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  • Title: The Broken Blue Line
  • Author: Connie Dial
  • ISBN: 9781579622008
  • Page: 299
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Detective Mike Turner hates corrupt cops He s back in LAPDs Internal Affairs, assigned to a special surveillance squad where he doggedly pursues a trio of uniformed thugs preying on those they ve sworn to protect and serve Turner is a streetwise cop who follows their trail of death and senseless violence from the environs of Hollywood and the rural valleys north of Los ADetective Mike Turner hates corrupt cops He s back in LAPDs Internal Affairs, assigned to a special surveillance squad where he doggedly pursues a trio of uniformed thugs preying on those they ve sworn to protect and serve Turner is a streetwise cop who follows their trail of death and senseless violence from the environs of Hollywood and the rural valleys north of Los Angeles to its bloody conclusion in the mountains of central California Despite interference from the department and betrayal by those closest to him, Turner chases the heavily armed renegades until the hunter becomes the hunted, and the investigation nearly costs him not only the career he loves, but his life In the midst of the chaos, Turner attempts to keep his personal life intact Complications arise when he takes on the responsibility of caring for his neighbor, an elderly retired cop And when his former lover returns, he finds himself attracted to another woman who has a myriad of reasons to hate and fear him The members of Turner s surveillance squad are a blend of talent and turmoil as they plot with him to track down their wayward brothers in blue Despite their eccentricities, they are dedicated cops who know law and order can t survive if the LAPDs thin blue line is compromised.
    Connie Dial
    Connie Dial is 27 year veteran of the Los Angeles Police Department Prior to joining the force in 1969, she worked as a journalist and a reporter photographer for a chain of newspapers in the San Gabriel Valley She currently resides in Southern California with her husband, retired Police Detective Jon Dial and their two Yorkshire Terriers named Bogart and Bacall.


    Allison Campbell
    I read Dial's first novel, INTERNAL AFFAIRS, back in 2009, and was blown away by the authenticity Dial's experience as an LAPD veteran brings to a police procedural. THE BROKEN BLUE LINE (2010) is the follow-up, tracking Detective Mike Turner as he once again takes on corrupt cops in an Internal Affairs investigation. A cop on disability may be handling illegal weapons, and Turner and his team are brought in to close the case.Turner is a tough, uncompromising cop who doesn't tolerate corruption [...]

    The Broken Blue Line is the second Mike Turner thriller by Connie Dial. It’s a decent procedural follow-up although it pales in comparison to Internal AffairsIn The Broken Blue Line, women are relatively left out and those involved are needy [Turner’s on/off again girlfriend Miriam:], protective and motherly [Beverly, the mother of a corrupt cop that Turner and his team investigate:], or just plain conniving and evil [Helen, a Mexican transport:]. Turner and his rogue group of Internal Affai [...]

    Det. Mike Turner is a moral man in a world of lies and deceit. He's transferred to the LAPD Internal Affairs Division and is part of a unit pursuing three crocked cops.He also has to deal with his autocratic lieutenant. Lt. Metcalf is a man with no street experience and spends most of his time protecting his job and is afraid of making decisions.Turner is an "everyman" type of person. He's lonely, no wife or current girlfriend, as the story begins. He has an older dog with bladder problems but i [...]

    The Broken Blue Line is a book that I thoroughly enjoyed reading. I love mysteries with suspense, and a little bit of romance thrown in for some smiles and laughs. I have to say that The Broken Blue line did not disappoint me. I found the characters very endearing and able to appreciate them. I did find myself confused when I first started reading the book. I was getting the characters confused.The Broken Blue Line is about Internal Affairs and crooked cops. Those styles of books are always very [...]

    While working a case involving a renegade cop on disability linked to illegal guns and armed robbery, Detective Mike Turner uncovers a militia-type group suspected of contract killings. For a cop supposedly with his act together, his personal life sucks. He has a “sometime” relationship with Miriam whose head is not quite screwed on right. They are as different as night and day but he seems to put up with her because it’s better than being alone. He goes undercover to get closer to a suspe [...]

