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  • Title: Beautiful in the Mouth
  • Author: Keetje Kuipers Thomas Lux
  • ISBN: 9781934414330
  • Page: 165
  • Format: Paperback

  • Thomas Lux selected this debut collection as winner of BOA s A Poulin, Jr Poetry Prize In his foreword he writes, I was immediately struck by the boldness of imagination, the strange cadences, and wild music of these poems We should be glad that young poets like Keetje Kuipers are making their voices heard not by tearing up the old language but by making the old langThomas Lux selected this debut collection as winner of BOA s A Poulin, Jr Poetry Prize In his foreword he writes, I was immediately struck by the boldness of imagination, the strange cadences, and wild music of these poems We should be glad that young poets like Keetje Kuipers are making their voices heard not by tearing up the old language but by making the old language new Keetje Kuipers, a native of the Northwest, earned her BA at Swarth College and MFA at the University of Oregon A Stegner Fellow at Stanford University, she divides her time between Stanford and Missoula, Montana.From Devils Lake Journal Keetje Kuipers Beautiful in the Mouth is at once lovely, frank, and haunting The poems move easily between landscapes, inhabiting the American west, Paris, and New York City with equal ease and yet, they never exploit sympathies of locale for their power Instead, they rely on nothing but the speaker s own candor, who is able to speak through such disparate poems as Bondage Play as Substitue for Prayer alongside Waltz of the Midnight Miscarriage, Reading Sappho in a Wine Bar, and Barn Elegy with a good spattering of honest to goodness sonnets From ForeWord Reviews The poems move like ghosts themselves disappearing into walls, circling back, appearing for a moment to be captured, then evaporating into thin air Kuipers pins moments onto the page with the care of an etymologist collecting rare specimens Her poems are at once visceral and cosmic, a wave as well as a particle.
    Keetje Kuipers Thomas Lux
    Keetje Kuipers is a native of the Northwest She earned her B.A at Swarth College and her M.F.A at the University of Oregon, and was most recently a Wallace Stegner Fellow at Stanford University Keetje is the 2011 2012 Emerging Writer Lecturer at Gettysburg College.In 2007 Keetje was the Margery Davis Boyden Wilderness Writing Resident She used the residency to complete work on her book Beautiful in the Mouth, which was awarded the 2009 A Poulin, Jr Poetry Prize and was published in 2010 by BOA Editions.In addition, Keetje has been the recipient of fellowships from the Vermont Studio Center, Squaw Valley Community of Writers, Oregon Literary Arts, and Soapstone Her poems have appeared in Prairie Schooner, West Branch, Painted Bride Quarterly, Willow Springs, and AGNI, among others, and have been nominated six years in a row for the Pushcart Prize You can also listen to her read her work at the online audio archive From the Fishouse.She lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania and Missoula, Montana with her dog, Bishop.


    Crunchy-textured reality, that's what I call the poems in this book. There's flight but always grounded in the small sensual moment. Incredible ability to use the things of this world to express emotional truths. Here's my favorite at the moment:4TH OF JULYIf I have any romantic notions left,please let me abandon them hereon the dashboard of your Subarubeside this container of gas stationpotato salad and bottle of sunscreen.Otherwise, my heart is a sugar packetwaiting to be shaken open by someot [...]

    Curious if this just came to me at the wrong time. Kuipers has a very sensory style (and often very sensual and erotic) that I expected to enjoy, but it didn't resonate at this moment.

    A beautiful collection of poetry with tightly crafted poems from the heart. They range all over the country, with a strong sense of place, along with a honest passion. Some poems are very much New York City, which I love less, having never been enamored of that city, but others, set in more rural environs. I ended up dog-earing a dozen pages to remember, so I won't quote all those poems here, but one of my favorites is "River Sonnet."River SonnetWhen the old she-salmon swam to my rockwhere I had [...]

    Worth it for the similes alone: "a hidden / birthmark like buckshot on your belly," "the hammock swaying on the porch / like a crippled moon," "a bedspread like a patch / of flowers freshly trampled." And my favorite:the Dior coatson last winter's sale rack just as sleek and blackas the pelt of that wolverine we foundon Rock Creek last January.Rock on, Keetje Kuipers. (It's pronounced KATE-juh KEEP-urz, btw.)

    Absolutely stunning.

