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  • Title: Forgiven
  • Author: Shelley Shepard Gray
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  • Tragedy strikes a brother and sister find themselves facing a situation that will shape the rest of their lives When a fire destroys the Lundys barn, Winnie is injured trying to get the animals to safety Confined to a hospital for weeks, out of touch with her loved ones who live too far away to visit by buggy, she must depend on Englisher Samuel Miller to keep her compaTragedy strikes a brother and sister find themselves facing a situation that will shape the rest of their lives When a fire destroys the Lundys barn, Winnie is injured trying to get the animals to safety Confined to a hospital for weeks, out of touch with her loved ones who live too far away to visit by buggy, she must depend on Englisher Samuel Miller to keep her company Though his family is part of Winnie s tight knit Amish community, Samuel left years earlier to pursue a university education Through conversations, and Samuel s dedication to her recovery, a friendship forms But despite their growing attraction, Winnie knows it can never develop into something as long as Samuel chooses to remain in the outside world.When Winnie returns home, she finds her brother, Jonathan, struggling with his own dilemma Cigarette butts were discovered in the debris of the barn and Jonathan is determined to find out who is responsible for destroying his property and putting his family at risk But in a community founded on grace and forgiveness, will his unwillingness to move on eat away at the trust that is the foundation of their lives
    Shelley Shepard Gray
    Librarian Note AKA Shelley Gray Western Romance.I live in southern Ohio with my husband, two teenagers, and two dogs My days are filled with busy activities like most any other mom and housewife But I also love to write books.Each morning, after my kids go off to school, I sit at my desk, look out my window, and dream of other places The hours fly by as I make up people and places and drink way too much coffee.Writing for Avon Inspire has truly been a dream come true Being able to spend my days in my make believe world of the Brenneman Bed and Breakfast is a true blessing I have enjoyed getting to know about the Amish culture and tapping into my faith as I show each character s progression toward a personal relationship with our Lord.Before becoming a full time writer, I taught elementary school in Texas, Arizona, and Colorado A job transfer to Ohio led my husband to encourage me to finally give writing a try After all, I had notebooks full of made up stories.I ll never forget that first book I typed in our unfinished basement It was exciting to make up a story, but also very scary I was also so embarrassed, sure someone would come out of the woodwork and point out that I wasn t a real writer But I persevered, and sold my third manuscript.Things have changed a bit Now I have a real office of my own think old guest bedroom My walls are painted pink, and than a couple of book covers decorate my walls But my days are still the same I wake up, dream about other people, and do my best to type out stories.


    I enjoyed all of the books in this series. This was a great ending. As I finished the book and read the questions at the end I thought how I'd enjoy a book with the character David and where he goes from here. I would like to see what happens with all of these characters from this series.

    Karen & Gerard
    "Forgiven" by Shelley Shephard Gray is the third book of her Sisters of the Heart series about the Amish community. When Jonathan's barn is burned down, his sister is badly hurt and he is filled with anger and a desire to find out who was smoking on his property that caused the fire. The other story line is romance that his sister, Winnie, finds as a result of the fire. It has an interesting twist and is an enjoyable read. Naturally, as the title gives away, Jonathan finds forgiveness in his hea [...]

    Debbie Maskus
    In this Sisters of the Heart series, the barn of Jonathan Lundy burns and his sister, Winnie suffers burns and fractures. Jonathan must know who caused this accident, even though the Bishop of the community rules to forgive and forget. While Winnie mends in the hospital, Sam Miller visits her. Sam left the Amish community to pursue a career as a college professor. On a third level, Anna and Henry prepare for their wedding. Many stories converge to the final chapter. The main emphasis of this sto [...]

    I think this is my favorite book of the series thus far. I loved having the two stories intermingle, the one of needing to be forgiven (Jonathan and David) and the one of finding where you belong (Sam and Winnie). This book I believe has the most powerful messages, and is well worth the time to read. Anyone who is struggling with not knowing where they belong would understand Sam's plight. Everyone one of us needs to ask for forgiveness for something, and David's struggle is one that anyone coul [...]

