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  • Title: Madcap Masquerade
  • Author: Persephone Roth
  • ISBN: 9781615812400
  • Page: 418
  • Format: ebook

  • The Randwick family is as noble as any but lives in greatly reduced circumstances When Loel Woodbine, Duke of Marche and heir to three fortunes, makes an offer for Miss Valeria Randwick s hand, it seems like a godsend, but the young lady has already promised her heart to another and a commoner, at that Desperate to avoid the marriage, Valeria concocts a wild scheme thatThe Randwick family is as noble as any but lives in greatly reduced circumstances When Loel Woodbine, Duke of Marche and heir to three fortunes, makes an offer for Miss Valeria Randwick s hand, it seems like a godsend, but the young lady has already promised her heart to another and a commoner, at that Desperate to avoid the marriage, Valeria concocts a wild scheme that depends upon the good graces of her monastery raised brother, Valentine When the prospective groom sees through the ruse, he surprises Valentine by agreeing to cooperate But can Marche and Valentine fool London society while dealing with an accusation of murder and the distracting fascination between them
    Persephone Roth
    Persephone Artemis Roth lives in Savannah, Georgia, with two beagles, three foundling cats, and one husband, who works in public transportation An avid rider, she wishes some day to live on a farm and breed horses, but for now, she s a city girl She got her name from her father, a keen student of mythology, and her love of books from her librarian mother Persephone is a lifelong admirer of Georgette Heyer and romance in general She also loves Thai cuisine, glass painting, and walking at night.


    This is part of Dreamspinner’s “Timeless Dreams” line which states: A Timeless Dreams title: While reaction to same-sex relationships throughout time and across cultures has not always been positive, these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that may address, minimize, or ignore historical stigma.However, for reasons that I will explain, I don’t think this book – despite having a fanciful premise – needed the disclaimer regarding the gay culture.I had to get my head in a certain p [...]

    This book has snappy dialogue that never is not in the style of the time which I respect so much. The bantering between the two main characters goes back and forth and it's witty and funny and I just never wanted it to end! Get this book, you will not be disappointed.

    I love the language of this. It reminds me of actual Victorian romantic novels I haven't read.I dunno if it's even the right time period (but who cares, right, because everything old is just classified in the Old period, yeah? [I'm joking, of course]) but it does make me think of Jane Austen and I dunno, other stuff, but more readable. And as with an Austen novel, as soon as I get all excited about the nasty little web of intrigue being woven, it devolves into fuck knows and I have no fucking cl [...]

    Leslie Nicoll
    I have a feeling that Madcap Masquerade is book that people will either love or hate. For me, my opinion doesn’t go all the way to love, but I enjoyed it and found myself re-reading big chunks of it prior to writing this review, which is always a personal subconscious sign that I liked a book quite a bit.Now, let’s get some details out of the way. This is a Dreamspinner “Timeless Dreams” title that comes with the disclaimer that, “…these stories celebrate M/M love in a manner that ma [...]

    3.5 starsI really enjoyed this charming and humorous Historical romance. The writing is good, the characters are entertaining and I was happy to have read the story.My complete review is posted at Rainbow Reviews

    I bought this years ago (despite that awful cover), and finally decided to have a look at it. There were some good things in it, but I was skimming by the end. This book kind of has a bit of everything--instalove, instalust, disguises, murder, kidnapping, disputed inheritances, lookalike siblings, a sham marriage, pirates, runaway lovers, scheming underlings, cross-dressing, princes, sword fights, duels, a chase to France, wise-cracking sidekicks, amazing coincidences, a Snidely-Whiplash-style v [...]

    Myristica Myristica
    A delightful historical romance. I read it in two days. I'm not a voracious reader. If a book bores me I tend to lose interest and move on to another book, this one held my interest. Suffice it to say when I read six chapters in one sitting without stopping, believe me the book is GOOD! It was well plotted and the characters well developed. There were some definite editing problems, most notably words were dropped from sentences, but the dialogue fit the time period and I was immediately drawn i [...]

    This is a pleasant, easy-to-read book that fits beautifully into the genre of Regency Romance. Each chapter was the ideal size for me, and I always wanted to go on to the next. The language is nicely done - just one instance of 'anyways' for 'anyway' struck me as incongruous, otherwise there was little unforgiveable.Ms Roth says she loves Georgette Heyer, and this book is a m/m romance that could easily have been written by the great lady, if she had ever dreamed of such a thing.All the above no [...]

    It is what it is a fluffy romance novel.

    I admit I chose this book due to the cover and thought it’d be a sweet historical. Well it is a sweet historical story with no real truth to the timeframe except the utterly dry writing and bland, boring plot. I struggled to get through the first 100 pages and almost gave up several times before committing myself and getting through the book. The prose is wordy, awkward, and uninteresting while the characters are very classic stereotypes with only outside influences to create artificial tensio [...]

