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  • Title: Wild Ones, Vol. 10
  • Author: Kiyo Fujiwara
  • ISBN: 9781421533537
  • Page: 228
  • Format: Paperback

  • Is she too hot to handle, even for the yakuza Even wild ones fall in love.Reads R to L Japanese Style Is she too hot to handle, even for the yakuza Even wild ones fall in love Final Volume Rakuto and Sachie finally bring themselves to openly acknowledge their feelings for each other and begin going through the awkward motions of redefining their relationship But crisiIs she too hot to handle, even for the yakuza Even wild ones fall in love.Reads R to L Japanese Style Is she too hot to handle, even for the yakuza Even wild ones fall in love Final Volume Rakuto and Sachie finally bring themselves to openly acknowledge their feelings for each other and begin going through the awkward motions of redefining their relationship But crisis looms as Rakuto decides to move to Kyoto to live with his ailing father Will their new love be able to survive the separation
    Kiyo Fujiwara
    Name She is a mangaka that currently lives in Tokyo.Her hobbies include playing drums and bass guitar and wearing kimono.


    Jody Mena
    What a great series! I'm so sad the story's over! But I'm thrilled with the way it ended, an excellent mix of finality and possibility for everyone! I had a heavy heart for poor Azuma, he must really have loved Sachi to help her get together with Rakuto. I almost started crying when he was crying in the rain with Yuzuki - but he's definitely a flower that would live for a thousand days! I wasn't too impressed with how Rakuto confessed his love to Sachi in the last book - after nine volumes of bu [...]

    Nidah (SleepDreamWrite)
    This was a good volume. Cute too especially near the end. This series was just really fun to read. The characters you like. Don't know what else to say that hasn't been said. Good ending though.

    Jane Fr.
    to know what the story was all about, and to enjoy reading manga books

    Such a cute series! Manages to tie up most of the loose ends, though I could have kept reading more if they made them!

    By far my favorite volume. I'd give the series overall 3 stars, but this volume was a perfect ending. It had all the elements I loved from the rest of the series: humor and heart.

    I give this series 3 STARSThis series had such a decent story. When I saw this on recommendation section and read its description, I decided to give it a try. Reading the first volumes, actually, gave me headache and muscle pain. It tires me so much. I dunno why, maybe because it had so much meaningless chapters, so much crappy parts that I'm losing the willingness to finish it. I am liking it unconditionally. I just can't help but feel wasted. Just when I'm convinced that something great will h [...]

    The last volume!! I finally finished a series and don't have to buy the next volume anymore! Huzzah!I liked this series. I mean, I actually bought them instead of just reading them online or forgetting about it and reading something else. It started out really gooey and romantic - the usual stuff I like, innocent young love and all that. This series was fun because the heroine was a yakuza princess, and her beau was her bodyguard - FORBIDDEN LOVE! *__* I mean, nothing like thinking your love's g [...]

    I don't rate mangas.This manga series started out very good, I loved the yakuza part because it reminded me of Gokusen and I just adored the fact that they all respect, love and protect their heiress. Now, the problem with Arakure/Wild Ones is that they included unnecessary stuff and they dragged the story out for so freaking long. I mean, there were like 4 volumes no one actually needed. Of course, it was cute and all but it didn't serve any purpose and didn't belp develop anything at all. The [...]

    Miss Ryoko
    I wish a bit disappointed with the ending. I was a bit upset that there was no closure for Azuma and Sachie. When she left, there was no special goodbye for him or anythingd that really bothered me. I know the closure was supposed to be his scene at the hospital with the flowers, but I wasn't satisfied with that. I wanted them to have one last moment togetherbut basically she was like "Oh my man's here BYE!"There also seemed to be a lot of filler int his volume for example, the random showing up [...]

    This was a sweet story, and I enjoyed reading it. I really liked it in the beginning, but as it approached the end it kind of wavered, and it became slow; but that didn't make it any less of a good story, it justbsided? it a bit. This series was really hard for me to find online (I could find the first 30 or so chapters, but it was difficult finding the rest), but it was pretty worth the read.

    Series Review: Wild Ones is a funny and romantic manga that I really enjoyed beginning to end. The plot was great as well as the characters. I never got bored and the plot twists were often surprising. The ending was perfect for the series and well timed. If you are looking for some action along with normal high school drama this is the manga for you!

    Real Imaginations
    I really love this manga! It kills me so much from laughing hahaha! The ending gives me so much emotions, it almost made me cry specially the thing between the main character and her best friend. But all ends well. For her love-funny-romantic life with her caretaker/boyfriend, I find it very sweet/funny. I don't know, I just can't get enough hahaha.

    Emmy Lou
    Entrance exams are right around the corner and Rakuto and Sachie are taking their first steps toward becoming a couple. School trips, dates, and heart warming adventures ensue! In this final volume of Wild Ones alright I'll just admit it. I cried in public reading this. I really did. IT WAS JUST SO LOVELY! <3 <3 <3

    The final volume in this series, and as such, a satisfying conclusion to a relationship that has been building across the ten volumes. I particularly liked that Fujiwara did little snapshots into the future (e.g an image of 'this character' 10 years in the future) sprinkled throughout the volumecluding a peek at our happy couple in the future.

    LOVE LOVE LOVE! Finally Sachi can tell her secret of being with the yakuza, and at last Rakuto can be with Sachi. (I sound like a real girly-girl don't I?)Kiyo Fujiwara made an AMAZING series, it's truly sad it has to come to an end.

    Britt/Dee Dee Dee
    this was the cutiest book ever i normally wouldnt read these kinds of books but i was picking up a maximum ride graphic novel and i saw this and saw that it was a love story! so i picked it up im soo glad that i did!!! i wish azuma got someone tho sad face for him but awwwww sachie and raku =D

    Michelle Wardhaugh
    A sweet series with lots of feel-good moments in the end. The satisfaction didn't quite reach the heights I'd hoped, but the characters matured, and the romance was gentle and suitable for any age reader.

    Jenny Clark
    Overall a pretty good series. I wish it would continue past high school though thats my problem with alot of these shojo series, they start and end in school. Shorter ones that is ok for, but I guess the shojo catagory is like that though since it is meant for school age girls

    this have such a nice ending!

    This was great series from beginning to end! I enjoyed seeing the character pictures for 10 years later and I felt that the series ended really well.

    4.5 stars

    A sweet ending to a charming series!

    This one ended too fast and could have lasted longer. It was OK though.

    Sarah Evans
    Fun series with a heartwarming ending.

    Just read the entire series straight through again, and totally cried at the end of this one--ha!A totally adorable end to the seriesyay!

    Finished the series!!! It was really cute :) I liked it a lot. (2nd Manga series finished)

    Alison James
    Cute as always. Turned out i gave up on getting it from the library and just finished online.

    It had to end?That cant't be the end! I just know there has to be something to continue this cliff hanger!!!!!

    The ending is a little disappointing.

    Amy M.
    It is so refreshing to see such a sweet, mature ending

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