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  • Title: A Postillion Struck by Lightning
  • Author: Dirk Bogarde
  • ISBN: 9780753819302
  • Page: 269
  • Format: Paperback

  • Dirk Bogarde s own vivid and engaging account of his childhood and first steps as an actor a bestseller on first publication in 1977 At the top of the field the cottage roof stuck up with its chimney, and then the flint walls and the two rather surprised looking windows in the gable looking down to the farm Round the cottage was a rickety wooden fence with bits of wireDirk Bogarde s own vivid and engaging account of his childhood and first steps as an actor a bestseller on first publication in 1977 At the top of the field the cottage roof stuck up with its chimney, and then the flint walls and the two rather surprised looking windows in the gable looking down to the farm Round the cottage was a rickety wooden fence with bits of wire and an old bedstead stuck in it, and some apple trees and the privy with its roof of ivy and honeysuckle A POSTILLION STRUCK BY LIGHTNING marked Dirk Bogarde s transition from star of stage and screen to a bestselling and internationally acclaimed author.This vivid and engaging memoir traces the first steps of Dirk Bogarde as a young actor before he became world famous as well as his childhood amidst the enchanting beauty of rural Sussex Here is the delightful harmony of summer days spent fishing with his young sister, a hunt for an escaped tortoise, the discovery of the biggest mushroom in the world, and the quest to win a pet canary at the local fair Then came the plays he and sister used to put on in their barn, followed by the local amateur dramatic society, all a prelude to his growing desire to join the world of the stage.
    Dirk Bogarde
    Dirk Jules Gaspard Ulric Niven van den Bogaerde was born of mixed Flemish, Dutch and Scottish ancestry, and baptised on 30 October 1921 at St Mary s Church, Kilburn His father, Ulric van den Bogaerde born in Perry Barr, Birmingham 1892 1972 , was the art editor of The Times and his mother, Margaret Niven 1898 1980 , was a former actress He attended University College School, the former Allan Glen s School in Glasgow a time he described in his autobiography as unhappy, although others have disputed his account and later studied at the Chelsea College of Art and Design He began his acting career on stage in 1939, shortly before the start of World War II.Bogarde served in World War II, being commissioned into the Queen s Royal Regiment in 1943 He reached the rank of captain and served in both the European and Pacific theatres, principally as an intelligence officer Taylor Downing s book Spies in the Sky tells of his work with a specialist unit interpreting aerial photo reconnaissance information, before moving to Normandy with Canadian forces Bogarde claimed to have been one of the first Allied officers in April 1945 to reach the Bergen Belsen concentration camp in Germany, an experience that had the most profound effect on him and about which he found it difficult to speak for many years afterward As John Carey has summed up with regard to John Coldstream s authorised biography however, it is virtually impossible that he Bogarde saw Belsen or any other camp Things he overheard or read seem to have entered his imagination and been mistaken for lived experience Coldstream s analysis seems to conclude that this was indeed the case Nonetheless, the horror and revulsion at the cruelty and inhumanity that he claimed to have witnessed still left him with a deep seated hostility towards Germany in the late 1980s he wrote that he would disembark from a lift rather than ride with a German of his generation Nevertheless, three of his memorable film roles were as Germans, one of them as a former SS officer in The Night Porter.Bogarde s London West End theatre acting debut was in 1939, with the stage name Derek Bogaerde , in J B Priestley s play Cornelius After the war his agent renamed him Dirk Bogarde and his good looks helped him begin a career as a film actor, contracted to The Rank Organisation under the wing of the prolific independent film producer Betty Box, who produced most of his early films and was instrumental in creating his matin e idol image.During the 1950s, Bogarde came to prominence playing a hoodlum who shoots and kills a police constable in The Blue Lamp 1950 co starring Jack Warner and Bernard Lee a handsome artist who comes to rescue of Jean Simmons during the World s Fair in Paris in So Long at the Fair, a film noir thriller an accidental murderer who befriends a young boy played by Jon Whiteley in Hunted aka The Stranger in Between 1952 in Appointment in London 1953 as a young wing commander in Bomber Command who, against orders, opts to fly his 90th mission with his men in a major air offensive against the Germans an unjustly imprisoned man who regains hope in clearing his name when he learns his sweetheart, Mai Zetterling, is still alive in Desperate Moment 1953 Doctor in the House 1954 , as a medical student, in a film that made Bogarde one of the most popular British stars of the 1950s, and co starring Kenneth More, Donald Sinden and James Robertson Justice as their crabby mentor The Sleeping Tiger 1954 , playing a neurotic criminal with co star Alexis Smith, and Bogarde s first film for American expatriate director Joseph Losey Doctor at Sea 1955 , co starring Brigitte Bardot in one of her first film roles Bogarde continued acting until 1990 Daddy Nostalgie was his final film.


