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  • Title: Lee and Grant
  • Author: Gene Smith
  • ISBN: 9780883940730
  • Page: 121
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Written with depth and feeling, this book skillfully interweaves the lives of Robert E Lee and Ulysses S Grant Here are the two charismatic figures in their early years, in their roles as adversaries, and in their post war lives.
    Gene Smith
    Gene Smith Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lee and Grant book, this is one of the most wanted Gene Smith author readers around the world.


    History was always my worst subject in school; even when it comes to literature, I prefer fiction that takes place in yesteryear instead of true stories. Still, this one was good for what it was.

    Sean Chick
    Well written and offers good descriptions of the two generals, but lacks in detail and analysis. Also many assumptions about the war and the personalties are accepted at face value. Sometimes the facts and opinions don't mix with the record, like when Smith says Lee surprised Grant in the Wilderness, something no other general had done. Did Smith forget Shiloh and Fort Donelson? The author also says Lee's tactics were antiquated although Grant ordered many pointless frontal attacks. Stay way fro [...]

    A great dual biography of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee, of course also with excellent Civil War knowledge. I liked that the format went -Lee Chapter, Grant Chapter, Lee Chapter, Grant Chapter- the switching off made it feel like you were learning the maximum amount about both men, and keeping the events in chronological order made it easy to look at the next chapter and compare to see what Grant was doing whilst at the same time Lee had been doing [insert thing from previous chapter]. For [...]

    gwen graves
    I really liked the idea of going back and forth with between Grant and Lee’s lives. I of course enjoyed reading about Grant as he is a relative of mine. His mother and my great great great grandmother were sisters.

    JK Muma
    Lived it, great matching of tales. The author was truly able to tell the tales as if they were one. Loved the flow of the writing and the depths of the stories. Hearty recommend ing of this book.

    Daniel Berger
    Gripping and tremendously moving.

    This book is a perfect introduction to the Civil War era. I have only read a fraction worth of the Civil War era and no virtually nothing of the Confederate side, Lee, and only know a bit about Grant from Abe Lincoln and Mrs. Lincoln's point of view. I like how the backgrounds of each men were explored. Lee, was practically Washington's heir, as closed as there could have been, and he betrayed his Uniform, his county, when Virginia seceded from the Union. It was not his personal opinion to seced [...]

    Alan Rohwer
    This was a re-read. It went pretty fast. I liked the juxtaposition of the two titled characters & the history context for each.

    The idea of comparing these two iconic figures in a single book seems logical. The author, I think, adds some suspense to the reading by swinging back and forth between the stories of these two men at points of common ground. Seemingly well researched, the author spends a sizeable amount of time to the pre-Civil War lives of Lee and Grant. This is good, because it is the less known parts of their lives. The post war years also get decent treatment. It's a smart move by the author not to overly r [...]

    Historial fiction & non-fictional are my favorite genres; and I am particularly interested in American History. Details that the author provided about Robert E. Lee & Ulysses S. Grant were enlightening; and the author did a decent job of personalizing these historical figures with anecdotes about their families and lifestyles that I enjoyed. I think the technique of switching between Lee & Grant was effective, overall, but this was a slow read for me and the author's writing style wa [...]

    I gained a deeper appreciation for the sacrifices and smarts of the Civil War and history. Let's not repeat the mistakes both personal and national. Let's remember and multiply wisdom and the noble. The cost of Freedom ever has and will continue to be high but nothing is more important.Wonderfully written book, it makes me want to read Grant's Auto biography, more read than Twain's Huckleberry Fin said the author.

    Wendi Enright
    Condensed 1984. Perhaps the first time I have come anywhere close to understanding the south's side, and still couldn't get there. It was a great book, and the author did a beautiful job of personalizing both Grant and Lee. But no matter how you try to sugar coat it, Lee was fighting to keep slavery, and he knew it.

    Barbara Lovejoy
    LDS President Gordon B. Hinckley mentioned this book in a talk he gave at a BYU Devotional. Not only did I feel any book Pres. Hinckley read would be a good one to read but also my love for history attracted me to it. I was not disappointed. The author did a fabulous job of interweaving the lives of these two incredible men. It's a book I will want to read again.

    At least the third time I've read this superb dual biography of the two men who defined the American Civil War. 2011-2015 is the 150th anniversary of the war with many states planning commemorative events, particularly at National Park battlefields. I am using it as an occasion to read the Civil War books that have been on my life list for years: Mary Chestnut's diaries and Grant's memoirs.

    Robert W. Gruen
    Good book, but excessive trivial detail. Grant was a great general. He probably could not have survived today's nomination and election process. I learned new things about the man but there was excessive trivial detail.

    Well written, and seemingly well-documented. My husband did point out that this book does take a bit of a slant. Some of the opinions stated leaned away from my conservative views.I still loved it!

    This may be the best book I have ever read. Instantly turned me into a civil war buff. I have loaned this book out three times and each person loved it. May start out a little slow for some, but when it takes off, hang on for the ride.

    Maureen M
    Revealing histories of the early years of Lee and Grant and how their different experiences drove them to the same battles on opposing sides.

    Good Civil War history.

    This book made me cry more than once. Definitely not a dry history book.

    I never read much about the Civil War and being a resident of IL I knew much about Grant and littel about Lee. This was great history lesson for me.

    Susan Gilbert
    Lee & GrantAmazing differences of Generals in peace time & similarities in war.Both great leaders of men in battle. Both always men of integrity.

    Learn quite a bit about the civil war and the look into the minds of the people during the war.

    Diane Wachter
    Lee and Grant: A Dual Biography, Gene Smith, RDC-M V 4 1984, 11/84. A dual biography of the lives of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee.

    Jack Ryan
    Interesting, easy read.

    Not the best book I've read on the Civil War, but it takes an interesting approach and is generally well written. A good introduction to the Civil War, if one hasn't read much about the era.

    Inspiring and tragicThe story of these two men should make us all humble and respectful as Americans. One was perfect for the moment. The other perfect for all time.

    Excellent read for the Civil War enthusiast. Though Grant is painted in more of a negative light than more recent works about him, I would definitely recommend this book.

    This is a great book. I enjoyed reading this more than any book in recent memory. Such a sharp contrast between the character of two great men. Lee was another Washington, truly a man of honor. Grant got done what had to be done.

    • [PDF] Download ¼ Lee and Grant | by ↠ Gene Smith
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