the luckiest people in the world to be doing something that I love, but I work hard at my luck and I believe that w


    Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books)
    This was a pretty good book. I had some issues with some of the choices for execution that Ms. Shaw made, and I'll discuss those.Russian Hero: Major points there. However, I didn't like that his edgy, dangerousness was mainly due to his ruthless manner in which he would go through women. He was a serious womanizer who never got emotional with his bed-partners. His pursuit of Ella was pretty coldblooded, although there was serious sexual tension and attraction between them. I didn't like how he w [...]

    I'm on the fence about this one. I liked it in the beginning and then found myself getting bored in the middle; then finally my interest resumed towards the end again. I liked the characters and the depth, but it didn't feel like much of a love story - at least from the H's point of view. The H - Vadim- is a commitment-phobe billionaire playboy ( as they so often are inHP's) and has a tragic past. The heroine - Ella- too is scarred in her own way. So obviously, their mutual emotional baggages ma [...]

    The heroine Ella is a woman unwilling to commit or get married after seeing her father cheating on her docile sick mother and abusing them both. Now she is a famous talented violinist and is totally devoted to her career. The hero, a playboy Russian tycoon is instantly in lust with Ella and his pursuit of her is ruthless and relentless! I liked both the hero and the heroine. They were a bit more complex than I originally assumed. Vadim is a very dark tortured hero. He has a scarred painful past [...]

    This book frustrated me. I know it's not my book and I didn't write it but the author made some choices that just bothered me. Here's an example of the type of thing I mean. He comes on to her. She says "no thank you I don't want to date you in fact I'm too involved in my music to date anyone". Several times this happens. When she finally gives in and he finds out she's a virgin, he blows a gasket. He says words to the effect that "If I'd known you were a virgin, I'd never had taken you to bed. [...]

    I was surprised to like this one, as it turned out a better book than the title suggested. They were not my favorite characters (she would drive me crazy with her frailties and he with his chauvinism) but their characters rang very true and were well described. It would have even rated a four star, if the author (1) would take out the line about how after five day absence her body "craved for its master." Its written in 2010 for God's sake, surely the English girl knows better, and (2) the cause [...]

    Read in the One-Click Buy: May 2010 Harlequin PresentsSynopsis - At 24, violinist Ella Stafford has a reputation as an ice princess and prefers music to romance. While she is an exceptionally gifted and accomplished musician, she suffers crippling stage fright and only grudgingly circulates at the gatherings after her performances. When she catches Russian tycoon Vadim Alekdsandrov’s attention at such an event in Paris, her immediate impression is that he is gorgeous and dangerous – way out [...]

    This book was interesting to read once for me. It was different in comparison to other Harlequins that I read. The Hero, Vadim, and Heroine, Ella, both have their own emotional baggage, starting from their childhoods. But do to this it is really hard for either of them to open up to each other. All he wants is a mistress, but as they get to know each other they start opening up to each other she finds away to pass the barriers to his heart and becomes really important to him. She never wanted to [...]

    Bu ayki Stars Of Romance serisinden Chantelle Shawın Melek Yüzlü romanı da müzik temalarında kurgulanmıştıGeçmişi ile barışamamış bir adam ve erkeklere güvenemeyen bir kadın vardıİkisinin de geçmişten yaraları vardıElla Keman virtiözü Vadim ise Rus milyarder idiVadim hiç bir kadına bağlanmadan yaşıyorduSert bir karakter idiGeçmişinde karısı ve çocuğunu kaybetmenin vicdan azabını yaşayan bir adamdıO yüzden hiç bir kadınla çok uzun ilişkilere girmemişt [...]

    this was not dat bad but i did not like it. ella was supposed 2 be playboy-phobic, yet she cud not resist vadim. vadim was the worst type of man. he was very disgusting the way he wud think dat ella is getting too attached 2 him, but nevamind he wud satisfy his lust then get rid of her, he cud not care abt her feelings. at the end ofc we learn dat he had a tragic past, his wife n daughter had died but really the way he acted was as if he hated women. i thought a betrayal wud have been a better c [...]

    Consuela Rossetto
    Eleanor Stafford, apprezzata violinista, non frequenta la vita mondana né ha mai perso la testa per uno sconosciuto. Ella ha sempre dedicato tutte le sue energie alla musica, quindi è la prima a stupirsi dell'effetto che l'incontro con Vadim Aleksandrov ha su di lei. Fin dal primo sguardo che si scambiano, infatti, capisce che fra loro c'è qualcosa di unico e, nonostante provi con tutte le proprie forze a respingere quella consapevolezza, finisce con l'ammettere l'attrazione che prova per uno [...]

    Man, I hate it when a decent read disappoints. The writer did a good job of creating damaged characters only to rush the denouement and waste a lot of her effort. I'd definitely read another book by her, but I'm kind of disappointed by this one :(

    Mehe author seemed at a loss for words at some points in the story, repeating her self from earlier in the book. MEh

    Lynsey A
    Sweet story but nothing that really stands out to make it more than 3 stars. No angst it even a jerky hero. Decent enough read.

    Regina taylor
    i love it

    La calidez de su cuerpo de colo en el de ella y sus corazones latieron al mismo tiempo.

    Muy entretenida con un toque de profundizar en por que son asi los personajes para mi gusto tendria que ser un poco mas extensa pero linda historia sin terceros en discordia.

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