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  • Title: Provocative in Pearls
  • Author: Madeline Hunter
  • ISBN: 9780515147629
  • Page: 251
  • Format: Paperback

  • The Earl of Hawkeswell has been living in limbo for two years, ever since his bride, heiress Verity Thompson, disappeared on their wedding day As she hasn t been declared deceased, Hawkeswell cannot legally remarry and cannot access his wife s funds either of which would settle his dire financial crisis.Coerced into marrying Hawkeswell by her duplicitous cousin, VeritThe Earl of Hawkeswell has been living in limbo for two years, ever since his bride, heiress Verity Thompson, disappeared on their wedding day As she hasn t been declared deceased, Hawkeswell cannot legally remarry and cannot access his wife s funds either of which would settle his dire financial crisis.Coerced into marrying Hawkeswell by her duplicitous cousin, Verity fled London for the countryside With no interest in the earl s title or status, she was willing to forfeit her inheritance in exchange for her freedom Now that her ruse has been discovered, Verity is forced to return to a loveless marriage.Hawkeswell strikes a bargain with Verity In return for three kisses a day, he will not insist on his conjugal rights But Verity discovers there are kisses and then there are kisses as she begins to learn the true meaning of seduction at the hands of a master.
    Madeline Hunter
    Madeline Hunter is a nationally bestselling author of historical romances who lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and two sons Her books have won two RITA awards and seven nominations, and have had three starred reviews in Publishers Weekly In a parallel existence to the one she enjoys as a novelist, Madeline has a Ph.D in art history and teaches at an East Coast university.


    #2 in a four book "Rarest Blooms" series.The first book in this series - Ravishing in Red - just came out last month in Jan. Both are stories of strangers in a marriage and it's a sign of Hunter's great skill that the two novels don't seem too similar when read back to back this soon.I am not going to go into the plot because all you need to know is on the backblurb. I liked how Verity started out as a quiet, naive woman still clinging to the dreams of her childhood, Hawkeswell as a hot-tempered [...]

    The blurb on the cover of this book from Publishers Weekly states that “Hunter’s books are so addicting they should come with a surgeon general warning.” This blurb is the farthest from the truth in regards to Provocative in Pearls. I gave this read until page two-hundred and had to put it down because it was incredibly slow moving and boring, in the sense there was no real action to further along the plot. What we have here is Grayson, the Earl of Hawkeswell who has barely a penny to rub [...]

    Joanna (joreadsalot)
    I originally had my rating at a 3 star but I've brought it to a 2 stars because I didn't like this as much as Ravishing in Red. I am struggling to recall this book because it did not leave a lasting impression on me. I thought Verity was very tenacious and very logical but almost too much. Same with Hawkeswell. They both had the same qualities but sometimes their words were so austere that I was frozen sometimes. The heat was there occasionally but there was always a bit of a breeze, if you know [...]

    This is book two in M. Hunter's Regency quartet, The Rarest Blooms, following RAVISHING IN RED. You can read this one as a stand alone book but there will be recurring characters in all four and it's nice to meet them in order. This one showcases the romance of Grayson, Earl of Hawkeswell (friend of the hero from book one) and Verity Thompson (friend of the heroine from book one). Grayson's an impoverished earl and Verity a rich heiress not of the peerage and their marriage had been arranged whe [...]

    DNFed @9%I hate when women in historical romance act like they are modern women. So this heroine fakes her own death because she says she was "tricked" into the marriage? And then leaves her bridegroom in limbo for two years, destroying him his finances and his reputation and then acts like she's in the wrong? WTH??If I'd been the groom, I'd sue her to kingdom come and take all her money.

    Jacob Proffitt
    This is the second in a series and I'd really suggest reading the first before this one. The backstory is more thoroughly explained there and the main characters of the first are frequently on stage in this one as well. Plus, the first is a better story.The sentimentality I discussed in my review of the first book is present in this one as well, but not nearly as powerful or interesting. I think that's because of this: "Of course, it also wouldn't have worked if the characters hadn't been engagi [...]

    This was the 2nd in the Rarest Blooms series and I liked it better then the first. I connected much better to the characters because the writing seemed a bit more looser. The love scenes were well done and heart felt. I liked that Verity wasn't a pushover and she didn't mind telling Grayson where to stick his title. Even though she didn't have all the information quite right on the Earl of Hawkeswell. Yes he needed a monied bride and he was under the impression that he had a willing one. But onc [...]

    I was about halfway through this book when I realized I didn’t have the faintest idea what the hero’s first name is. It’s possible that I just missed a mention -- it is mentioned two or three times in the second half --but it seems indicative of the general lack of intimacy or emotional resonance I felt.All the women who work for “the Rarest Blooms” have secrets. When Lizzie’s friend Audrianna got involved with Lord Summerhayes, she knew hers would inevitably soon be revealed: that [...]

