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  • Title: Moonlighting In Vermont
  • Author: Kate George
  • ISBN: 9780615292021
  • Page: 382
  • Format: Paperback

  • Rumor has it that nothing ever happens in small town Vermont, but for Bella Bree MacGowan, there is no shortage of excitement She becomes the prime suspect when she finds her boss dead in a pool of blood and can t convince the officer in charge, hunky Lt Miles Brooks, that she isn t capable of murder Lt Brooks believes two things The first is that everyone is capableRumor has it that nothing ever happens in small town Vermont, but for Bella Bree MacGowan, there is no shortage of excitement She becomes the prime suspect when she finds her boss dead in a pool of blood and can t convince the officer in charge, hunky Lt Miles Brooks, that she isn t capable of murder Lt Brooks believes two things The first is that everyone is capable of murder, and the second is that the simplest solution is usually correct So when it appears that Bree MacGowan has both motive and opportunity, he s confident he s found his killer Meg Maverick owns the local paper, and Bree s been her paste up tech and friend from the beginning She has no doubt of Bree s innocence, but she s worried If her husband Tom, the captain in chief at the local state police barracks, insists on sticking up for Bree, he could end up ruining his reputation Then there s Beaux Maverick, Tom s younger brother, who has been waiting 15 years for his chance to ask Bree MacGowan out on a date He doesn t give a rat s ass if the whole town thinks Bree is guilty He d be the happiest guy alive if only she d stay out of trouble.
    Kate George
    Having worked at a number of jobs ranging from Senior Assistant to the Dean of a Medical School to Actor Booking Agent in outdoor theatre troop, Ms George has had plenty of experiences to bring authenticity to her characters In fact, the idea for Moonlighting began formulating while she was working as a evening turndown maid at an exclusive resort for people with money than sense The layout was perfect for a murder, but, as she was not willing to risk a life in prison, she decided writing it would be a wiser choice than doing it.Ms George began writing at an early age by making up poems of praise for the ponies she rode That turned to angst during her teen years and spurned lover poetry in her twenties During her spurned lover period she also wrote a novella about a marine biologist her college major at the time that will never see the light of day Ms George eventually earned her Bachelors degree in Anthropology from the University of California at Davis In case you haven t noticed there aren t a lot of jobs for a budding anthropologist That s her explanation for the 75 different careers in her resume Think police dog trainer and answering service operator and then let your imagination go wild You couldn t possibly be far from the truth.Although born in California and raised in British Columbia, Ms George is currently living in Central Vermont with her husband, four children, three dogs, and two cats She once had 28 chickens, all named, none of them seem especially keen to lay eggs I m sorry to tell you that Hermione and Speckles were eaten by coyotes The rest were given to good homes to avoid any further emotional distress.


    Penny Watson
    Moonlighting in Vermont by Kate GeorgeOnce upon a time, I lived in Vermont. I loved picking fresh blackberries in my backyard on a summer morning. I loved growing my organic garden. I loved going into the general store and choosing penny candy out of a jar and putting it on my "tab." I loved antiquing in an old barn, snowshoeing on fresh snow, and driving without fear of being run off the road by an enraged madman talking on a cell phone. Yes, I have very fond memories of Vermont and a distinct [...]

    Kate George’s Moonlighting in Vermont starts out with a wallop in the story’s second paragraph. While at her job as housekeeper at The Whispering Birches, Bella Bree MacGowan discovers her boss, her DEAD boss, stuck in a closet. If I was expecting a nail-biter, I was mistaken. Two paragraphs later, I read, “Not throwing up is a life skill I haven’t developed. My name is Bella Bree MacGowan. Bella is Italian; Bree – well, technically, Brie – but my mom couldn’t spell, is French; and [...]

    SUMMARY: Sometimes a girl just has to get dirty! TROUBLE FOLLOWS SOME WOMEN Bella Bree MacGowan is your average country girl. She works two jobs to support her farm and the menagerie of stray animals that accumulate there; she's almost always covered in mud; and everyone in her small town of South Royalton, Vermont, feels free to comment on everything from her love life ("That Jim just isn't right for you!") to her expired inspection sticker ("Better get that car looked at!"). Is there any such [...]

    Cheryl Goldyn
    I finished this book because I hoped there could be a strong plot hiding away in the later pages. The e-book is poorly edited with dozens of missing and wrong words disrupting the sentences, and at one point, a dead character speaks -- the author used the wrong character name! Though mildly entertaining and occasionally humorous, the plot needs a transfusion early on. About 3/4 through the book, the author must have realized she was putting readers to sleep. Out of nowhere there is a double kidn [...]

