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  • Title: There Will Be Wolves
  • Author: Karleen Bradford
  • ISBN: 9780140383713
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Paperback

  • Ursula is different With her book learning and outspoken manner, she doesn t fit in, and her spirited way s get her into trouble When a neighbor accuses her of being a witch, her only hope to save herself is to march in the holy People s Crusade to Jerusalem Along with thousands of other pilgrims, Ursula embarks on a dangerous journey, and must summon all of her courageUrsula is different With her book learning and outspoken manner, she doesn t fit in, and her spirited way s get her into trouble When a neighbor accuses her of being a witch, her only hope to save herself is to march in the holy People s Crusade to Jerusalem Along with thousands of other pilgrims, Ursula embarks on a dangerous journey, and must summon all of her courage just to survive.
    Karleen Bradford
    Karleen Bradford Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the There Will Be Wolves book, this is one of the most wanted Karleen Bradford author readers around the world.


    I first read this book which I received as a gift from a relative. I do believe that it was the first book that I read which related the historical events of the Crusades. I've read this book since and Karleen Bradford always manages to transfer me back to this long forgotten time period

    I could not for the life of me remember the title or author of this book and it was driving me crazy because I remembered loving it as a kid.What I now find most interesting is that once I found it, I realized it takes place during the First Crusade in 1096, which I had completely forgotten about that until I reread the summary. What's fascinating is that I am still totally obsessed with that time period and just recently (within the last few weeks) finished a research paper for my Perspectives [...]

    Karyn Huenemann
    Karleen Bradford has recreated the People’s Crusade with a careful attention to historicity: her characters are believable and stay true to their medieval sensibilities. Even in the end, Ursula’s view of her world remains consistent. It is a monumental achievement on the part of the author; creating believable characters from such a harsh, unforgiving period of history is no easy task. The plot itself skims over much of the actual pilgrimage, focusing on essential points to help the reader u [...]

    Definitely not the best book. Personally I wouldn't pick this book up and read it. Since I didn't get a say in if I read it or not I had to give it a chance. I thought it would get interesting or better but it didn't. The main character bugged me a lot. Mostly because of her choices. It was an award winner but it was also written in the 19 hundreds. The title doesn't make sense either, There will Be Wolves. There are no wolves in this book, Except for the wolf head hanging up in Ursula's house. [...]

    Tori Stapells
    There will be wolves was somewhat boring, but during boring times there was some interesting things that happened, like when Ursula ran for her life. I didn't like this book that much, I did like, however, when entertaining things happened or when there was a change to the boring parts. It mostly describes a boring journey of a girl surviving the crusade. The book was poorly written with a boring plot and very boring descriptions.I like how it goes so far back to the past to describe a crusade t [...]

    "e adventure is gripping, the insights into human nature are uncompromising." (Quill & Quire)They aren't kidding. It puts the "adult" in young adult fiction by describing looting, kidnapping, slaughter, theft, drug addiction, child abuse and rape. The book, however, is factually accurate, and helps explain why "crusader" is an epithet in Muslim countries.I found the description of the journey more interesting than characters which are two-dimensional at best.

    Elizabeth Dyck
    This is a great book for any child or adult to read about the Peoples’ Crusade. A fictional book filled with details of the days of the Crusades.The story of Ursala, the daughter of an apothecary, is put on trial for witchcraft when she is caught with a secret book and a dog who’s broken bone she mended.An epic tale of one girls’ journey to “free” herself of her sin or so the archbishop said. She loses her father on the way to Jerusalem and buries her only family member.She returns to [...]

    Reading this book was an adventure! Many times it had me sitting tensely in my seat, eyes glued to the pages. Other times it had me a teeeeny bit bored too, but it made up for it! (It did, it did, it really did!)The whole plot was very enjoyable. My favorite parts were actually near the beginning though, when Ursula is accused of being a witch, and near the end with that satisfying ending!The characters were good. I personally really liked Ursula, the main character. I don't normally favor main [...]

    This was a great historical novel. I knew general things about the Crusades, but his brought them to life in a more personal manner. What tragic events she portrayed them to be. Bruno and the foil and doubter of the Crusades merit put a whole new light on the idea for me. I had known that any went for adventure and many went because they had no choice, but I hadn't thought of those civilians caught up in the fervor and circumstance. I can't wait for Mary to read it and see what she thinks.

    There Will Be Wolves was a dull book with a haughty and pretentious heroine, (If I may calm her that,) and a plot that left me in boredom. The book was poorly written with a heavy handed point of view and dry descriptions. Yes, yes, crusades to get the holy land back, interesting stuff but Bradford ruined that for me, completely ruined it. If it wasn't a school book I would have put it down after the first chapter or so, really awful.Overall this was a painful experience for me.

    The three main characters in this story join Peter the Hermit and Count Emil on the first Crusade in 1096. Bradford describes the conditions of traveling with thousands on this journey and the deaths and destruction wrecked on the way. The details are very graphic and not appropriate for younger readers.The ending was disappointing; still, this is a good resource for fiction set during this little-known time.

    This was overall a great book, I read it in English class for Literary Circles and I thought it was amazing. The story really had my full attention from the start. Only thing I didn't really like was the ending. SPOILER ALERT! With Ursula's marriage, the secret door, the sack of coins It was too rushed. I feel like the author could've done a better job for the ending. Otherwise, excellent read.

    Hunter Mcgowen
    This book very fun to read because it was talking about a girl who was the daughter of the apothecary and the owner of an ancient book that was made by her father. But the girls ambition makes her an outsider of the holy Roman Empire. The girl is eventually acused of witchcraft and is sentenced to burn at the stake. But she has a chance to escape the judgment and the rest of her followers.

    Not as good as Norah Lofts' work or Adam of the Road, but still an interesting-enough historical fiction, with perhaps a bit too much drama for the length of the book.

    I absolutely loved this book. I'm a fan of historical fiction and this book kept me drawn in till the very end. I wouldn't stop reading it until i finally finished it. I have to say i love this novel and hope to read more like it.<3

    Kathy Hale
    Typical young feisty girl in an out of the box profession because the mother is dead and father instructs her in the profession.The interesting part of this book is the narrative about going on the First Crusade led by Peter the Hermit.

    Angelica Galanis
    this book was good because it had love and action and it had taken place a long time ago(during the crusades) but it was a little confusing at times, and the time could go from one day to ten years later, but I liked the whole concept of the book.

    1-2+ 1997-1998

    Stephanie A.
    Ooh, you don't see too many stories set in the Crusades. That alone was worth a read.

    Carri McMullen
    Seemed like a great book but then the author seemed in a hurry to finish.

    Book for younger people which explains history correctly, makes it an interesting read.

    We read it for a class assignment and i really liked the end of it


    I think it was pretty good. I liked the ending a lot at the begging I wasn't really into it but as it went threw it got to me id rate it 3 stars

    Small Review
    Not feeling this. Too historically loose with "modern" characters. Just because it's MG doesn't make that ok.

    Krista the Krazy Kataloguer
    Vivid description of what it was really like to tromp across Europe on the Children's Crusade (11th century).

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