    Martha H.
    3.5 there was something about the execution of the plot, like it was out of control. I liked the characters, liked the storyline, but at times I felt it wasn't consistent, like calling Marshe Loel in one breath and Your Grace the next. I've also never seen dukes called 'sir' or marchionesses 'ma'am'. How did Valentine walk into the London house as a woman but leave as a man and the staff, who greeted them at their arrival did not notice? Did Murdmont kill Valentine's dad or Not? Vague things men [...]

    I must admit that the premise of this book sounded good. Unfortunately, the story wasn’t to my liking. The masquerade itself was totally unbelievable and I don’t think it would have worked in real life.Both lead characters were very likeable. Loel was attracted to Valentine instantly and didn’t hesitate to let him know. There were three or so very graphic sex scenes, which I enjoyed. They professed their love for one another way too soon.I feel like the mystery as to who murdered a certain [...]

    This is a rather typical book with typical characters and a typical plot. The beginning is quite enjoyable, but the middle is marred by some abrupt plot twists that seemed out of the picture.Furthermore, I just couldn't put up with the secondary characters' reaction to the relationship between the two main characters. It seemed, that everyone around them was so content with that situation and happy for the two lovers, that they absolutely forgot that those two lovers were both men. Well, it seem [...]

    This was so much fun! It was in everyway a completely stereotypical romance novel (well, except for the whole "gay" thing). But what bumps this up from just "liking" to "really liking" for me is that the author got a pretty young man, made him incredibly naive (a quality that's generally portrayed as feminine), stuck him in a dress and still manages to keep him truly masculine! Characters take on a life of their own in my head and if a male character doesn't read like a man I find it really off [...]

    Kimmy D
    I found this to be a fun and entertaining read, and it was a nice change of pace from some of the more "angsty" books I've read recently. The dandies alone (especially Strand) make this book worth reading.My favorite exchange took place as the dandies were discussing Strand's injury after their most recent attempt at trying to track Murdmont (the villain):"Strand is a trifle sensitive about his injury," Crispin said, pouring more wine."It is a sensitive area," Darby snapped. "May we cease discus [...]

    I don't usually read historical romance and maybe that's why I loved this book, as I had no exact expectations when I started reading it. It was funny, it had adventure and romance, it had everything. The characters were great, even the side characters like Valentine's sister, were well thought out and didn't seem flat and underdeveloped at all. The ending was satisfying, as well, and there weren't any questions left unanswered.

    Lots of things going on here. Valentine takes the place of his sister and "marries" Loel. Loel discovers the deception but soon falls in love with Valentine. In the meantime there is murder, thievery, treachery, cross the country and cross the channel chases, pirates, kidnapping and I swear I saw a kitchen sink go floating by :)Witty jokes, snarky humor and finally true love all combine to make this a thoroughly enjoyable read.Recommended.

    I like the theme in this story that how valentine and loel got marriedd how valentine played the part of women or we must say valeria his sister.But I am giving 4 star not 5 because in between I got bored in the story line. There was one time I wanted to leave this book. But I made it to the end.d I liked the endingAnd happy ending makes me happy:)

    This was great fun, full of light hearted humor and hot lovin'. Even the secondary characters were well crafted and enjoyable. Val and Loel were perfectly suited for each other. Val tempered Loel's cynicism and Loel brought out Val's mischievous side. Plus I love it when the bad guy gets what's coming to him. It's a sign that a book is good when after 300 pages you still want more. :)

    There were a couple of shifts in the story that felt somewhat abrupt, but other than that I enjoyed this funny, light and romantic book.I liked Strand and his two friends. It was hard not to smile whenever they showed up.

    This was an interesting story with lots of twists and turns. The author did a good job of making an impossible situation seem possible! That's why I love fiction - love conquers all and happy endings!!Part of the "Dreamspinner Press Connie Bailey Bundle".

    Usually I don't care for historical romance. This is a fun read, fast-paced with humourous dialogs.I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Very minimal angst between the two characters but there were some disturbing deeds by the evildoers. This is a relatively light sweet read.

    The first two chapters were a little hard to get into, but from that point on it read well. It has a well thought out plot. It reminds me of "Sense and Sensibility" or "Pride and Prejudice."

    Christine Gauzy-Svahn
    3,5 stars


    Loel & Valentine.Maybe too many events in one story to really enter in the characters minds and feelings but it was fun and lively nevertheless

    Okay. I get that one of the two characters was masquerading as his sister, but the characterization was weirdly feminizing in a non-reflective way.

    1st. read: 1/8/10-1/10/10

    3,75 stars.Dialogue heavy, with few descriptions of the characters. Overall, very entertaining.

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