    Lovely, light read. Really likeable characters. Not enough Vermont in it for my taste, but I'm a displaced New Englander. Plot slightly thin. Characters a bit two-dimensional. Those did not stop me enjoying the book, though. Would read more by this author.

    Female McGyver😉If you want to a fool-hardy adventuress, Bree is your girl. At times she seemed to be the female version of McGyver!

    DNF Underdeveloped characters, dull conversations, cliche heroine.

    Kaye George
    Bella Brie MacGowan is an appealing protagonist who admits her name means either good cheese or beautiful cheese. She doesn't much enjoy being a housekeeper, even though it's at a group of five-star cottages. But when she finds her boss, Vera, dead in a housekeeping closet, she likes it even less. Even though Vera wasn't well liked, the handsome Lt. Brooks seems to think Bella is a prime suspect for her murder. She keeps a menagerie at home, a pony, rabbits, chickens, a cat, and four dogs. Her p [...]

    Cathy Cole
    First Line: "Why. Won't. You. Open!" With every word I pushed my shoulder into the door.It's not easy being Bree MacGowan. She works two jobs in an effort to keep her farm going, her vehicle running, and her menagerie of stray animals fed. About the only time she's not covered in mud is when she's working one of her jobs as a maid in a nearby five-star resort. And when you live in the small town of South Royalton, Vermont, everybody knows you and everybody feels comfortable telling you what you [...]

    I love a good cozy mystery, Bree definitely has potential for stepping in it Jessica Fletcher style! The only thing that bothered me in this book it that it could figure out if it wanted to be a romance too.Loads of great characters here, with just enough story building to keep you in the loop. I see plenty of potential for more mysteries in this sleepy resort town.The dynamic with her BFF Meg is perfect. Reminds me of my BFF and I, always pals but telling it like it is, possible getting in mud [...]

    Jo Notary
    242pgs, When Bree finds a dead body at the five-star resort where she moonlights as a maid, her life careens out of control. Her lawyer boyfriend, Jim, dumps her; the surly and sensual investigating officer, Lieutenant Miles Brooks, keeps giving her the beady eyeball; and a reporter at the paper where she works names Bree as the primary suspect in the murder! Can your average hard-working country girl prove her innocence, rein in a love life gone wild, and maintain her sanity all at the same tim [...]

    Carol Evans
    Moonlighting in Vermont was an uneven book for me. It’s told from Bree’s point of view and I really did like her. She a trouble-magnet, but she’s fun and tries to be optimistic. She loves her animals and seems to more or less work to make money to take care of them. She’s not afraid to get dirty, but the mud fight with her best friend was a little unbelievable. She’s loyal and honest. And all the guys in town seem to be attracted to her – from the cop to the mechanic to her best frie [...]

    Jackie Mandeville
    I'm going to give this book 3 stars because it was a little long and drawn out. I did very much enjoy the book but I felt it could have a lot of less pages. The story starts out with a woman discovering her boss murdered in the supply closet. The local police feel she's the only suspect because she found the body. This drags on throughout the book. They have no evidence whatsoever so it gets a little tedious. There is some romance thrown in but mostly it's about the murder. Not long after she fi [...]

    Sarah DeBouter
    This was a tidy little mystery set in my favorite setting of all time- rural Vermont. The characters were all distinct and likable. Our heroine was believable and refreshingly human - I always appreciate a clutz like myself. I've never been overly fond of first person narratives, but it did help keep the main character real- because our thought processes do tend to stray at the oddest moments, and don't make sense. I didn't like that about the book at first but it grew on me.Certain elements of [...]

    This first book has some potential but poor editing (or poor writing) detracts from this reader's enjoyment. I would also suggest cutting back on the details about the main character's sex life - innuendo is fine but I picked a mystery, not a romance or chick lit and the soft porn is not to my liking. On the plus side, I liked the rural background - the town and all the animals. George did a good job with the small New England town feeling of everyone knowing everyone & all their business; h [...]

    Cara St.Hilaire
    I saw this book on and I just had to purchase it. A murder mystery in picturesque Vermont? Sign me up. Bree, the lead character (animal lover, newspaper employee, and housekeeper at a posh Inn), is simply endearing. She swears, she has sass, and she isn't afraid to throw caution to the wind! The author did such a wonderful job creating her and the setting and I hope to read more about Bree in the future. The plot was a bit tepid and predictable, but I think George will get better at this over t [...]