    2 Stars (for good prose style)Ugh. Spoilers ahead.This book made me cringe so much I couldn't finish it. It hits my least favorite romance trope: If I just keep seducing her, no matter how many times she says "just a kiss" or asks for her freedom, I'll convince her that she likes to be my marital property! (And I generally love Historical Romance, tropes and all, but No.)Unlike Hunter's last book in the series, this book lacked the underlying mystery that kept the story rolling in the last one. [...]

    2.5 starsThis book was ok. I expected more from it though. It took me a long time to get into it. I liked the characters but I found the heroine frustrating (she had so little understanding of her situation and what was possible). I was very interested in the storyline but it was just so very slow moving and I kept getting bored. It picked up at the very end a little bit. I liked it enough though that I will be reading the 3rd installment in this series.

    Umaiya ⚡A Far Off Memory⚡
    Why in the name of all that is Holy, was I reading this?!I mean, there weren't even good reviews left by my friends serving as a recommendation and the avg rating wasn't that compelling either so, What.The.Hell.Where was the romance, the chemistry, the zing, dude?!The entire time reading this, I wasn't laughing.I stomach didn't fill with butterflies.My heart didn't flutter.Never shed a tear.Didn't visit LaLa-Land either.For God's sake I didn't even sigh or aww.Not. Even. Once.This was so. . . so [...]

    Amarilli Settantatre
    Ho preferito il precedente. Questo sì è carino, c'è un mistero da risolvere, però è un po' tirato per le lunghe con infinite scene di sesso. Verity e il conte sono un po' opachi come personaggi.Bonus: le varie apparizioni del duca libertino mi fanno morire!Lo adoro già e non vedo l'ora di leggere il quarto volume.

    Hawkeswell has found himself in a bit of a muddle. Two years ago he married a heiress so that he could replenish his empty coffers. Unfortunately the bride dissaperead on her wedding day. Now he can't get her fortune, and he can't marry another woman. And then, while visiting the Rarest Blooms with his friend Sebastian (hero of Ravishing in Red) he sees her again - his wife Verity.Verity has been blackmailed into marrying Hawkeswell by her cousin. When she found out that he didn't stick to his p [...]

    I hadoblemswith this book. Quite unexpectedly too, because I had so enjoyed Ravishing in Red, the first in the series. First (and most insignificant), I never got over the fact that the heroine was actually named Verity.Second, the hero comes off as petulant. Who wants to read a story about whose character seems to be there just for the sake of being pitiful, no matter how handsome he may be?Third, I was a little disturbed by the initial seduction of heroine in the garden of the hero's estate. I [...]

    O primeiro livro desta serie Deslumbrante não conseguiu conquistar-me achei muito fraco em relação aos outros livros que já li de Madeline Hunter que sempre adorei.Pensei seriamente em desistir de ler a continuação mas ainda bem que resolvi dar uma chance a autora e este sim aproxima-se do que eu conheço da autora.Provocadora é um romance bem conseguido, Hawkeswell e Verity são um casal que conseguiu prender-me a leitura deste livro, todo o mistério a volta da fuga da Verity no dia do [...]

    Eu juro que adorava gostar desta autora, juro, mas simplesmente odeio o desenvolvimento que a autora dá aos seus livros. Começam sempre todos com muito entusiasmo, muito intrigantes, com todos os elementos necessários para um bom romance histórico mas depois não sabe dar o desenvolvimento necessário ao que inicialmente apresentou. O mesmo aconteceu em Deslumbrante e o mesmo aconteceu aqui neste 2º volume da série - As flores mais raras.opinião completa aqui - algodaodoceparaocerebrosp

    Ah, I am so pleased that Hunter did not disappoint! Sometimes, I pick up a new romance author, like one of her works, and then find the rest to be drivel. Gladly, this is not so. :) Hunter writes deep and believable characters. Her love scenes are good, of course, but I find myself skipping them in order to get to the good parts - you know, plot and characterization! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the only reason I didn't give it four stars is because that is something I rarely give out. :)

    I almost put this book down many times. It was a frustrating read and when the action was skipped I couldn't help but feel deflated. The ending was sweet, which made up for some of it. It wasn't enough to make me glad that I read it all the way through, however.

    Hawkeswell menemukan kembali istrinya yang dulu pernah meninggalkannya di altar. Setelah 2 tahun dianggap meninggal dan hilang tanpa jejak, Verity muncul kembali tak jauh dari London. Verity dinikahi oleh Earl of Hawkeswell karena warisannya yang mampu membiayai seluruh properti milik Hawkeswell yang hampir bangkrut.Meski sakit hati atas perlakuan Verity dahulu, Hawkeswell tetap ingin agar pernikahan mereka terus berlangsung. Verity sendiri yang sejak awal memang tidak ingin menikah karena perjo [...]

