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  • Title: Mr. Monk in Trouble
  • Author: Lee Goldberg
  • ISBN: 9780451229052
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Hardcover

  • Ever since a 1962 unsolved train robbery made it famous, people have made their way to Trouble in California s gold country to search for the booty that train robbers supposedly dumped in the botched heist.When the museum watchman is murdered, Monk and his assistant, Natalie, are sent to investigate Monk becomes obsessed with the legendary unsolved robbery, discovering aEver since a 1962 unsolved train robbery made it famous, people have made their way to Trouble in California s gold country to search for the booty that train robbers supposedly dumped in the botched heist.When the museum watchman is murdered, Monk and his assistant, Natalie, are sent to investigate Monk becomes obsessed with the legendary unsolved robbery, discovering a personal connection to the town s past During the tail end of the gold rush, Trouble s assayer was one Artemus Monk.Natalie can t help but notice the resemblance But that might not be the only thing that ties the past to the present, and if Monk isn t careful, he ll learn how the town of Trouble lives up to its name.
    Lee Goldberg
    1 New York Times Bestselling author Lee Goldberg is a two time Edgar Award and two time Shamus Award nominee whose many TV writing and or producing credits include Martial Law, SeaQuest, Diagnosis Murder, Hunter, Spenser For Hire, Nero Wolfe, Missing Monk and The Glades He s also the co author of the Fox O Hare series with Janet Evanovich The Heist, The Chase, The Job, The Scam, The Pursuit etc , The Walk, Watch Me Die, King City, the Dead Man series, as well as the Diagnosis Murder and Monk series of original mystery novels.


    For me, one of the more enjoyable original series that the USA Network created as part of their “Characters welcome” emphasis, was Monk. If Sherlock Holmes were an Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder-suffering detective in the modern era, he would be amazingly like Adrian Monk. The OCD “business” in the series is usually done for laughs, but many of the scripts would simply turn on an observation that only someone exponentially OCD would notice. In a Monk mystery, things usually turn on some a [...]

    Сибин Майналовски
    Една от най-забавните истории за Монк досега. Паралелът с времената на златната треска беше великолепен :) Някой да знае дали издателството мисли да доиздаде книгите за Монк след 10-а или за пореден път ще постъпят като всеки уважаващ себе си БГ-издател - ще зарежат поредицат [...]

    Summary: The little town of Trouble just can't stay out of it-first it was part of the Gold Rush, then there was the still unsolved 1962 train robbery, and now a watchman, formerly of the SFPD, at the museum was killed. So Monk and his assistant Natalie are sent to investigate. While there they discover a family connection for Monk.My family and I love the Monk books. While I stopped watching the show (except to catch the finale because he HAD to solve Trudy's murder-and he does), I still enjoy [...]

    Story switches back and forth between Adrian Monk and Natalie Teeger investigating the death of a retired SFPD officer. Likes:* Artemis Monk solves crimes and assays rocks in 1855* Artemis Monk's assistant, , launders shirts and assists him(view spoiler)[* Monk solves murder when man comes trick-or-treating to his house* Trouble Police Chief Kelton ~ handsome, reformed drunk, flirts* Trouble's wandering burros* Tic-tac-toe streets* Artemis Monk's square house on a square lot* Golden Rail Express [...]

    Goldberg's characterization of Monk was off at the beginning (from what I remember from watching the entire eight seasons of the t.v. series, Monk could be insensitive, and rude in a self-absorbed sort of way, but never in an intentionally hateful or personal way) but it recovered and when combined with a unique plot (the flashbacks to Artemus Monk in the old West were great), this Mr. Monk novel earns a well-deserved 4 stars.

    With a name like Trouble, it's no surprise the goldrush town is still somewhat of interest even after its original heyday. What also helps is an unsolved mystery with a lot of still missing gold. A simply irresistable case, even though Adrian Monk and his assistant Natalie, is in town for a different crime: Murder. Having never seen nor heard of Adrian Monk, I was tempted by the book's tagline "The Real OCD (Obsessive. Compulsive. Detective.)" Which sounded fabulously funny (in a "As long as I d [...]

