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  • Title: Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King
  • Author: Bradford Matsen
  • ISBN: 9780375424137
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Jacques Cousteau opened up the undersea world as no one has done before or since But not generally know is the fascinating and compelling individual behind the acclaimed television personality.With the cooperation of many of Jacques Cousteau s collaborators, friends, and family, Brad Matsen gives us the first full picture of this remarkable life Here is Cousteau workingJacques Cousteau opened up the undersea world as no one has done before or since But not generally know is the fascinating and compelling individual behind the acclaimed television personality.With the cooperation of many of Jacques Cousteau s collaborators, friends, and family, Brad Matsen gives us the first full picture of this remarkable life Here is Cousteau working for the French resistance during World War II for which he received France s Croix de Guerre developing and risking his life to test the regulator that made scuba diving possible running the world s largest scuba equipment manufacturing firm becoming a legendary catalyst of the worldwide environmental movement starring in The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau and in hundreds of documentaries and publishing than fifty books And here is the widowed Cousteau marrying his longtime mistress forty years his junior and the mother of two of his children kindling a bitter family feud that continues to this day Vividly conveying the people, the adventure, the science, and the lure of the sea that shaped Cousteau s life, Matsen paints a luminous portrait of a man who profoundly changed the way we view, and treat, our planet.
    Bradford Matsen
    Brad Matsen has been writing about wonders of the sea for forty years He is the author of Jacques Cousteau The Sea King Descent The Heroic Discovery of the Abyss, which was a finalist for the Los Angeles Times Book Prize in 2006 the New York Times bestseller Titanic s Last Secrets Planet Ocean A Story of Life in the Sea and Dancing to the Fossil Record with artist Ray Troll the award winning Incredible Ocean Adventure series for children and many other books He was creative producer for the Shape of Life, an eight hour National Geographic television series on evolutionary biology, and has written on marine science and the environment for Mother Jones, Audubon, Natural History, and many other magazines.


    I didn't grow up watch Cousteau's films or television series. In fact, my first introduction to him was via Bill Murray's character in Wes Anderson's A Life Aquatic, which was inspired by Cousteau.Matsen portrays Cousteau as a flawed explorer, environmentalist and philosopher who inspired a generation to look beyond land's limits and under the water. His work to focus the world's attention on the health of the oceans and the need for sustainable practices cannot be underestimated. Nor can his co [...]

    I wanted to read a biography of one of the most influential inventors, explorers and environmentalists in recent history. What I got was a brief summary but far too brief to feel complete. "The Sea King" wasn't much deeper than a entry, unfortunately.

    I've always been enchanted by the work of Jacques Cousteau. I enjoyed the history and the many changes he has made to the way we think about our oceans. But reading every detail of his life was rather boring. There were moments I thought I wouldn't make it to the next chapter. Very wordy.

    Robert Stava
    This book was a fascinating read. Like many people growing up in the 60s & 70s 'The Undersea World of Jacques Cousteau' was a riveting staple on our family television set. Consequently I had this long standing misconception of Jacques-Cousteau as this gentle father figure opening our eyes to the great world under the seawhat emerges out of this book is a more human, often flawed pioneer whom in many ways got caught up in a world of his own making. I didn't realize that much of his later year [...]

    jacques cousteau has got to be way more interesting than this book makes him out to be. maybe it's the fact that matsen relied heavily on interviews to tell episodic tales, but where's the gristle? the most interesting parts - the relationships behind his work, the fact that he kept a second wife that he had children with while his legal wife lived alone on the ship that made his career - are given small teaser paragraphs while the most asinine information about ship's size and berth are given p [...]

    JYK hated talking about himself. He would have hated this book being about his life. But he's such an important person, the king of the sea, who introduced us to the oceans. He sounded the alarm when the devastating effects of our human-ness started its toll on the underwater world. One main feature of this book is JYK originally took part in some of the things he later fought against: over fishing, removing dolphins from the wild for aquariums, etc. It's an important lesson that sometimes what [...]

    I actually thought I knew about Cousteau because of my background before I read this. I knew what the general public knows I guess but that really isn't that much apparently. I was suprised by a lot of things about Cousteau. I was even more suprised by the fact that France has a navy :)The end of his life and the mess of a family he left behind was sad. I do finally understand now why PBS always makes sure to use Jean Michel's whole name on his series. I always thought it was strange but now I k [...]

