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  • Title: The Great Hamster Massacre
  • Author: Katie Davies Hannah Shaw
  • ISBN: 9781847385956
  • Page: 164
  • Format: Paperback

  • This is a story about me, and Tom, and our investigation into the Hamster Massacre I m supposed to be writing my What I Did In The Summre Holidays story for school, but I m going to write this story firstAnna and het brother, Tom, have always wanted a pet After their latest pestering campaign Mum finally gives in and lets them choose a pair of hamsters from the localThis is a story about me, and Tom, and our investigation into the Hamster Massacre I m supposed to be writing my What I Did In The Summre Holidays story for school, but I m going to write this story firstAnna and het brother, Tom, have always wanted a pet After their latest pestering campaign Mum finally gives in and lets them choose a pair of hamsters from the local pet shop But their happiness soon turns to horror when they discover the hamsters mysteriously slaughtered in their cage Anna and Tom begin an investigation into the hamster homicides Can they solve the case of the Great Hamster Massacre
    Katie Davies Hannah Shaw
    Katie Davies Hannah Shaw Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Great Hamster Massacre book, this is one of the most wanted Katie Davies Hannah Shaw author readers around the world.


    A lot of adults are not going to like this book. It's not for the faint of heart and not for those squeamish about death. There are a few bits in the book that are going to offend no small number of people looking for choice chapter books that would make a good fit for their 2nd - 4th graders -- an elderly neighbor says "Hell" a number of times; the kids refer often to a book that belonged to one of their mothers and which astute adult readers will probably assume contains some sexual content (h [...]

    Chelle Folts
    I decided to read this before my 8 year old did so we could discuss it when he finished. The characters were very likeable and felt real. The gruesome subject matter was dealt with well——death is a reality, but not to be taken lightly. In the case of the massacre, the children didn't just take the words of the adults as fact, but decided to do their own investigation. They cared about what really happened. I don't agree with other reviewers that it made pets seem replaceable. The many refere [...]

    I fell short on my job as a librarian and a mom here. I usually know so much more about the books in my library, but when my son picked this one out to read, I just assumed it was another silly chapter series starter and okayed it for him without paying much attention. That's not it at all. It's a book about loss. And there is a lot of loss: Loss of a grandparent, loss of pets (many pets), loss of a step-parent. Some of the loss is through death and it is extremely graphic- downright gruesome, e [...]

    1 star. While this is a colourful book that I'm sure will attract lots of children to wanting to read it, this is not a book I will ever recommend. It fully promotes the idea that small animals are disposable pets, and that when they die through ignorance and lack of care they are easily replaced with new versions, with little need to grieve over the deaths or learn from mistakes made. I also think that children who have a genuine love for small animals will find this book upsetting as the death [...]

    Steve Holden
    Towards the end of our school year, I was on the lookout for new things to provide to some of my higher readers. I grabbed the first two of this series by Katie Davies at the library. Now as a teacher, this is a perfect example of the need to have some experiences with the books first - whether reading them or taking a trusted recommendation. I read through these first, and I'm thankful for it. This isn't a knock on the book or writing - I really liked the stories - but there are topics and lang [...]

    I am really kind of on the fence over this book. On the one hand it was a quick child's story, told thru the "language" of a child, about finally getting a pet hamster and all the responsibilities of taking care of a pet but on the other hand I found it quite graphic as it paints a significant picture of the deaths of past pets and even a section that made me want to puke when they dug up a dead animal to rebury it more proper. It was just ew Maybe I am wrong in feeling as I do but I just dont t [...]

    Wow, this is British. You can completely hear Anna's voice jump off the page at you as she describes her world.My primary complaint here is that the cover makes it look like a wacky illustranovella comedy. And while there are definitely funny parts, and the voice is generally light, this is pretty much completely about grieving. And dealing with death. The violence comes out of the blue and pulls no punches.And the mystery is (view spoiler)[never truly resolved (hide spoiler)]. The investigation [...]

    Tamsyn Murray
    A funny and fabulous story of Anna's traumatic discovery one morning in her hamster cage. Death, loss and friendship are key themes in this very honest book told endearingly from a nine year old's perspective.