    Once again, Lee Goldberg RE-CREATES the flavor and fun of an episode of the defective detective in quality style. The reader is brought into Mr. Monk's strange world of phobias and sense of order in a comical farce and a decent enough mystery. In fact, in this case, there are a number of mysteries that Monk, and an apparent ancestor, solve.Monk travels to an old gold rush town called "California" meanwhile, Natalie begins to read the journal of a woman from the 1850's who was working for a the l [...]

    This was a fun book. I'm not great about keeping up with about what I'm reading and have actually read several other books in this series since.They're all fun and have allowed me to enjoy a few more mysteries with Mr. Monk and Natalie, something I have missed since the series ended. The author really captures Natalie well, as it is written from her perspective. I can completely picture her as I'm reading it. He actually captures the "woman's perspective" surprisingly well for a man. I think th [...]

    Laura Cushing
    This solid offering in the Monk series has Mr. Monk and his intrepid assistant Natalie traveling to a California gold mining town called Trouble to investigate the murder of a former San Fransisco cop. While there, they discover the story of one of Monk's ancestors - Artemis Monk, an assayer and meticulous murder solver of the gold rush era. They also discover the mystery of a train robbery that's never been solved. Mr. Monk, never one to leave anything unsolved, sets about solving both cases. I [...]

    I enjoy reading the Mr. Monk series of books because I can so easily picture the characters from the TV show. This always annoys me when I read a book after seeing the movie but not this series for some reason. Mr. Monk and Natalie are called to Trouble (an old mining town turned tourist destination) to help solve a murder. Monk is disturbed by the town becuase it contains unpaved roads, dirt, and wandering burros. While there, Monk insists on solving the 50 year old case of the train robbery. N [...]

    Rick Ludwig
    Another fun ride with Mr. Monk and his faithful assistant Natalie Teeger. This time they are away from their home base of San Francisco and assist a small town sheriff in an old Gold Rush era town called Trouble, CA. The wonderful aspect of this particular case is the parallels found between what they are doing and the career of the towns old assayer, Mr. Artemis Monk, memorialized in the journals of his female assistant. Monk is at his obsessive compulsive best and Natalie shares her sufferings [...]

    Lucy Horne
    Mr. Monk in Trouble by Lee Goldberg is based on the TV show, Monk. When germaphobic Mr. Monk and Natalie Teeger are lead to the city of Trouble by the murder of Manny Feikema, they discover another mystery which is 50 years old. Then, Natalie and Mr. Monk discover a diary by Abigail Guthrie, and Mr. Monk finds an ancestor that he never dreamed of. On top of that, Natalie meets the police chief, Kelton, and is instantly in love with him. As they get farther into the mystery, they both learn that [...]

    Sheila Beaumont
    I've been reading this series in order (and also watching the TV series on DVD), and this is one of my favorites so far. Like the rest of these books, this one not only is great fun, but also has an ingenious mystery plot and plenty of quirky characters (with Monk the quirkiest of all, of course). In this one, Adrian Monk and his assistant Natalie are investigating a recent murder and an unsolved 1962 train robbery in a Gold Rush town called Trouble. I loved the flashbacks, via a diary, into the [...]

    You don't have to be a fan of the show to be a big fan of the books. Goldberg does a great job of succinctly giving you Monk and Natalie's back story without boring those in the know. This time around, Monk and Natalie head to the small gold rush town Trouble, where a former San Francisco police detective who worked at the local museum has been murdered. While investigating, Monk learns of an unsolved train robbery in 1962, and determines he must solve that crime as well. Meanwhile, Natalie begi [...]

    Mike Gettel
    this is among my favorite monk books. although it's business as usual for goldberg, we're presented with a few interesting twists such a journal written by the assistant of monk's ancestor and a thrilling moment that ranks among the most intense in the series. although i figured out who the killer was 2/3 of the way through the story, i was still invested. recommended for lite mystery lovers and die hard monk fans, the story is written in a simple, guide like manner that you'd have to have an un [...]

