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  • Title: A Love of Her Own
  • Author: Maggie Brendan
  • ISBN: 9780800733513
  • Page: 380
  • Format: Paperback

  • April McBride has suffered a broken engagement once before and fully intends to guard her heart when she travels to Lewistown, Montana, to attend her brother s wedding One look around the small mining town convinces April that this won t be difficult just a bunch of dusty shops, bad service, and ill bred cowboys But a run in with a horse trainer named Wes Owen opens upApril McBride has suffered a broken engagement once before and fully intends to guard her heart when she travels to Lewistown, Montana, to attend her brother s wedding One look around the small mining town convinces April that this won t be difficult just a bunch of dusty shops, bad service, and ill bred cowboys But a run in with a horse trainer named Wes Owen opens up vast possibilities for frustration, embarrassment, friendship, and love Can April and Wes see past their differences in order to envision a future together
    Maggie Brendan
    Maggie Brendan is a CBA bestselling author, of the Heart of the West and The Blue Willow Brides series Winner of the 2014 Book Buyers Best Award OCC RWA for Inspirational Fiction and the 2013 Laurel Wreath Award, she was a finalist for the 2013 Published Maggie Award of Excellence and the 2013 Heart of Excellence Readers Choice Award Her new series Virtues and Vices of the Old West began with The Trouble with Patience released in February, 2015 A Sweet Misfortune will release February 2016 Follow Maggie on her website MaggieBrendan, her blog SouthernBelleWriter, Twitter MaggieBrendan and Pinterest pinterest maggiebrendan Instagram instgram maggiebrendan.


    Margaret Chind
    Originally, in reading the first book in the Hearts of the West Series, No Place for a Lady (Heart of the West, #1) I had to say: Having a plot line that starts and grows with tragedy, this is a novel that grabs your heart and makes you silently or even sometimes verbally cheer on the heroine to succeed at her current goal. Maggie Brendan has done well with her first novel and I definitely look forward to more. This is easily one of those stories where you are screaming for the characters to see [...]

    Abby Miller
    Okay, first off, when I signed up to win this book, I was mistakenly under the impression that this was going to be Historical Fiction. When I discovered that first and foremost, it was Christian Fiction, I thought in all fairness that I would give it a whirl, putting aside all of my experienced notions I have with the genre. Perhaps, I thought, this one would be different, but, eh, that was not to be.In most Christian Fiction that I have read, plot and characters are pretty thin. This is despit [...]

    I'm a huge fan of edgy inspirational authors Julie Lessman and Deeanne Gist but when it comes to sweet romances Maggie Brendan is my "go to" author. Her writing style puts me in mind of Janette Oke and Tracie Peterson, whose work I read when I was introduced to Christian fiction.The Heart of the West series has been really enjoyable and this last book, A Love of Her Own is a perfect ending to the series. April, who we first met in No Place for a Lady is the heroine of this book. Somewhat of a sp [...]

    Erica (daydreamer)
    A Love of Her Own was a nice western romance. Maggie did a good job at capturing the feel of the west. There were a lot of characters, but each one added a little something nice to the story. I didn't exactly care for Maggie's writing, but it grew on me a little. As I started getting to know April, I really didn't like her. She was a stupid, spoiled, mean brat, who didn't really care for anyone and expected everyone to do something for her. Although she was very capable of handling horses and ge [...]

    I read all three books in this series. I really wanted to like these books but it was hard for me. The writing didn't flow very well and seemed a little sporadic. There was not a lot of depth. I really had a hard time with the love interest going back and forth so many times. One minute they're kissing and then literally the next second they're fighting. And it wasn't just once or twiceat kind of thing happened in all three of the books.

    People complain about the characters and the plot line, which you know, maybe they're right, maybe they're wrong, all a matter of opinion. However when I read the book it wasn't any of those things that made me gag and die a little inside, instead it was the awful writing style, the implausible speech of the characters and overall just the flow of how things were said. I finished the book, but it was a struggle.

