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  • Title: Hester: The Missing Years of the The Scarlet Letter
  • Author: Paula Reed
  • ISBN: 9780312583927
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Upon the death of her demonic husband, Hester Prynne is left a widow, and her daughter Pearl, a wealthy heiress Hester takes her daughter to live a quiet life in England only to find herself drawn into the circle of the most powerful Puritan of all time, Oliver Cromwell.From the moment Hester donned the famous scarlet letter, it instilled in her the power to see the sinsUpon the death of her demonic husband, Hester Prynne is left a widow, and her daughter Pearl, a wealthy heiress Hester takes her daughter to live a quiet life in England only to find herself drawn into the circle of the most powerful Puritan of all time, Oliver Cromwell.From the moment Hester donned the famous scarlet letter, it instilled in her the power to see the sins and hypocrisy of others, an ability not lost on the Lord Protector of the Commonwealth To Cromwell, Hester s sight is either a sign of sorcery or a divine gift that Hester must use to assist the divinely chosen in his scheming to control England Since sorcery carries a death sentence, Hester is compelled against her will to use her sight to assist Cromwell She soon finds herself entangled in a web of political intrigue, espionage, and forbidden love.Hester will carry readers away to seventeenth century England with a deeply human story of family, love, history, desire, weakness, and the human ideal.
    Paula Reed
    PAULA REED teaches The Scarlet Letter to her high school English students every year, and each year finds something to love about Hawthorne s novel She lives in the suburbs of Denver, Colorado with her husband and two children.


    (3.5)"And I could almost pity him, the most powerful man in England"We've all read Hawthorne's The Scarlet Letter back in our old school days (and most of you hated it), but I reread it a few years back and just loved it. Hester refuses to name her lover and is forced to wear the badge of an adulteress - the Scarlet Letter - while preacher Arthur Dimmesdale wears his own badge in secret. In the end, Hester's older husband dies and leaves his fortune to her free-spirited daughter Pearl. So, what [...]

    Have I read The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne? Yes. Do I remember any of it? No. Did that affect how I enjoyed Hester? Absolutely not.Paula Reed picks up the narrative of Hester Prynne and her daughter, Pearl, during the years Hawthorne, at the end of The Scarlet Letter, tells his readers she was in Europe, returning later to America without Pearl; Hester: A Novel explains why.There are so many factors to consider when reviewing a historical fiction novel--more when that novel is a respo [...]

    In the fairly new tradition of modern authors writing “sequels” to classics, especially those of Jane Austen, Paula Reed has imagined a future for Hester Prynne, one of the icons of English literature. Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter is brooding and evocative of its time and place, yet simultaneously ageless in what it reveals about human nature. Now Reed presents us with an older Hester, widowed and leaving New England to claim her daughter’s inheritance in England.This plot hi [...]

    I received an Advanced Reader's copy of this book from the Giveaway.I was a little reluctant about reading this book because, in my experience, a book which is a retelling or a continuation of a classic can often be horrendous. When I first realized the book was a continuation of Hester and Pearl Prynne's story from the Scarlet Letter, I couldn't help thinking of the disastrous film starring Demi Moore that failed in capturing the original book. However, I was pleasantly surprised by Paula Reed [...]

    Tara Chevrestt
    This book was ok. I want to stress that a three star rating means a book was ok. I'm not jumping up and down in excitement but it didn't get thrown on the floor either. I have to give this author some credit for accomplishing something I think would be difficult, taking the heroine of the classic, Scarlet Letter and continuing her story.Hester has returned to England from a very Puritan New England after much ado over her having a child out of wedlock with a minister and wearing a letter on her [...]

    I'm not exactly sure how I feel about this one. I liked it but didn't love it. I would recommend it to my historical fiction friends, but it's not one I could recommend to everyone.On the plus side, I like historical fiction that has a little detail. I like hearing about clothing, food, etc. I like when the dialogue seems realistic and the characters aren't throwing around modern phrases or usages.Also, I hate when people try to out-Austen Austen or out-Bronte the Brontes. The author did neither [...]

    Sarah Coller
    The Scarlet Letter is a story I've re-read at different times in my life and responded to differently based on maturity and experience. In my opinion, one must really be able to relate to Hester's point of view in order to really get all there is to get out of The Scarlet Letter. Yeah, you can be the scorned and bitter type and get Chillingworth, you can be the self-hating man with a martyr complex and get Dimmesdale, but to get Hester, you've got to understand redemption. You've got to "get" gr [...]