    Opinião do blogue Chaise Longue: girlinchaiselongueMadeline Hunter é considerada a Rainha do Romance e prova disso é a sua carreira de treze anos cheios de sucessos. Finalista e vencedora de vários prémios, com muitos dos seus livros em listas de bestsellers de várias revistas, esta autora romântica é professora universitária e doutorada em História de Arte. E já vendeu seis milhões de cópias de livros e foi traduzida para doze países.A autora é muito provavelmente a autora de rom [...]

    Rose May
    Note: This review, and all my reviews, comes from my blog - Romantic Rose's Bookshelf (romantic-rosesblog)Book 2 in The Rarest Blooms seriesThis book had a very alpha male that came close to being too alpha for my tastes. With books where the hero is pretty much forcing the heroine to bend to his will and forsake her independent streak, the author must walk a very, very fine line between creating an arrogant, over-bearing, soul-sucking ass or creating an arrogant ass that grows to love the heroi [...]

    Sonya Heaney
    Originally posted HERE.I am genuinely perplexed by the mixed reviews for this series. Apart from the sometimes cringeworthy uses of American words and expressions (fishing poles?), it is one of the most engaging historical romance series I have come across.But therein, I suspect, lies the problem. In a genre currently populated by Disney-style fluff pieces with an abundance of often pointless explicit sex, Madeline Hunter’s more realistic depictions of Regency-era characters and attitudes just [...]

    “Provocative in Pearls” (Historical, Jove, 352 pages, $7.99), by Madeline Hunter: The second book in Madeline Hunter’s Rarest Blooms’ Regency series finds Grayson Bridlington, the Earl of Hawkeswell, trying to have his young wife, Verity Thompson, declared dead by the government.Verity vanished immediately after their wedding, which was a forced marriage arranged by her cousin, Bertram Thompson, for his own betterment. Bertram pressured her into the union by threatening the well-being of [...]

    So, I dived right into this book after I finished the first one of the series. I must say, I ended up liking this more than I did the first one. And because I was reduced to tears by the hero at the end, I am bumping this up to four stars. I love the friendships in the books. Strong bond among The Rarest Blooms (yes, I know they're not called that.:P) and even among our intimidating trio (the funniest scenes are when they're together, total laugh out loud moments for me again. Castleford. I can [...]

    Verity and Hawkeswell's story, a couple that is married but haven't seen each other since their wedding.Verity run away right after the wedding ceremony, feeling betrayed and so justifying her actions. Hawkeswell is in dire financial straits and needs the dowry their marriage would bring in, but since Verity disappeared he hasn't received anything. Time passes and his efforts to find her prove fruitless, when they meet again unexpectedly.I did not like Verity, from her assumptions and the blame [...]

    ehhhhh. plenty of gross gender ickiness -- sexual assault did up as He Was So Turned On He Couldn't Hep Hissef and She Got Hot, Too, So, See? It's Not Gross! He Knew Better Than She Did All Along and Thank God He DIDN'T Stop When She Told Him To, or She Wouldna Got Some! she's constantly angry and turned on. he's constantly assaulting her and turned on. ugh. i HATE those tropes. plus, her passel of friends are The Types -- the fiery, independent one, the feminist-intellectual one, the demure, so [...]

    With this second installment of Madeline Hunter's Rarest Blooms quartet, I find myself really loving her writing style. In the first book of this series, I had read about the girl that supposedly drowned and this installment the story was expanded on. I honestly didn't think that (view spoiler)[ the girl called Lizzie was actually Verity. It was kind of hinted at in Ravishing in Red when Lizzie didn't show up at the wedding.(hide spoiler)] But I really enjoyed the romance between Verity and Hawk [...]

    Number 2 in the series, even better than #1. Hawkeswell has lost his bride. @ years later he finds her hiding T the rarest blooms as Lizzie. Verity tells him she had been coerced into marrying him and she hopes for an annulment. A love story ensues, but this book is also filled with history. Verity's father owned an ironworks near Manchester and we learn all about that. Verity has been worried that men from her hometown are missing and tries to find out herself, but finally must ask her husband [...]

    I'm giving myself credit for this at 60%. He just took her virginity in a flowerbed against her wishes "because he couldn't help himself." I don't care if he wants to marry her. He knows she doesn't want to be married to him, was tricked into it, and now he's forcing the issue by taking his marital rights or some shit and making it impossible for her to get an annulment. I guess I'm supposed to like him but i reeeeeally don't. The first was good, the second awful, not going to continue the serie [...]

    A beautifully written romance that confirms why Madeline Hunter continues to be one of my favorites. While I questioned some of Verity's motivations the first half of the book by the mid point I was enraptured with the earl, loved the complexity of Verity and was captivated with all the characters. I couldn't put it down until I finished.

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