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  • Title: ...And the Truth Shall Set You Free
  • Author: David Icke
  • ISBN: 9780952614715
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback

  • David Icke exposes what he says is the real story behind global events which shape the future of human existence.
    David Icke
    David Icke is a writer and public speaker He has toured all over world giving presentations and has written over 10 books sharing his research and views regarding the current state of society and global events.Former BBC television sports presenter and British Green Party spokesman.David s Facebook page facebook pages David I


    If you ever thought that something was not right with the world, read this. If you think that anyone who ever thought something was not right with the world, run when you see this book.

    And the Truth Shall Set You Free is pretty typical David Icke. There's what I consider to be mostly good information mixed with bad information. Things I agree with, and things I disagree with. In this one he's particuarly hard on Israel/Mossad, not that they don't deserve it. What Icke does is pick through piles of various "conspiracy" related books and pieces other peoples research into his own work. The only variation is you throw in some new age overtones and ancient astronaut stuff. Nothing [...]

    I have to say that I found this in part the most boring book of David Icke's that I've read. But much essential information is revealed, and especially the first chapter and last two chapters (plus postscript) are admirable.(I've no idea of when Icke was born, but he must have an immensely strong Saturn in his horoscope - and a Saturn-Mercury aspect - in order to master all these details.)The first chapter reveals some interesting information about the "hijacking" of Planet Earth by extraterrest [...]

    Colin Luker
    Nearly 500 pages of detail explaining the power and influence of those few who seem to have been able to control the majority, mainly through money, over the centuries. Even if you are sceptical about the content & I know many people will be, that does not detract from the message.It is obviously well researched and a great insight into how we, the Mr & Mrs average people, need to adjust our inner selves to bring a halt to this corruption of the human race.Read it, digest, enjoy and move [...]

    This man is obviously a nut although I don't think he's that far off on some of his observations. This book entertained me although it wasn't fiction and it rambled considerably in more than a few chapters.This is a classic conspiracy theory book that blames Jews and Masons for a lot of things. If you're not offended by that concept personally then it's not terribly hard to get through.

    Daniel Mihai Popescu
    Enriching. Don't underestimate Mr. Icke, I feel he's right. Anyway this book is nonfiction and the facts are all corroborate with logic and different other sources.Excellent book, a real guide :)Blog • Twitter • Facebook • LinkedIn • Instagram • Google+

    One of Icke's better early books. All the core information is here, sans the Reptoid elite, which is a pity as that's the tastiest part. Still an entertaining read for anyone who hates/mistrusts everything and everyone. David still manages to end on a positive note, bless 'im. The truth shall set you free well if you believe everything in here you'll wind up believing in the universe-creating power of your own thought, which is very nice but ultimately ineffectual in the face of gene-splicing ho [...]

    I learned a lot about how our monetary system has been controlled for generations. Thought-provoking material about why we are so easily led by the powerful in our lives. Some spiritual- encouragement to let our light shine.

    Some may say he is just a conspiracy theorist. But his books are good reading and must have some element of truth in them to be bagged as conspiracy. Certainly thought provoking and more stimulating than mainstream news

    Paul Billy-Bong-Gong
    Heavy on the money and banks with the insight of oneness building

    Jimmy Shelton
    Pretty informative, although I do not agree with all the associations and conclusions. A must read, nonetheless

    I give this book 3.5 stars.I have read some other books by David Icke, and also watched a number of his videos on YouTube. This particular book gave me some trouble : it is SO detailed. There are SO many names Icke obviously did a lot of research for this book.As I remember it, the first 2/3rds of the book point out how most (all ?) big historical and economical events have been engineered by always the same organizations and key figures. These 'inner circles' are under the influence of a consci [...]

    Andrew Tippett
    My interest in Von Daniken led me to Sitchin, and while reading Sitchin I discovered the lectures of David Icke on the internet. Zechariah Sitchin's writings are solid on the mythology of this realm, David Icke is the one who paints vivid murals of a deep shadow world run by a species whose lineage is directly related to the mythology set forth by Sitchin. David Icke is much more charismatic, melodramatic, and magnetic. For as much as he rambles and bounces around in his lectures, this book was [...]

    Julieta Steyr
    Corporaciones, tramas, más conspiraciones, datos. Puede que de momentos se hace excesivo e incluso un tanto tedioso. Si bien la mayoría de las personas lo trata de demente y no se detiene un segundo a pensar que quizá sí (o puede que ellos jamás fueron engañados por cualquier cosa en toda su vida y son afortunados). El poder que persigue siempre más poder y oprime a los demás está presente a través de toda la historia de la humanidad.Y no es un mal libro, sólo que a veces excede en su [...]

    Mick Glasgow
    I see these Icke books now as being good entertainment and food for thought but have given up considering the complete reality of a world under the spell of a dark intentioned cabal of Reptiles. There I have purged my past and I feel better.


    If youre into conspiracy theories, I would highly recommend this book. The author reveals some pretty profound ideas that arent to hard on the imagination.

    Hannah carlock
    Trippy, historical documentation of global elite.azy stuff right here

    He has some excellent theories, and some bonkers theories. The beginning chapter and the last couple are fantastic, it derails a bit in the middle. An interesting dude, to say the least.

    if you like conspiracy theories, this guy is a nut for them!


    From a socio-political stand point this is a gem, the rest is challenging but still unfounded. By far worthwhile.

    Well in Mr. Icke. This is straight heroin for conspiracy nuts.Lots of good information.

    How do I read this book on this app???

    Ггг Ггг
    I'm giving it 2 stars because at the very least I remember it being a fairly captivating read. Now, as far as the reptilian conspirary theoryAhahahahahahahaha


    Maja Dezulovic
    Wow! All I can say is just Wow!

    Changed My Life, Great Content

    • Best Read [David Icke] ↠ ...And the Truth Shall Set You Free || [Cookbooks Book] PDF ☆
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