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  • Title: Cold Pursuit
  • Author: T. Jefferson Parker
  • ISBN: 9780060593278
  • Page: 173
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • California Homicide Detective Tom McMichael has every good reason to pass on the investigation of slain city patriarch Pete Braga After all, it was former mayor and self made millionaire Braga who killed Tom s grandfather in a dispute over money and Tom s own father who, allegedly, sought revenge by savagely beating Braga s son into imbecility But there are others whoCalifornia Homicide Detective Tom McMichael has every good reason to pass on the investigation of slain city patriarch Pete Braga After all, it was former mayor and self made millionaire Braga who killed Tom s grandfather in a dispute over money and Tom s own father who, allegedly, sought revenge by savagely beating Braga s son into imbecility But there are others who hated the old man as well And McMichael is a good cop determined to perform his duty to the best of his abilities despite his growing feelings for the beautiful nurse who is the prime suspect in the brutal bludgeoning death and despite a twisting trail that is leading him into deadly, dark, and very private places where he dearly wishes not to go.
    T. Jefferson Parker
    T Jefferson Parker is the bestselling author of 20 crime novels, including Edgar Award winners Silent Joe and California Girl Parker s next work is a literary novel, Full Measure, to be published in October He lives with his family in Southern California


    Although Cold Pursuit didn’t entirely convince me content wise, I remain a huge fan of Jefferson Parker. I’ve read four his books so far and he’s fast becoming another favorite of mine. I love detective stories with the emphasis on enigmatic and moody characters; in this case Tom McMichael is great (not too moody). Loved those moments of self-reflection. And above all, I have a weak spot for great police procedurals. Here, in Cold Pursuit, millionaire Pete Braga has been found bludgeoned t [...]

    I really like T. Jefferson Parker and this was a really good mystery. My only problem was the repeatedly foolish acts of the protagonist. But my guess is, it would make a really good screenplay.

    Sheila Myers
    A good mystery with two crimes to be solved. Although the plot and characters are interesting, the plot gets bogged down with a lot of unnecessary details.

    As a good suspense/criminal investigation novel should, it keeps you reading with cliff hangers. The line up of evidence keeps you guessing as you try and reason/solve the case yourself. I have my doubts the police would place an officer so emotionally involved in a case as the lead of the investigation. The ending is also a little unbelievably super-human, and "has to" follow the action movie script and end with a chase scene (a little played out). That being said, I'm sure "real" police are no [...]

    What can I say except Parker is as good as it gets borrowed from the Washington Post Book World. This book was non stop entertainment with nary a filler to be hadA page turner and the prose at times made me go back and read it one more timeIn this story Detective Tom McMichael is sent to investigate a murder. Pete Braga is the victim. The man who years ago killed Tom's grandfather over money

    RATING: 3.75At 84 years old, Pete Braga has amassed more than his share of enemies, both professionally and personally. When he's found bludgeoned to death in his own home, there are no shortage of suspects. He's been on the winning end of some nasty business deals. He's left certain key members of his family out of his will. He's been involved in some key projects that have huge political and financial ramifications. The person that seems most likely to be involved in the murder is Pete's nurse [...]

    I DON'T HIDE MY REVIEWS EVEN IF THEY HAVE SPOILERS. BUT I DON'T PUT THEM ON A FEED, EITHER.San Diego is the setting for this contemporary crime story, in which homicide detective Tom McMichael is assigned the murder of a prominent self-made tycoon, Peter Braga, who was his grandfather's arch nemesis.Turns out the Irish McMichaels and the Portuguese Bragas were both tuna fisher families two generations back, when Peter (the fresh vic) killed McMichael's grandfather, Franklin, over money after a l [...]

    Mystery featuring homicide detective Tom McMichael. McMichael catches the case when elderly Pete Braga is found beaten to death in his home. The twist: many years ago Braga had shot McMichael's grandfather in a dispute, and then McMichael's father was accused of beating Braga's son so badly that he ended up brain-damaged and has the mind of a ten-year-old. Family feud anyone? Many people suspect McMichael of not doing his job because the murder may seem like just desserts.The first suspect is Sa [...]

