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  • Title: The October Country
  • Author: Ray Bradbury
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 472
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback

  • alternate cover for ISBN 0586042296The October Country has 20 macabre Bradbury stories, reprinting 15 of the 27 stories of his 47 Dark Carnival adds 4 published elsewhere It was published in numerous Ballantine editons, in the UK by Rupert Hart Davis in 56, reissued in 76 by Grafton, HarperCollins imprint The 76 UK paper edition includes The Travelealternate cover for ISBN 0586042296The October Country has 20 macabre Bradbury stories, reprinting 15 of the 27 stories of his 47 Dark Carnival adds 4 published elsewhere It was published in numerous Ballantine editons, in the UK by Rupert Hart Davis in 56, reissued in 76 by Grafton, HarperCollins imprint The 76 UK paper edition includes The Traveler, originally from Dark Carnival, omits The Next In Line, The Lake, The Small Assassin, The Crowd, Jack in the Box, The Man Upstairs The Cistern The Dwarf A Hall of Mirrors owner a kid observe a dwarf who uses mirrors to make himself seem taller The Next in Line A couple find a Mexican cemetery with a policy regarding the interred whose families don t pay The Watchful Poker Chip of H Matisse A dull man becomes an avant garde craze precisely because he s boring Skeleton A man convinced his skeleton is out to ruin him consults an unorthodox specialist The Jar A poor farmer buys a jar with something floating in it for 12 It becomes a conversation piece His wife can t stand it or him The Lake A man revisits his birthplace recalls a friend who drowned in a lake during childhood The Emissary A sick boy who can t go outside has but two connections to the world, his dog a neighbor woman The neighbor dies The dog runs off Touched With Fire aka Shopping for Death Two old men push fulfillment on unhappy people They unsuccessfully try to do so with a woman whose story ends bloodily The Small Assassin A woman s convinced her newborn aims to kill her The Crowd A man discovers something about crowds forming round accidents Jack in the Box A boy lives with his mother in a secluded mansion She raises him to be god, telling him his father, the original god, was killed by beasts outside The Scythe A man has a powerful scythe a wheat field He discovers reaping is than meets the eye Uncle Einar The Elliots are a family of movie monsters immortals Uncle Einar tries to find a way into the sky after damaging his wings The Wind A former travel writer fears the winds he defied around the world gather to kill him The Man Upstairs A boy suspects the man renting the upper room of his house to be than human There Was an Old Woman An old woman defies death Death tricked her stole her body She wouldn t let that stop her The Cistern A woman tells her sister how magical the land under the sewer must be There dead lovers are reunited Homecoming Einar the Elliots return to the ancestral home as seen thru the eyes of Timothy, a mortal child left on their doorstep who longs to be like them It s the basis for 2001 s From the Dust Returned The Wonderful Death of Dudley Stone Fans track down a writer who chose to stop writing withdraw, get his story from him.
    Ray Bradbury
    American novelist, short story writer, essayist, playwright, screenwriter and poet, was born August 22, 1920 in Waukegan, Illinois He graduated from a Los Angeles high school in 1938 Although his formal education ended there, he became a student of life, selling newspapers on L.A street corners from 1938 to 1942, spending his nights in the public library and his days at the typewriter He became a full time writer in 1943, and contributed numerous short stories to periodicals before publishing a collection of them, Dark Carnival, in 1947 His reputation as a writer of courage and vision was established with the publication of The Martian Chronicles in 1950, which describes the first attempts of Earth people to conquer and colonize Mars, and the unintended consequences Next came The Illustrated Man and then, in 1953, Fahrenheit 451, which many consider to be Bradbury s masterpiece, a scathing indictment of censorship set in a future world where the written word is forbidden In an attempt to salvage their history and culture, a group of rebels memorize entire works of literature and philosophy as their books are burned by the totalitarian state Other works include The October Country, Dandelion Wine, A Medicine for Melancholy, Something Wicked This Way Comes, I Sing the Body Electric , Quicker Than the Eye, and Driving Blind In all, Bradbury has published than thirty books, close to 600 short stories, and numerous poems, essays, and plays His short stories have appeared in than 1,000 school curriculum recommended reading anthologies Ray Bradbury s work has been included in four Best American Short Story collections He has been awarded the O Henry Memorial Award, the Benjamin Franklin Award, the World Fantasy Award for Lifetime Achievement, the Grand Master Award from the Science Fiction Writers of America, the PEN Center USA West Lifetime Achievement Award, among others In November 2000, the National Book Foundation Medal for Distinguished Contribution to American Letters was conferred upon Mr Bradbury at the 2000 National Book Awards Ceremony in New York City Ray Bradbury has never confined his vision to the purely literary He has been nominated for an Academy Award for his animated film Icarus Montgolfier Wright , and has won an Emmy Award for his teleplay of The Halloween Tree He adapted sixty five of his stories for television s Ray Bradbury Theater He was the creative consultant on the United States Pavilion at the 1964 New York World s Fair In 1982 he created the interior metaphors for the Spaceship Earth display at Epcot Center, Disney World, and later contributed to the conception of the Orbitron space ride at Euro Disney, France Married since 1947, Mr Bradbury and his wife Maggie lived in Los Angeles with their numerous cats Together, they raised four daughters and had eight grandchildren Sadly, Maggie passed away in November of 2003 On the occasion of his 80th birthday in August 2000, Bradbury said, The great fun in my life has been getting up every morning and rushing to the typewriter because some new idea has hit me The feeling I have every day is very much the same as it was when I was twelve In any event, here I am, eighty years old, feeling no different, full of a great sense of joy, and glad for the long life that has been allowed me I have good plans for the next ten or twenty years, and I hope you ll come along.