    Edward Sullivan
    Fun, fast, frequently dark-humored and macabre reading.

    you need to read this first to check if the topics/language are suitable for the kids who will read it, but as an adult i liked it.

    This book is a little dark, but realistically dark (pets meet a grisly but natural end). It respects kids autonomy without making the adults complete non-characters. I am not in love with the narrative style for my own sake, but it's fun to share with kids.

    Paxton B
    THE GREAT HAMSTER MASSACRE this book is about a boy who's hamster dies . In attempt to find out how his Hamsters died or who may have killed his hamster.He creates his own special police task force to track down the killer Or the cause death of his hamster. Will he succeed red this book to find out. I liked the mystery and humor of the book. This book made me feel happy nervous and made me laugh.you would love this book if you were a fan of funny or mystery. If you like the Siri big Nate you wou [...]

    This book had a lot of promise: my 7 year old daughter was intrigued, of course, by the silly cover, but also by the title. First of all, kids love hamsters. "Great" promises some kind of romping caper. The "massacre" part, in conjunction, seems like just the kind of overstatement kids are all about. This was a book I ended up reading aloud to her, mostly because I was concerned about the "massacre". Unfortunately, the story mostly fell completely apart. The run-on sentences, structured in exact [...]

    I'm using my review to answer the comments I've read that are looking at this book negatively:(view spoiler)[I don't think this book teaches children that small animals are disposable pets. It is actually quite a normal occurrence for small rodents to eat their young. It is also very common for pet shop workers to make mistakes when sexing the animals they sell, even though they are supposed to know about the animals and the new owners will look to them for advice. This is the fault of the pet s [...]

    Jenny / Wondrous Reads
    The Great Hamster Massacre isn't a YA book, but it won the Waterstone's Children's Book Prize this year, so I was eager to give it a go and see just why it's so highly regarded.Putting myself in a 9-year-old's shoes for a minute, I can see why they'd love this twisted tale of dead hamsters and detective-style investigations. It's fast-paced, fun and informative, and even a little gruesome in parts, which should go down well with the boys. It's accompanied by some lovely illustrations drawn by Ha [...]

    Anna is a nine-year old girl with a five-year old little brother named Tom. They both really want a hamster for a pet. Their parents have told them no multiple times but after Anna and Tom’s grandmother dies, they give in and get her two Russian dwarf hamsters. Things are going great until one morning Anna wakes up to find one hamster wounded, one hamster missing and eight dead baby hamsters in the cage. Anna, Tom and their friend Suzanne launch an investigation to find out who massacred the h [...]

    Needed another read-aloud book for bedtime and this was available at the local library. (Boy, I seem to be plowing through read-aloud books lately.) This is a cute, breezy tale narrated by a young pre-teen girl who has to write a "What I Did Last Summer" essay for school. Instead, she recounts the tale of a disaster with hamsters and her investigation into it. It's a very light tale especially for one that includes death in the story. There's a good sense of humor in it too. As I read it, I beca [...]

    Review for work:This is written in the voice of a 9-year-old, with lots of dialogue with colorful adult relatives and neighbors, and some of the humor seemed to derive from a kid’s take on a situation which an adult reader would see differently. But the point is what kid readers would think, isn’t it? The narrative voice says “me and Suzanne” frequently when “Suzanne and I” would be correct, and starts many, many sentences with “so” or “and,” which became a little tiresome. A [...]

    This is the first book in the Animal Antics/Critter Capers series by Katie Davies and Hannah Shaw. The story is humorous, in a British sort of way, and I love the candid tone of the narrative, as if Anna is writing in a diary. I like that the story provides a child's perspective on tough situations, like death.The story is an entertaining, fast read and the black and white illustrations really complement the narrative. The book reminds me of the Just Grace series by Charise Mericle Harper. Our y [...]

    When I first saw the cover of this book I knew it could go one of two ways; it would either be a weird story that turned the death of hamster humorous or it would be an awkwardly gross book about the death of hamster. I was hoping it would be the first one, but sadly the book was just gross. I have no idea what kid would like this book. Yes there are parts of the book that some kids might find funny, but there is a lot of animal death and even a human death. I feel like this book might just be h [...]

