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  • Title: Dunia Mimpi Vol. 1
  • Author: Kyoko Hikawa
  • ISBN: 9792002715
  • Page: 128
  • Format: Paperback

  • Noriko, seorang siswi SMU, terkena ledakan bom dalam perjalanan pulang sekolah bersama teman temannya, dan terlempar ke dunia lain Di sana dia bertemu dan diserang oleh monster monster, tetapi seseorang bernama Izark menolongnya Karena tidak mengerti bahasa di dunia itu, Noriko jadi hampir putus asa Di lain pihak, muncul kelompok kelompok yang menganggap Noriko sebagaiNoriko, seorang siswi SMU, terkena ledakan bom dalam perjalanan pulang sekolah bersama teman temannya, dan terlempar ke dunia lain Di sana dia bertemu dan diserang oleh monster monster, tetapi seseorang bernama Izark menolongnya Karena tidak mengerti bahasa di dunia itu, Noriko jadi hampir putus asa Di lain pihak, muncul kelompok kelompok yang menganggap Noriko sebagai sang Pencerah dan berusaha mendapatkannya.
    Kyoko Hikawa
    Name Blood type ALikes Jackie Chan movies and American movies like BIG Also cats, but not enough to own one One of her favorite activities is decorating and creating useful objects for her home Hates mosquitoes and cockroaches Has enormous trouble in bicycle parks.Does mostly light hearted comedy stories, but very entertaining She does surprisingly great action scenes haven t seen many shoujo artists try at a Western before.Her stories ranges from cute to action, but all done unparalled attention the drawings are refined and the storylines bring the readers into what the characters feel Her page layouts and camera angles varies a lot, and thus keeps the interest of the reader.


    4.5-"Instead of crying over my situation, I'll try to learn their language." HOT DAMN THIS IS GREAT.When was the last time you read a cliche story about a girl falling into a new world, but done RIGHT? Imagine Fushigi Yuugi without the melodrama and annoying love story, imagine a character who understands that right now she is a burden to the man who has rescued her, and instead of crying about it, is trying to LEARN THE LANGUAGE to make herself useful.Noriko is your average high school girl who [...]

    The plot and setting of From Far Away is nothing new: a gentle, ordinary school girl gets thrown into some alternative world and meets the brooding male lead who has a dark past, blah blah blah. But the difference is, Kyoko Hikawa managed to create something nice and sweet and meaningful with her series: the importance of friendship, trust, acceptance and overcoming one's fear is highlighted, instead of the entire story focusing on the romance.

    An ordinary 16 year old girl gets sucked into a fantasy world where everyone and their mother is out to get her. She meets her reluctant savior in the face of a travelling warrior who wants to deliver her someplace safe and be done with her. They don’t understand each other’s language and the girl is pretty much useless in a world full of monsters and thugs, but she and the warrior soon form a strong friendship. Even though she doesn’t know it, the girl is the Awaking, a legendary creature [...]

    I've read a lot of manga recently. A lot, a lot, actually. This 14 volume series is pretty close to the top of my list of the best I've read. It uses a lot of cliches/stereotypes, the heroes are exactly what you'd expect them to be, but I really, really loved it--enough to read it online a total of 4 times already, and be considering purchasing it. It is well drawn, written, and organized; it doesn't completely follow the archetypal story--it's still semi-original; and mainly it just gives me a [...]

    “Can you see it. This is the world of light. Everything has become one in light. I entered the world of light and I found you.Do you understand? We are the world of light. This is what we have been searching for. I feel a gentle energy that embraces everything. And this energy can be felt anywhere anytime as long as you open yourself to it”Kanata Kara by Kyoko Hikawa has been my most favorite Shoujo Manga since early 90s till today and I know it will stay as my most favorite for years to com [...]

    Laura (ローラ)
    18 year Japanese student Noriko Takichi is transported to an alternate reality where she appears as "the awakening" the force that will awaken the destructive "sky demon". Seers of the world are aware of her presence, and she must hide it in order to protect herself. Everyone is looking for her as the person who controls the "Sky demon" will control the world.I give this series a high rating of 4 out of 5 stars. There are some serious flaws with the story and more particularly with the translati [...]

