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  • Title: Lessons of a Lakota
  • Author: Billy Mills
  • ISBN: 9781401905651
  • Page: 434
  • Format: Paperback

  • In this Native American allegory, a young Lakota boy named David is despondent over the death of his sister and fears that he will never know happiness again His father gives him a gift, a scroll with seven pictures, which properly understood, hold the keys to self understanding In an entertaining and deeply moving way, Lessons of a Lakota blends traditional Native AmeriIn this Native American allegory, a young Lakota boy named David is despondent over the death of his sister and fears that he will never know happiness again His father gives him a gift, a scroll with seven pictures, which properly understood, hold the keys to self understanding In an entertaining and deeply moving way, Lessons of a Lakota blends traditional Native American beliefs in meditation, dreams, and respect for the harmony and balance of nature, with modern principles such as positive thinking and self awareness This book will teach you about yourself, show you what it means to be happy, and lead you on your own personal journey to inner peace.
    Billy Mills
    Billy Mills Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Lessons of a Lakota book, this is one of the most wanted Billy Mills author readers around the world.


    This is the tale of an American Indian boy who goes on a journey to find happiness, after losing his through family tragedy. It is one of the most inspiring books I have ever read. I first stumbled across in sometime in the mid-1990's, during a period when I was having trouble finding my own happiness. This book really gave me a wonderful new perspective on life, what really matters, and how to find joy even during difficult times. This will remain one of those few books that stays on my real bo [...]

    Dion Ribeiro
    Um livro que nos fala dos caminhos que devemos seguir na busca da felicidade, de acordo com a filosofia e os ensinamentos dos indios Lakota. Uma verdadeira inspiração

    Very interesting take on teaching yourself to be happy. Told through a story of a young Indian boy trying to find happiness after tragedy. There were many good points brought up that made me think. No one, nor nothing, can make us happy. We have to find happiness in ourselves. This book suggests some very reasonable ways of looking at things along with sound advice to make the changes necessary for personal happiness. (P.S. Nicholas Sparks helped write this book before he made a name for himself [...]

    A teacher gave this to me during I time when I was very sad. It means a lot to me. It offers hope to people going through tough times.

    Não gostei, nem por um momento me impressionou ou gostei.Um livro sobre a descoberta da felicidade, mas que não me inspirou, de todo. Esperava mais. Falta algo na escrita para impressionar, é uma história descritiva, não tem emoção (pelo menos eu não senti).Apesar de tentar que seja um livro de autodescoberta do ser e da sua felicidade, não captou a essência.

    Devika Koppikar
    Great book that gives you a well-rounded perspective on the nature of happiness. I loved the poem that depicted how you often get the opposite of what you ask for, but in the end, you end up where you need to be. As I’m about to turn 40 and am wondering why life isn’t the glamour-success-fame-fortune that I dreamt of as a youth, the “Lakota Poem,” in the book gave me great perspective. Overall, the book discusses how happiness comes from within, despite what others do and your other exte [...]

    Kathryn Rodriguez
    I loved this book! What most people don't know is that although it's under "Billy Mills" Nicholas Sparks actually co-wrote this book with him. It is a great story! It's a Lakota Indian tale of a young boy who is in the pursuit of finding happiness and must take a journey to find it. I think it offers great life lessons that WE all can learn from and apply in our daily lives! Yes it's a Kat must read! XOXOXOXOXOXO

    I finally read this book again after my bestie gave it to me years ago. I read it on a recent plane ride, it is an easy read. I really enjoyed the message the book shared and although it is based on Native American folklore, and can be hard to follow certain words, the lessons are spiritual in nature and can transcend any religious beliefs. I think this is a good read for yogis, and for anyone going through a period of transition in their life.

    Jill Myers
    For years I have been learning about a variety of cultures/religions/ disciplines (yoga,etc.) philosophies concerning happiness. Wokini is a book about the Lakota American Indians philosophies about attaining happiness and self-understanding. I found Wokini to be an inspiring and well written book. I look forward to implementing the teachings into my daily life!

    AJ Dreadfulwater
    Coauthored by one of my favorite authors, Nicholas Sparks, Wokini shares the journey of a young Lakota seeking guidance from his elder on the many lessons of happiness. Although thoroughly enjoying the student/teacher scenario I found that I yearned for more Lakota teachings and less for cliche America. Just ok.

    Christine Carlson
    A truly motivational and inspiring book. So many correlations to the Christian religion from that of the Lakota Indians. This book will be a great gift to share with anyone who is hurting or who is beginning a new chapter in life. Bravo to Billy Mills and Nicholas Sparks.

    The desert is forever in my blood. Ran with Native Americans and met the author and Olympian Indian runner Billy Mills when he spoke at my high school. I even took a Navajo class in college. The Billy Mills story is amazing.

    I've had similar books recommended to me over the years, but I never could get into them. This one was recommended at the right time by the right person. I already felt much better when I started on it.It will take time to make change permanent, but I'll work on it.

    This is an inspiring book about a young Native American boy from the Lakota tribe who goes on a quest to figure out how to be happy after the death of his sister. It was a quick read and I enjoyed it. It definitely got me thinking about various aspects of my own happiness.

    Really good way of seeing the bright side of life. Got many advises that show that a different approach to the world can completely change our perception. David's journey feels very spiritual from the start and the ending justifies it greatly. I really enjoyed this and it's very easy to read.

    I did not realize it took me this long to read this book I restarted reading it recently and just finished. It was interesting and had some good information on how to perceive the world around you.

    Very inspirational

    Alexandra Diez
    Wonderful story

    Diana Rosa
    Probably, the most boring thing I have ever read. Pure torture.

    This book was really good. A very quick read that makes you really think about what is important in life.

    An excellant book on insight to happiness, loving ones self, loving others and loving life, as told by a Lakota Indian. I think anyone who reads it could benefit in some way.

    Clearly written. There is a lot of wisdom packed in this book, yet not once is it preachy.

    Lakota insight teaches finding happiness inside.

    nice little book with native american wisdom and mythology to apply in everyday life.

    Rich Brewer
    pretty good

    Un tantra indiano. No, non dell'india. Dei nativi d'america. Con l'aggravante di essere scritto con lo stile dei predicatori d'oltre oceano.Lo metto vicino a Words of light !!!!

    a life lessons book written by my childhood hero - Billy Mills - only American to ever win a gold medal in the 10,000 meters at the Olympics.

    Completamente diverso dal solito Sparks, narra di un bambino alla ricerca del significato della vita, con tutta una serie di "massime" che ho trovato noiose e scontate.

    simple little native American story that has some sound advice on how to be happy. enjoyed it and would recommend it to anyone!


    • Best Read [Billy Mills] ↠ Lessons of a Lakota || [Fiction Book] PDF ✓
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