    BLOOD FEUDT. Jefferson Parker is an author who doesn't get the readership or critical praise I think he deserves. His books are crime procedurals/mysteries set in Southern California, with well-developed three dimensional characters all wrapped in the tangled webs of honor, duty and allegiances to the past. The author's books are denser than others of this genre and aren't one pulse raising scene after another - maybe that's what keeps some readers away.Cold Pursuit is in this mold and delivers. [...]

    David Carr
    T. Jefferson Parker (and Thomas Perry) occupy the same tier as Michael Connelly, though Connelly's mastery is somewhat more reliable. Parker's novels The Blue Hour, Red Light, Silent Joe, and Black Water preceded this one, and California Girl and The Fallen followed it. That productive period (1999-2006) tapped a vein of fine, steadily readable narrative, engaging detective work, always with a personal jagged edge and a tendency toward emotional flaws of the kind that bring shame to the cop. Fre [...]

    Yvonne Mendez
    I very much enjoyed the mistery, especially since its based in San Diego where I live. He described the city and the streets very well. The only part I would take exception with is where he described surfers going all the way to the fence in the ocean that divides Mexico and U.S he mentions how pretty Imperial Beach is and how ugly Tijuana looks. On the other side of fence in the Tijuana side, you will see a neighborhood called Playas de Tijuana, which is an affluent neighborhood with very nice [...]

    When Detective Thomas McMichael and his partner Hector Diaz solve not just one but at least three serious crimes, they do so in believable ways, with believable, albeit ambitiously rendered, complications. Neither cop is a moral exemplar, but both are good men who live by a code of honor. Even the bit players are given their moments in the sun, as when we learn that the medical examiner wears a "lucky" clip-on tie that he changes once a year, and that a glib young Port Commissioner has a grisly [...]

    Tim Warner
    As usual, I write an indepth perceptive and terrific review, hit the wrong key and it vanishes. ok. try again. I love this book. I have one chapter left. Parker is a cut above all others of his genre. His heroes have flaws but I love them by the time the book is halfway towards the end.If I finish the book, then the pleasure will be over. So back to the final chapterOk. This guy, Parker is just plain good. Really good. Really, really good. Hopefully I won't hit the wrong key.His heroes are heroi [...]

    Wayland Smith
    A crime thriller with a lot of history in the story, this book is a good mystery. Pete Braga, rich and influential patriarch of the city, is found beaten to death in his mansion. Detective Tom McMichael gets the case, which is complicated from the start. The McMichaels and the Bragas have a feud going back at least two generations. A suspect comes to light early, but McMichaels doesn't think she did it. This becomes a long and complicated case with many twists and turns, as well as bits of histo [...]

    Next on the list of T J Parker detective novels -- this one better than the last couple of ones, mostly for the intricacy of the plot lines. There was a real surprise ending! In fact, I was so engrossed it took me only two days to read it, all 365 pages in hardback (fortunately, I had the time). This time it takes place in San Diego, and our "hero" is a police department detective (again) who at least is not suspected of the murder in question, but he gets romantically involved with two women co [...]

    JG (The Introverted Reader)
    This reminded me how much I enjoy thriller/mysteries and made me wish that I read them more often. I'm trying to finish up all the books I own or have borrowed from family (a never-ending process), so I don't get to the library that often anymore. And I only read this kind of thing from the library. I need to start going out of my way to go by and pick some up periodically.It's been over six months since I read it, so details are hazy. I just remember that I liked the main characters, I was surp [...]