    Maggie Brendan seems to have a knack for creating heroines I either dislike or can't build a rapport with. This one is an abrasive, spoiled brat and I'm actually interested in seeing her improve, but I don't think I will. As I'm reading this I feel like I've missed info from the previous books, but I've already tried reading the first of the series and gave up.

    Donna Bagby
    This was a story of a spoiled rich lady (April) who comes to the realization that money and arrogance cannot buy love or true friendship. Good story showing the maturity of April, through many trials, of being a spoiled brat into a caring and compassionate woman.

    Victor Gentile
    Maggie Brendan in her new book, "A Love Of Her Own" Book Three in the Heart of the West series published by Revell concludes the series and brings us to Montana in 1896.April McBride receives an invitation from her brother, Josh, to attend his wedding to Juliana, the characters from the second book, The Jewel Of His Heart. I found that is was not necessary to have read the previous two books to enjoy this one even though the other characters are involved. Even though her parents are traveling ab [...]

    I'm so happy to finally know what happens to Josh McBride's sister, April! Ever since I first met this blonde-haired spit-fire in No Place for a Lady, I've wondered how her story was gonna play out. It was a wild ride, just as I had suspected!Though April was my least favorite person back then, she finally redeems herself in her own story. She still comes across as a little selfish, very independent, and somewhat spoiled. All in all, this makes for a really fast-paced read. It was nice to catch [...]

    I'm probably the biggest fan of western romance novels, this side of the Mississippi. So, a series, with the title "Heart Of The West",I can't help but read it. LOLI was first introduced to author Maggie Brendan when I read her first book, No Place For A Lady. Since then, I've been eagerly been waiting the last book in the series. And the book was worth the wait.I thought A Love Of Her Own was good!! We first meet April McBride in Lady and believe me, she wasn't a favorite of mine. She was a spo [...]

    Title: A LOVE OF HER OWN Author: Maggie BrendanPublisher: RevellJune 2010ISBN: 978-0-8007-3351-3Genre: Inspirational/historicalApril McBride is still recovering from a broken engagement four years prior. She figures she will never marry, and is probably not intended to. When April gets a telegram from her brother Josh in Montana saying he’s getting married, April is the only one in the family able to attend. Her parents are on a tour of Ireland. All goes well as April catches a train to Billin [...]

    This is the second "Hearts of the West" book I have read by Maggie Brendan. In the first review - of book 2 - I said Brendan's work could become a "movie of the week" by Michael Landon Jr. I still think that is the case.In this novel, Brendan has captured the transformation of a spoiled, rich girl - as she moves away from that existence and begins to experience life - and faith in Jesus in a new way.I do have one suggestion - I really think if you are starting out new to the series - you will ge [...]

    I have become quite fond of Maggie Brendan’s books and her newest book, A Love of Her Own has added to my fondness of her books. There are so many things to like about this book. First of all, I found it very relaxing. I like being taken back to places like Montana during the late 1800s. It provides a lovely backdrop to this story. The author has included a lot of details that make this story feel very real. It was also fun to see the same characters that were in the previous book, The Jewel o [...]

    April McBride is braving a train trip and a stage trip to Montana for one reason and one reason only; to attend her older brother’s wedding. Along the way she makes quite the impression—that of a spoiled brat. Once she arrives in Lewiston, the impressions she continues to leave in her wake are no more becoming. Unfortunately, she barely makes it to her brother’s wedding and instead of stunning the crowd with her finery she stays in the back trying to blend in in spite of her boy’s chaps [...]

    Lauralee Bliss
    This is the first book I've read by Maggie Brendan, and I thought she did a nice job. The book flowed well, and I found it interesting that she kept the timeline a day by day experience rather than jumping from weeks and months like most books. The heroine proved herself naive and spoiled in many ways but learned to adjust herself to the harsh reality of the frontier life. The way the author painted the heroine's exploits, I could follow right along with her. I knew her well. I found it less so [...]

    Joan Arning
    The book started out with a ridiculously spoiled young lady in late 1800s but the last half was much better. April falls for a horse trainer who lives in a run down house with a few acres of property. The older lady who runs the boarding house is a big influence on April. Like many books written by younger people, I found some of the details about the houses, etc to be unlikely for that era. (I grew up in 1940s and 1950s and many houses were not as modern as ones in the book!) Overall, I did enj [...]

