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  • Title: River Deep
  • Author: Rowan Coleman
  • ISBN: 9780099465041
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Paperback

  • An original and hugely enjoyable novel about the complex emotions of separation, coming to terms with the loss, and finding that life doesn t have to end with a broken affair it is only the beginning.
    Rowan Coleman
    Rowan Coleman lives with her husband, and five children in a very full house in Hertfordshire She juggles writing novels with raising her family which includes a very lively set of toddler twins whose main hobby is going in the opposite directions When she gets the chance, Rowan enjoys sleeping, sitting and loves watching films she is also attempting to learn how to bake.Rowan would like to live every day as if she were starring in a musical, although her daughter no longer allows her to sing in public Despite being dyslexic, Rowan loves writing, and The Memory Book is her eleventh novel Others include The Accidental Mother, Lessons in Laughing Out Loud and the award winning Dearest Rose, a novel which lead Rowan to become an active supporter of domestic abuse charity Refuge, donating 100% of royalties from the ebook publication of her novella, Woman Walks Into a Bar, to the charity Rowan does not have time for ironing.


    Dragged a bit in the middle, and I was really upset by the writer deciding at some point to stress how gorgeously stunning everyone was, as if average-looking people don't deserve love or are never attracted to each other. But a nice read that gives hope and comfort nonetheless.

    I liked the book. Maggie was a likable character. It was easy to relate to her and at time you wanted to smack her too. Pete was also really likable and lovable, but I wanted to smack him too. It was because they were both making silly mistakes not only in regards to each other, but also their partners. Lottie was interesting. Especially since Maggie was able to become kind of friendly with her, even if it was under false pretenses. The only reaction Christen evoked from me was "meh". I do wish [...]

    It was ok. Just found the main character a bit desperate really. Her boyfriend gas met someone else and dumps her and she believes he still loves her and wants her still.She mets Pete one night who has a girlfriend who uses him until someone better cones sling then she dumps him again He proposes to her to make her stay with him but she swans off to Australia whilst engaged to him for a year.All just a little bit too desperate for me to really enjoy the book

    Really good. Loved Maggie especially when she pretended to be Carmen! Glad that she and Pete got together, they were made for each other.Wasn't sure what to make of Sarah - bit of an ice queen.Maggie puzzled me when it came to her mum and dad, she seemed to resent them for no real reason.


    I'm usually into stuff like this, but I found the narrative to be boring, and the characters desperate, one dimensional and hugely unlikeable.

    I did eventually enjoy this book, I did find it a bit hard to get into, but I would recomend.

    Just read it over the weekend and it was fantastic! It's Rowan Coleman's first novel and was a little tough to find;-)

    • [PDF] Download ↠ River Deep | by Ç Rowan Coleman
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