    Tasha enderby
    I have read many Amish tales and it really takes something to make one stand out to me and not and this book did just that. It strkes the realness of an Amish man who is unlike his community and has a hard time just turning his cheek and forgiving the person who burned down barn and harmed his siter. This man had many hard things happen to him in his life but was just blessed with a new wife and fresh look on life. To see him struggle through this openly just proves that even the best Amish man [...]

    Ended up reading this without realizing it was the last of a series. Now we'll probably seek out the others. Enjoyed the characters & the story despite feeling that we came in in the middle of a movie. Now know that it felt that way because we actually did start in the middle so to speak. Loved the way each of the characters in conflict turned to their deeply rooted faith in the end and found their way to follow God's will for each of their lives. Beautiful tribute to a simple, wise way of l [...]

    Yeah, it was really good. Liked it, as always. I've never read in Amish book I didn't like. :)

    Janet C
    This book is part of a series (Sisters of the Heart) of 3 books. Forgiven is #3. I suggest you read the series in order. Although it can be a stand alone book, it helps if you understand the other sistersstories.In this book, you learn about Winnie and Sam It starts with the fire that destroyed Jonathan Lundy's barn. Winnie is hospitalized with burns on her legs and a broken foot. Sam who left the Amish community before he was baptized, is the brother of a Mr Lundy's neighbor. Since Sam's brothe [...]

    Enjoyed this one too though I was a little frustrated when Katie did not put two into together regarding David‘s injury.

    3 1/2 Stars.Not bad for an Amish book. I think I like Winnie better than most any Amish character I've ever read about. She says what she thinks, so there's no guessing where you are with her, but she has a really good heart. She's wise and hard working. Sam is a friend from her childhood, who happens to live by the hospital at which she's a patient after her brother's barn burnt down from a careless teenage smoker. Winnie's burnt and recuperating. Sam (who turned English and went off to college [...]

    Diane U
    In the middle of the night, Jonathan Lundy's barn is engulfed in flames as he rushes to rescue all his animals and save his sister Winnie. Winnie ends up in the hospital for a short period of time with burns on her legs and a broken foot. Since her brother was busy trying to clean up the disaster, he asked Samuel Miller to take her and visit her regularly since he lived and worked near the hospital. Samuel left the Amish community before being baptised to continue his education and is now a coll [...]

    J.C. Morrows
    Another well-written novel in this wonderful series. "Forgiven" is the third and (I thought.) in Shelley Shepard Gray's Sisters of the Heart series.This book deals mostly with Winnie; sister to Jonathan Lundy and friend to Katie (Brenneman). If you read book 2: "Wanted", you'll know Winnie has had some difficulties finding the right man to complete her life.Oh, if only more young people would wait on God to bring the right person into their life I guarantee you, he has someone for all of us. We [...]

    Series "Sisters of the Heart" book#3, Forgiven by Shelley Shepard Gray(Library)another of my library books, I love to read amish stories by this authorThis book tells Winnie's story. Winnie feels she has been looked over and will never get the chance to marry and have a family of her own. When her brother needs her help with his children and home after his wife dies, she is willing to step in.A tragic accident happens one dark night and the barn burns and Winnie is hurt, she must stay in hospita [...]

    Forgiven written by Shelley Shepard Gray is the third book in the Sisters of the Heart series. This book focuses on Winnie. Winnie lives with her brother and one night their barn catches on fire. Winnie is hurt and taken to the hospital. It is that barn burning that sets her on the road to finding someone to live the rest of her life with. Anna and Henry also finally get married in the book. Winnie’s brother also has to learn to forgive the person who burned his barn and almost caused the deat [...]

    FORGIVEN is an older book by Ms. Gray. There is massive amounts of head-hopping and the cast of characters is very confusing. Who is who and how are they related? It took awhile to get situated in this reader's mind. While written in many points of view the main characters are Winnie and Sam. Sam is a sweetheart, one who left the Amish and got an education, but feels lost and misplaced in the Englisch world. Winnie - not sure about her intelligence level as she runs into a fire with bare feet an [...]

    This was a greatend to the series. I love how Anna and Henry's story carried over to this book. I loved all the storylines, with the fire and with the Miller brothers, and then of course Winnie and Sam. I loved the ending with how it included Anna, Katie and Winnie. That was a great way to bring the series to an end. I think every book got better. It felt like Annaand Henry's feelings for each other developed too quickly, but the next two books definitely were an improvement. One thing that got [...]