    I love the reading of Bradbury on a crisp, autumn morning sounds like October.The October Country is a collection of short stories by the Grandmaster writer Ray Bradbury. Eschewing any connection to science fiction, this group of purely fantasy tales resounds with Bradbury’s fascination with and brilliant creativity in the realms of the occult, macabre and the dark. Bradbury begins the book with this explanation: “The October Country that country where it is always turning late in the year. [...]

    One of the first books I ever read, and one of the reasons I still read. I found some of the other reviews dismaying (poor dialogue? silly concepts? antique writing style? - has the world and the people in it really changed that much? Have people lost their hearts? Perhaps, they've just never read "The Smile" by Bradbury, not included in this collection).Granted, Bradbury's style does take some getting used to - the man is emotionally honest and as people everywhere become more emotionally guard [...]

    Finally! Finally, I've read this classic collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury. I'm so glad that I did. What can I say about this that hasn't already been said? It's beautifully written. Some of the stories were so haunting, I know that they will stick with me for the rest of my life: Ones like "The Scythe" and "The Dwarf", "Jack in the Box" and "Homecoming." Bradbury's style is sparse; he packs a lot of meaning into very few words. His prose is so beautiful that, at times, the reader has [...]

    I am quite useless at reviewing an anthologies so please bear with me. How do you go about reviewing these things any way? Story by story? Sounds like a chore. I'll just muddle through as usual then!The October Country is a collection of Ray Bradbury's macabre stories, I hesitate to label them as "horror stories" because they are not particularly horrifying, but they are mostly odd and unsettling, almost "new weird" but disqualified on the "new" part! The iIllustrations by Joe Mugnaini (a few ar [...]

    This was a great collection of short stories by Ray Bradbury! I’m so glad I read this book in October with the leaves coming down, the air was crisp and Halloween was around the corner. It really added to the overall atmosphere for the book.Favorite short stories:“The Next in Line”, “Skeleton”, “The Emissary”, “The Small Assassin” and “The Scythe”!Bradbury’s writing is so beautiful, flawless and fantastical. I definitely recommend this collection to Bradbury fans and anyo [...]

    October Countryat country where it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midnights stay. That country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal bins, closets, attics, and pantries faced away from the sun. That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rainFall is probably my favorite o [...]

    that country were it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilight linger, and midnights stay. The country composed in the main of cellars, sub-cellars, coal-bins, closets, attics, and pantries faced away from the sun. That country whose people are autumn people, thinking only autumn thoughts. Whose people passing at night on the empty walks sound like rain The introduction suggests this one's a good [...]

