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  • Title: Don't Drink The Water
  • Author: Woody Allen
  • ISBN: 9780394405490
  • Page: 270
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  • No te bebas el agua es la primera obra de teatro de Woody Allen, escrita en 1966 Se llev a escena al a o siguiente en Broadway Hubo igualmente una pel cula, basada en la obra teatral, que Howard Harris rod en 1969 sin la participaci n de Woody Allen ni como guionista, ni como actor Es una s tira a la vez de la intolerancia pol tica en general y de la incomunicaci n enNo te bebas el agua es la primera obra de teatro de Woody Allen, escrita en 1966 Se llev a escena al a o siguiente en Broadway Hubo igualmente una pel cula, basada en la obra teatral, que Howard Harris rod en 1969 sin la participaci n de Woody Allen ni como guionista, ni como actor Es una s tira a la vez de la intolerancia pol tica en general y de la incomunicaci n en las familias Como siempre ocurrir posteriormente en la obra de Allen, no hay buenos y malos, todos est n un poco locos y es el absurdo y el caos los que rigen sus vidas individual y colectiva.
    Woody Allen
    Heywood Woody Allen born Allan Stewart Konigsberg is a three time Academy Award winning American film director, writer, actor, jazz musician, comedian and playwright His large body of work and cerebral film style, mixing satire, wit and humor, have made him one of the most respected and prolific filmmakers in the modern era Allen writes and directs his movies and has also acted in the majority of them For inspiration, Allen draws heavily on literature, philosophy, psychology, Judaism, European cinema and New York City, where he was born and has lived his entire life.

    Don t drink the Mom Koolaid WONDEROAK If you don t, those distracting days slip by, and now that it is Spring, faster even I hope every young mom gets a chance to take some time away during the day just for herself to regroup, and refresh. Drinking the Kool Aid Drinking the Kool Aid is an expression commonly used in the United States that refers to a person who believes in a possibly doomed or dangerous idea because of perceived potential high rewards The phrase often carries a negative connotation. Don t Drink the Water Nov , Don t Drink the Water G h min Comedy Canada The Hollander family s European vacation is interrupted when their plane is forced to land in Vulgaria. Drink the Water Justin Cross YouTube Aug , Don t drink the water if it s not from my stream It s all still water if it s not flowing free Don t drink the water at the watering hole If you ain t got money, it can t save your soul Dave Matthews Band Don t Drink The Water YouTube Aug , Song Don t Drink The Water Artist Dave Matthews Band Video Eric C Hudnall. COMMENTARY Don t drink the Kool Aidsue The Cherokee Reading his letter made me realize that the Fox News Kool Aid is just as bad for you as the Jonestown Kool Aid Don t drink the Kool Aid. Don t Drink the Water play Don t Drink the Water is a play written by Woody Allen that premiered on Broadway in The farce takes place inside an American Embassy behind the Iron Curtain Although Allen contributed material for the Broadway musical revue From A to Z , this was his first professionally produced play. The Jonestown Massacre The Terrifying Origin of Drinking Don t Drink the Poisonous Fruit Flavored Beverage Image by Flickr user Clyde Robinson, used under Creative Commons license years after the Jonestown massacre. Don t Drink the Water TV Movie Dec , Title Don t Drink the Water TV Movie . Want to share s rating on your own site Use the HTML below. Kyle Bent Don t Drink The Drink Lyrics Genius Lyrics Don t Drink The Drink Lyrics I drank a drink and I met my demise Potent, left me and my homie floating in the sky Jungle vines in my tea, got a brother flying, prolly seen a flying manatee in


    Brooklyn Billington
    Don’t Drink the Water by Woody AllenPersonal Response: I personally thought this play was humorous and made me think about all of the silly jokes. Even though I am a teenager, I understood and enjoyed the jokes. I felt the play would have been more entertaining to watch then to read, like any other play. That way the personalities of each character could be shown and felt. The play itself was very interesting as to how it all unraveled. Plot: American tourists from Newark, New Jersey were spot [...]

    Jack Siebert
    Personal ResponseI enjoyed this play. Woody Allen is very talented at writing comedy. I like the "one-liners" or "zingers"scattered throughout. Plot SummaryIt starts in a United States embassy inside a fictitious Soviet state. A family of three from Newark, New Jersey seek asylum after taking photos in a restricted area. Word gets out about their "incident," and the secret police come after them. They forge an escape plan, but it gets ruined. Then the ambassador's son cooks up another, which wor [...]

    Alicia L
    Personal Response: Don’t Drink the Wateris a hilarious play that anyone could enjoy. It seemed to have everything a person wants in books/plays. With a little bit of action mixed in with some romance, you will not be disappointed. Any part of the play would connect to someone. I never got bored while I read through this play. Even if plays are not normally a reading material for you, I believe you will still enjoy this and will not be mad that you read it.Plot:This play opens, and it is in the [...]

    Brian McCann
    Just plain funny. Why is this not produced anymore? It's funnier than almost any comedy I've read in the last decade.

    Best play of Woody Allen that I've read so far. A wicked political-comic that criticizes many aspects of the modern society.

    A pesar de ser una de las primeras obras de Woody Allen, su humor tan característico y su crítica tan mordaz está presente desde el principio al final. Podría clasificarse como una obra teatral de enredos, a pesar de la forma en la que se rompe la escenificación con el paso de los días. Sus personajes, aun siendo próximos a una vida lo más real posible, siempre han de enfrentarse a grandes problemas y su existencia se complica a cada escena de la representación. Teniendo 4 personajes pr [...]

    Ashlyn Anderson
    First play I've read by Woody Allen, and it had me laughing every other page. I definitely will want to read more from him again.I only gave it three stars because I wasn't very inspired by it. I love reading plays that I see myself staging and designing in my head, but I don't think I would ever be jumping at the idea of directing this play or eager to buy tickets to go see it. It is an enjoyable read, however.

    A pesar de ser la obra de teatro de Woody Allen, ya se nota ese estilo tan particular que está presente en cada una de sus historias: personajes en conflicto, situaciones de la vida cotidiana llevadas a los extremos, diálogos brillantes y un mensaje siempre interesante.Este libro asegura un buen momento, lleno de risas y algunas reflexiones. Lo considero una obra maestra del humor teatral.

    It’s a very funny play to read. I wonder if it will be a funny and understandable play to produce. It is very much of it's time and place. It’s about a family who go on a tour of Europe and take pictures if installations they should not take in Eastern Europe and wind up holing up in the American Embassy there.

    Michael Thomas
    Early Woody Allen play that revolves around an American tourist family in a Soviet Bloc country and the Laugh out loud funny, if a bit too slapstick at times. Has that Allen wit, good for a nice evening read, perhaps with a vodka rocks by your side.

    Jack Goodstein
    American tourist family mistaken for spies takes refuge in local American embassy, which is temporarily under the direction of the ambassador's inept son. Mayhem ensues. Woody Allen before the angst.

    Becky Chatman
    We did this play this Spring. It's absolutely hysterical and well written! Plays are meant to be seen and heard, though, not just read. I do suggest going to see the show if you ever have the opportunity!

    Fun, early Woody Allen. You can see a lot of his wit in this script. It has an atypical subject and setting which makes it fresh and interesting. Good cast and fun dialogue. It is officially in the running for my next play.

    some great one-liners in this one --- not as subtle as woody's later short pieces, but laugh-out-loud funny

    David Vanbiesbrouck
    Pretty great when writing can make you laugh this hard.


    Enjoyed being in this play.

    Some funny bits. Dated.

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