    Welcome to volume 1 of Kanata Kara or as it's known in English, From Far Away. This is another manga I picked up because of an article in Animerica Extra, but the added bonus is I love Hikawa-san's other works (notably Chotto Friday and Chizumi & Fujomi). This is a straight out the boat fantasy (despite Noriko saying it's a cool scifi story), which Hikawa-san doesn't have many of.Cast! Noriko, a high school student--I believe first year (10th grade) making her about 15?--who dreams of a fant [...]

    My overall rating of this manga is ★★★★★This kind of story is kind of similar to Red River, Vol. 1 (amazing manga series). I really enjoyed this.You know how the female protagonist is always crying in shojo mangas. Noriko cries too but I actually understand why she's crying. It's not something feeble as OMG, he thinks I'm annoying *cries* but it's something more then that. Noriko and Izark are so ADORABLE together!I freakin' adore Izark, he makes me swoon. Yes ladies he is that type of [...]

    Lottie Eve
    4.5 Stars! I think me and From Far Away are going to do juuuust fine ;)

    I read this earlier in year as a digital copy but re-read with the hardcopy in my hands.This classic shoujo adventure by Kyoko Hikawa began serialization in in Japan in 1992 and the artwork has the hallmarks of the time. This is my favorite era of shoujo-adventure because the current crop of shoujo seems far more interested in high school life whereas the late 80s and early 90s was about fantasy adventure and the young girl who gets swept to another place.Noriko is a slightly spacey teenager in [...]

    cEe beE
    The plot is so very familiar. It's like Fushigi Yugi by way of Inuyasha, and Juni Kokuki. High school girl is transported to another place and time. She is rescued by a very good looking young man. They are attacked by beasts and villains then end up traveling & having adventures together. The heroine Noriko Tachiki is a more sensible version of Miaka Yuki & less volatile than Kagome Higurashi. And like Youko Nakajima, she's ignorant of her purpose and presence in the strange new world.I [...]

    Noriko dreams of a strange and beautiful world, only to be pulled into it on her way home from school. Her arrival sets off a flurry of signs and omens. People all over this world know that an ancient prophecy is being fulfilled. The Awakening has come. Everyone rushes to find her, but she ends up in Izark's keeping. Mixed messages abound since he's kind to her and protects her but feels he must kill her if his suspicions are true. Although this is a reread, it's been *so long* since I pulled t [...]

    Caught up in a terrorist bombing, high school student Noriko is transported to a fantasy world where she is the Awakening - a girl with the power to awaken the Sky Demon. Lost, alone, and confused, Noriko meets Izark, a travelling warrior who wants nothing to do with her. When I came across this manga as a middle school student, I didn't really like it all that much. Where was the magic? Why was Noriko so useless? When would she learn kick-ass moves and help Izark out?However, when I reread this [...]

    Cintaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa bgt sama kyoko hikawa, gambar2nya bagus, ceritanya menyentuh dan menghangatkan hati :)Kanata Kara atau Dunia Mimpi dalam versi Indonesianya adalah cerita tentang Noriko, anak perempuan Jepang biasa yang terlempar ke dunia lain lalu ditakdirkan untuk menjadi 'pencerah'. Dia lalu bertemu dengan Izaku (yg super duper kakkoi) seorang pendekar pedang yang ternyata adalah sang kegelapan. Awalnya Izaku datang ke tempat kemunculan Noriko alias sang pencerah dengan maksud membunuhn [...]

    Pemi Ludi
    Adalah sebuah komik jadul yang menjadi salah satu favorit saya. Tokoh utama dalam komik ini adalah Noriko, seorang gadis SMA yang tidak memiliki keistimewaan apa-apa dan terdampar di sebuah dunia lain. Salah satu petualangan Noriko di jilid 5 lah yang menginspirasi saya. Manakala dia diminta bantuan oleh seorang hantu penghuni hutan, sebuah bantuan yang besar.Noriko bilang“tapi aku tak memiliki kemampuan apa-apa”Karena memang, dibandingkan dengan kawan seromobongannya Noriko-lah yang paling [...]