    Ray Bradbury. He captured in words the longings that always young hearts feel. A stylist, he produced a language that, once learned, is never forgotten and always recognized. In this collection of a few of his short stories, some are Literature, and his genius is only unrecognized beyond our small corner of science fiction and fantasy because the outside world hasn't met him yet. His magic, when they finally do meet him, will open their minds and hearts to his true magnificent talents. Some of t [...]

    This is a great collection of classic short horror stories by Ray Bradbury. There is no shock and awe here, like you might find from more modern horror writers. Rather, there are well-crafted and well-written tales of suspense, horror and atmosphere. It is an excellent read for the Halloween season.

    Solid writing with some great atmospheric tension! As always in collections, some stories stand out for me more than others. I doubt that I will forget the lingering, oppressive feelings of "Jack-in-the-Box" anytime soon. Another that keeps coming to mind was The Dwarf. I can say that there are some stories that will "click" with almost everyone out there--something to suit everyone's tastes.Highly recommended!

    Paul Bryant
    Anyone reading my review of Something Wicked this way Comes might possibly get the idea that I don't think Ray Bradbury is the godlike genius I used to think he was. Well, I don't. But I was like this stupid kid, I hadn't read anything, and stumbling into RB's world was my 13 year old version of Alice falling down the rabbit hole. Suddenly - Light! Colour! Weirdness! Mars!He did sentimentality - everyone knows that, buckets of the stuff - but he also did gruesome and freaky. The October Country [...]

    ستتوقع الكثير عندما تقرأ مجموعة قصصية لصاحب الخالدة 451 فاهرنهايت، لن تخذلك الأفكارولن يحبطك الأسلوب، ولكن قد تطمح لأكثر من ذلك قليلاً.تُعرف هذه المجموعة على أنها تنتنمي إلى صنف الرعب والغموض، وهي حقاً ترسم على مخاوف الإنسان وكل ماقد يسبب له القشعريرة. لكن الخوف الذي يركز عل [...]

    Quentin Wallace
    I have been hearing about this book for years, and finally got around to reading it. I hate to start negatively, but I was slightly disappointed. Now, that's not saying it wasn't good, as it was a four star book. But I think my expectations were so high I was wanting too much out of this one.Calling attention to a few stories:SKELETON: This was an interesting horror tale, and I'm fairly sure I read an EC comic adaptation. THE JAR: One of the better stories in the collectionE LAKE: Eerie and a li [...]

    Adam Light
    I've been dipping into this exquisite short story collection for quite some time now, and it is with great ambivalence that I have, at long last, finished reading it. I have paced myself, savored each story, chewing thoroughly every delectable word, sentence, and paragraph. I have supped well and gained much nourishment from Mr. Bradbury's inimitable prose. Though I am happy that I have finally read all of the stories in The October Country, I only wish there were but one more left to consume. B [...]

    All in all I enjoyed this collection. Some stories didn't hit the mark with me though. I ended up giving it four stars because the illustrations that are in here pushed the book to a different level."The Dwarf" (3 stars)- I liked it okay, but was actually disappointed in the ending. I thought Bradbury was going one way with the story and it kind of fizzled for me. "The Next in Line" (5 stars)- Loved it from beginning to end. This story of a married couple visiting a small town and the terror the [...]

    I need to say two things right from the very beginning: 1) This is only the second book I've read by Bradbury, which is shameful, but I plan on rectifying that, and 2) I think I would have loved this collection even more if I had read it in the fall. At the very beginning of the collection Bradbury writes the following:at country where it is always turning late in the year. That country where the hills are fog and the rivers are mist; where noons go quickly, dusks and twilights linger, and midni [...]

    Michelle Morrell
    A collection of short stories set in, on, around or feeling like October. They are quite indiciative of their time, and I enjoyed the peek back to what people in the early part of last century considered shocking or spooky. And while they are not subtle, in the vein of "the hook was hanging from the car door!" they did make me ponder how it seems we've become saturated as a whole and need more scares, unrelenting horror, the busting through of our comfort zones to consider something "scary."Towa [...]

    Maxine Marsh
    Easily a 5* collection. Something for every horror fan: the gritty truth of life and death, the seedy underbelly of a small Mexican town, the wistfulness of the macabre, evil babies, mystery sideshow jarsA light hand in writing and plotting with such creativity that I wondered how Bradbury even came up with this stuff.