    This book is hard to rate. On the one hand I thought it was well written and was a quick fun read. On the other hand there is a lot of hamster death. While the story seems like it is going to be about solving the answer of who murdered the hamster/hamsters the author ends without the characters actually finding out. My eleven year old found this very annoying, but from an adult's perspective it wasn't all that important. The story is really about a quirky family and some neighborhood kids. I pro [...]

    Summary: After a long pestering campaign, nine-year-old Anna and her younger brother Tom finally get a pair of hamsters, but when the pets are found mysteriously dead, the siblings and neighbor Suzanne launch an investigation throughout their neighborhood.I read this to see if it should get a humor label or a mystery label. Definitely a HUMOR label. It did have me laughing out loud a couple of times. The mystery part - trying to figure out who killed the hamster babies and bit off half of the ol [...]

    This is one of those graphic novel/journal style books. The main character is supposed to be writing a story about what she did over the summer, and it turns into this book. The poor grammar (which is supposed to mimic the voice of roughly an 8-year old?) kills me. Every other line is, "me and Tom." SPOILER ALERT: The kids beg their mom to get a hamster, and she finally gives in after the grandmother dies, then the hamster has babies, and the male eats the babies and escapes never to be seen aga [...]

    I agree with the other comments that this book (and the series, we have read all four) is not for the faint of heart. Clearly the British approach children's books a bit differently. That being said, both my older boys loved this series as did I. We have always read them together, so that we were able to discuss the issues that came up. My boys enjoyed the main characters (girls) and the overall stories. It provides a lot of points for discussion so make sure that you can read with them. Be warn [...]

    Oh, gee, I thought this book was hilarious, and I'm pretty sure a lot of kids will think so, too. It's in the style of Diary of a Wimpy Kid--first person, doodles on the side, and that's usually enough to send a book right out the door. A few things to be aware of before handing it over to a child/parent: there's death--oh, a lot of it, mostly hamster/small pet type, but one human. There's apparently some mild swearing (the word "hell"), but honestly, I didn't notice that. There's references to [...]

    Austin Moratalla
    I think this book is more on a lower reading level than seventh but it was a good book. It was a kids mystery book that didn't have you on the edge of your seat it was slow pace and very short.The great hamster massacre by Katie Davis is a book about nine year olds Anna and Suzanne and Anna's little brother Tom on a investigation to solve the mystery of who killed the hamsters. The beginning of the book was just Anna and Tom begging their mom to get them a hamster but then once they get the hams [...]

    Louise (A Strong Belief in Wicker)
    I had vaguely seen this book around and about but decided to read it after I read an article about Alan Davies and learnt that his wife was a children's book author. Narrated by 9 year old Anna who longs to have a hamster but she can't because of The New Cat, who is a bit of a hunter. Hamsters do come along though and there is indeed a hamster massacre. Not intentional of course. Anna and her brother Tom mount an investigation into the hamster massacre. There are touching family moments, and at [...]

    Violet Garcia
    The book "The Great Hamster Massacre" by Katie Davies is a funny novel. Anna and her brother Tom have always wanted a pet. Finally, after their latest pestering campaign, their mother gives in and lets then choose a pair of hamsters from a local pet shop. But soon, their happiness turns into horror when the hamsters are found mysteriously dead in their cage. Anna and Tom launch a full scale investigation to determine who or what is behind the hamster homicides. Can they solve the case of the Gre [...]

    Anna is supposed to write a report on what she did on her summer vacation. Instead she writes a report on her hamster experience: from her initial ineffective pleadings to her mother, to the difficulties she faces, to the bloody deaths of 8 tiny hamster babies and mauling of their mother, to her solemn investigation into their deaths and eventual acceptance. Anna doesn't believe the vet when she says that the hamster mother probably killed her babies, so Anna, her little brother Tom and best fri [...]

    Karen Arendt
    The narrator, Anna, a 9-year-old girl retells the story of how she wanted a hamster, got a hamster, and then the hamster dies. Anna, along with her brother, Tom, and her friend Suzanne, launch an investigation in the "murder" of the hamsters. The story rambles with unrelated stories at times, which perfectly exemplifies how a 9-year-old would tell a story. The story is perfect for 3rd and 4th graders, though there are a few gruesome details about the "murder". Lots of doodle illustrations add to [...]

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