    Linda Bourg
    When a fire destroys the Lundy's barn, Winnie is injured trying to get the animals to safety. Confined to a hospital for weeks, our of touch with her loved ones who live too far away to visit by buggy, she must depend on Englisher Samuel Miller to keep her company.I enjoyed this book. I teaches a good lesson on forgiveness, Jonathan was upset about his barn burning down, but he found it in his heart to forgive the culprit. And the culprit felt really bad not coming forth, he knew it was an accid [...]

    Shelley Shepard Gray tells us the story of Winnie and Sam and the story of following your heart and getting hurt physically and in your heart. Shelley Continues her story from Wanted and bring Jonathan and Katie back to life and the reader quickly learns heartbreak, sorrow and forgiveness. I could not stop reading this series and I could not read fast enough. If you are a fan of reading a series this is a page turner! Whenever I read a book by Shelley Shepard Gray I am caught up in the her chara [...]

    Dawn Livingston
    I read this because I got the trilogy in one volume from the library and figured since I was going to read the first one I may as well read the others.This story was a good one, better than the first and about as good as the 2nd. It's so simple (not complex) and plain that that's part of why I like it so much. Very easy to read, not very long and you know what the ending will be, just not how things will work out.I know this is fiction and therefore the Amish may not be portrayed perfectly, but [...]

    Carolyn E
    I especially enjoyed Winnie and Sam's story. It points up one of the most basic flaws in our "Englisch" society; that is, the emphasis on career and acquiring things, rather than focusing on the family first, or on God first if you are deeply religious, then the family and the community.I am looking forward to reading the fourth book in this series, Grace: A Christmas Sisters of the Heart Novel.

    Mrs. Doglvrs
    Definitely the best book of the three -- all about what happens when we are thrown into a tough situation and how God never leaves us. It's all about forgiving and moving forward to embrace what rises from the ashes.Of course that is exactly where I am in life right now but I found this book and the story of Winnie & Sam especially touching.I'm looking forward to reading more books by this author.

    This is the third book in the Sisters of the Heart series. This was a great book! I really loved how Sam and Winnie reconnect after all these years. How can you not love Sam! He is so loving, caring and giving. I love that both Winnie and Sam were willing to make so many sacrifices in order for their relationship to work. This book also reminds us of the power of forgiving someone who has done something to hurt us.

    This is by far the best of Gray's works, and the best in this series. Her characterizations are so authentic and poignant, I couldn't help but get drawn into their lives and their story. The plot construction was far better than the others, also. All the subplots come together to help force the main plot. I have to emphasize, the best aspect to this novel is her deep and profound internal dialog of her characters. Very riveting.

    Judy Wise
    So sorry to see this series end. Loved every minute of it. I am going to check out some of the other series that this author has written. I like the way the author explains the amish way without preaching. I know that when I visit among the amish I find myself moving at a slower pace and find a quietness about myself. I would suggest others read this series.

    The first two books in the Sisters of the Heart trilogy were better. This one didn't focus on the main characters so much because it was finishing/wrapping up the other story lines at the same time. About an Amish woman whose injured in a fire who finds her match in a man that left the community to go to college and become a professor.

    Winnie has been looking for love and has almost given up on looking. Still living with her Amish brother, his wife and two children, she is awakened one night by loud popping noises. She finds the family barn in flames. She helps her brother rescue the animals but is injured in the fire. Her time spent in the hospital away from her family is difficult.

    I liked the way the three stories came together. This was the most believable of the series of books. I was frustrated with the changes in winnie's character. In book 2, there were definitely questions about her work ethic. But suddenly in this book, she was painted as a girl who never rests. I tried my best to overlook that change, but it made Winnie hard to identify with.

    Out of the three from this trilogy I liked this one the best. The romance was by far the most believable and the characters had logical progression through the story. It didn't feel as jarring as the previous two.

    Anne Edmunds
    Another Amish "romance." At least in this one they actually got outrageously passionate and well they kissed. On the lips. Whoa. Again, Romance is not my preferred genre but a nice change of pace once and a while. But, eh.

    I enjoyed seeing all the stories come together in this book. I also liked Winnie much more in this book. I am a little surprised at how easy this series makes it seem to go back and forth between Amish and English.

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