    Wayne Barrett
    3.5A nice collection of short stories to start my favorite time of year.

    It seems that Ray Bradbury tried his hand with gothic horror only twice: first in 1947, with Dark Carnival, and second, eight years later, with The October Country. After that he declared that he said all he had to say in the field, which is a pity for all the lovers of the genre, because his “saying” was very promising indeed.The October Country is a collection of gothic and fantastic tales that could be regrouped by subject in three categories: physical and psychical flaws (The Dwarf, The [...]

    (view spoiler)[Bettie's Books (hide spoiler)]

    Jon Kevin Melhus
    A master storyteller.

    Cody | codysbookshelf
    I received this book as a Christmas gift from my sister, and I've finally read it! Before now the only Ray Bradbury works I'd read were Fahrenheit 451 (read it in high school — it was assigned reading, and I felt pretty MEH about Bradbury's futuristic tale of censorship and loss of identity) and Something Wicked This Way Comes (another MEH one for me). I'd heard Bradbury's short stories were ace, so I decided to go for the collection that seemed to have the best reviews on — that collection [...]

    Kayıp Rıhtım
    Bradbury, insan unsuru üzerine eğilir; yaşayış biçimi, davranışları ve düşünce sistemi üstünde durur. Amacı bize düşündürmek ve sorgulatmaktır. İnsanı başa koyar; ırkçılığı eleştirir, insanın kendisini eleştirir, sistemi eleştirir, eşitliği ve insan haklarını savunur.Sonbahar Ülkesi’ndeki öykülerde de bu tutumundan vazgeçmiş değil. Bu öykülerdeki farklılık, bizim düşünüş ve yaşayış biçimlerimizden ziyade duygularımıza eğilmiş olması. [...]

    Perhaps it was my fault- I was love-drunk with Something Wicked This Way Comes, and I wanted the same amount of emotional and seasonal precision that I experienced with that book and I didn't get it. I wanted skittering leaves and brittle pages, I wanted what I was reading to match the feel in the air, I wanted it to be perfectly time in its writing, in my life, in the year, and that is too much to ask from any book. It can only occur by happenstance.The first page description of the October peo [...]

    Many years ago, when my reading tastes were first being formulated, there were two authors that I really connected to: Agatha Christie and Ray Bradbury. These were the first authors I read that felt like "mine". I read everything by them I could get my greasy little hands on.Although I loved everything Bradbury wrote, two books stood head and shoulders above the rest: Dandelion Wine (still my all-time favorite) and this collection of short stories, The October Country. I have read it so many tim [...]

    Guillermo Galvan
    I'm a big Bradbury fan but this collection was a bit of a let down. I even went into this book with high expectations for stories on par with The Illustrated Man. It's not that the stories were bad; the majority of stories were average. They lacked the philosophical impact that Bradbury masters in his later years, and so they built up like a potentially funny joke deflated by a weak punchline.What saved this book for me were a couple of stand out stories that put literary-static electricity on t [...]

    It is no secret that science fiction tickles my fancy like nothing else. I've penned dozens of reviews by now declaiming the same thing. Yet for all of my heartfelt ardor for the genre as a whole, I have never been a big fan of Golden Age science fiction. By Golden Age I mean those authors writing either before or during the initial space race, authors whose imaginations were set racing by the vision of Sputnik orbiting overhead and whose Eisenhower minds drew long gleaming phallus-looking rocke [...]

    Sometimes I forget about Mr Bradbury and when I remember I have to admonish myself for not reading more. Anyone is capable of producing a picture which paints a thousand words, Mr Bradbury is capable of giving birth to words which paint a thousand pictures. That’s some feat! The man is a true master who uses this art to deliver incredible tales which makes you blow your cheeks out, sit back and smile.Except the one in here which must have been written on a bad acid trip.I love the short storie [...]

    Mike (the Paladin)
    I read most of these stories years ago. There was a choice to be made here as to the number of stars but I decided that there were more 4 star stories than there were 3 star. Over all I like these.I could go over each of them or some of them, but I won't. I think the story i remembered most and that stood out most for me was The Small Assassin. One of the more thought provoking (for me) was The Crowd. There were some that mostly left me cold, but only a few. The stories in this book run the gamu [...]

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