    Cam *tactile seeker*
    Classic Fantasy shōjo manga, with an apparently lame heroine, not even capable to understand she's in a "foreign" Country where no-one speaks Japanese, and a super-hot, brave and mysterious hero who saves her repeatedly with no reason, when all she does is slowing him down and putting his life in danger. It can't even be explained as a case of love at first sight, because she looks 14 and he looks 25.At least she resolved to start learning the new world language. That's a beginning.Hopefully sh [...]

    Meliana Zaenudin
    Ga terhitung banyaknya kali saya membaca komik ini, sampe itu komik kuning karena termakan usia. Kyoko Hikawa memang komikus favorit saya. Nyaris semua komiknya saya baca. Dari serial Fujiomi, girls, miriam, sampe harmoni yang ada sugikake, cowok idaman saya *uhuk*Yang paling saya inget itu waktu nunggu buku terakhirnya yanh ga muncul2 sambil harap2 cemas dan Izark yang keluar dari reruntuhan gedung dengan caption *kalau dia manusia pasti tidak akan selamat. Kalau dia manusia*Buat yang baru meni [...]

    I just adore this series! I have the first volume but check out the rest of the series about every other month from the library! Noriko and Izark are so cute together!!! I just love that it has a mix of adventure, fantasy, and romance!!! So good!!! Going to have to pick up the rest of the volumes soon, so I have them forever and ever!!!

    I am on Volume 7, currently.This manga is AMAZING! it has every single thing i want! No cliches. The heroine isn't stupid, feels real and the hero, by heavens the hero was HOT! The story was epic and deep. I cannot begin to express how good this is. I love it so much!

    I loved this story so much! Its something I could re read a million times. It made me think about how everyone is connected and that we all have a job in life, and that no matter how small the deed, it helps make the world a better place.

    Manga fantasi paling keren yang pernah ada :D

    Indah Threez Lestari
    #Program BUBUPertama kali dibeli dan dibaca pada tahun 1997.I love Izark. Period.

    tipikal Kyoko Hikawa hikse sebel sama ceweknya.

    Kristine Hansen
    I'm going to show my age herebut this series reminds me a lot of Fushigi Yuugi or Magic Knights Rayearth. In a good way. Here we have a girl tumbled into a fantasy world with no idea what the language is (THANK YOU! This is such a pet peeve of mine for fantasies that involve people falling into worlds and then "just happening" to speak the language). Not only that, she's of course the chosen one so things are going to happen that remind me very much of FY I suspect - in that everyone will be wan [...]

    Kristen Coffin
    (review for the entire series)"Each of us can play a part, however small. And our small efforts, together with the small efforts of others, can create a ripple effect and become a whole movement. Individual small efforts can add up to big things."Typical "girl falls into a magical world" manga. Though what I like about this one (as opposed to Red River with the magical kiss) Noriko has to learn the language of the world she falls into. But even with that, I still enjoyed Red River more. There's [...]

    This was one of the first manga series I read. It’s a take on the ‘girl down the well” genre. In this case there’s no well, just an explosion that transports Noriko to a strange land. She immediately meets the warrior Izark who helps her. As a linguist I love that she has to learn the language. No magically understanding everyone immediately. There is some magic in it though. It’s also a romance. I’ve reread it several times and love it more with each reading.

    A decent take on shoujo time travel plots. The heroine is fairly sensible, and there are several touches that I liked. She doesn't know the language, and has to exert actual effort to learn it, instead of it being magically gifted to her. The mercenary that tries (and may continue to try?) to capture her is a devoted father, and there may be a good reason to catch her.

    Interesting fantasy manga that wasn't super sappy or overly graphic. The main male and female characters are interesting and it's also interesting to see the issue of them dealing with a language difference. All in all, a good intro to a new series!

    One of my absolute favorite series, love this mangaka too! If you haven't read this you are in for a treat! Love the artwork and just an excellent story!


    • ↠ Dunia Mimpi Vol. 1 || Ü PDF Read by Ü Kyoko Hikawa
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