    This is a very interesting look at the inner workings of the LAPD. We follow Mike Turner as he and his fellow cops in Internal Affairs work a case with murder and intrigue. We follow the story from Turner's point of view as IA investigates dirty cops. There is a good pace to the story. Excellent detail of the interactions within the police hierarchy, the novel shows us some of the internal battles between administrators and the street cops. Turner is a workaholic that doesn't always toe the depa [...]

    It took almost half of the book before I felt like I was getting into the story and the characters. Part of that was probably the fact that this was book #2 and I hadn't read the first one. Character development was really lacking, but again, I think that was due to missing the first book. I like a good cop mystery, but I felt like this one had too many characters and too much going on to feel like I was along for the ride with the main characters. There was an abundance of foul language which a [...]

    win - March 26, 2010. I'm having a hard time rating this. I took me a few weeks to finish this because I kept putting it down and reading something else. The storyline in general was interesting but there were too many "holes" too keep me really enticed. There were a lot of characters and it was hard to keep track of who was good, who was bad, who was a cop, who wasn't, etc. Even though there should have been a lot of suspense leading up to the getting the "bad guy", there were so many side stor [...]

    Maryclaire Zampogna
    This is a different type of cop/robbers book. It is Internal Affairs of the LAPD police dept. Sgt Mike Turner and his partner Reggie are a team who work against the rules to catch the bad cops. This time it involves his, on and off again girlfriend and another women he falls for, after he discovers her son is hooked up with the Mexican Mafia. The undercover surveillance takes his all ove LA and northern Ca. The author really knows her stuff, she worked for LAPD, as an undercover intelligence off [...]

    I received this book for free through First Reads. I thought it was great. I think if I had read Connie's first book, things may have tied in better. I would defintely be interested in reading the first Mike Turner mystery which would probably give a bit of a backstory that would help with the character development as the story unfolds. The storyline itself is great. I personally love police related novels and this one was fantastic. Highly recommended.

    A short summary:The story follows Detective Mike Turner who works for LAPD's Internal Affairs department and is assigned to a special surveillance squad. He is a good cop who investigates crooked cops. This time his personal life gets mixed up with his professional life. How can he set things straight? Can he catch the bad guys in time?Overall it is a good book. Definitely worth checking out. I would like to thank GoodReads for providing me with a copy of this book.

    Jackie Wolfred
    I just finished reading "The Broken Blue Line" by Connie Dial. I won this book in a " Giveaway".I really enjoyed this book. It caught my attention from the get go. There were characters to really like, some not so much, some to despise. Very well written. I would like to read more books by Connie Dial.

    Very glad I read this sequel to a book I didn't especially like. I'd read a later book by the author & picked this one up on the strength of her layer writing. This Book was gritty, and hard core police procedural; but the pacing and complexity of the plot was very good. The ending was satisfying as well.

    I enjoyed this book. I think that working in a male dominated profession like law enforcement for years really helped Ms. Dial in the writing of this book. She did a wonderful job writing from the perspective of a male main character. The characters were likeable, and the story line was interesting.

    This is the second in the series and little improvement from debut. While the basic story is a good one I just have too much trouble w/ misused slang, continuity errors, awkward writing. I am giving up on this author.

    This is the second book written by this author that I have read. I enjoyed this book a lot. The good vs. bad cop seems to really hold my attention. The characters were well developed and the plot kept me on the edge the whole way through. I had not guessed the ending.

    WON THIS IN A GIVEAWAY!! Not only a mystery book, but about cops that work in IA and have to catch cops gone bad. It had lots of twists and I really liked how they talked about personalities and relationships between most characters in the book.

    Mary Kay
    Mike Turner investigates rotten cops. Mike's personal life, especially his relationship with his elderly neighbor, makes very compelling reading.

    A good book, a lot of characters, wish I would have read the first book, maybe would have tied it all up nicer.

    Carolyn Benson
    I am finding it very difficult to follow this book. There are too many characters and it's confusing to try and keep track of them. I may not finish reading it but I'm trying to.

    William Mosteller
    Turner sure has a tough job.

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