    Neil Grayson
    Damn. This book. The first thing I should say is that it's absolutely excellent. Multiple poems stopped me in my metaphorical tracks. I do have a small gripe, though. Or rather, a thing that makes me want to give us this book 4.5 stars instead of 5. The poet Terrence Hayes says that his favorite part of any poem is the "place of not-quite-knowing" (I'm cheaply paraphrasing.) I think that, just like the speaker in her poems, Kuipers sometimes gives us too much. She often left me feeling satisfied [...]

    Diann Blakely
    Kuiper's wonderful poem "Across A Great Wilderness Without You," recently arrived in my Inbox courtesy of the Academy of American Poets. In one of those happy coincidences, I learned that the poem was from her first book, BEAUTIFUL IN THE MOUTH (BOA Editions, Ltd.), which had been chosen for this year's A. Poulin, Jr. publication prize by Tom Lux--and, how weird is this?--not only was Al Poulin my first editor, having plucked HURRICANE WALK from the slush pile, but Mr. Lux had also picked one of [...]

    Joan Colby
    Certainly the poems are accomplished. The first ones in the collection seem like crafted exercises rather than being passion-driven. An overuse of adjectives presents a room so filled with objects that the eye fails to select what’s significant. It seems an unusual, and thus deliberate, weakness in a poet who has clearly honed her skill. Perhaps it is simply her fancy, adding earrings, bracelets, necklaces, jeweled tiara, rather than just one perfect medallion. However, as the poems proceed, t [...]

    I had this strong urge to read poetry (I blame it on Janet Fitch's White Oleander ) and I came across a review for Beautiful in the Mouth written by Janet Fitch herself and I just knew I had to read this. I enjoyed every word of this sensual, beautiful, and sometimes dark collection of poetry by Keetje Kuipers. My favorite lines were in the poem entitled "Finally": "That finally coming to love you has been a hard-earned pleasure, so that every time you enter me I want to cry out, Bury me,bury me [...]

    Excellent, beautiful, and some of the best "New York" poems I've read in a long time, maybe because the setting is incidental. Has me thinking:"There are deaths that terrify me still / because they have not happened yet.""My little empire goes to sleep around me.""My soldier who returns home without his / hands, the fingers somewhere else still doing / their slow work of pulling a trigger."

    This is one talented poet. I was incredibly impressed by this collection: Kuipers has this wonderful irreverence (wind spitting sawdust curls across my / windshield like star-shards blown out a comet's ass) that blends beautifully with her lyricism and lovely, expert use of language. Several poems made me tear up. I really look forward to reading more from her.

    So, I got this book on the strength of one poem--"Across a Great Wilderness without You"--that Rodney showed me. the rest of the book is the same kinda material but noooooooooooooooooot quite as good. But still good. Two or three other standouts in there.

    beautiful in the mouth. beautiful in my eyes forreals. i read a lot of these aloud to my hubs and he was sometimes in that dreamy place inbetween sleep and half-sleep, but i was awake. and i loved these poems a lot a lot.

    To me, this is a book that needs to be read on the page. I heard the author read from it and was very disappointed. Then I bought the book and read it cover-to-cover--it was a whole different feeling. Not so beautiful in the mouth, but terrific on the page!

    Lovely and lush, this collection weds startling images and haunting emotional refrain. Reading these poems is a sudden, intimate joy; hearing Keetje read them aloud is a humbling and profound experience.

    Although she writes from the city and the country, I feel she is more at home in the country. Her keen eye finds the telling details and makes them uniquely hers. The grieving poems toward the end are contemporary and generous in spirit. A writer to watch.

    i wanted to love this, but only liked it. there's plenty of artistry on display, but many of the poems didn't cohere for me. it would be good to read more of kuipers work.

    Carrie Chappell
    Really loved the second half of this book.

    Joe Smith
    Powerful, honest, energetic & fun & deep, thought-provoking: poems that remind me of the power of what a poem can do.

    Michelle Hopf
    A book of poems that I could read again and again. Absolutely beautiful.

    Letitia Trent
    I already love this, though I'm not yet finished.

    Broadsided Press -
    "The undeniable desire for physical contact among boys of a certain age," a poem by Keetje Kuipers, was Broadsided December 1, 2006. See it at broadsidedpress/more06

    I would give this collection thirty stars if I could.

    Lovely. "Just beyond our trailer, the sound of trains hitching and unhitching is thunder entering my ribs and I want it."~from The Reno

    Kuipers just nails this entire book. The language, the imageseverything. This could be the best collection I've read in the last ten years. Easily.

    A wonderful first book.

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