    Jasper Dorgan
    A beguiling read in which Dirk Bogarde shows he is as adept at languid, intelligent and penetrating expression in his writing as he was in his acting. His descriptions and feel for the passions and detached indifferences of childhood are first rate and his life and its varied characters are an interesting world to explore. Not the ususal film star autiobiography. This one is real writing and a real pleasure.

    A Postillion Struck by Lightning by Dirk Bogarde (1977)

    A very good and lyrical narration of a rural childhood(mostly) between the wars, then the glasgow school of Hard knocks, and what he really was born to be, an actor, and the outbreak of war.Well written a great read , though why he was at times as he would say himself he was so beastly to his sister is beyond me.

    The second half of this really made the whole book for me. All that idyllic nostalgia of the first half was very well but it was vaguely disturbing me how absent Dirk himself was in the narrative, and when he did allow himself to appear was with some fairly alarming sinister negativity.But the Anthracite Years was where I really started to find this fascinating, perhaps because I always appreciate a realistic awakening to blissful ignorance. And watching this version of Dirk being pulled into aw [...]

    I finally finished Dirk Bogarde’s “A Postillion Struck By Lightning.” It’s the first of the actor’s eight volumes of memoirs, and I’m always interested in people who have multi-volume autobiographies, because I wonder how on earth they have so much to say about their lives.This was not one of those typical “And-then-I-slept-with,” dictated-to-a-ghost-writer, celebrity autobiographies. Indeed, it’s more properly a memoir, rather than an autobiography, because though it covers Bo [...]

    Julian Hudson
    Deceptively clever and thoroughly well written memoir. Dirk tells a very clear, strong story and with a deliberate structure (which he refers to at beginning of the book), along the way giving wonderful descriptions and uses language so creatively and beautifully. There's also a lovely sense of some historical aspects from the early 20 century. Before reading this book I saw reviews claiming that Dirk is so brilliant at this genre. Well, having read it now I have to agree. One thing I learnt for [...]

    1/5th of the way through; he's still about seven years old and I'm bored witless. Yet everyone claims this gets better?Ok, it stopped being like Proust--but only around 70 percent of the way through. Interesting guy, obviously interesting life--but he's just barely acting, and we're only at the war. And we even skip that, and his British acting career, and go straight to his first experience in Hollywood?How many more volumes?

    An idyllic childhood glowingly described in loving detail leads to a short sharp account of his toughening up in Glasgow. Then a quick gallop through the beginnings of a stage career before being called up into the army. Instant cut to being in Hollywood - one chapter, the end. Did the editor slash everything between as too boring, or what? The beginning was lovely, but I wish I hadn't bothered with the rest.

    Have begun rereading Dirk Bogarde's autobiographical works, with this, the first installment. The reminiscences are vaguely thematic, based as they are around Mr. Bogarde's early golden years. The childhood he led must have been idyllic, and was from the way he sets it out in this book. In the later books in the sequence things take a different turn. In this all is rosy and rose-tinted. Enjoyable.

    I really enjoyed all of Dirk Bogarde's books. I read them a long time ago, so forget the details, but a good idea to start with the first one, this is it. This series is autobiographical. I love France and he spent a many years living there.Others in this series are (in order):2/ Snakes and Ladders3/ An Orderley Man4/Backcloth5/A Short Walk from Harrods6/Cleared for Take Off

    Lauren Wilder
    Wonderful memoir of Dirks childhood and journey into adolescence. Funny, witty, dry and humorous. A real treat! This was th efirst in Dirk's autobiographies and it started me on a journey of discovery of all things Dirk related. I recommend his books to everyone, they are just simply fantastic.

    Very entertaining description of an idyllic childhood. The book also covers the author's first steps in his acting career. Towards the end, the story becomes rather disconnected, and the ending abrupt. I guess the author got bored. Still, a lovely reading experience.

    Why am I surprised at how good this book was?

    Fascinating look at the formative years of the 50's heartthrob.I've written quite a lot about his films in my blog The History Usherette.

    Stella Fraser
    I especially enjoyed the early childhood descriptions of times in the countryside. I hope children today still have such pleasures.

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