    April gets an invite to her Bothers Wedding and needs to travel via train. But when the train ride ends then still 100 miles+ to travel via stage coach. Not fun for someone spoiled.Barely makes it to her Brother's wedding and not in the way she had planned. Everything seems to be going wrong for her: reservations not at the motel so had to stay in a boarding house. April is used to be waited on. But she finally makes friends, and the story takes a turn.It's fun to see how her life changes and sh [...]

    I was shocked the author decided to write about April. The first 100 pages are the old April. But if you continue reading another 30 pages you would have seen the change in her. Although it wasn't as drastic as it should have been. I think the author realized the challenge she made on writing about April and got herself stuck. I felt God was an undertone on the book. This whole book is supposed to have happened in 2-3 Weeks? Not very believable.I was not as impressed by this book as the previous [...]

    April was really horrible in her previous book, No Place For A Lady. I was really glad that she wasn't suddenly an angel as heroine of her own story. The only thing that really bugged me was the time frame. It seemed like too much to happen in two weeks. I also felt bad for Natalie. The previous book did seem to be setting something up for her, but since Wes is the hero of this story, that obviously didn't work out.

    Mikkel Libby
    Best of the three.Best of the three.I,particularly, liked. this book. because the author didn't continuously the characters hang ups drag the story out. April and Wes both. had some quirky social skills that needed to be worked. on it with prayer and diligence better skis developed. I would really like to see an epilogue novel Involving both Josh and Aprils lives in and endeavors .

    The book was ok. I didn't like the main character, April, who was also from the first book, No Place for a Lady. It's hard to build a story around an unlikeable character. By the time she is likeable, I wasn't really interested in the story. And the hero, Wes, was unlikeable in the second story, Jewel of His Heart. He only turned redeemable by the end of that one. And I still don't understand what had led him to act the way he did.

    I only managed to read a couple chapters of this book. I had no idea it was an inspirational (seriously, library, TAG YOUR BOOKS!) and there was no description posted.The heroine was annoying, and I'm pretty sure the hero would have been too, if I had managed to read further. The stagecoach driver was the most interesting character, but if I were to read an inspirational about him, it would need to be finely crafted indeed.

    Move over Scarlett O’Hara! Maggie Brendan treats readers to a spoiled, self-centered heroine whose comeuppance is a pure delight to read. In her strongest novel yet, Brendan gives us much more than a romance. We get to watch a whole cast of characters’ lives change, all because of one woman who wouldn’t let anything stop her from attending her brother’s wedding. What fun!

    Like the other two books in the series, it was okay. I would give this one 2 1/2 stars if I could. More character development was definitely needed. It's hard to believe that April and Wes (especially April) could change so much in such a short period of time that they could have a good relationship. I did like the surprise ending. Not what I was expecting.

    Maggie Brendan is one of the most enjoyable writers I've ever read, and her characters are so interesting, you can't help but be extremely adoring of them. I sincerely look forward to more from this author and would like to thank her for the faith enrichment she's brought me through her books and God. So thank you very much!

    Trinity Rose
    I thought this book was very sweet and full of tender hearted compassion.I love the way the characters were thought out and how much you come to care for them.Just recently became aware of Maggie Brendan.She's an excellent author.I won this from GoodReads and was not entitled to give any special review,just my honest thoughts.

    April Christensen
    Good readGood book. Slow read but I enjoyed it. Much different depiction of the characters Wes and April than the first and second books of the series do due to life and it's challenges bringing about change to their hearts .

    Maggie Shanley
    Ok story of a spoiled young woman falling in love with a horse trainer. Allusions and dialogue didn't always fit the time period. The background of the main character did not contribute much to her personality and led to some contradictons that were not really believable.

    Loved this story! Though the writing seems a little stilted at times, Maggie's characters always stay with me! It's been some time since I read books one and two, but I found myself remembering them as I read this one. Good job, Maggie! :D

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