    "If it is a lonely life to be the embodiment of sin, lonelier still it is to be a legendIn truth the tale of the letter I wear was but the beginning of my journey. That story may fade as it will, until it is little more than a footnote in some public record house. Herein lies the events of my years away---the middle of my story. For myself, it is my favorite part."Near the end of The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne, as you may recall, Roger Chillingworth, Hester Prynne's malevolent husband [...]

    I recently won an advance copy of Hester: A Novel from . Many of us have read and loved The Scarlet Letter, but according to novelist, Paula Reed, that morality tale of human frailties and deceit was “but the beginning” of Hester and Pearl’s odyssey. Though limited by the frame of the original, Reed weaves a believable and exciting narrative that incorporates and explains important events of Hawthorne’s plot without resorting to simple summary. In fact, this is done so well that a reader [...]

    I rarely ever read historical novels and I'm not quite sure why. Those I've read, I remember enjoying, but it's just not a genre I naturally turn to when looking for something to read.I would never have picked this one up if I hadn't been asked to read it at work. Also, on a completely unrelated note, this is the first book I've read on my iphone thanks to the Stanza app and I must say that reading on the iphone felt as comfortable as reading on paper.I'll shamelessly admit having never read The [...]

    A woman returns to London, after a sojourn in The Colonies, with her precocious, and wealthy, 8-year-old daughter. After settling in with old friends, she finds herself in the midst of the political machinations of Oliver Cromwell's Englanddue to a certain "gift" of "seeing into the hearts of men"her ability to spot lies and treason, while retaining her womanly proprietyWhile employed as such a Judge, she meets a hunky Sir John, who is playing both ends against the middle, politically. He's also [...]

    Paula Reed has done great justice to the Scarlet Letter and the literary character Hester Prynne. What I enjoyed about this tale:* The original story was woven in so that you don't necessarily have to reread or have read The Scarlet Letter (Hawthorne can be a difficult and dry read)* The writing style was wonderfully easy to follow * The growth of both Hester and Pearl. Each woman discovered their own path and followed their hearts. *The Wright Family. I loved that Hester got a friend! She was s [...]

    Please read this excellent book. I found out I'm not scholar of English history, especially the Puritan phase. Obviously I know what the word means, but I've never really understood that time politically. Also, I have never (gasp!) even READ The Scarlet Letter, upon which this book is based. (I did go read the Spark Notes summary, though - does that count??)The good news is, you need not know about Puritan history OR The Scarlet Letter to enjoy this book. It is exquisitely written and paced, and [...]

    I was a little torn between 4 and 5 stars, but I loved this book. I couldn't put it down and ended up staying up until 4 am one morning (a weeknight too, ack!) reading it. I don't know that its the best book ever, but what I'm looking for in a book is enjoyment. I've had a hard time getting into fiction lately, but I was hooked on this right away. I enjoyed the story and I thought the author did a great job writing in a style that seemed appropriate for the time (not that I'm any expert!) withou [...]

    I was a winner of this bookI am so glad, too! This book was fabulous. I would never have imagined the direction the sequel to "The Scarlett Letter" would have taken, but the one Ms. Reed put together for us was not only logical (as "The Scarlett Letter" hinted at where it might have gone), but quite riveting as well. I really could not put the book down. The language used was more modern than "The Scarlett Letter" but not in a way that detracted from the bookif anything, it made Hester's and Pe [...]

    As a huge fan of the Scarlet Letter, I was excited to find a continuation to the story that I found so endearing. It's been hard to put the book down, but I'm on track to finish it in a couple more days. I'll update my review once I've finished the book.

    When Paula Reed asked me to read through a draft of her book, Hester, a couple of years ago, I was at first a bit hesitant that I would be able to give her a useful and informed opinion. I’d never read Hawthorne’s Scarlet Letter all the way through, having been put off by his writing style the one time I’d attempted to read it. And despite being a history buff, the 17th century is not an era that I am much familiar with.Nevertheless, I decided to go ahead and share my thoughts, as the opin [...]

    I cannot remember much of the Scarlet Letter. There, I said it. Hester Prynne is a distant memory to me. Well, she was anyway…d then I read Hester. Wow. I’m not going to find a lot of words to describe this one. It was a fantastic, wonderfully written, soul searching kind of read. Whereas Nathaniel Hawthorne is quite daunting to read, Paula Reed brings simplicity to Hester’s story, turning it into an interesting sequel of what “might have” happened in between Hawthorne’s accounts.Hes [...]

    I enjoyed this first novel from Paula Reed. In preparation I read Hawthorn's 'The Scarlet Letter' immediately before this continuation of Hester Prynne's story. I don't think that you need to have 'The Scarlet Letter' fresh in your mind in order to enjoy this novel but I'm glad I did. In doing so it was obvious to me that Paula Reed has spent a lot of time weaving her story to fit where the original leaves off. Hester and her daughter Pearl leave Massachusetts and return to the land of Hester's [...]