    If you can't handle reading kindle books with atrocious editing (formatting, spelling,context mistakes, et al) you probably want to skip this one or try the paperback version. However, if you can get past the editing debacle, I think Kate George has good story telling abilities. I will read the next book, California Schemin', with the hopes the story is still there and she found a better editor - will have to get from the library though, hate paying for a book that has so many errors.

    It's classed as a cozy, but it seemed to have more relationship/friendship than mystery. What was mystery was in was good. For being a cozy way to much sex scenes. There's usually romance but not graphic sex scenes.I did like the main character. She was clutzy, but had a solid personality. Not ditzy or annoying.I would consider reading the next one in the seried, but only when I'm looking for a quick read.

    There are things to love about this story. The main characters and supporting characters are very believable. The supporting / animal characters are DARLING. However, the editing is ATROCIOUS. Strange left out words, strange capitalizations, at one point a character is called by the wrong name. With some STRONG editing, this could be an amazing book. With that said, if I can find the next books free or close to free, I would read more because I really like Bree and her friends.

    Amy Sperry
    Bree MacGowan's life is a mess and I love it. Nothing comes easy for her and she constantly gets herself into hot water. Her character was so engaging and real. She's not some over the top kick ass girl or some bitchy socialite. She's a real woman who works two jobs, three if you count taking care of her animals, a good friend, and has the street smarts to figure out who framed her for murder. I can't wait to read more in her series.

    Bella Bree MacGowan, a part-time hotel housekeeper and a newspaper editor, finds the dead body of one of the cleaning staff at the hotel. Brooks, the police officer assigned to the case, thinks Bree is guilty; she's not. Bree eventually finds the murderer, the sister of the victim, who also works at the hotel. Bree and Beaux, the brother of Tom, the police chief and husband of Meg, her best friend, get together.

    A good story. I really like Bella Bree MacGowan and her menagerie of animals. However, I knew she could not be guilty -- she didn't have a good enough motive.I really thought she would end up with Lt. Brooks at the end -- her relationships with the opposite sex are very interesting.I got tripped up quite a few times by errors -- some creative editing would have made this read much better.Having said this, I would not mind reading another tale by Kate George.

    This was a so-so mystery set in Vermont. Bree MacGowan is moonlighting as a housekeeper at a posh resort that caters to the very wealthy, as well as working in print set up for the local newspaper. When another housekeeper turns up dead, and Bree discovers her body, she finds herself as a suspect in the murder. The e-book is poorly edited with too many missing and wrong words. I find that very annoying.

    Crazy. I've never read a book with so many typos! Very distracting. The whole story was hokey. I can't believe I stuck with it long enough to finish it. I certainly would not recommend it to anyone else. It was a waste of time, but I didn't have another book with me to read. Won't be reading any more by this author.

    Bree’s full-time job is working for the local smalltime newspaper while at night she works as one of the housekeepers at a local hotel. It was at the hotel job where she stumbled upon the body of a coworker and now the talk of the town is that she is Vera’s killer with only few believing in her innocence.

    Kim Erskine
    I too had the Kindle free version. Just once I wish I could read one of these that didn't need basic editing. That being said it was a light and breezy story. Perfect for bedtime or by the pool. I would have like to see her interact a bit more with other people from the town, not just all the guys that were after her and her best friend. Everyone else is a bit one dimensional.

    Ed Scott
    Enjoyed this book. It sometimes amazes me how authors can paint a picture of an everyday personwho somehow can track a killer, be injured over and over again, but still find a way to "get the bad guy". I did find that the use of the character Gunnar really wasn't necessary. Perhaps other readers found him to be a suspect, but I never saw him that way.

    Where was the PROOF READER!!!! Not only was the story a little "off" but there were some many mistakes it became a game to find the next one. Here's one example: since instead of sense. Plus, the main character has so many men after her that you know you will need to read the rest of the series to find out who she ends up with. No thanks I don't need to know.

    Jessica Andersen
    This book was pretty good. I read the Kindle version and there were a lot of errors, as others have mentioned in their reviews. I thought the main character was likable though, and the mystery was ok, there was a decent red herring thrown in for good measure. I will probably read more in this series, but not right away.

    I like the style of the book. It starts with the "dead body" and goes from there! I read California Schemin' first, but wish I had started with this one. She has a fun style and I look forward to more books in this series.

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