    This was an impulse pick up at the library. I loved the series and miss it. This was a great way to alleviate that feeling.Two stories are told, a current day one where Natalie and Monk visit an old mining town to investigate the murder of a retired San Francisco cop and a past one from the gold rush where Artemis Monk is the town assayer and solves crimes with the help of his female assistant. Throw in two train robberies, a potential romance for Natalie and Randy trying to be Dirty Harry and i [...]

    Monk was such an entertaining TV show. We've enjoyed the DVDs in recent months. The book had the same characters and dialogue, but theside stories took too much time and the dialogue got old and repetitious. Monk is good when it's a fast-moving 43 minutes, but notgood when there is a need to fill 300 pages. There are about eight books in this series (based on the TV show but with different plots), but I don't think I'll read more.

    Mr. Monk in Trouble reminisces some of the nostalgic fervor of the television series. Since Monk is probably my favorite television series, I definitely plan on reading the Monk series because the persona of Monk. He is charismatic, and the stories really exemplify Monk as a character.The story is another extraordinary chapter into the eccentric life of Monk where only he can solve the two mysteries that baffle everyone.

    I started out thinking I wouldn't like the book. Mr. Monk was a little harsh towards a child in the beginning (he called her a fatso). The Monk I know and love wouldn't have been that harsh, I don't think. He would have had an opinion, but I don't think he would have been so hurtful to such a young child. Once we got past that, the book was really very funny. It definitely got me over the sadness of the ending of the series. Looking for more Mr. Monk stories to fill that void.

    Mark Baker
    When a former SFPD cop is murdered in a former gold rush town, Monk reluctantly heads up there to find the killer. Along the way, he and Natalie make an interesting discovery about an ancestor. The passages from the past combine quite well with the modern mystery, making this another fun book for fans who are missing the show.Read my full review at Carstairs Considers.

    Monk was one of my favorite television series while it aired. But this is my first try at one of the books based on the series. It felt much the same way. I didn't feel quite as connected with Monk as I did in the series. But perhaps this is because the novel was told from the viewpoint of Monk's assistant. He still had some amazing quirks and bits of the story that made me laugh. Especially this one spectacular one towards the end. I'm definitely up for trying out more books in this line.

    Richard Thompson
    The Trouble of the title is an old gold rush town in the mountains of California and Monk goes there at Stottlemyer’s request to investigate the death of former cop turned museum guard. The story of Artemis Monk the town’s assayer (and presumably our Monk’s great grandfather) — which is told through the diary of his assistant — is fun but on the whole the mysteries and their solutions aren’t up to Goldberg’s usual standards.

    The mysteries were good and the short entries from Abby's journal were exciting. I liked Artemis Monk more than Adrian. Probably because Artemis felt normal compared to Adrian. Maybe he was more like Adrian during the Trudy-period. The lacked of Natalie dwelling on Mitch was pleasant although I still did not like Julie.

    Another humorous installment in the Monk series. This one is set in a former gold mining town and has the added benefit of tales of Monk's ancester, Artemis Monk, and his widowed assistant. Had more action than some of the earlier books, which was exciting. I was pleased to have partially guessed who did it relatively early into the book.

    I love Monk. These books are lots of fun to read, and Goldberg makes me smile or chuckle frequently while reading them. This was a good little mystery. Monk's love of rock polishing was in his genes!

    Donna Lewis
    Read this some time ago and don't remember much, but I read Monk books for the characteristic dialogue and behavior. Thank God for the incredible performances of Tony Shalhoub, who make this character real.

    Karen J
    This is my first book of the year, and enjoyable is its description. These short novels about my favorite TV detective are quick and fun reads. Written by one of the original writers for the TV series, Lee Goldberg, the characters stay "real" to their on screen personas.

    of course i liked it! it was a great monk story! i enjoyed reading about the "ancestor" monk! i kept wanting the people in trouble to mention the comparison and then would remember that there was 3 different time lines!

    When a Gold Rush Museum night watchman is murdered, Monk has to find the culprit; in the process he also gets entangled in a 1962 train robbery investigation. Natalie does some research at the museum and what she finds sends chills up her spine. Good for some chuckles.

    For Monk fans suffering from Monk-withdrawal pangs after the cancellation of the TV series, this mystery by one of the screenwriters will help fill the Monk vacuum. Mildly diverting, for Monk fans only.

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