    Jacques Cousteau was certainly the greatest explorer of the 20th century, but maybe he was also the greatest explorer ever because he sought not to exploit his discoveries but rescue them. I recently, after reading this, went back to watch many of his videos, and they are as exciting and worldly as anything else in the great frogman's life. Here, local author Brad Matson takes us through the great man's life from WWII espionage, his inventing the SCUBA, to the tumultuous end of life estate matte [...]

    Joyce Donahue
    Riveting from the first page, this biography of the unforgettable Jacques Cousteau is a great read. Unfortunately, life is often neither fair nor kind, and the ending is a bit tragic. However, it's the truth. Good read - especially for those of us who remember the TV specials and read Cousteau's Silent World. This really brings the hero of our childhood - the man with the red stocking cap who had all of us in the late 60's wanting to become marine biologists - to life.

    Cousteau's story illuminated by a slightly warmer light than than of Munson's. A couple of nitpicks: Matsen misspells it "souscope" for Cousteau's Diving Saucer, la Soucoupe Plongeante; Rachel Carson's review of The Silent World is mistakenly cited as from the New York Times (it was the Herald Tribune).

    From the early days of just playing around inventing scuba with his buddies to running his empire, what a life of love, travel, adventure and fame. And family fueds besides. OK, maybe he did go Hollywood, maybe he wasn´t always aboard Calypso and maybe a few fantasies were dashed but he will still always be a great guy, RIP.

    Katharine Holden
    I'm not sure how one goes about writing such a boring book about an exciting, dynamic subject, but the author has achieved it. Poorly written. Full of teaser paragraphs about the big issues in Cousteau's life and work, but no follow through. Much too much about ship measurements, etc. Not worth reading.

    When I was small, I was enthralled by the concept of SCUBA diving, fed by some of his TV programs. This was a neat read, although the details of his personal life were disappointing to me. I very much enjoyed the details of the early diving expeditions, which faded out once Cousteau spent less time at sea, and more in boardrooms and at speeches.

    This was a great book to read because the author was able to convey what an amazing adventurer and visionary Jacques Yves Cousteau was. There were many exciting adventures under the ocean and this man was also great at leading men. Page 117 said, "Everyone around him recognized that greatest talent was inspiring other people to help him realize vision."

    Well, I'm glad someone else almost drowned multiple times inventing the Aqualung, because that means I don't have to do it. Pretty good biography, mostly made me wish I was also chasing aquatic life in the Riviera/Caribbean.

    I don't agree with the 3 star rating from on this book. Maybe it is a bit more for one who already has an interest in Cousteau but it has material that is both new and informative. That is rare when reading about cousteau these days. I also found it well-written; just my take.

    Stuart Lutzenhiser
    Interesting but not very deep outline of Cousteau's life. He did so much in his life, it probably would have been fairer to him to highlight one time in his life, for example his time in WWII and the invention of the Aqualung, and then dealt with that in more detail.

    What an interesting character. It got a bit tedious at the end but I guess that's his life.

    Alexa Hamilton
    Not the most gripping biography but certainly a full portrait of Cousteau-even the not so nice stuff at the end of his life.

    He nourished my love of the oceans.

    Especially inspiring as Cousteau and friends learn to dive off the coast of France. May we all find that synergy with our own compatriots.

    Erin McCarthy
    I don't read a lot of biographies but this book really made me want to rewatch the life aqautic.

    I wrote a review: learntodivetoday/blo

    Chris S
    Not much depth/detail in this overview of Cousteau's life but enjoyable nonetheless. (No mention of my favorite JYC doc 'Voyage to the edge of the world').

    Susan Jo Grassi
    Being a SCUBA diver, Cousteau has always been a hero of mine.

    A lovely, breezy book about a man who created a world for people to enjoy, and protect the ocean. It's a fair view as well into his charm and passion, but also his shortcomings. Usually I read a book a year, but I finished this one in a coupla days (and it's not cos it's got alot of pictures).

    • ✓ Jacques Cousteau: The Sea King || ´ PDF Read by Å Bradford Matsen
      249 Bradford Matsen
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