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  • Title: Disappearance
  • Author: David Dabydeen
  • ISBN: 9781845230142
  • Page: 276
  • Format: Paperback

  • This novel that echoes the styles of Joseph Conrad and V S Naipaul follows a young Guyanese engineer appointed to help save and shore up a Kent coastal village s sea defenses, and his relationship with the old woman with whom he lodges Learning about the village s history through his relationship with Mrs Rutherford, the narrator discovers that underlying the villThis novel that echoes the styles of Joseph Conrad and V S Naipaul follows a young Guyanese engineer appointed to help save and shore up a Kent coastal village s sea defenses, and his relationship with the old woman with whom he lodges Learning about the village s history through his relationship with Mrs Rutherford, the narrator discovers that underlying the village s Englishness is a latent violence that echoes the imperial past, forcing him to not only reconsider his perceptions of himself and his native Guyana, but also to examine the connection between land and memory.
    David Dabydeen
    David Dabydeen born 9 December 1955 is a Guyanese born critic, writer, novelist and academic Since 2010 he has been Guyana s ambassador to China.Dabydeen is the author of novels, collections of poetry and works of non fiction and criticism, as editor as well as writer His first book, Slave Song 1984 , a collection of poetry, won the Commonwealth Poetry Prize and the Quiller Couch Prize A further collection, Turner New and Selected Poems, was published in 1994, and reissued in 2002 the title poem, Turner is an extended sequence or verse novel responding to a painting by J M W Turner, Slavers Throwing overboard the Dead and Dying Typhoon coming on 1840.His first novel, The Intended 1991 , the story of a young Asian student abandoned in London by his father, won the Guyana Prize for Literature Disappearance 1993 tells the story of a young Guyanese engineer working on the south coast of England who lodges with an elderly woman The Counting House 1996 is set at the end of the nineteenth century and narrates the experiences of an Indian couple whose hopes of a new life in colonial Guyana end in tragedy The story explores historical tensions between indentured Indian workers and Guyanese of African descent His 1999 novel, A Harlot s Progress, is based on a series of pictures painted in 1732 by William Hogarth who was the subject of Dabydeen s PhD and develops the story of Hogarth s black slave boy Through the character of Mungo, Dabydeen challenges traditional cultural representations of the slave His latest novel, Our Lady of Demerara, was published in 2004.Dabydeen has been awarded the title of fellow of the Royal Society of Literature He is the second West Indian writer V.S Naipaul was the first and the only Guyanese writer to receive the title.In 2001 Dabydeen wrote and presented The Forgotten Colony, a BBC Radio 4 programme exploring the history of Guyana His one hour documentary Painting the People was broadcast by BBC television in 2004.The Oxford Companion to Black British History, co edited by Dabydeen, John Gil and Cecily Jones, appeared in 2007.In 2007, Dabydeen was awarded the Hind Rattan Jewel of India Award for his outstanding contribution to literature and the intellectual life of the Indian diaspora from


    Most of the reviews about this book complain that it is slow and nothing happens. It is true that the pace is languid and that there is very little action. However there is a great deal going on beneath the surface; as there always is with Dabydeen. The influence of Naipaul is clear as is that of Conrad’s Heart of Darkness; most of all though there is the influence of another Guyanese novelist Wilson Harris.The protagonist is a Guyanese engineer who comes to England to work on coastal defences [...]

    K.D. Absolutely
    Losing oneself in a crowd or in chaos. I think this is the main theme of this book by African author David Dabydeen. Born in Guyana, he studied English at Cambridge. His five novels and three collections of poetry were awarded the Commonwealth Poetry Prize, the Quiller-Couch Prize and the Guyana Price, as well as being shortlisted for the John Llewelyn Rhys Prize, the Dublin Impac Prize and the James Tait Black Memorial Prize. Whew! I do not know any of those but Dabydeen surely deserves all of [...]

    "Work, work, work, that's the doom of your people isn't it? Isn't that why the English shipped millions of you over to the Caribbean? So how come you don't hate them?""I've not really considered it that way… I just don't…" I said, thinking of Professor Fenwick's influence on me, his conscientious tuition and dedication to duty. How could I hate such a man, whatever culture he belonged to? A single act of kindness on his part had the power to erase a whole history of crime. "It's the future t [...]

    Disappearance is the rather morose tale of a young engineer from Guyana who travels to the English coast to build a sea wall, and in turn discover something about the country that held his captive for so long, and the people who inhabit it. It's a good premise for a book, but I struggled to get on with the characters. The engineer builds a brief relationship with Mrs Rutherford, his landlady who spent time in after and suffered at the hands of her unfaithful husband. She however, is depicted in [...]

    This was extremely boring. It took me about two weeks to read, even though it's only 150 pages long. I usually just consume books in a matter of days, but this was really hard. I would have given up after the first 10 pages, if it had not been for my oral examination, which could possibly be concerning this book. I get the symbolism of an English empire that is falling apart and Mrs Rutherford as the faded beauty whom no one wants to talk to anymore, and even though this is described in an oddly [...]

    I finished this yesterday. The book is the reported conversations of an migrant to England, working to save our sea defences and an elderly English woman who has an obssession with Africa and a mysterious past.I thought the novel worked well at the beginning and end but I got lost for a while in the middle. Not a gripping novel as nothing much actually happens, from the synopsis I was expecting an insight into England from an outsiders eyes, but the scope was limited to a tiny village and just t [...]

    To be honest I really am at crossroads with this book. On one hand I definitely can’t say I disliked it but on the other hand – with the exception of one chapter and the last paragraph – I wasn’t absorbed either. For a 156 page novel it also took a while for me to read, which I found strange. I just couldn’t really engage myself.An unnamed Guyanese/African engineer moves to a coastline English village in order to build a breaker as the sea is slowly eating everything away and houses ar [...]

    Philip Lane
    Very enjoyable short novel about 'Britishness' as seen by a visitor to England. It looks to the past and to the future and gets quite philosophical at times which really hit the spot as far as I am concerned. The basic story of an engineer from Guyana overseeing works on coastal protection I found less accessible - being a bit technical for me but also quite symbolic for the idea of the erosion of national identity. Well written and worn reading.

    This is the story of a young engineer from Guyana visiting England on a work project to help build a sea defence. He lodges with an unusual character Mrs Rutherford for his stay and this book really is his views on her and life in an English village. It is nicely written and although there is some mystery about where Mrs Rutherfords husband is, the book really does not seem to go anywhere or have any particular plot to it, for this reason I'm glad it was only a short read.

    Maureen Farrimond
    An interesting read but hard-going. I liked the flashes back to Guyana. The characters were quirky but realistic.

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