    COLD PURSUIT - VGT. Jefferson Parker – 14th bookWhen Homicide Sergeant Tom McMichael gets the call about Pete Braga's murder, he can't help feeling a bit of pleasure due to a long-standing family hatred. Still, McMichael is a cop and he intends to track down the killer. The pretty nurse looks like a good suspect. But McMichael is attracted to the nurse and his gut tells him that she's innocent. This is story of relationships, police procedure, and good red herrings and surprises. It was a very [...]

    "McMichael said nothing for a long moment, thinking about the way the past forms the present, and how impossibly hard it was to change things once they were set in motion. Fifty years of hatred and vengeance born from a bad fishing trip and -- most likely -- two stubborn and hungry men who wouldn't back down until one of them was dead. And their children damaged in different ways, and their children still bickering over what happened and why and who was to blame."My review here: mostlyfiction/my [...]

    Richard Thompson
    The book is set in San Diego, a familiar location for a lot of Parker's books, but it didn't seem familiar. It was raining almost all of the time. The main characters are members of an Irish family and a Portuguese family who have been feuding for three generations sound more like Boston.That aside, the plot and characters keep the story moving, and the book was an enjoyable read-aloud. We reserved this to read with Lutrecia on her weekly "craft/exercise visits, so we read it over four or five w [...]

    This is Parker at his best. San Diego homicide cop Tom McMichael is called in as primary in the brutal murder of an elderly man who has a troubling past history with McMichael's family. The more he learns, the more complications set in up to and including a relationship with the old man's young caretaker. The plot is complex and riveting, the characters fascinating. Hopefully he will write more about McMichael and his team.

    Fredrick Danysh
    San Diego Homicide Detective Tom McMichael is called out to investigate the death of the man who killed his grandfather. His chief suspect is a mysterious and beautiful nurse who took care of the old man. Recently divorced, he begins a relationship with her. Throw in various criminals and greed and the result is a gripping novel.

    I enjoyed this book. But now I'm done and I'm not missing Tom McMichael. That's very much unlike me. I usually live for series and the ability to spend more time with the characters.Parker's writing, though, was crisp and I see that he has written three books in the Merci Rayborn series. I'll put The Blue Hour on my To Read list.

    I really wish he'd drop the series he's doing and get back to writing stand alone books, most of which are great. But at least he wrote some before he started on the series, so I can't complain too much. As a former resident of San Diego, his description of the weather and geography bring back memories. Good stuff.

    Krystle Kouture
    How Did This Book Find Me?: Picked it up at our local library book saleWhat I enjoyed: Detective meets ex girlfriend was not nearly as typical as I was expecting, a nice surprise. What I didn't like: It was boring and lacked suspense to me. Also, loose ends were not tied up.Would I read more by this author: Not really interested

    Elaine Cougler
    Cold Pursuits by T. Jefferson Parker delves into a modern-day feud left over from two generations earlier. The detective, Tom McMichael, must solve the murder case of Pete Braga, the man said to have murdered Tom's grandfather. How can Tom keep true to his job and stifle family emotion? Good quick story.

    Its a really a good read a cold pacy for the first 100 pages. hard to keep track of the story for that few pages but after that its a page turner. Parker maintained the suspense too good. definitely a good book to read.

    There was nothing thrilling about this book. The author didn’t seem to want to get into the plat and then when he did it was very convoluted. Then, to top it off there was an implausible ending. This may be the last T. Jefferson Parker book I read.

    Carole Murphy
    Don't think I have ever read a T.Jefferson (Parker) novel before but after this one, I'll be poring over the shelves. I literally couldn't put this one down. The character were great and believable and the ending was a huge surprise. You won't be sorry you picked this up, believe me.

    T. Jefferson Parker always captures the Southern California vibe. If you've lived there, you'll recognize this -- if not, take y word for it. In the case of Cold Pursuit, his characters are pitch perfect. Great mystery and well-drawn characters.

    I really liked this book. After reading 9 of T. Jeff's books, I think that this was one of his best murder mysteries.He does an outstanding job in creating characters, love, hate and intertwined plots. It keeps you reading until the very end, which has several surprises.

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