    I read the Scarlet Letter in high school. Back then, I hated it. I re-read it a few years ago and found it much more interesting, which prompted my choosing this book. I was not impressed. First star to take off: I didn't like the way it was written. There seem to be no moments where Hester "lets her hair down" and drops her completely upright manner of speaking. Each time I picked the book back up, I had a hard time getting into the austere rhythm. I know part of that is because of the time per [...]

    In this book that chronicles the so-called "lost years" of Hester Prynne, Paula Reed brings back to life the stark political, moral and feminine themes of The Scarlett Letter. The book begins approximatly 8 years after Hester is branded with the scarlett letter, after the death of Arthur Dimmesdale. It begins with Hester being informed that Roger Chillingsworth has died and left his fortune to Pearl. With new advantages, Hester and Pearl travel to London, where they take up residence with a chil [...]

    This book takes Hester and her daughter from the Scarlet Letter to England. There Hester is pulled into the political intrigue of Oliver Cromwell due to her unique gift to see sin (or more likely the guilt associated with the sin). I enjoyed the book but did not love it. I received a free copy from (years ago, sorry for just getting around to reading it), but my opinions are my own.

    Normally I'm rather hesitant about reading books that are modern sequels or retellings of classics. I do often wonder "what happened next" when I finish a book, but don't want classics ruined by unqualified modern authors. However, Reed's book far exceeded my expectations, she did a very good job. When I saw Hester posted as a giveaway and read the description I decided to enter. I was delighted to win this book from a firstreads giveaway and was excited to read the book.This book was really qu [...]

    The first and last time I read The Scarlet Letter was the summer before junior year of high school. It, along with a list of other books, was assigned summer reading for AP English. I didn't much care for it, and didn't think much about after I was done and the assignment turned in. I honestly wasn't sure what to expect when I started Hester. I contemplated re-reading The Scarlet Letter first but dismissed the thought based on bad associations of forced summer reading journals. After reading Hes [...]

    Patricia O'Sullivan
    I enjoyed Hester overall, however, some things about the book are very frustrating. 1. The publisher did a shoddy job formatting the novel for kindle. Paragraphs run together making it difficult to figure out which character is speaking the dialogue.2. The political history is very dense. Reed has a great handle on the English Interregnum, but too often long passages about Cromwell's investigations into treasonous activity in the realm bog down the narrative and later political events discussed [...]

    I never liked The Scarlet Letter. I loved the story behind the novel, but couldn't stand Nathaniel Hawthorne's horrible writing. My feelings on this book were the complete opposite. Paula Reed can clearly write well, but I was not interested in the story she was telling.The story of Hester's stint in England with Pearl is one where Hester became embroiled in politics. I found this very off-putting as well as uninteresting. I didn't feel like the book was truly focused on Hester and Pearl; it see [...]

    Hester Prynne is finally free from the persecution of the New England peoples who placed the imposing Scarlet Letter on her for the crime of adultery. This book takes place some eight years later after both her lover and her husband have died. Upon her husband's death he names Hester's daughter Pearl his sole heir and all his wealth then goes to the child. At a bit of encouragement from the locals Hester takes Pearl and goes back home to England to try and start a new life where no one knows of [...]

    I enjoyed this more than I thought I would, which I suppose is fitting since years ago, I enjoyed The Scarlet Letter more than I thought I would. The main reason I was initially wary is that I often find historical fiction a bit boring or just difficult to read, but strong female characters often help. The downside to strong female protagonists is I've found they often seem to be somehow "better" than all the other characters in the novel. If you read my review for Girl with a Pearl Earring, I b [...]

    I received this book as part of an Early Reviewers program and was looking forward to reading it as the original "Scarlet Letter" was one of the few books we "had" to read in high school English class that actually held my attention. Which is not to mention my fond remembrance of the riveting 1979 mini-series ( /title/tt0078683/ ) starring Meg Foster who, for me, totally became Hawthorne's tragic heroine Hester Prynne. Thus, with these two items in mind, I embarked on this novel with high hopes [...]

    While most readers will be somewhat familiar with Hester from the classic "Scarlet Letter", you may find Hester too changed to be absorbed by this rather fantastical novel.Okay, we know Mrs Prynne goes to England since daughter Pearl was left money by the old snake Dimmsdale, but after that, things get a bit harder to accept. Hester and Pearl move in with an old friend, but England is under the rule of Cromwell and a glum Puritanism prevails. Despite this, Hester,-who now has the gift of "vision [...]

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